11th MARCH
Anne of Bohemia, Queen of Richard II (b. 1366)
Torquato Tasso (b. 1544)
William Huskisson (b. 1770)
Urbain Leverrier (b. 1811)
Sir Henry Tate (b. 1819)
Herbert Asquith (b. 1881)
Sir Malcolm Campbell (b. 1885)
Raoul Walsh (b. 1892)
Lawrence Welk (b. 1903)
Jessie Matthews (b. 1907)
Lord (Harold) Wilson of Rievaulx (b. 1916)
Hans Keller (b. 1919)
Mercer Ellington (b. 1919)
DJ Enright (b. 1920)
Raymond (Jak) Jackson (b. 1927)
Ron Todd (b. 1927)
Douglas Adams (b. 1952)
Hannah Cowley (d. 1809)
Carrington (d. 1932)
Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald (d. 1948)
Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence (d. 1954)
Sir Alexander Fleming (d. 1955)
Richard Byrd (d. 1957)
Erle Stanley Gardner (d. 1970)
Donald Maclean (d. 1983)
Richard Brooks (d. 1992)
LaVern Baker (d. 1997)
Chelsea Hospital for old soldiers founded, 1682
Daily Courant, 1st daily London newspaper, published, 1702
Maori uprising against the British begins, New Zealand, 1845
Self-raising flour patented by Henry Jones, 1845
Verdi's revised Rigoletto 1st performed, Venice, 1851
Constitution adopted at Confederate convention, Montgomery AL, 1861
250 die when Bradfield reservoir bursts banks, Sheffield, 1864
Great Mauna Loa erupts, Hawaii, 1867
Great Blizzard in which 400 die begins, US, 1888
1st public game of basketball played, US, 1892
1st electric oven demonstrated, using cutlets, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1892
UK blockade of Germany begins, 1915
UK captures Baghdad from Turks, 1917
Station PCJJ is 1st overseas radio station, for Dutch East Indies, Holland, 1927
Luftwaffe created, Germany, 1935
German army marches into Austria, 1938
Meat rationing begins, UK, 1940
Krupps factory destroyed by bombs, Germany, 1945
National Viewers and Listeners Association founded, 1964
James Brown records Ready! Steady! Go! TV special, 1966
Mount Etna erupts, Sicily, 1974
Miners return to work, 1974
The Slits make 1st public appearance supporting Clash, Harlesden, 1977
John Nott announces replacement of Polaris with US Trident 2 missiles, 1982
Gorbachev becomes Soviet Secretary, USSR, 1985
£1 notes cease to be legal tender, England & Wales, 1988
Lithuania 1st Soviet republic to seek independence, 1990
200+ die in multiple railway explosions, Madrid, 2004

12th MARCH
John Aubrey (b. 1626)
Anne Hyde, Duchess of York (b. 1637)
Thomas Arne (b. 1710)
Lady (Hester) Stanhope (b. 1776)
John Daniell (b. 1790)
JL Toole (b. 1830)
Clement Studebaker (b. 1831)
Gabriele D'Annunzio (b. 1863)
Jesse Fuller (b. 1896)
Takashi Shimuri (b. 1905)
Max Wall (b. 1908)
Leonard Chess (b. 1917)
Jack Kerouac (b. 1922)
Wally Schirra (b. 1923)
Patrick Proktor (b. 1936)
St Gregory (d. 604)
Cesare Borgia (d. 1507)
John Bull (d. 1628)
Frans van Mieris the Elder (d. 1681)
Paul I, Tsar of Russia (d. 1801)
George Westinghouse (d. 1914)
Hilaire Chardonnet (d. 1924)
Sun Yat-sen (d. 1925)
Asa Griggs Candler (d. 1929)
Anne Frank (d. 1945)
Heinrich Mann (d. 1950)
Charlie Parker (d. 1955)
Eugene Ormandy (d. 1985)
Sonny Terry (d. 1986)
Jane Grigson (d. 1990)
Robert Ludlum (d. 2001)
Bermudas become an English colony, 1609
New Jersey becomes an English colony, 1664
US Post Office established, 1789
3rd Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, opened, 1794
Ballet tutus makes 1st public appearance, Les Sylphides, Paris Opera, 1832
1st UK electric railway line opened, Liverpool-Southport, 1904
US Girl Guides movement founded, Savannah GA, 1912
Canberra's foundation stone laid, 1913
Isvestia founded, USSR, 1917
Moscow becomes official capital of USSR, 1918
Gandhi begins 200-mile march protesting UK salt tax, 1930
1st broadcast from Broadcasting House, by Henry Hall & BBC Dance Orchestra, 1932
Roosevelt delivers 1st of his radio "fireside chats", US, 1933
30 mph speed limit introduced, UK, 1935
Finland surrenders to USSR, 1940
Mauritius gains independence, 1968
Paul McCartney marries Linda Eastman, Marylebone, 1969
Les Miserables opened on Broadway, New York NY, 1987
Janet Reno sworn in as 1st female attorney general, US, 1993
1st UK ordination of women priests, Bristol Cathedral, 1994

13th MARCH
Joseph Priestley (b. 1733)
Charles Grey, Earl Grey (b. 1764)
Daniel Lambert (b. 1770)
Percival Lowell (b. 1855)
Hugo Wolf (b. 1860)
Sir Hugh Walpole (b. 1884)
Henry Hathaway (b. 1898)
L Ron Hubbard (b. 1911)
Lightnin' Slim (b. 1913)
Tessie O'Shea (b. 1913)
Jane Grigson (b. 1928)
Christopher Gable (b. 1940)
Richard Burbage (d. 1619)
John Daniell (d. 1845)
Adolf Anderssen (d. 1879)
Benjamin Harrison (d. 1901)
Susan B Anthony (d. 1906)
Angela Brazil (d. 1947)
John Middleton Murry (d. 1957)
Rockwell Kent (d. 1971)
Karl Münchinger (d. 1990)
Odette Hallowes (d. 1995)
John Silverlight (d. 1995)
Ronald Fraser (d. 1997)
Lord (Yehudi) Menuhin of Stoke D'Abernon (d. 1999)
Ian Samwell (d. 2003)
Sydney Carter (d. 2004)
Maureen Stapleton (d. 2006)
Battle of Stamford, 1470
Battle of Jarnac, 1569
Harvard University named after John Harvard, US, 1639
Halley's Comet comes to its perihelion as predicted in 1682 by Halley, 1758
Sir William Herschel discovers Uranus, Bath, 1781
Uncle Sam 1st appears as cartoon character, New York Lantern, 1852
Standard Time established throughout US, 1884
Le Coucher d'Yvette, 1st professional strip tease, takes place in a music hall, 1894
Battle of Neuve-Chapelle ends, 1915
School-leaving age raised to 14 for all children, UK, 1918
Teaching of evolution banned in Tennessee state schools, 1925
1st commercial air route established across Africa, 1926
450 drown when St Francis Dam bursts, near Los Angeles, 1928
Discovery of Pluto announced by Clyde Tombaugh, 1930
Austria becomes Ostmark in German Reich, 1938
Old black and white £5 notes cease to be legal tender, 1961
Eric Clapton leaves the Yardbirds, 1965
18-year olds 1st able to exercise vote, Bridgwater by-election, 1970
Charles de Gaulle Airport opened, Paris, 1974
John Lennon and Harry Nilsson thrown out of Troubadour, Los Angeles CA, 1974
Space probe comes within 400 miles of Halley's Comet, 1986
Microsoft shares begins trading, Wall Street NY, 1986
Soviet Congress vote to abolish political monopoly of Communist party, 1990
100+ die in flooding, tornadoes & snow drifts, Canada-Florida, 1993
Thomas Hamilton shoots 16 children, their teacher and self, Dunblane, 1996
Sister Nirmala becomes Superior General of Order of Missionaries of Charity, 1997
Net Book Agreement ceases to exist, UK, 1997

14th MARCH
Georg Philipp Telemann (b. 1681)
Johann Strauss the Elder (b. 1804)
Giovanni Schiaparelli (b. 1835)
Isabella Beeton (b. 1836)
Casey Jones (b. 1864)
Maxim Gorky (b. OS 1868)
Albert Einstein (b. 1879)
Adolph Gottlieb (b. 1903)
Bill Owen (b. 1914)
Robert Pete Williams (b. 1914)
Les Baxter (b. 1922)
Diane Arbus (b. 1923)
John Wain (b. 1925)
Sir Thomas Malory (d. 1471)
Karl Marx (d. 1883)
George Eastman (d. 1932)
Nikolai Bukharin (d. 1938)
Susan Hayward (d. 1975)
Haven Gillespie (d. 1975)
Busby Berkeley (d. 1976)
Maurice Ronet (d. 1983)
Sir Huw Weldon (d. 1986)
Reinhold Ebertin (d. 1988)
Doc Pomus (d. 1991)
Fred Zinnemann (d. 1997)
Janet Reger (d. 2005)
1st recorded US town meeting held, Faneuil Hall, Boston MA, 1743
Cotton gin patented by Eli Whitney, US, 1794
Steel pen nib patented, 1808
Asiatic cholera 1st appears in Ireland, Belfast, 1832
Lake Albert discovered by Sir Samuel Baker, 1864
Cincinatti Red Stockings, 1st professional baseball club, founded, 1868
1st submarine telephone line laid across English Channel, 1891
Reno Inclined Elevator, 1st escalator, patented, 1892
1st book of stamps issued by GPO, 1904
German cruiser Dresden sunk, 1915
February Russian Revolution ends, NS 1917
London-Hong Kong airline service inaugurated, 1936
Premiere of Aaron Copland's Fanfare For The Common Man, New York NY, 1943
UN forces recapture Seoul, Korean War, 1951
New English Bible (New Testament) published, London, 1961
Jack Ruby sentenced to death for killing Lee Harvey Oswald, 1964
Milwall football supporters riot, Luton, 1985
Drilling begins on Tower Hill-Bank Docklands Light Railway extension, 1988
Birmingham Six freed after 16 years false imprisonment for pub bombings, 1991
Norman Thagard becomes 1st American to enter space aboard a Russian spacecraft, 1995

15th MARCH
Andrew Jackson (b. NS 1767)
Lord (William) Melbourne (b. NS 1779)
Lady (Augusta) Gregory (b. 1852)
Sergei Kirov (b. OS 1886)
Zarah Leander (b. 1907)
Lightnin' Hopkins (b. 1912)
Harry James (b. 1916)
John Gregson (b. 1919)
Juzo Itami (b. 1933)
Julius Caesar (d. OS BC 44)
Salvator Rosa (d. 1673)
Luigi Cherubini (d. 1852)
Sir Henry Bessemer (d. 1898)
Walter Crane (d. 1915)
Pine Top Smith (d. 1929)
HP Lovecraft (d. 1937)
Pierre Drieu La Rochelle (d. 1945)
Lester Young (d. 1959)
Miles Malleson (d. 1969)
Aristotle Onassis (d. 1975)
René Clair (d. 1981)
Dame Rebecca West (d. 1983)
Helen Chadwick (d. 1996)
Victor Vasarely (d. 1997)
Dame Thora Hird (d. 2003)
Mikey Dread (d. 2008)
Battle of Guilford Court House, US, 1781
Highland Clearances begin, Sutherland, 1814
Maine, the Pine Tree State, becomes 23rd State of the Union, 1820
Construction begins on Rennie's London Br, 1824
1st Test Match (Australia v England) begins, Melbourne, 1877
1st escalator, Reno Inclined Elevator, patented by Jesse Reno of Chicago IL, 1892
Columbus returns from 1st voyage to America, Spain, 1493
The Times offices damaged in Fenian bomb blast, London, 1883
Glasgow Subway opened, 1886
Bridget Cleary is last woman burned as a witch, Co Tipperary, 1895
Selfridges opened, Oxford St, London, 1909
American Legion founded, 1919
Hitler proclaims Third Reich, 1933
1st US state contraceptive clinic opened, Raleigh NC, 1937
1st US blood bank, Cook County Hospital, opened, Chicago IL, 1937
Germany invades Bohemia and Moravia (Czechoslovakia), 1939
Billboard publishes 1st album charts, US, 1945
Worst recorded floods in England occur, 1947
Clothes rationing ends, UK, 1949
Greatest fall of rain in recorded history begins, 1952
My Fair Lady opened, Broadway NY, 1956
1st underwater park, Key Largo Coral Reef Preserve, established, 1960
Dr Richard Beeching appointed chief, British Railways, 1961
2 die in race riots, Watts, Los Angeles CA, 1966
Arkle wins Gold Cup for 3rd year in a row, 1966
Mohamed Yusuf Daar is 1st UK full time black policeman, Coventry, 1988
Jesus & Mary Chain equipment destroyed in riot, N London Polytechnic, 1985
Top rate of income tax reduced to 40%, UK, 1988
Armenia & Aberbaijan agree truce, Tehran, 1992
Pluto again becomes outermost planet, 1999

16th MARCH
Caroline Herschel (b. 1750)
Georg Ohm (b. 1787)
Rosa Bonheur (b. 1822)
Dame Lucie Rie (b. 1902)
Josef Mengele (b. 1911)
Pat Nixon (b. 1912)
Leo McKern (b. 1920)
Vladimir Komarov (b. 1927)
James Bulger (b. 1990)
Tiberius (d. 37)
Alexander III, King of Scotland (d. 1286)
Viktoria, Princess of Saxe-Coburg (d. 1861)
Modest Mussorgsky (d. OS 1881)
Aubrey Beardsley (d. 1898)
Aron Nimzowitsch (d. 1935)
Constantin Brancusi (d. 1957)
Lord (William) Beveridge (d. 1963)
Tammi Terrell (d. 1970)
Bebe Daniels (d. 1971)
T-Bone Walker (d. 1975)
Arthur Gunter (d. 1976)
Jean Monnet (d. 1979)
Gerald Moore (d. 1987)
Benjamin Spock (d. 1998)
Barons defeated by Edward II, Battle of Boroughbridge, 1322
Long Parliament dissolved after 20 years, England, 1660
US Military Academy established, West Point, 1802
William of Orange proclaimed King of Netherlands, 1815
Wanderers win 1st FA Cup Final, Kennington, 1872
1st recorded sale of a car made by Benz, in kit form, 1888
Sir Arthur Evans reveals City of Knossos, Crete, 1900
1st book of stamps issued by Post Office, 1904
James Joyce throws bronze medal just won in singing contest into R Liffey, 1904
133 mph speed record set by Barney Eli Oldfield in Benz, 1910
Last issue of The Standard appears, 1916
Gordon launches 1st liquid-fuel rocket, Auburn MA, 1926
Eagle ceases publication, Brooklyn NY, 1955
New English Bible (Old Testament) published, 1961
Gemini 8 launched, 1966
500 Vietnamese villagers massacred by GIs, Mai Lai, 1968
Coretta Scott King is 1st woman to speak from pulpit of St Paul's, London, 1969
Who record Won't Get Fooled Again, Stargroves, Berkshire, 1971
New London Bridge opened, 1973
Harold Wilson resigns as prime minister, 1976
A&M drop the Sex Pistols, 1977
Soviet cosmonauts complete 35 million mile orbit, 1978
Terry Anderson taken hostage by Moslems, West Beirut, 1985
Frankie Goes To Hollywood disband, UK, 1987
3 killed by Loyalist gunman Michael Stone at IRA funeral, Gibraltar, 1988
Tonya Harding pleads guilty to covering up attack on Nancy Kerrigan, Portland OR, 1994
Norman Thagard becomes 1st American to visit Russian space station Mir, 1995
Ramones play another last ever concert, Buenos Aires, 1996

17th MARCH
James IV, King of Scotland (b. 1473)
Dirck Hals (b. 1591)
Ebenezer Elliot (b. 1781)
Edmund Kean (b. 1787)
Gottlieb Daimler (b. 1834)
Kate Greenaway (b. 1846)
Capt Lawrence Oates (b. 1880)
Nat King Cole (b. 1919)
Rudolf Nureyev (b. 1938)
Marcus Aurelius (d. 180)
St Patrick (d. 461)
Harold Harefoot, King of England (d. 1040)
Lulach, King of the Scots (d. 1058)
François, Duc de La Rochefoucauld (d. 1680)
Jean-Baptiste Rousseau (d. 1741)
Daniel Bernoulli (d. 1782)
Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel (d. 1846)
Christian Doppler (d. 1853)
Robert Chambers (d. 1871)
Capt Lawrence Oates (d. near South Pole 1912)
Fred Allen (d. 1956)
Luchino Visconti, Duca di Modrone (d. 1976)
Ric Grech (d. 1990)
Capucine (d. 1990)
Helen Hayes (d. 1993)
Mai Zetterling (d. 1994)
Ronnie Kray (d. 1995)
Sunnyland Slim (d. 1995)
René Clement (d. 1996)
Rod Hull (d. 1999)
Justin Hinds (d. 2005)
Noah & family enter Ark (according to Gustav Seyffarth), 3446 BC
1st dukedom, the Duchy of Cornwall, created, for Edward the Black Prince, 1337
Cromwell ends office of King & declares Commonwealth, 1649
Stamp Act repealed, 1766
UK troops withdraw, Boston MA, 1776
Elise is 1st steamboat to cross Channel, 1816
Elastic band patented by Stephen Perry, London, 1845
1st wide-screen (70mm) movie made, 1897
1st actuality news footage filmed, of a hotel fire, New York NY, 1899
1st radio distress signal made to summon help, Ramsgate, 1899
Franklin D Roosevelt marries Eleanor Roosevelt, New York NY, 1905
Roosevelt coins the word "muckrake" in speech, Gridiron Club, Washington DC, 1906
1st US bowling tournament for ladies begins, St Louis MS, 1917
Marie Stopes opens 1st birth control clinic, N London, 1921
US aircraft bomb Vienna, 1944
Battle of Imo Jima, 1945
Brussels Treaty signed, 1948
Element 98, californium, announced, 1950
Vanguard 1 launched, Cape Canaveral FL, 1958
Dalai Lama escapes to India as Tibetans rise against occupying Chinese, 1959
UK opening of Stax Review featuring Otis Redding, Astoria, Finsbury Park, 1967
100s arrested at violent Vietnam demonstration, Grosvenor Square, London, 1968
Golda Meir becomes prime minister, Israel, 1969
Amoco Cadiz oil tanker runs aground spilling 220,000 tons of oil, Brittany, 1978
5 winners of Cheltenham Gold Cup all trained by Micheal Dickinson, 1983
Fabrique' en Angleterre, 1st Camargue foal bred in UK, born, Suffolk, 1993

18th MARCH
Grover Cleveland (b. 1837)
Stéphane Mallarmé (b. 1842)
Princess Louise (b. 1848)
Rudolf Diesel (b. 1858)
Neville Chamberlain (b. 1869)
Nellie Wallace (b. 1870)
Edgar Cayce (b. 1877)
Edward Everett Horton (b. 1887)
Wilfred Owen (b. 1893)
Robert Donat (b. 1905)
Chiang Ching-kuo (b. 1910)
René Clément (b. 1913)
Wilson Pickett (b. 1941)
St Edward the Martyr, King of England (d. 978)
Ivan the Terrible (d. 1584)
Philip Massinger (d. 1640)
Sir Robert Walpole (d. 1745)
Laurence Sterne (d. 1768)
Erich Fromm (d. 1980)
Percy Thrower (d. 1988)
Jacquetta Hawkes (d. 1996)
Anthony Minghella (d. 2008)
1st Lateran Council begins, 1123
1st horse-drawn bus service begins, Paris, 1662
Tolpuddle Martyrs sentenced to transportation to Tasmania, 1834
Photographic enlarger patented, 1843
American Express Co founded, Buffalo NY, 1850
Rising of the Communards begins, Paris, 1871
Barnum & Bailey's Greatest Show On Earth opened, Madison Square Garden NY, 1881
Prince Bismarck resigns as Chancellor, Germany, 1890
London-Paris telephone link opened, 1891
1st petrol-driven omnibus service begins, Rhineland, 1895
1st successful recording of singing voice made by Caruso, 1902
Einar Dessau makes 1st broadcast by a radio "ham", 1909
Mechanical scarecrow patented by John Steinbecker, US, 1913
Prince Philip of Greece becomes nationalised UK citizen, 1918
Gandhi sentenced to prison for civil disobedience, India, 1922
Schick markets 1st electric razor, New York NY, 1931
Sydney Harbour Bridge opened, 1932
NATO set up between 7 countries and UK, 1949
Roger Bannister runs mile in record 4 mins 1_48 secs, 1950
The Avengers 1st shown on TV, UK, 1961
Alexei Leonov makes 1st walk in space, from Voskhod 2, 1965
Torrey Canyon spills 30,000 tons of oil into sea, Cornwall, 1967
Andy Partridge suffers breakdown on stage with XTC, 1982
1st UK National Fat Women's Conference held, 1989
S Africa votes to share power with blacks, 1992
Taiwan elects Chen Shui-bian, ending over 50 years of Nationalist Party rule, 2000
Plaque commemorating Presley's visit to Scottish soil unveiled, Prestwick, 2000

19th MARCH
William Bradford (bapt. 1590)
Georges de la Tour (b. 1593)
Tobias Smollett (bapt. 1721)
Raphael I (b. 1795)
Nikolai Gogol (b. OS 1809)
Dr David Livingstone (b. 1813)
Sir Richard Burton (b. 1821)
Wyatt Earp (b. 1848)
Alfred von Tirpitz (b. 1849)
Sergei Diaghilev (b. OS 1872)
Joseph Albers (b. 1888)
Albert Speer (b. 1905)
Adolf Eichmann (b. 1906)
Dame Elizabeth Maconchy (b. 1907)
Irving Wallace (b. 1916)
Tommy Cooper (b. 1922)
Clarence Paul (b. 1927)
Ricky Wilson (b. 1953)
Edmund of Woodstock (d. 1330)
Robert Cavalier La Salle (d. 1687)
Arthur James Balfour (d. 1930)
Edgar Rice Burroughs (d. 1950)
Paul Kossof (d. 1976)
Tampa Red (d. 1981)
Alan Badel (d. 1982)
Randy Rhoads (d. 1982)
Louis Duc De Broglie (d. 1987)
Willem de Kooning (d. 1997)
John Phillips (d. 2001)
John De Lorean (d. 2005)
John Ebdon (d. 2005)
Sir Arthur C Clarke (d. 2008)
Paul Scofield (d. 2008)
Babylons 1st to record lunar eclipse, according to Ptolemy, BC 721
Edict of Amboise signed, 1563
Rev White forms New England Co, Massachusetts Bay MA, 1628
Gounod's opera Faust premiered, Paris, 1859
City Temple becomes 1st church to be lit electrically, Holborn, 1882
Los Angeles Railway established to provide streetcar service, 1895
Nevada legalizes gambling, 1931
Sydney Harbour Bridge officially opened, 1932
Academy Awards 1st televised, US, 1953
Elvis Presley buys Graceland, Memphis TN, 1957
1st planetarium in UK opened, MMe Tussaud's, London, 1958
1260' TV mast crashes in gale, Emley Moor, 1970
Willy Brandt and Willi Stoph 1st meet, Erfurt, 1970
Separation of Princess Margaret & Lord Snowdon announced, Buckingham Palace, 1976
Kate and Allie premiered, US, 1984
Engagement of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson announced, 1986
Separation of Duke & Duchess of York announced, 1992
California officials declare power alert, 2001

20th MARCH
Ovid (b. BC 43)
Malcolm IV, King of Scotland (b. 1142)
Friedrich Hölderlin (b. 1770)
Thomas Webster (b. 1800)
EZC Judson (b. 1823)
Henrik Ibsen (b. 1828)
Sepharial (b. 1864)
Sergei Rachmaninov (b. 1873)
Sir Michael Redgrave (b. 1908)
Wendell Corey (b. 1914)
Sister Rosetta Tharpe (b. 1915)
Sviatoslav Richter (b. 1915)
St Cuthbert (d. 687)
Henry IV, King of England (d. OS 1413)
Sir Isaac Newton (d. OS 1727)
Frederick Louis, Prince of Wales (d. OS 1751)
Jan Ladislav Dušek (d. 1812)
Ferdinand Foch (d. 1929)
Lord (Alfred) Douglas (d. 1945)
Henry Handel Richardson (d. 1946)
Brendan Behan (d. 1964)
Carl Dreyer (d. 1968)
Robert Urquhart (d. 1995)
Patrick Heron (d. 1999)
Princess Juliana of the Netherlands (d. 2004)
Dutch East India Co founded, 1602
Foundation stone laid, Dartmoor Prison, 1806
Battle begins, Arcis-sur-Aube, 1814
100 Days begin when Napoleon returns to power, Fontainebleau, 1815
Burlington Arcade opened, London, 1819
Marble Arch unveiled at present site, London, 1851
Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin published, US, 1852
Martha Place becomes 1st woman to die by electrocution, 1899
Nazis open 1st concentration camp, Dachau, 1933
British Council established, 1935
Germany occupies Hungary, 1944
Mount Vesuvius erupts, 1944
Tunisia becomes independent, 1956
John Lennon marries Yoko Ono, Gibraltar, 1969
David Bowie marries Angie Barnett, Bromley, 1970
Kidnap attempt made on Princess Anne & Capt Mark Phillips, The Mall, London, 1974
Patty Hearst convicted of armed robbery, US, 1976
T Rex play final live concert, Portsmouth Locarno, 1977
Radio Caroline ceases broadcasting when Mi Amigo sinks, 1980
Isabel Perón jailed for corruption, Argentina, 1981
Namibia becomes an independent nation, 1990
Gloria Estefan breaks her back in bus crash, Pocono Mountains PA, 1990
2 children die in IRA bomb blast, Bridge St shopping area, Warrington, 1993
Brian Jones and Bertrand Piccard complete 1st round-world balloon trip, 1999

Last updated: March 24, 2008