Parmagianino (b. 1503)
Alexander Hamilton (b. 1757)
William James (b. 1842)
Fred Archer (b. 1857)
Harry Selfridge (b. 1864)
Sergei Eisenstein (b. OS 1898)
Borden Chase (b. 1900)
Manfred B Lee (b. 1905)
Slim Harpo (b. 1924)
Pedro Gonzáles de Mendoza (d. 1495)
Sir Hans Sloane (d. 1753)
Louis François Roubillac (d. 1762)
Domenico Cimarosa (d. 1801)
Francis Scott Key (d. 1843)
Emanuel Lasker (d. 1941)
Edna Purviance (d. 1958)
Alberto Giacometti (d. 1966)
Richmal Crompton (d. 1969)
Barbara Pym (d. 1980)
Sir Alec Rose (d. 1991)
Jill Summers (d. 1997)
Cavan O'Connor (d. 1997)
Klaus Tennstedt (d. 1998)
John Wells (d. 1998)
Sir Denys Lasdun (d. 2001)
Michael Williams (d. 2001)
Spencer Dryden (d. 2005)
Eric Rohmer (d. 2010)
Mick Green (d. 2010)
1st state lottery held in England, 1569
Benjamin Franklin sends 1st shipment of rhubarb to United States, London, 1770
1st pineapples planted, Hawaii, 1813
Electric clock patented, 1841
Alabama secedes from the Union, 1861
Charing Cross station formally opened, 1864
Milk 1st delivered in glass bottles, by Alexander Campbell, New York NY, 1878
Representation of the People Bill gives votes to women of 30+, 1918
Leonard Thompson is 1st diabetic treated successfully with insulin, Toronto, 1922
Insulin, treatment for diabetics, patented by Fred Banting, 1922
Albania declared a republic when King Zog dethroned, 1946
1st disco, Whiskey-A-Go-Go, opened, Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles CA, 1963
Billboard publishes 1st album chart, US, 1964
1st Open University degrees awarded, Alexandra Palace, 1973
1st surviving sextuplets born, to Sue Rosenkowitz, Cape Town, 1974
Keith Richards convicted of cocaine possession, 1977
USSR forces move into Lithuania, 1991
Duchess of Kent announces conversion to Catholocism, 1st Royal since James II, 1993
2nd baboon-to-human liver transplant operation performed, Pittsburgh PA, 1993
Hashimoto elected premier of Japan, 1996
Whitney Houston arrested for marijuana possession, Keahole-Kona Airport, Hawaii, 2000

Guiseppe Ribera (b. 1588)
John Singer Sargent (b. 1856)
Jack London (b. 1876)
Hermann Goering (b. 1893)
Tommy Handley (b. 1896)
Mississippi Fred McDowell (b. 1904)
Tex Ritter (b. 1907)
PW Botha (b. 1916)
Jay McShann (b. 1916)
Mahesh Yogi (b. 1917)
Morton Feldman (b. 1926)
Roland Alphonso (b. 1931)
Long John Baldry (b. 1941)
Chris Bell (b. 1951)
Maximilian I (d. 1519)
Vasco de Balboa (d. 1519)
Jan Brueghel the Elder (d. 1625)
Luca Giordano (d. 1705)
Friedrich von Schlegel (d. 1829)
Sir Isaac Pitman (d. 1897)
Nevil Shute (d. 1960)
Dame Agatha Christie (d. 1976)
Henri-Georges Clouzot (d. 1977)
Beulah Bondi (d. 1981)
Stanley Unwin (d. 2002)
Maurice Gibb (d. 2003)
Alice Coltrane (d. 2007)
Protestants introduce Gregorian calendar, Switzerland, 1701
1st US public museum established, Charleston SC, 1773
Royal Aeronautical Society founded, 1879
Zulu War begins, 1879
National Trust 1st registered, 1895
Dr Henry Louis Smith takes 1st X-ray photograph, US, 1896
Liberal landslide in General Election, 1906
House of Representatives reject votes for women, US, 1915
Fighting tanks 1st approved, UK, 1916
Hattie W Caraway becomes 1st woman elected to senate, US, 1932
Amelia Earhart is 1st woman to fly solo across Pacific, Honolulu-Oakland CA, 1935
1st UK supermarket opened, Co-Op, Manor Park, London, 1948
New Zealand parliament opened by Elizabeth II, 1954
Henry Cooper becomes European heavyweight boxing champion, 1959
Berry Gordy founds Tamla Records, Detroit MI, 1959
1st Boeing 747 transatlantic flight completed, New York-Heathrow, 1970
Civil War ends with surrender of Biafran army, Nigeria, 1970
Stax Records declared bankrupt, Memphis TN, 1976
Mark Thatcher disappears while on Paris-Dakar rally, Sahara, 1982
Franklin R Chang-Diaz becomes 1st Hispanic-American in space, 1986
Prince Edward resigns from Royal Marines, 1987
HAL born (in 2001: A Space Odyssey), Urbana IL, 1997
Treaty opposing human cloning signed by 19 European nations, Paris, 1998
Starlight Express closes after record-breaking run, London, 2002

Jan van Goyen (b. 1596)
Charles Perrault (b. 1628)
Georges Gurdjieff (b. NS 1872)
Sophie Tucker (b. 1884)
Louis de Rochemont (b. 1899)
Lord (Ted) Willis (b. 1914)
Joe Pass (b. 1929)
Ian Hendry (b. 1931)
St Kentigern (d. 603)
Aethelwolf, King of West-Saxons and Kentishmen (d. 858)
Edmund Spenser (d. 1599)
Edward Gresham (d. 1613)
George Fox (d. 1691)
Don Carlos (Charles XI) (d. 1861)
Stephen Foster (d. 1864)
Wyatt Earp (d. 1929)
Sebastian de Ferranti (d. 1930)
James Joyce (d. 1941)
Margaret Leighton (d. 1976)
Hubert Humphrey (d. 1978)
Donny Hathaway (d. 1979)
Marcel Camus (d. 1982)
Chiang Ching-kuo (b. 1988)
Yvonne Bryceland (d. 1992)
Fred Shipman (d. 2004)
Patrick McGoohan (d. 2009)
Teddy Pendergrass (d. 2010)
Richard, second son of John, elected King of the Romans, OS 1227
Trial of Joan of Arc begins, France, OS 1431
Hudson's Bay Co acquires Vancouver Island, Br Columbia, 1848
Accordion patented by Anthony Foss, 1854
USSR introduces conscription, 1874
Independent Labour Party formed under Keir Hardie, Bradford, 1893
Zola's J'accuse letter to French president published, 1898
1st opera broadcast from stage, Metropolitan, New York NY, 1910
388-carat diamond mined, Kimberley, S Africa, 1919
New York Times editorial states rockets will never fly, 1920
Windscreen wipers 1st patented, by Mills Munitions, Birmingham, 1921
1st pilot leaves plane via emergency ejector seat, Germany, 1942
UK premiere of The Third Man, London, 1950
Elvis Presley records All Shook Up, Hollywood CA, 1957
Largest airport opened, Dallas TX, 1974
NASA selects its 1st women astronauts, 1978
Dan Gould wins world beer-mat flipping contest, 1993
1000s die in earthquake, El Salvador, 2001
Democratic elections take place, Iraq, 2005

Benedict Arnold (b. 1741)
Henri Fantin-Latour (b. 1836)
Albert Schweitzer (b. 1875)
Hal Roach (b. 1892)
John Don Passos (b. 1896)
Bebe Daniels (b. 1901)
Sir Cecil Beaton (b. 1904)
Russ Columbo (b. 1908)
Joseph Losey (b. 1909)
Yukio Mishima (b. 1925)
Peter Barkworth (b. 1929)
Fred Shipman (b. 1946)
Paolo Sarpi (d. 1623)
Francesco Cavalli (d. 1676)
Edmond Halley (d. 1742)
Jean Ingres (d. 1867)
Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence (d. 1892)
Lewis Carroll (d. 1898)
Herbert Booth (d. 1955)
Humphrey Bogart (d. 1957)
Jeanette MacDonald (d. 1965)
Anaïs Nin (d. 1977)
Peter Finch (d. 1977)
Sir Anthony Eden (d. 1977)
Ray A Kroc (d. 1984)
Donna Reed (d. 1986)
Douglas Sirk (d. 1987)
Gordon Jackson (d. 1990)
Miles Copeland (d. 1991)
Jerry Nolan (d. 1992)
Ben Warriss (d. 1993)
King Hu (d. 1997)
Robin Bailey (d. 1999)
Shelley Winters (d. 2006)
Great Frost Fair begins, R Thames, 1205
Hampton Court Conference begins, 1604
Treaty of Versailles ratified, US, 1784
Last Frost Fair held, R Thames, 1814
3-hr concerts 1st demonstrate Bell's telephone to Victoria, Isle of Wight, 1878
Aconcagua 1st climbed, by William Martin, Argentina, 1897
Puccini's opera Tosca has world premiere, Rome, 1900
German warships bombard Yarmouth, 1918
Lloyd George receives Grand Cross of Legion of Honour, Paris, 1920
Oil pipeline inaugurated, Kirkuk-Haifa, 1935
1st UK opinion poll conducted for Gallup, 1937
Churchill meets Roosevelt, Casablanca, 1943
Today premiered, NBC TV, 1952
Tito elected 1st president, Yugoslav Republic, 1953
Joe DiMaggio marries Marilyn Monroe, San Francisco City Hall CA, 1954
Elvis Presley promoted to sergeant, US Army, 1960
George C Wallace becomes Governor of Alabama, 1963
Bill Graham takes charge of Fillmore East ballroom, New York NY, 1966
Grateful Dead & Jefferson Airplane play 1st Human Be-In, San Francisco CA, 1967
Diana Ross plays final concert with Supremes, Frontier Hotel, Las Vegas NE, 1970
Margrethe II accedes to throne of Denmark, 1972
Little Feat perform at the Rainbow, London, 1975
Sex Pistols play final concert, Winterland, San Francisco CA, 1978
Stephen Waldorf mistakenly shot by police, London, 1983
Wearing of front seat-belts in cars becomes permanent, UK, 1986
100 Moslems publically burn copies of The Satanic Verses, Bradford, 1989
European space probe sends back 1st detailed pictures of Titan, 2005

Molière (bapt. 1622)
Pierre Proudhon (b. 1809)
Warren De la Rue (b. 1815)
Mihail Eminescu (b. 1850)
Ivor Novello (b. 1893)
Richard Braithwaite (b. 1900)
Aristotle Onassis (b. 1906)
Edward Teller (b. 1908)
Gene Krupa (b. 1909)
Lloyd Bridges (b. 1913)
Alan Lomax (b. 1915)
Ivor Cutler (b. 1923)
Martin Luther King (b. 1929)
Earl Hooker (b. 1930)
Ronnie van Zant (b. 1949)
Galba (d. 60)
Lady (Emma) Hamilton (d. 1815)
Fanny Kemble (d. 1893)
Matthew B Brady (d. 1896)
Rosa Luxemburg (d. 1919)
Karl Liebknecht (d. 1919)
Jack Teagarden (d. 1964)
Daisy Ashford (d. 1972)
Sammy Cahn (d. 1993)
Harry Nilsson (d. 1994)
Junior Wells (d. 1998)
Victoria de los Angeles (d. 2005)
Henry VIII becomes Supreme Head of Church of England, OS 1535
Coronation of Elizabeth I, London, OS 1559
British Museum opened, London, OS 1759
People of New Connecticut (now Vermont) declare independence, US, 1777
James Hetherington, haberdasher, fined £50 for wearing 1st top hat, NS 1797
Steam elevator patented by Elisha Otis, 1861
40 die when lake thaws, Regent's Park, 1867
Railway tunnel collapses, Dover-Folkestone line, 1877
Women 1st able to take degrees, London University, 1878
1st telephone directory published, by London Telephone Co, 1880
Rules of basketball 1st published, Springfield MA, 1892
London Hippodrome opened, 1900
British National Health Act comes into effect, 1912
1st sickness, unemployment and maternity benefits introduced, UK, 1913
Spartacist uprising, Berlin, 1919
Ignace Jan Paderewski becomes 1st premier of the republic of Poland, 1919
Irish Free State comes into being, 1922
Messiaen premieres Quartet For The End of Time, Stalag 8A, 1941
Pentagon completed, Washington DC, 1943
Supremes signed to Motown as the Primettes, Detroit MI, 1961
BBC ends ban on politics, royalty, religion & sex in comedy programmes, 1963
Rolling Stones sing Let's Spend Some Time Together, Ed Sullivan Show, US, 1967
Biafra surrenders to Gen Gowon of Nigeria, 1970
Diana Ross leaves Supremes, 1970
½p, 1p and 2p decimal coins issued, UK, 1971
Aswan High Dam opened, Egypt, 1971
Elvis Presley concert broadcast worldwide by satellite, Honolulu, 1972
Happy Days 1st broadcast, US, 1974
John-Paul II receives Lech Walesa as head of Solidarity delegation, 1981
Hill Street Blues 1st transmitted, NBC, US, 1981
Final M_A_S_H recorded, US, 1983
Cassini makes fly-past of Jupiter en route to Saturn, 2000

Richard Savage (b. 1697)
Niccolò Piccinni (b. 1728)
André Michelin (b. 1853)
Sir Johnston Forbes-Robertson (b. 1853)
Robert Service (b. 1874)
Rev Robert T Wilkins (b. 1896)
Laura (Riding) Jackson (b. 1901)
Fulgencio Batista (b. 1901)
Ethel Merman (b. 1909)
Katy Jurado (b. 1924)
Dian Fossey (b. 1932)
Susan Sontag (b. 1933)
Juliet Berto (b. 1947)
Aaliyah (b. 1979)
Edward Gibbon (d. 1794)
Léo Delibes (d. 1891)
Carole Lombard (d. 1942)
Arturo Toscanini (d. 1957)
Robert Van de Graaff (d. 1967)
Ballard Berkeley (d. 1988)
Kaye Webb (d. 1996)
Auberon Waugh (d. 2001)
Sir John Mortimer (d. 2009)
Ivan the Terrible, 1st Russian Tsar, crowned, 1547
Penalties of high treason imposed on converts to Roman Catholicism, England, 1581
France declares war on England in support of United Provinces (Holland), 1666
Scotland forms legislative union with England, 1707
French dominion of India ends when UK breaks seige of Pondicherry, 1761
Battle of Cape St Vincent, 1780
Battle of Corunna, 1809
Wilkes 1st sights Antarctica, from Indian Ocean, 1840
Shackleton reaches South Magnetic Pole, 1909
Prohibition introduced, US, 1920
The Listener 1st published, 1929
Duke Ellington records It Don't Mean A Thing, 1932
Nylon patented by Dupont, 1937
Eisenhower appointed Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe, 1944
German offensive quashed, Ardennes, 1945
Listen With Mother 1st broadcast, BBC, 1950
Cavern Club opened, Liverpool, 1957
Hello Dolly opened, Broadway, New York NY, 1964
The Move makes 1st public appearance, The Belfry, Birmingham, 1966
Boy's Own Paper ceases publication, UK, 1967
John Lennon exhibition closed by police as obscene, London, 1970
Gaddafi becomes prime minister of Libya, 1970
Cher and Gregg Allman divorce, 1979
Bernardette McAliskey & husband shot in Ulster Freedom Fighters gun attack, 1981
Jools Holland suspended for six weeks after swearing on children's TV, C4, 1987
Tina Turner plays to record 182,000, Maracanza Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, 1988
Eric Clapton records MTV Unplugged, 1992
Ricardo Lagos elected as socialist president, Chilé, 2000

Lord (Thomas) Fairfax of Cameron (b. 1612)
Benjamin Franklin (b. 1706)
Lord (George) Lyttelton (b. 1709)
Anne Brontë (b. 1820)
Catherine Booth (b. 1829)
Anton Chekhov (b. OS 1860)
Lord (David) Lloyd George (b. 1863)
Mack Sennett (b. 1880)
Sir Compton Mackenzie (b. 1883)
Ronald Firbank (b. 1886)
Nevil Shute (b. 1899)
Al Capone (b. 1899)
Alfred Wainwright (b. 1907)
Lord (Keith) Joseph (b. 1918)
Moira Shearer (b. 1926)
Sir Clyde Walcott (b. 1926)
Shari Lewis (b. 1933)
Sheree North (b. 1933)
Donald Cammell (b. 1934)
Andy Kaufman (b. 1949)
Tomaso Albinoni (d. 1750)
Horace Vernet (d. 1863)
Chang & Eng Bunker (d. 1874)
Rutherford B Hayes (d. 1893)
FWH Myers (d. 1901)
Quintin Hogg (d. 1903)
Louis Comfort Tiffany (d. 1933)
TH White (d. 1964)
Billy Stewart (d. 1970)
Gary Gilmore (d. 1977)
Clyde Tombaugh (d. 1997)
Junior Kimbrough (d. 1998)
Virginia Mayo (d. 2005)
Bobby Fischer (d. 2008)
1 million die when Mongols under Hulaan destroy Baghdad, 1258
Papal See removed to Rome from Avignon, 1377
Henry VIII loses consciousness in horse fall while jousting, 1536
Battle of Falkirk, 1746
Cook in Resolution is 1st to cross Antarctic Circle, 1773
Encke's Comet discovered by Pierre Machain, 1786
Thomas Crapper patents flush toilet, 1861
1st cable car patented, 1871
Hawaii proclaimed a republic when Queen Liliuokalani forced to abdicate, 1893
R Thames freezes over for 1st time since 1880, 1940
Red Army captures and liberates Warsaw, 1945
Dylan appears on television in The Madhouse On Castle Street, BBC, 1963
Doors record concert for Absolutey Live album, Felt Forum, Los Angeles CA, 1970
Johnny Rotten announces Sex Pistols split, 1978
Debut of breakfast TV in UK, BBC, 1983
Alliance begins hostilities against Iraq, starting Gulf War, 1991
61 die in earthquake, Northridge, Los Angeles CA, 1994
6,000 die in earthquake, near Kobe, Japan, 1995
Israel hands over military headquarters to Palestine, Hebron, 1997
1st divorce in Ireland granted, 1997
Power cuts begin in electricity crisis, California, 2001
Volcano erupts, Goma, Congo, 2002

Vittoria Alfieri (b. 1749)
Peter Roget (b. 1779)
Daniel Webster (b. 1782)
Charles Kean (b. 1811)
Emmanuel Chabrier (b. 1841)
Thomas Watson (b. 1854)
AA Milne (b. 1882)
Arthur Ransome (b. 1884)
Oliver Hardy (b. 1892)
Berthold Goldschmidt (b. 1903)
Cary Grant (b. 1904)
Madeleine Christie (b. 1904)
Danny Kaye (b. 1913)
David Ruffin (b. 1941)
Jan van Riebeck (d. 1677)
John Tyler (d. 1862)
Lord (Edward) Bulwer-Lytton (d. 1873)
Rudyard Kipling (d. 1936)
Sydney Greenstreet (d. 1954)
Hugh Gaitskell (d. 1963)
Carl Zuckmayer (d. 1977)
Sir Cecil Beaton (d. 1980)
Wilfrid Brambell (d. 1985)
Bruce Chatwin (d. 1989)
Mel Appleby (d. 1990)
Jean Plaidy (d. 1993)
Diana Lewis (d. 1997)
Alexander Ruperti (d. 1998)
Gregory Corso (d. 2001)
Tony Hart (d. 2009)
Kate McGarrigle (d. 2010)
Lima founded, Peru, 1535
1st English tragedy, Gorboduc, performed, 1561
1st American UFO sighting made, by Pilgrims, Boston MA, 1644
Cook discovers Sandwich Islands (Hawaii), 1778
German Empire proclaimed, 1871
1st England v Wales football international played, London, 1879
X-ray machine exhibited for 1st time, New York NY, 1896
1st shipboard landing of a plane, USS Pennsylvania, San Francisco CA, 1911
Scott reaches South Pole 35 days after Amundsen, 1912
Peace Conference opened, Versailles, 1919
Police 1st use pocket radio to arrest thief, Brighton, 1934
Seige of Leningrad raised, 1943
Bakers stopped from selling sliced bread until end of World War II, US, 1943
Alberto de Salvo, The Boston Strangler, convicted, Cambridge MA, 1967
Rolling Stones play benefit for Nicaraguan earthquake victims, Los Angeles CA, 1973
Pink Floyd complete recording Dark Side Of The Moon, 1973
Bad Company formed, 1974
The Jeffersons, a spinoff from All In The Family, premiered on CBS, US, 1975
BA 1991 provides closest asteroid encounter, 105,600 miles from Earth, 1991
Iraq attacks Israel and Saudi Arabia, Gulf War, 1991
Lisa Marie Presley files for divorce from Michael Jackson, US, 1996
E4 launched, UK, 2001

Francis II, King of France (b. 1544)
Tai Chen (b. 1724)
James Watt (b. 1736)
Johann Elert Bode (b. 1747)
Auguste Comte (b. 1798)
Robert E Lee (b. 1807)
Edgar Allan Poe (b. 1809)
Sir Henry Bessemer (b. 1813)
Paul Cézanne (b. 1839)
Matthew Webb (b. 1848)
Patricia Highsmith (b. 1921)
Ian Samwell (b. 1937)
Mike Reid (b. 1940)
Janis Joplin (b. 1943)
Robert Palmer (b. 1949)
William Congreve (d. 1729)
Pierre Proudhon (d. 1865)
Debendranath Tagore (d. 1905)
Jesse Fuller (d. 1976)
Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (d. 1990)
Alberto Semprini (d. 1990)
Derek Appleby (d. 1995)
Gerry Mulligan (d. 1996)
Carl Perkins (d. 1998)
Hedy Lamarr (d. 2000)
Wilson Pickett (d. 2006)
Denny Doherty (d. 2007)
Suzanne Pleshette (d. 2008)
Edward III establishes Order Of The Garter, 1348
John Wilkes expelled for seditious libel, House of Commons, 1764
1st balloon ascent in Ireland made, Ranelagh Gardens, Dublin, 1785
Wilkes discovers coast of Antarctica, 1840
Georgia secedes from the Union, 1861
Manon 1st performed, 1884
Roosevelt telegraphs greetings by wireless to Edward VII, 1903
Zeppelins in 1st bombing raid, Gt Yarmouth & King's Lynn, 1915
UK debut of Margot Fonteyn in Giselle, Sadlers Wells, 1937
Japan invades Burma, 1942
Beatles make national TV debut, performing Please Please Me, UK, 1963
Indira Gandhi becomes prime minister, India, 1966
Beatles begin recording A Day In The Life, 1967
Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band play Middle Earth, London, 1968
Easy Rider premiered, US, 1970
New Billingsgate Market opened, 1982
Noel Gallagher and Meg Matthews divorce, London, 2001

Frederick Louis, Prince of Wales (b. NS 1707)
Wolfe Tone (b. 1763)
André Ampère (b. 1775)
Frederick M Alexander (b. 1869)
Finlay Currie (b. 1878)
Leadbelly (b. 1889)
George Burns (b. 1896)
Clarice Cliff (b. 1899)
Joy Adamson (b. 1910)
Roy Plomley (b. 1914)
Juan Garcia Esquivel (b. 1918)
Federico Fellini (b. 1920)
DeForest Kelley (b. 1920)
Derek Dougan (b. 1938)
David Garrick (d. 1779)
Sir John Soane (d. 1837)
Jean François Millet (d. 1875)
John Ruskin (d. 1900)
RD Blackmore (d. 1900)
George V, King of Gt Britain (d. 1936)
Alan Freed (d. 1965)
Edmund Blunden (d. 1974)
Johnny Wiessmuller (d. 1984)
Beatrice Lillie (d. 1989)
Barbara Stanwyck (d. 1990)
Alfred Wainwright (d. 1991)
Audrey Hepburn (d. 1993)
Sir Matt Busby (d. 1994)
John Halas (d. 1995)
David (Fathead) Newman (d. 2009)
Earl of Leicester assembles 1st true English parliament, 1265
Edward II agrees to abdicate, Kenilworth, 1327
1,000s die following underwater earthquake and tsunami, Bristol Channel, 1607
Charles I trial begins, 1649
1st Fleet sent to Botany Bay arrives, 1788
London Docks opened, 1805
Hong Kong ceded to UK by China, 1841
Cleopatra's Needle arrives from Egypt, London, 1878
Mersey Railway Tunnel opened, 1886
1st game of basketball played, Springfield MA, 1892
Treaty of Peking signed, 1925
Edward VIII ascends to throne, UK, 1936
2,300 tons of bombs dropped by RAF, Berlin, 1944
Russian troops enter Germany, 1945
Hungary surrenders and declares war on Germany, 1945
Assassination attempt made on Gandhi, 1948
Dwight D Eisenhower inaugurated as 34th President, US, 1953
Jasper Johns show launches Pop Art, Castelli Gallery, New York NY, 1958
Radio K-WK announces it has smashed all its rock & R&B records, St Louis MO, 1958
Sir Vivian Fuchs reaches S Pole in Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition, 1958
1st radar speed-checks, London, 1958
John F Kennedy inaugurated as 35th President, US, 1961
Lyndon B Johnson inaugurated as 36th President, US, 1965
The Byrds record Mr Tambourine Man, US, 1965
Dylan plays 1st concert since accident, a tribute concert to Woody Guthrie, 1968
Roman Polanski marries Sharon Tate, 1968
Richard Nixon inaugurated as 37th President, US, 1969
4 of Red Arrows crew killed in mid-air collision, 1971
Unemployment figures 1st exceed 1 million, UK, 1972
Pink Floyd debut Dark Side of the Moon, Brighton Dome, 1972
Channel Tunnel scheme abandoned by UK & France, 1975
Jimmy Carter inaugurated as 39th President, US, 1977
Ronald Reagan inaugurated as 40th President, US, 1981
Ozzie Osbourne hospitalised after biting head off dead bat onstage, 1984
New Channel Tunnel scheme comes into being, 1986
Terry Waite kidnapped while negotiating with Islamic Jihad, Beirut, 1987
George Bush inaugurated as 41st President, US, 1989
Nakhichevan declares independence, Azerbaijan, 1990
Bill Clinton inaugurated as 42nd President, US, 1993
George W Bush inaugurated as 43rd President, US, 2001

Last updated: February 01, 2010