Caroline of Ansbach, Consort of George II (b. 1683)
Frédéric Chopin (b. 1810)
Augustus Pugin (b. 1812)
Lytton Strachey (b. 1880)
Oskar Kokoschka (b. 1886)
Basil Bunting (b. 1900)
Glenn Miller (b. 1904)
David Niven (b. 1910)
Harry Golumbek (b. 1911)
Robert Lowell (b. 1917)
Jack Clayton (b. 1921)
Kenny Baker (b. 1921)
Michael Flanders (b. 1922)
Yitzhak Rabin (b. 1922)
Georgi Markov (b. 1929)
St Ernoc (d. 625)
Thomas Campion (d. 1620)
George Herbert (d. 1633)
Alexander II (d. 1881)
George Grossmith (d. 1912)
Gabriele D'Annunzio (d. 1938)
Eric Blore (d. 1959)
Jackie Coogan (d. 1984)
Tommy Farr (d. 1986)
Edwin Land (d. 1991)
Tim Souster (d. 1994)
Dermot Morgan (d. 1998)
Vasco da Gama discovers Mozambique, 1498
1200 French Huguenots massacred, Vassy, 1562
The Spectator 1st published, 1711
Pennsylvania becomes 1st state to abolish slavery, 1780
Ohio, the Buckeye State, becomes the 17th state of the Union, 1803
US annexes Texas, 1845
Nebraska, the Cornhusker State, becomes 37th state of the Union, 1867
Yellowstone Park designated as a national park, US, 1872
Remington's begin manufacture of 1st practical typewriter, New York NY, 1873
Capt Albert Barry makes 1st parachute descent from an aeroplane, St Louis IL, 1912
UK declares blockade of Germany, 1915
19-month old son of Charles Lindbergh kidnapped from his nursery, US, 1932
Golden Miller wins Cheltenham Gold Cub for 5th consecutive year, 1936
Bank of England passes into public ownership, 1946
International Monetary Fund begins operations, 1947
Joe Louis retires from boxing, 1949
1st Sun label single, Drivin' Slow, by Johnny London, released, 1952
US make 2nd hydrogen bomb test, Bikini Atoll, 1954
Makarios ends exile and returns to Cyprus, 1959
Soviet spacecraft Venus III touches down on Venus, 1966
Queen Elizabeth Hall opened, London, 1967
Lockheed Galaxy, largest airplane, goes into production, Georgia, 1968
Elton John's 1st record, I've Been Loving You, released, UK, 1968
Jim Morrison arrested onstage for indecency, Miami FL, 1969
1st transatlantic direct-dialling telephone service begins, London-New York, 1970
7 Nixon aides indicted after Watergate burglary, 1974
Sara Dylan files for divorce from Bob Dylan, US, 1977
Charlie Chaplin's coffin stolen from cemetery, Switzerland, 1978
Voters reject devolution, Scotland & Wales, 1979
Patti Smith marries Fred (Sonic) Smith, 1980
Bobby Sands begins hunger strike, Maze Prison, Northern Ireland, 1981
1st CDs launched, UK, 1983
Lincoln-Mercury are 1st to use a Beatles song, HELP!, in a commercial, US, 1985
Ely Cathedral becomes 1st in UK to levy admission charge, 1986
Beer prohibition ends, Iceland, 1989

Robert II, King of Scotland (b. 1316)
Sir Thomas Bodley (b. 1545)
Sam Houston (b. 1793)
Bed_ich Smetana (b. 1824)
Alfred Witte (b. 1878)
Kurt Weill (b. 1900)
Geoffrey Grigson (b. 1905)
Olivia Manning (b. 1911)
Desi Arnaz (b. 1917)
Tom Keating (b. 1917)
Cardinal Basil Hume (b. 1923)
Tony Meehan (b. 1943)
Rory Gallagher (b. 1948)
Karen Carpenter (b. 1950)
Anne of Denmark, Queen of James I (d. 1619)
John Wesley (d. 1791)
Horace Walpole (d. 1797)
Wilhelm Olbers (d. 1840)
John Stuart Blackie (d. 1895)
DH Lawrence (d. 1930)
Howard Carter (d. 1939)
Philip K Dick (d. 1982)
Randolph Scott (d. 1987)
Serge Gainsbourg (d. 1991)
Sandy Dennis (d. 1992)
Sir Horace Cutler (d. 1997)
Dusty Springfield (d. 1999)
David Ackles (d. 1999)
Paul Raymond (d. 2008)
Work begins on Thames Tunnel, 1825
59 citizens proclaim Texas a republic independent of Mexico, 1836
1st point-to-point held, Worcester Hunt, Madresfield Estate, 1836
Clydesdale Bank founded, Scotland, 1838
Maclean attempts to assassinate Victoria, Windsor, 1882
Gabriel Lippman introduces colour photography process, Paris, 1908
Nicholas II forced to abdicate, Russia, OS 1917
Puerto Ricans granted US citizenship, 1917
King Kong premiered, New York NY, 1933
Eugenio Pacelli elected Pope Pius XII, 1939
Battle of the Bismarck Sea begins, 1943
British 14th Army enters Mandalay, 1945
Capt James Gallagher completes 1st non-stop round world flight, Fort Worth TX, 1949
Buddy Holly plays 1st UK date, Trocadero, Elephant & Castle, 1958
Sir Vivian Fuchs' Commonwealth Transantarctic Expedition reaches Ross Island, 1958
Elvis Presley sets foot in Scotland, returning from Germany, Prestwick, 1960
Beatles begin recording A Hard Day's Night LP, 1964
The Sound of Music goes on general release, US, 1965
1st test flight of French prototype Concorde, Toulouse, 1969
Radio Caroline closes down for 1st time, 1969
Rhodesia proclaims itself a republic, 1970
Television make 1st public appearance, Townhouse Th, New York ny, 1974
Australia ends constitutional ties with UK, 1986
JD Williams sentenced to life for stealing pizza slice from child, Los Angeles, 1995

Lord (Edward) Herbert (b. 1583)
Edmund Waller (b. 1606)
Sir William D'Avenant (b. 1606)
Thomas Otway (b. 1652)
George Pullman (b. 1831)
Alexander Graham Bell (b. 1847)
Sir Henry Wood (b. 1869)
Leslie Howard (b. 1893)
Jean Harlow (b. 1911)
James Doohan (b. 1920)
Little Junior Parker (b. 1927)
Gia Scala (b. 1934)
Dermot Morgan (b. 1952)
Johann Pachelbel (d. 1706)
William Stukely (d. 1765)
Robert Adam (d. 1792)
Francis Egerton, Duke of Bridgewater (d. 1803)
Giovanni Viotti (d. 1824)
Noel Gay (d. 1954)
Arthur Koestler (d. 1983)
Georges Rémi (d. 1983)
Danny Kaye (d. 1987)
Marguerite Duras (d. 1996)
Ivor Cutler (d. 2006)
1st known performance of Henry VI Pt 1, Rose Theatre, London, 1592
Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata published, 1802
Florida, the Sunshine State, becomes 27th State of the Union, 1845
Louis Philippe of France arrives in UK after abdication, 1848
Serfdom abolished, Russia, 1861
Carmen 1st performed, Opéra Comique, Paris, 1875
American Telephone and Telegraph incorporated, 1885
Time 1st published, 1923
Kernal Ataturk abolished Caliphate and disestablishes Islamic religion, Turkey, 1924
Star Spangled Banner adopted as national anthem, US Congress, 1931
Heath hen declared extinct, 1932
Italian Somaliland falls to UK and Italians flee to Ethiopia, 1941
Elvis Presley makes 1st TV appearance, Louisiana Hayride, 1955
Independence restored to Morocco, 1956
Buffalo Springfield form, 1966
750 searched & 11 arrested when Middle Earth raided by police, Covent Garden, 1968
Apollo 9 launched, Cape Kennedy, 1969
346 die when Turkish DC-10 crashes after take-off, Paris, 1974
Barbican Centre opened by HM The Queen, London, 1982
Moonlighting premiered, US, 1985
Social and Liberal Democrat Party comes into being, 1988
Estonia and Latvia win right to secede from Soviet Union, 1991
1st Le Shuttle locomotive named, by Luciano Pavarotti, 1994

Prince Henry the Navigator (b. 1394)
Antonio Vivaldi (b. 1678)
Sir Henry Raeburn (b. 1756)
TS Moore (b. 1870)
Pearl White (b. 1889)
Basil Boothroyd (b. 1910)
Hans Eysenck (b. 1916)
Joan Greenwood (b. 1921)
Jim Clark (b. 1936)
Saladin (d. 1193)
Joan of Scotland (d. 1238)
Jean Francois Champollion (d. 1832)
Thomas Rickman (d. 1841)
Antonin Artaud (d. 1948)
William Carlos Williams (d. 1963)
Adolph Gottlieb (d. 1974)
Nestor Almendros (d. 1992)
John Candy (d. 1994)
Minnie Pearl (d. 1996)
John McGeoch (d. 2004)
Pennsylvania granted by charter to William Penn, 1681
1st meeting of the Congress of United States, New York NY, 1789
Vermont, the Green Mountain State, becomes 14th State of the Union, 1791
Royal Naval Lifeboat Institution founded, UK, 1824
Granite Railway, 1st US railroad, chartered, Quincy MA, 1826
Democratic Party inaugurated, Washington DC, 1829
Chicago chartered as a city, Illinois, 1837
1st electric tramcars go into service, Leytonstone, 1882
Forth Railway Bridge officially opened, Edinburgh, 1890
Theodore Roosevelt sworn in for 2nd term as President, US, 1905
Woodrow Wilson inaugurated as 28th president, US, 1913
Princess Elizabeth joins British Army, 1945
German radio claims Dresden has been "wiped off the map", 1945
Housewives' Choice and Have A Go 1st broadcast, UK, 1946
Cinderella released, 1950
JE Wilkins becomes 1st negro sub-cabinet member, 1954
Nautilus travels under North Polar ice cap, 1958
1st UK sighting of Cetti's warbler, Titchfield Havers, 1961
Lennon claims Beatles are "more popular than Jesus now", Evening Standard, 1966
North Sea Gas 1st piped ashore, Durham, 1967
Heath resigns & Wilson becomes prime minister, UK, 1974
Charles Chaplin knighted by Queen, 1975
Chelsea football fans riot after defeat by Sunderland, 1985
Today launched by Eddie Shah, 1986
HMS Vanguard, 1st UK Trident submarine, launched, 1992

Henry II, King of England (b. 1133)
David II, King of Scotland (b. 1324)
Gerhard Mercator (b. 1512)
Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac (b. 1658)
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (b. 1696)
James Madison (b. OS 1751)
Fred Emney Sr (b. 1865)
Rosa Luxemburg (b. 1871)
Lord (William) Beveridge (b. 1879)
Heitor Villa-Lobos (b. 1887)
Herbert Farjeon (b. 1887)
Sir Rex Harrison (b. 1908)
Pier Paolo Pasolini (b. 1922)
JB Lenoir (b. 1929)
Tommy Tucker (b. 1933)
Andy Gibb (b. 1958)
Antonio Corregio (d. 1534)
Thomas Arne (d. 1778)
Flora Macdonald (d. 1790)
Franz Mesmer (d. 1815)
Alessandro Volta (d. 1820)
Pierre Simon, Marquis de Laplace (d. 1827)
Sir Henry Rawlinson (d. 1895)
Sergei Prokofiev (d. 1953)
Joseph Stalin (d. 1953)
Dornford Yates (d. 1960)
Patsy Cline (d. 1963)
Cowboy Copas (d. 1963)
Hawkshaw Hawkins (d. 1963)
Helen Waddell (d. 1965)
Anna Akhmatova (d. 1966)
Jay Silverheels (d. 1980)
Yip Harburg (d. 1981)
John Belushi (d. 1982)
William Powell (d. 1984)
Tito Gobbi (d. 1984)
Lord (Nicholas) Ridley of Liddersdale (d. 1993)
Vivian Stanshall (d. 1995)
Lord (Alfred) Denning of Whitchurch (d. 1999)
Sir Hardy Amies (d. 2003)
Foundation stone laid, New College, Oxford, 1397
Henry VI deposed and Edward IV accedes to throne, 1461
Boston Massacre takes place, 1770
Menai tubular bridge joining Wales & Anglesey opened, 1850
Covent Garden Theatre destroyed by fire, 1856
Experimental radio broadcast demonstrated by Lee De Forest, New York, 1907
Maiden flight of the Spitfire, Southampton, 1936
Winston Churchill coins "Iron Curtain" phrase, Fulton NY, 1946
Telephone Weather Forecasting Service begins, UK, 1956
Elvis Presley demobbed, Fort Dixon, New Jersey, 1960
Ronnie & Reggie Kray sentenced to minimum 30 years, 1969
Voyager 1 flies past Jupiter, 1979
Miners strike begins, 1984
Ben Johnson banned for life from athletics after failing drugs test, 1993

Michelangelo (b. 1475)
Cyrano de Bergerac (b. 1619)
Henry Stuart, Cardinal Duke of York (b. 1725)
Elizabeth Barratt Browning (b. 1806)
George du Maurier (b. 1834)
Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (b. 1844)
Samuel Cody (b. 1861)
Furry Lewis (b. 1893)
Bob Wills (b. 1905)
Lou Costello (b. 1906)
Frankie Howerd (b. 1917)
Will Eisner (b. 1917)
Wes Montgomery (b. 1925)
St Baldred (d. 608)
Francis Beaumont (d. 1616)
Robert Hooke (d. 1703)
Davy Crockett (d. 1836)
Jim Bowie (d. 1836)
Louisa May Alcott (d. 1888)
Ebenezer Cobham Brewer (d. 1897)
Gottlieb Daimler (d. 1900)
Marie Stillman (d. 1927)
David Dunbar Buick (d. 1929)
Alfred von Tirpitz (d. 1930)
John Philip Sousa (d. 1932)
Oliver Wendell Holmes (d. 1935)
Gutzon Borglum (d. 1941)
Ivor Novello (d. 1951)
George Formby (d. 1961)
Margaret Dumont (d. 1965)
Zoltán Kodály (d. 1967)
Nelson Eddy (d. 1967)
Pearl Buck (d. 1971)
Richard Manuel (d. 1986)
Georgia O'Keeffe (d. 1986)
Divine (d. 1988)
Merlina Mercouri (d. 1994)
Delroy Wilson (d. 1995)
Simon Cadell (d. 1996)
Michael Manley (d. 1997)
Tommy Vance (d. 2005)
Battle of Craonne begins, 1814
York incorporated as City of Toronto, Upper Canada, 1834
Battle and Seige of the Alamo ends, 1836
Daily Chronicle 1st published, 1871
Serbia proclaimed a kingdom, 1882
Starlings introduced, to become US's worst bird pest, New York ny, 1890
Felix Hoffman discovers and patents aspirin, 1899
62 die in snow train after avalanche, Roger's Pass, US, 1906
Shakespeare Memorial Theatre destroyed by fire, Stratford-upon-Avon, 1926
Clarence Birdseye puts 1st frozen food on sale, Massachusetts, 1930
Juke joint in which Robert Johnson was poisoned destroyed by tornado, 1942
Stalin becomes Marshal of the Soviet Union, 1943
USAF begins daylight bombing of Berlin, 1944
Allies take Cologne, 1945
Billy Cotton Band Show 1st broadcast, 1949
Ghana becomes independent, 1957
Mini-cabs 1st introduced, London, 1961
Tina Turner records River Deep Mountain High with Phil Spector, Hollywood CA, 1966
Sandie Shaw and Jeff Banks marry, 1968
193 die when Herald of Free Enterprise capsizes, Zebrugge, 1987
3 unarmed members of IRA shot dead by SAS, Gibraltar, 1988

Joseph (Nicephone) Ničpce (b. 1765)
Lucia Mathews (b. 1797)
Sir Edwin Landseer (b. 1802)
Sir John Herschel (b. 1802)
Piet Mondrian (b. 1872)
Maurice Ravel (b. 1875)
Reinhard Heydrich (b. 1904)
Anna Magnani (b. 1908)
Nat Gonella (b. 1908)
Sir Eduardo Paolozzi (b. 1924)
Richard Vernon (b. 1925)
Arthur Lee (b. 1944)
Townes van Zandt (b. 1944)
Tammy Faye Bakker Messner (b. 1942)
St Thomas Aquinas (d. 1274)
Margaret Douglas, Countess of Lennox (d. 1578)
Jean-Pierre Blanchard (d. 1809)
Paramhansa Yogananda (d. 1952)
Will Hays (d. 1954)
Percy Wyndham Lewis (d. 1957)
Alice B Toklas (d. 1967)
Stevie Smith (d. 1971)
Cathy Berbarian (d. 1983)
Terry Nation (d. 1997)
Stanley Kubrick (d. 1999)
Charles Gray (d. 2000)
Ali Farka Touré (d. 2006)
Royal Horticultural Society founded by John Wedgwood, 1804
Jenny Lind makes debut, 1838
Bell receives patents for his 1st telephone, 1876
1st jazz record, Dixie Jazz Band One-Step, goes on sale, US, 1917
Bolsheviks change name to Russian Communist Party, 1918
1st successful transatlantic radio-telephone established, New York NY-London, 1926
Monopoly invented, 1933
Rhineland reoccupied by Germany, 1936
UK forces withdrawn from Rangoon, 1942
US forces cross Rhine River, 1945
Phyllis Diller makes her debut, Purple Onion, San Francisco CA, 1955
Melvin C Garlow becomes 1st pilot to fly over 1,000,000 miles in jet aircraft, 1959
Beatles record 1st radio appearance, Playhouse Th, 1962
Forming of commercial radio stations announced, UK, 1967
Queen opened Victoria Line (Warren St-Victoria), 1969
1st Led Zeppelin album released, UK, 1969
Armed raiders steal Ł850,000 diamonds and currency, Heathrow, 1977
Tyson defeats James Smith to become youngest heavyweight titlist, Las Vegas NE, 1987
Motorist dies of self immolation in unemployment protest, Downing St, 1988

Carl Philipp Emmanuel Bach (b. 1714)
Karl von Gräfe (b. 1787)
Oliver Wendell Holmes (b. 1841)
Kenneth Grahame (b. 1859)
Frederick Goudy (b. 1865)
Otto Hahn (b. 1879)
Claire Trevor (b. 1909)
Gabor Szabo (b. 1936)
William III of Orange, King of Gt Britain & Ireland (d. 1702)
Sawrey Gilpin (d. 1807)
Hector Berlioz (d. 1869)
Millard Fillmore (d. 1874)
John Ericsson (d. 1889)
Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin (d. 1917)
William Howard Taft (d. 1930)
Sir Thomas Beecham (d. 1961)
Franz Alexander (d. 1964)
Borden Chase (d. 1971)
Harold Lloyd (d. 1971)
Ron (Pig Pen) McKernan (d. 1973)
Sir William Walton (d. 1983)
Billy Eckstine (d. 1993)
Lucie Clayton (d. 1997)
Notorious B.I.G. (d. 1997)
Joe DiMaggio (d. 1999)
Lowell Fulson (d. 1999)
Dame Ninette de Valois (d. 2001)
Adam Faith (d. 2003)
Alice Thomas Ellis (d. 2005)
John Inman (d. 2007)
Anne accedes to throne, UK, 1702
90 Indians slain in Gnadenhutten massacre, Ohio, 1782
Construction begins on Amsterdam-North Sea canal, 1865
1st pilots licence issued, to JTC Moore Brabazon, by Royal Aero Club, UK, 1910
Trotsky resigns as foreign minister, 1918
Gandhi begins campaign of civil disobedience, India, 1930
Snakehip Johnson dies in Café de Paris bombing, London, 1941
Rangoon falls to Japanese, 1942
Coal strike begins, UK, 1944
1st helicopter licensed for commercial use, New York ny, 1946
USSR claim to possess atomic bomb, 1950
1st artificial heart used, working for 80 minutes, 1952
Groucho, Chico & Harpo Marx make final TV broadcast together, 1959
Barbie doll launched, US, 1959
1st Beatles radio broadcast, Teenager's Turn (Here We Go With The NDO), BBC, 1962
US land 3,500 Marines in South Vietnam, 1965
Fillmore East opened, with Big Brother And The Holding Company, New York ny, 1968
"Happy Birthday" 1st sung in space, Apollo IX, 1969
Daily Sketch ceases publication, UK, 1971
Mohammed Ali's 1st professional defeat takes place, to Joe Frazier, 1971
1st IRA bomb attacks on London take place, Old Bailey & Gt Scotland Yard, 1973
Charles de Gaulle Airport inaugurated (3rd in Paris), 1974
Bad Company make concert debut, Newcastle City Hall, 1974
Donald Campbell's Bluebird K7 recovered from Coniston Water, Cumbria, 2001
Ariane-5 launched, bearing Eurobird satellite, Kournou, French Guyana, 2001

Amerigo Vespucci (b. 1454)
Gabriel Mirabeau (b. 1749)
Ernest Bevin (b. 1881)
Victoria Sackville-West (b. 1892)
Dame Isobel Baillie (b. 1895)
Samuel Barber (b. 1910)
Mickey Spillane (b. 1918)
GL Rockwell (b. 1918)
Yuri Gagarin (b. 1934)
Raul Julia (b. 1940)
Bobby Fischer (b. 1943)
Lady (Joanna) Lumley (d. 1576)
Arnold Toynbee (d. 1883)
Mikao Usui (d. 1926)
Carrie Chapman Catt (d. 1947)
Finlay Currie (d. 1968)
Barbara Mullen (d. 1979)
Lord (Rab) Butler (d. 1982)
Imogen Holst (d. 1984)
Robert (Bumps) Blackwell (d. 1985)
Robert Mapplethorpe (d. 1989)
Menachem Begin (d. 1992)
C Northcote Parkinson (d. 1993)
Bob Crosby (d. 1993)
Fernando Rey (d. 1994)
Charles Bukowski (d. 1994)
Edward Bernays (d. 1995)
George Burns (d. 1996)
Sheila Gish (d. 2005)
John Profumo (d. 2006)
All married priests excommunicated by Pope Gregory VII, 1074
Kissing in public becomes capital offence, Naples, 1562
Napoleon Bonaparte marries Josephine de Beauharnais, 1796
Upright piano patented by Thomas Loud, 1802
Louis Philippe founds French Foreign Legion, 1831
Premier of Verdi's Nabucco, La Scala, Milan, 1842
1st battle of iron-clad ships, American Civil War, 1862
Snowstorms sweep south England causing fatal shipwrecks, 1891
Gustav Mahler marries Alma Schindler, 1902
Foundation stone of County Hall laid, London, 1912
Defence of the Realm Act passed, 1915
Pancho Villa invades US, 1916
Russian capital moves from Petrograd (Leningrad) to Moscow, 1918
Éamon de Valera elected President, Republic of Ireland, 1932
Capitulation of Allied Forces on Java, 1942
33 die at English Cup tie as a result of broken crush barriers, Bolton, 1946
Archbishop Makarios deported by UK from Cyprus to Seychelles, 1956
Yemen and United Arab Republic combine to form United Arab States, 1958
Sputnik IX launched bearing 1st dog in space, Laika, a Samoyed husky, 1961
1st talking computers in public use introduced, New York Stock Exchange, 1965
Svetlana Alliluyeva, daughter of Stalin, defects, New Delhi, 1967
Return to 5-day working week, UK, 1974
Sex Pistols sign to A&M Records, 1977
IRA launches 1st mortar attack on Heathrow, 1994
BT scraps Peak Rate charges to its subscribers, UK, 1994
Armagh reinstated as a city, Co Armagh, 1995
Elizabeth II makes 1st visit to Ulster since cease-fire, Armagh, 1995

10th MARCH
Ferdinand I (b. 1503)
Friedrich von Schlegel (b. 1772)
Marie Stillman (b. 1843)
HW Fowler (b. 1858)
Dame Eva Turner (b. 1892)
Arthur Hönegger (b. 1892)
Bix Beiderbecke (b. 1903)
Clare Booth Luce (b. 1903)
Sir Charles Groves (b. 1915)
Lord (Robert) Havers (b. 1923)
James Earl Ray (b. 1928)
St John Ogilvie (d. 1615)
John Stuart Bute, 3rd Earl of Bute (d. 1792)
Don Carlos (Charles V) (d. 1855)
Harriet Tubman (d. 1913)
Laurence Binyon (d. 1943)
Irvin S Cobb (d. 1944)
Frank O'Connor (d. 1966)
Konstantin Chernenko (d. 1985)
Ray Milland (d. 1986)
Ken Colyer (d. 1988)
Andy Gibb (d. 1988)
Lloyd Bridges (d. 1998)
Barry Sheene (d. 2003)
Dave Allen (d. 2005)
Slobodan Milosevic (d. 2006)
Rebuilding of Jewish Temple completed, Jerusalem, BC 515
Marmalade 1st arrives from Portugal, London, 1495
1st UK census begins, 1801
Order of the Iron Cross instituted, Prussia, 1813
Edward, Prince of Wales marries Princess Alexandra of Denmark, 1863
Bell transmits 1st coherent telephone message, Boston MA, 1876
Cruft's Dog Show 1st held in London, 1886
1st news photo, of pig-sticking competition, published, Illustrated London News, 1888
Bakerloo Line opened, Bakerloo-Elephant & Castle, 1906
1st Hollywood movie, In Old California, released, 1910
Suffragettes damage Velázquez' Rokeby Venus, National Gallery, 1914
Battle of Neuve-Chapelle begins, 1915
Sir Oswald Mosley expelled from Labour Party, UK, 1931
Hitler renounces Treaty of Versailles & introduces conscription, Germany, 1935
George Enescu smashes priceless Guarnerius violin in fit of sexual jealousy, 1936
Smiley face 1st used, to advertise Lili, New York Herald Tribune, 1953
Peter Twiss 1st to fly at over 1000 mph, 1956
Neil Simon's The Odd Couple opened on Broadway, New York NY, 1959
Bradshaw's Monthly Railway Guide published for last time, UK, 1961
James Earl Ray pleads guilty to murder of Martin Luther King, 1969
World War II Japanese soldier found defending Lubang Island, 1974
1st spectacles for dogs introduced, 1975
Rings of planet Uranus 1st seen, 1977
Prince of Wales narrowly escapes death in avalanche, Klosters, 1988
Narrow 20p income tax band announced, UK, 1992

Last updated: March 23, 2008