1st JUNE
Robert Cecil, Lord Salisbury (b. 1563)
Brigham Young (b. 1801)
John Masefield (b. 1878)
Sir Frank Whittle (b. 1907)
Percy Edwards (b. 1908)
Lord (William) Deedes (b. 1913)
Marilyn Monroe (b. 1926)
Bob Monkhouse (b. 1928)
Cleavon J Little (b. 1939)
Buddha (d. BC 483)
Johann Bernoulli (d. 1748)
James Gillray (d. 1815)
Sir David Wilkie (d. 1841)
James Buchanan (d. 1868)
Lucien Guitry (d. 1925)
Lizzie Borden (d. 1927)
Sir Hugh Walpole (d. 1941)
Leslie Howard (d. 1943)
Ion Antonescu (d. 1946)
Sonny Boy Williamson (d. 1948)
John Dewey (d. 1952)
Sax Rohmer (d. 1959)
Helen Keller (d. 1968)
Eric Partridge (d. 1979)
Art Pepper (d. 1982)
Richard Greene (d. 1985)
David Ruffin (d. 1991)
King Birendra of Nepal (d. 2001)
Yves St-Laurent (d. 2008)
1st recorded earthquake of US history occurrs, Plymouth MA, 1638
Act of Settlement passed, 1701
Kentucky, Blue Grass State, becomes 15th State of the Union, 1792
Battle of the Glorious 1st of June, 1794
Tennessee, Volunteer State, becomes 16th State of the Union, 1796
Sir James Clark Ross locates magnetic North Pole, 1831
Confederates defeated, Battle of Fair Oaks, 1862
Edison receives patent for his electric voting machine, Boston MA, 1869
1st UK Pullman carriages enter service, St Pancras-Bedford, 1874
1st telephone call-box goes into service, New Haven CT, 1880
1st electric trolley buses in UK begin operating, Bradford & Leeds, 1911
1st Zeppelin air raid over UK takes place, 1915
Battle of Jutland ends, 1916
Driving tests 1st introduced and L-plates become compulsory, UK, 1935
Superman 1st appears, DC Comics, US, 1938
99 die when submarine HMS Thetis sinks in trials, Liverpool, 1939
UK forces complete evacuation from Crete, 1941
Clothes rationing and controlled egg distribution introduced, UK, 1941
1st TV licences issued, at £2, UK, 1942
Combined TV/radio licences introduced, UK, 1946
Newsweek 1st magazine to be available on microfilm, US, 1949
George Richards becomes 1st jockey to be knighted, UK, 1953
1st Premium Bond winners drawn by Ernie, UK, 1957
Don Bowden is 1st US runner to break 4-minute mile, 1957
de Gaulle becomes prime minister, France, 1958
1st cod war begins between Britain and Iceland, 1958
1st Juke Box Jury series begins, BBC, 1959
Bob Dylan and the Band play at the Royal Albert Hall, London, 1966
Beatles' Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band LP released, 1967
Marianne Faithfull collapses on-stage, Chekhov's Three Sisters, Royal Court Th, 1967
Final Ed Sullivan Show broadcast, US, 1971
Pink Floyd begin recording Dark Side Of The Moon, Abbey Rd, 1972
Andreas Baader captured, Frankfurt, 1973
Greece becomes a republic, 1973
Robert Wyatt fractures spine in fall at party, 1973
Rhodesia takes name Zimbabwe, 1979
Cable News Network (CNN) makes debut as 1st all-news TV service, US, 1980
Kerrang! 1st published, UK, 1981
John Paul II 1st celebrates mass in Glasgow, 1982
1st reduction in nuclear arms begins when INF Treaty ratified, Moscow, 1988
Willie Carson wins Derby on Erhaab, 1994
Betty Shabazz, widow of Malcolm X, fatally burned in grandson's arson attack, 1997
9 members of Nepal royal family slain by Crown Prince Dipendra, 2001

2nd JUNE
Martha Washington (b. OS 1731)
Marquis de Sade (b. 1740)
Thomas Hardy (b. 1840)
Jesse Boot, 1st Baron Trent (b. 1850)
Sir Edward Elgar (b. 1857)
Hedda Hopper (b. 1890)
Nubar Gulbenkian (b. 1896)
Johnny Weissmuller (b. 1903)
Barbara Pym (b. 1913)
Yuri Andopov (b. OS 1914)
Johnny Speight (b. 1920)
Charles Conrad (b. 1930)
Chris Hani (b. 1942)
Anne of Bohemia (d. 1394)
James Douglas, Earl of Morton (d. 1581)
Madeleine de Scudéry (d. 1701)
Guiseppe Garibaldi (d. 1882)
Alfred Austin (d. 1913)
George S Kaufman (d. 1961)
Vita Sackville West (d. 1962)
Phyllis Dixey (d. 1964)
Bruce McLaren (d. 1970)
Lord George-Brown (d. 1985)
Andrés Segovia (d. 1987)
Raj Kapoor (d. 1988)
Sir Rex Harrison (d. 1990)
Washboard Sam (d. 1990)
Vince Welnick (d. 2006)
Bo Diddley (d. 2008)
Mel Ferrer (d. 2008)
Henry V marries Catherine de Valois, 1420
Lord George Gordon's 'No Popery' riots begin, London, 1780
Maine becomes 1st US state to enact a law prohibiting alcohol, 1851
Donati's Comet 1st observed, by Giovanni Donati, 1858
1st Trades Union Congress begins, Manchester, 1868
Japan takes formal possession of Formosa (Taiwan), 1895
Marconi granted world's 1st patent for wireless telegraphy, 1896
Charles Stewart Rolls becomes 1st in UK to fly Channel, Dover-Sanggate, 1910
2nd Battle of Ypres, 1916
US-born American Indians become US citizens under terms of Snyder Act, 1924
Regent's Park Children's Zoo opened by Robert and Edward Kennedy, 1938
Clothes rationing begins, UK, 1941
Italy becomes republic in 1st election for which women could vote, 1946
Coronation of Elizabeth II, Westminster Abbey, 1953
Lester Piggott (18) becomes youngest jockey to win Derby, 1954
1st legal casino opened, Metropole, Brighton, 1962
Surveyor I soft-lands on the Moon, 1966
Snow falls on London for 1st time in June since records began, 1975
John Paul II becomes 1st Pope to visit communist country, Poland, 1979
1st Pallas's rosefinch sighted in UK, Ronaldsay, Orkney Islands, 1988
25 intelligence officers die in Chinouk helicoptor crash, Mull Of Kintyre, 1994
Inter City 225 sets passenger record 154 mph, Newcastle-Peterborough, 1995
Timothy McVeigh sentenced to death for planting Oklahoma City bomb, 1997
Halifax Building Society becomes a bank, UK, 1997
Beagle 2 launched on UK mission to Mars, Kazakhstan, 2003

3rd JUNE
Jefferson Davis (b. 1808)
Ransom Eli Olds (b. 1864)
George V, King of Gt Britain (b. 1865)
Raoul Dufy (b. 1877)
Memphis Minnie (b. 1897)
Josephine Baker (b. 1906)
Paulette Goddard (b. 1911)
William Douglas-Home (b. 1912)
Patrick Cargill (b. 1918)
Allen Ginsberg (b. 1926)
Curtis Mayfield (b. 1942)
Michael Clarke (b. 1946)
Mickey Finn (b. 1947)
William Harvey (d. 1657)
Francisque Millet (buried 1679)
Georges Bizet (d. 1875)
Samuel Plimsoll (d. 1898)
Johann Strauss the Younger (d. 1899)
Mary Kingsley (d. 1900)
Franz Kafka (d. 1924)
Arthur Ransome (d. 1967)
Mississippi Fred McDowell (d. 1972)
Roberto Rossellini (d. 1977)
Dame Anna Neagle (d. 1986)
Richard Sohl (d. 1990)
Robert Morley (d. 1992)
Dilys Powell (d. 1995)
Anthony Quinn (d. 2001)
Edgar, 1st King of All England, crowned, Bath, 959
Dutch West Indies Co. founded, 1621
Battle of Lowestoft, 1665
1st baseball inter-club match, Knickerbockers v Washington, New York NY, 1851
Lacrosse 1st introduced from Montreal into UK, 1876
Foundation stone of opening lock laid, Kiel Canal, 1887
15,000 made homeless in great fire of Constantinople, 1912
Edward, Duke of Windsor marries Wallis Warfield, Condé Castle, Maine-et-Loire, 1937
Battle of Midway Island begins, 1942
1st bikini bathing suit displayed, Paris, 1946
Mt Palomar telescope dedicated, US, 1948
Dragnet 1st broadcast, on Radio KFI, Los Angeles CA, 1949
Annapurna 1st climbed, by a French expedition, 1950
3rd class travel abolished on British Railways, 1956
Jimmy Nicol becomes temporary Beatle after Ringo Starr collapses, London, 1964
Ed White becomes 1st US astronaut to walk in space, Gemini 4, 1965
Gemini 9 launched, 1966
Andy Warhol shot by Valerie Solanas, The Factory, New York NY, 1968
Guinness Book of World Records reaches world record 35,000,000 sales, 1978
Riots by East Germans occur at Bowie open-air concert, Reichstag, Berlin, 1987
SDP formally wound up, London, 1990
Tom Petty marries Dana York, Las Vegas NE, 2001

4th JUNE
William Gilpin (b. 1724)
George III, King of Gt Britain (b. 1738)
Julius Janssen (b. 1852)
Lucie Mabel Atwell (b. 1879)
Patience Strong (b. 1907)
Rosalind Russell (b. 1908)
Dennis Weaver (b. 1924)
Jimmy McCulloch (b. 1953)
Giovanni Casanova (d. 1798)
Marguerite Gardner, Countess of Blessington (d. 1849)
Reinhard Heydrich (d. 1942)
Charles Vidor (d. 1959)
György Lukács (d. 1971)
Ayatollah Khomeini (d. 1989)
Ronnie Lane (d. 1997)
John Hartford (d. 2001)
Jonathan Routh (d. 2008)
Peasants' Revolt over poll tax begins, Dartford, 1381
Robert Dudley marries Amy Robsart, Sheen, 1550
Samuel Pepys buried, St Olave's, Hart St, London, 1703
Battle of Hohenfriedberg, Silesia, 1745
Mme Thible is 1st woman to fly in hot-air balloon, Lyons, 1784
Mozart buries pet starling, 1787
1st Trooping Of The Colour, Horse Guards Parade, 1805
Leopold, Duke of Kendal, proclaimed 1st King of Belgians, 1831
Great auk becomes extinct, Iceland, 1844
Emily Davison fatally injured at Derby by horse, Epsom, 1913
Order of the British Empire instituted, 1917
Supermarket trolleys 1st introduced, Oklahoma, 1937
Churchill's "We shall fight them on the beaches" speech, 1940
Evacuation of UK troops completed, Dunkirk, 1940
US Pacific fleet inflicts heavy losses, Battle of Midway, 1942
Allies enter and liberate Rome, 1944
1st Duke of Edinburgh Awards presented, Buckingham Palace, 1958
John Profumo resigns after misleading House of Commons over Christine Keeler, 1963
Tonga, or The Friendly Islands, becomes independent, 1970
£15,000 damage caused by fans to football pitch, Wembley, 1977
Bob Dylan and Carol Dennis marry, 1986
68 die when explosives train blows up, Arzamas, USSR, 1988
2600 subjects massacred by Chinese Army, Tiananmen Square, Beijing, 1989
678 Trans-Siberian railway passengers die in gas pipe explosion, Urals, 1989
Landslip sends clifftop hotel into sea, Scarborough, 1993
Ariane-5 blows up at launch, Kourou, French Guyana, 1996

5th JUNE
Edmund of Langley, 1st Duke of York (b. 1341)
John Couch Adams (b. 1819)
Pat Garrett (b. 1850)
Pancho Villa (b. 1878)
Igor Stravinsky (b. OS 1882)
Lord (John) Maynard Keynes (b. 1883)
Dame Ivy Compton-Burnett (b. 1884)
Lord (Roy) Thomson of Fleet (b. 1894)
Federico García Lorca (b. 1898)
William Boyd (b. 1898)
Dennis Gabor (b. 1900)
Washboard Sam (b. 1900)
Anastasia, Grand Duchess (b. OS 1901)
Gilbert Harding (b. 1907)
Tony Richardson (b. 1928)
Jacques Demy (b. 1931)
Christy Brown (b. 1932)
Jim Lewis (b. 1941)
Tom Evans (b. 1947)
St Boniface (d. 754)
Orlando Gibbons (d. 1625)
Carl von Weber (d. 1826)
Stephen Crane (d. 1900)
O Henry (d. 1910)
Emily Davison (d. 1913)
Henri Gaudier-Brzeska (d. 1915)
Lord (Horatio) Kitchener (d. 1916)
Georges Feydeau (d. 1921)
Eleanor Farjeon (d. 1965)
Sleepy John Estes (d. 1977)
Anna Mahler (d. 1988)
Conway Twitty (d. 1993)
Mel Tormé (d. 1999)
Dee Dee Ramone (d. 2002)
Lois Rodden (d. 2003)
Ronald Reagan (d. 2004)
Presbyterian government in Scottish Church established, 1592
Montgolfier brothers conduct 1st hot-air balloon ascent, Annonay, 1783
Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage 1st meet, 1833
Denmark becomes a constitutional monarch, 1849
Sultan of Zanzibar abolishes slave markets and export of slaves, 1873
Society for Space Travel founded, Germany, 1927
Ramsay MacDonald forms minority Labour Government, UK, 1929
Enactment of gold standard abrogation, 1933
1st synthetic rubber tyre exhibited, Akron OH, 1940
Allied invasion of Europe set in motion by Eisenhower, 0415 hr, US, 1944
Pegasus Bridge Cafe, Benouville, becomes 1st liberated building, Normandy, 1944
Allied Control Command assumes control in Germany, 1945
Marshall Aid inaugurated for European post-war recovery, US, 1947
Bob Dylan graduates, Hibbing MN, 1959
Blue Streak makes 1st UK flight into space, Woomera, 1964
Lt Cmdr Cernan spends 2 hours in space walk, Gemini 9, 1966
Six Day War between Arab states and Israel begins, 1967
Robert Kennedy shot by Jordanian Arab, Hotel Ambassador, Los Angeles CA, 1968
Suez Canal re-opened to all but Israeli shipping, 1975
1st UK referendum results in 2-1 vote in favour of staying in Common Market, 1975
100 die when Teton Dam collapses, US, 1976
Sophia Loren completes jail entence for tax evasion, Italy, 1982
Kay Cottee becomes 1st woman to sail solo non-stop around the world, Sydney, 1988
Patti Boyd applies for divorce from Eric Clapton, 1988
Solidarity defeats Communists in 1st free elections since World War II, Poland, 1989
Gorbachev receives 1990 Nobel Peace Prize, 1991
Christopher Reeve operated on to stabilise neck after riding accident, US, 1995

6th JUNE
Regiomontanus (b. 1436)
Diego Velázquez (b. 1599)
Nathan Hale (b. 1755)
John Trumbull (b. 1756)
Jeremy Bentham (b. 1832)
Robert Scott (b. 1868)
Alexandra, Empress of Russia (b. OS 1872)
Thomas Mann (b. 1875)
William Cosgrave (b. 1880)
Dame Ninette de Valois (b. 1898)
Arthur Askey (b. 1900)
Jimmie Lunceford (b. 1902)
Aram Khachaturian (b. 1903)
Sir Isaiah Berlin (b. 1909)
Patrick Campbell, 3rd Baron Glanavy (b. 1913)
Kenneth Connor (b. 1916)
VC Andrews (b. 1923)
Michael ffolkes (b. 1925)
Klaus Tennstedt (b. 1926)
Grant Green (b. 1935)
Clarence White (b. 1944)
David Penhaligon (b. 1944)
Lord (George) Anson (d. 1762)
Jeremy Bentham (d. 1832)
Louis Chevrolet (d. 1941)
Gerhart Hauptmann (d. 1946)
James Agate (d. 1947)
Carl Jung (d. 1961)
Claudette Orbison (d. 1966)
Robert Kennedy (d. 1968)
John Paul Getty (d. 1976)
Kenneth Rexroth (d. 1982)
Fulton Mackay (d. 1987)
Joe Loss (d. 1990)
Stan Getz (d. 1991)
Mark McManus (d. 1994)
Lord (Peter) Graves (d. 1994)
Dave Rowberry (d. 2003)
Anne Bancroft (d. 2005)
Billy Preston (d. 2006)
Ashmolean, 1st UK public museum, opened, Oxford, 1683
James Figg defeats Ned Sutton in 1st boxing title fight, London, 1727
YMCA founded by George Williams, St Paul's, London, 1844
Seige of Cawnpore begins, Indian Mutiny, 1857
Alsace-Lorraine annexed to Germany, 1871
3 mile coastal limit established, Hague Convention, 1882
Persil, made in Dusseldorf, 1st goes on sale, 1907
Finland declares war on USSR, 1919
Steve Donoghue becomes only jockey to win Derby 3 consecutive times, 1923
300 die in heat-wave, US, 1925
Walter Percy Chrysler founds Chrysler Corp, US, 1925
1st federal tax on gasoline enacted at a penny per gallon, US, 1932
1st drive-in cinema opened, Camden NJ, 1933
Gatwick airport opened, 1936
Battle of Midway Island ends, 1942
Village of Lidice burned by Nazis, Bohemia, 1942
Adeline Gray makes 1st nylon parachute jump, Hartford CT, 1942
D-Day Allied invasion of Normandy takes place, Operation Overlord, 1944
1984 by George Orwell published, 1949
1st Eurovision TV link-up, Fête des Narcisses, broadcast, Montreux, 1954
Beatles pass EMI audition, Abbey Rd Studios, 1962
Israel invades Lebanon by sea, land and air, 1982
Indian army storms Golden Temple, Amritsar, 1984
Authorities exhume a body later identified as Josef Mengele, Brazil, 1985
Lester Piggott stripped of his OBE while in prison, 1988
1st European sighting of tree swallow, St Mary's, Isles of Scilly, 1990
Croatia & Slovenia declared "independent and sovereign" republics, 1991
Brian Lara scores record 501 not out in single innings, 1994

7th JUNE
John Rennie (b. 1761)
Robert Banks Jenkinson, Earl of Liverpool (b. 1770)
Beau Brummell (b. 1778)
RD Blackmore (b. 1825)
Paul Gauguin (b. 1848)
EW Hornung (b. 1866)
Charles Rennie Mackintosh (b. 1868)
JB Morton (Beachcomber) (b. 1893)
Elizabeth Bowen (b. 1899)
Jessica Tandy (b. 1909)
Pietro Annigoni (b. 1910)
Dean Martin (b. 1917)
Tal Farlowe (b. 1922)
Rainer Ptacek (b. 1951)
Bonny Lee Blakley (b. 1956)
Robert I (The Bruce), King of Scotland (d. 1329)
Friedrich Hölderlin (d. 1843)
Richard Marsh Hoe (d. 1886)
Edwin Booth (d. 1893)
Jean Harlow (d. 1937)
Alan Turing (d. 1954)
Meade (Lux) Lewis (d. 1964)
Judy Holliday (d. 1965)
Hans Arp (d. 1966)
Dorothy Parker (d. 1967)
EM Forster (d. 1970)
Henry Miller (d. 1980)
Dennis Potter (d. 1994)
Percy Edwards (d. 1996)
Crusaders arrive, Jerusalem, 1099
David II becomes King of Scotland, 1329
Henry VIII meets Francis I of France, Field of the Cloth of Gold, Calais, 1520
Foundation stone of 1st Royal Exchange laid, London, 1566
Addled Parliament dissolved without passing a single Act, 1614
Great Plague 1st recorded, by Samuel Pepys, London, 1665
Hitler's father is born, 1837
Norway becomes independent when Union of Norway & Sweden dissolved, 1905
Cunard liner Lusitania launched, 1906
San Salvador and Santa Tecla destroyed by earthquake, 1917
Battle of Messines, 1917
1st parliament of Northern Ireland opened, 1921
Vatican City set up in Rome, 1929
Vernon Presley and Gladys Love Smith marry, Verona MS, 1933
Stanley Baldwin becomes prime minister, 1935
George VI & Elizabeth become 1st Royals to visit US, Niagara Falls, 1939
BBC television service resumed, 1946
Burgess and Maclean defect to USSR, 1951
1st microbiology laboratory dedicated, Brunswick NJ, 1954
Eisenhower becomes 1st president to appear on TV in colour, US, 1955
Ken Russell's Guitar Craze film for Monitor televised, BBC, 1959
Israelis capture Wailing Wall, Six Days War, Jerusalem, 1967
Blind Faith play free concert, Hyde Park, 1969
Willy Brandt visits Israel, 1972
Sex Pistols perform at God Save The Queen boat party, Houses of Parliament, 1977
Vicki van Meter, 12, becomes youngest pilot to cross Atlantic, Glasgow, 1994
Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson orders breakup of Microsoft, US, 2000
Transit of Venus across face of the Sun, 2004

8th JUNE
Giovanni Cassini (b. 1625)
John Smeaton (b. 1724)
Robert Schumann (b. 1810)
Sir John Millais (b. 1829)
Frank Lloyd Wright (b. 1869)
Angus McBean (b. 1904)
Stanley Unwin (b. 1911)
Robert Preston (b. 1918)
Bo Widerberg (b. 1930)
The Prophet Mohammed (d. 632)
Hardicanute, King of Denmark & England (d. 1042)
Edward, the Black Prince (d. 1376)
Elizabeth Woodville (d. 1492)
Christiaan Huygens (d. 1695)
Sophia, Princess of the Palatinate (d. 1714)
Louis XVII, King of France (d. 1795)
Thomas Paine (d. 1809)
Sarah Siddons (d. 1831)
Andrew Jackson (d. 1845)
Sir Joseph Paxton (d. 1865)
George Sand (d. 1876)
Gerard Manley Hopkins (d. 1889)
Laverne Andrews (d. 1967)
Robert Taylor (d. 1969)
Jimmy Rushing (d. 1972)
Sir Norman Hartnell (d. 1979)
Russell Harty (d. 1988)
Bertice Reading (d. 1991)
Christina Foyle (d. 1999)
Nellie Lutcher (d. 2007)
Coronation of Edward the Elder as King of Wessex, 900
Brooklyn Hall Super-Extra Gazette published, New York NY, 1782
1st commercially made ice-cream sold, New York NY, 1786
Tennessee secedes from the Union, US, 1861
1st electric suction vacuum-cleaner patented, 1869
1st motor-ambulances introduced, Italian army, Tripoli, 1912
George Mallory last seen, on 3rd attempt to climb Everest, 800 ft below summit, 1924
Dame Nellie Melba gives last performance, Covent Garden, 1926
1st flight across Pacific made, by Kingsford-Smith & Ulm, California-Brisbane, 1928
Margaret Bondfield becomes 1st woman cabinet minister, UK, 1929
Discovery of neptunium, element 93, announced, 1940
142 die in tornados, Michigan and Ohio, 1953
Supreme Court rules that restaurants in District of Columbia must serve blacks, 1953
James Earl Ray arrested for murder of Martin Luther King, London, 1968
Brian Jones leaves the Rolling Stones, 1969
Naomi James becomes 1st woman to sail around world via Cape Horn, Dartmouth, 1978
40 die when Sir Tristram and Sir Galahad hit, Bluff Cove, Falklands, 1982
Kurt Waldheim elected President of Austria, 1986
Prince and Princess of Wales meet to agree to separate, 1992

9th JUNE
Andrew Ramsay (b. 1686)
George Stephenson (b. 1781)
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson (b. 1836)
Weedon Grossmith (b. 1853)
Carl Nielsen (b. 1869)
Cole Porter (b. 1893)
Skip James (b. 1902)
Barbara Mullen (b. 1914)
Johnny Ace (b. 1929)
Jackie Wilson (b. 1934)
Ossie Clark (b. 1942)
Nero (d. 68)
William Lilly (d. 1681)
Charles Dickens (d. 1870)
Cochise (d. 1874)
Robert Donat (d. 1958)
Max Aitken, 1st Baron Beaverbrook (d. 1964)
Alton Delmore (d. 1964)
Katherine Correll (d. 1974)
Dame Sybil Thorndike (d. 1976)
Angus McBean (d. 1990)
Claudio Arrau (d. 1991)
Arthur Alexander (d. 1993)
Yaltah Menuhin (d. 2001)
Cranmer's Book of Common Prayer adopted, England, 1549
Hong Kong leased for 99 yrs from China by UK, 1898
London Symphony Orchestra gives 1st concert, 1904
Hand grenades 1st issued to UK troops, France, 1915
Kingsford-Smith & Ulm complete longest flight over water, Oakland-Brisbane, 1928
1st Donald Duck cartoon, The Wise Little Hen, shown, 1934
Norwegian forces surrender to Germany, 1940
92 die in tornado, Massechussets, 1953
Gatwick Airport opened by Queen, 1958
1st Polaris submarine, USS George Washington, launched, Groton CT, 1959
Bing Crosby receives platinum disc for 200 million record sales, 1960
Bruce Springsteen signed to Columbia Records, US, 1972
House of Commons proceedings 1st broadcast live, 1975
Richard Pryor suffers extreme burns in drugs explosion, San Fernando Valley CA, 1980
20p coin introduced, UK, 1982
400 travellers evicted from disused airfield, Operation Daybreak, New Forest, 1985
The New Statesman and Society 1st published, 1988
Mike Gatting sacked from England cricket captaincy for "irresponsibility", 1988
Lisa Lopes sets fire to boyfriend's $2 million mansion, Atlanta GA, 1994

10th JUNE
James Stuart, the Old Pretender (b. 1688)
Gustave Courbet (b. 1819)
Nikolaus Otto (b. 1832)
André Derain (b. 1880)
Al Dubin (b. 1891)
Frederick Loewe (b. 1901)
Howlin' Wolf (b. 1910)
Sir Terence Rattigan (b. 1911)
Saul Bellow (b. 1915)
Judy Garland (b. 1922)
Robert Maxwell (b. 1923)
John Stevens (b. 1940)
Frederick I (Barbarossa) (d. 1190)
Mary of Guise-Lorraine (d. 1560)
George I, King of Gt Britain (d. 1727)
Thomas Hearne (d. 1735)
André Ampère (d. 1836)
Antonio Gaudi (d. 1926)
Frederick Delius (d. 1934)
Marcus Garvey (d. 1940)
Spencer Tracy (d. 1967)
William Inge (d. 1973)
Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester (d. 1974)
Rainer Werner Fassbinder (d. 1982)
Louis D'Amour (d. 1988)
Les Dawson (d. 1993)
Arleen Augér (d. 1993)
Hammond Innes (d. 1998)
Ray Charles (d. 2004)
1st of 19 witches (14 women and 5 men) hanged, Salem MA, 1692
Battle of Glenshiel, 1719
Construction of Forth and Clyde Canal begins, 1768
Napoleon excommunicated, 1809
1st Oxford and Cambridge Universities boat race takes place, Hambleden-Hendon, 1829
Crystal Palace officially re-opened, Sydenham, 1854
Over-arm bowling legalised for cricket matches, 1864
1st US shipment of frozen beef arrives in SS Agnes, New Orleans LA, 1869
1st emergency SOS transmitted, by Slavonia, off Azores, 1909
Sinn Féin riots break out, Dublin, 1917
1st demonstration of artificial lightning, Pittsfield MA, 1932
Alcoholics Anonymous founded by William G Wilson and Robert Smithin, Akron OH, 1935
1st ball-point pen patented, by Lazlo Biro, 1938
Italy declares war on Britain and France, 1940
199 die, 285 sent to camps when Germans destroy Lidice, Czechoslovakia, 1942
Ball-point pens patented by Laszlo Biro, US, 1943
Italy becomes a republic, 1946
2000 die in earthquake, Northern Afghanistan, 1956
Rolling Stones record It's All Over Now at 1st Chess session, Memphis TN, 1964
Bob Dylan and The Band begin recording the "Basement Tapes", Woodstock NY, 1967
Elvis Presley 1st plays New York, for Elvis As Recorded At Madison Square Garden, 1972
George Harrison & Patti Harrison divorce, 1977
Joe Strummer and Topper Headon arrested for painting Clash name on wall, London, 1977
1st motorist convicted of speeding by police spotter plane, M42, 1988
Last UK lightship towed from its Guernsey site to Harwich, 1988
1st terrestrial digital television service begun, BBC, Crystal Palace, 1998

Last updated: June 11, 2008