11th JUNE
Cosimo de'Medici (b. OS 1519)
Ben Jonson (b. 1572)
John Constable (b. 1776)
Phiz (b. 1815)
Julia Margaret Cameron (b. 1815)
Dame Millicent Garrett Fawcett (b. 1847)
Richard Strauss (b. 1864)
Anna Akhmatova (b. OS 1889)
Pine Top Smith (b. 1904)
Jacques Cousteau (b. 1910)
Shelley Manne (b. 1920)
John Aspinall (b. 1926)
Roger Bacon (d. 1292)
James III, King of Scotland (d. 1488)
Sir John Franklin (d. 1847)
John L Lewis (d. 1969)
Alexander Kerensky (d. 1970)
John Wayne (d. 1979)
Bernard Bresslaw (d. 1993)
Dame Catherine Cookson (d. 1998)
DeForest Kelley (d. 1999)
Timothy McVeigh (d. 2001)
James IV accedes to Scottish throne, Battle of Sauchieburn, 1488
Henry VIII marries Catherine of Aragon, 1509
De Ruyter steals The Royal Charles in naval raid, London, 1667
Battle of Drumclog, 1679
James, Duke of Monmouth lands to seize throne, Lyme Regis, 1685
George II proclaimed King of Gt Britain, 1727
Cook discovers Great Barrier Reef by running onto it, off Australia, 1770
Evening Standard 1st published, UK, 1860
Universal suffrage granted to women, Norway, 1913
Insulin, treatment for diabetics, patented by Fred Banting, 1922
1st newspaper photograph, of Pope Pius XI, transmitted by radio, New York NY, 1922
Empress of Britain launched, Clydebank, 1930
Hank Williams makes debut, Grand Ole Opry, Nashville TN, 1949
Denis Compton hits his 100th century, 1952
82 spectators die in 24-hr motor race as car skids off track, Le Mans, 1955
Quang Duc immolates self to protest government of Ngo Dinh Diem, Saigon, 1963
White schools obliged by law to accept black pupils, US, 1964
1st International Poetry Incarnation takes place, Royal Albert Hall, 1965
Janis Joplin debuts with Big Brother & Holding Co, Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco CA, 1966
Olympic Studios catches fire as Rolling Stones record Sympathy For the Devil, Barnes, 1968
1st UK oil pumped ashore, from Argyll oilfields in North Sea, 1975
Nelson Mandela Birthday Concert takes place, Wembley Stadium, 1988
Dartford Bridge completed, 1991

12th JUNE
Harriet Martineau (b. 1802)
Charles Kingsley (b. 1819)
Sir Anthony Eden (b. 1897)
Léon Goossens (b. 1897)
Sir Norman Hartnell (b. 1901)
Bill Naughton (b. 1910)
Peter Jones (b. 1920)
Anne Frank (b. 1929)
Brigid Brophy (b. 1929)
Robin Cook (b. 1931)
Charlie Feathers (b. 1932)
Pete Farndon (b. 1952)
William Collins (d. 1759)
Thomas Arnold (d. 1842)
Jimmy Dorsey (d. 1957)
Medgar Evers (d. 1963)
Billy Wells (d. 1967)
Sir Herbert Read (d. 1968)
Edmund Wilson (d. 1972)
Sir Billy Butlin (d. 1980)
Dame Marie Rambert (d. 1982)
Norma Shearer (d. 1983)
Nicole Brown Simpson (d. 1994)
Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli (d. 1995)
Bill Blass (d. 2002)
Gregory Peck (d. 2003)
György Ligeti (d. 2006)
Magdalen College founded, Oxford, 1458
Maud Heath's Causeway conceived by Deed of Gift, Chippenham, 1474
Louis XIV's doctor makes 1st successful transfusion, using sheep's blood, 1667
John Cotton's library presented to nation (now in British Library), 1700
House of Hanover established by Act of Settlement, 1701
1st electric telegraph patented, 1837
1st baseball game played, USA, 1839
Philippines gains its independence, 1898
Rotherhithe-Stepney Tunnel opened, 1908
Last regular delivery of mail on Sundays takes place, UK, 1921
Gnats swarm Salisbury Cathdral, 1952
The Beatles begin recording With The Beatles LP, 1963
Beach Boys begin recording Surfer Girl LP, 1963
Beatles awarded MBEs, 1965
Israel wins Arab-Israeli Six Days War, 1967
US Supreme Court rules that states cannot ban inter-racial marriages, 1967
Gossamer Albatross, human-powered aircraft, 1st pedalled across Channel, 1979
Russian sovereignty proclaimed, Moscow, 1990
341 die when Mount Pinatubo erupts, Philippines, 1991
Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust takes over Eigg management from landlords, 1997

13th JUNE
Fanny Burney (b. 1752)
Thomas Arnold (b. 1795)
James Clerk Maxwell (b. 1831)
WB Yeats (b. 1865)
Elizabeth Schumann (b. 1885)
Basil Rathbone (b. 1892)
Jacques Henri Lartigue (b. 1893)
Dorothy L Sayers (b. 1893)
Mary Whitehouse (b. 1910)
Prince Aly Khan (b. 1911)
James Carr (b. 1942)
David Kennedy (b. 1955)
Alexander the Great (d. BC 323)
Jesse Boot, 1st Baron Trent (d. 1931)
Wilhelm Keppler (d. 1960)
Sir Eugene Goossens (d. 1962)
Martin Buber (d. 1965)
Martita Hunt (d. 1969)
Clyde McPhatter (d. 1972)
Geraldine Page (d. 1987)
Pran Nath (d. 1996)
Reg Smythe (d. 1998)
Peasants' Revolt over poll tax begins, London, 1381
Act for compulsory education, Scotland, 1496
1st UK greenhouse erected, Oxford, 1621
Strathnaver Clearances begin, on Sutherland estates, 1819
Victoria makes 1st Royal railway journey, Slough-Paddington, 1842
Boxer Rebellion begins, China, 1900
162 die in a German daylight air-raid, London, 1917
1st sodium vapor lamps installed, Schenectady NY, 1933
1st V-1 flying-bombs strike England, Southampton, 1944
Foundation stone of National Theatre laid, London, 1944
Jack O'Leary gets hiccoughs lasting to 1 June 1956, Los Angeles CA, 1948
Last UK troops leave Suez, 1956
Real Madrid defeat Stade de Reims 4-3 in 1st European Cup final, 1956
Withdrawal of US combat troops from S Vietnam begins, Mekong Delta, 1969
Mrs Geraldine Brodrick gives birth to nonuplets, Sydney, 1971
Inflation reaches 25%, UK, 1975
Youth fires 6 blank pistol shots in vicinity of Elizabeth II, The Mall, 1981
Pioneer 10 becomes 1st man-made object to leave Solar System, 1983
Elizabeth II bestows the title Princess Royal on Princess Anne, 1987
Wreck of the Bismarck found 600 miles west of Brest, 1989
Official demolition of Berlin Wall begins, 1990
Yeltsin becomes 1st democratically elected president of Russian Federation, 1991
National Enquirer launched, UK, 1991
Princess Royal invested with the Order of the Garter, Windsor Castle, 1994

14th JUNE
Tomaso Albinoni (b. NS 1671)
Harriet Beecher Stowe (b. 1811)
John McCormack (b. 1884)
René Char (b. 1907)
Kathleen Raine (b. 1908)
Burl Ives (b. 1909)
Sam Wanamaker (b. 1919)
Junior Walker (b. 1931)
Jerzy Kosinski (b. 1933)
Obie Benson (b. 1936)
Benedict Arnold (d. 1801)
Leopardi Giacomo (d. 1837)
Edward FitzGerald (d. 1883)
Weedon Grossmith (d. 1919)
Jerome K Jerome (d. 1927)
Emmeline Pankhurst (d. 1928)
Maxim Gorky (d. 1936)
GK Chesterton (d. 1936)
John Logie Baird (d. 1946)
Wynonie Harris (d. 1969)
Benny Goodman (d. 1986)
Jorge Luis Borges (d. 1986)
Alan Jay Lerner (d. 1986)
Elsie Waters (d. 1990)
Dame Peggy Ashcroft (d. 1991)
Lord (Bernard) Miles (d. 1991)
Henry Mancini (d. 1994)
Rory Gallagher (d. 1995)
Carlo Maria Giulini (d. 2005)
Kurt Waldheim (d. 2007)
Coronation of Henry, surviving son of Henry II, as King of the English, 1170
Richard II accepts demands of Peasants' Revolt, Mile End, 1381
Charles I defeated by Cromwell, Battle of Naseby, 1645
William III lands at Carrickfergus, 1690
Stars and Stripes adopted as US flag, 1777
Rev Elijah Craig 1st produces bourbon, whiskey distilled from maize, 1789
1st fireman's ladder demonstrated, Fleet St, London, 1789
Battle of Marengo, 1800
1st Henley Regatta takes place, 1839
1st Canadian parliament opened, Kingston, 1841
Group of US settlers proclaim the Republic of California, Sonoma, 1846
Bunsen invents a gas burner, 1847
Heinrich Schliemann discovers King Priam's treasure, Turkey, 1873
Boxing match is 1st filmed sporting event, 1894
1st motor race held, Paris, 1895
Hawaiian Islands constituted as US territory, 1900
Alcock & Whitten Brown begin 1st non-stop transatlantic flight, Newfoundland, 1919
Black Bottom dance introduced in Scandals, Apollo Th, New York NY, 1926
Cloraphyll patented by Benjamin Grushkin, 1938
Swastika flown from Eiffel Tower when German troops enter Paris, 1940
Nazis open a concentration camp at Auschwitz, Poland, 1940
1st bazooka rocket gun produced, Bridgeport CT, 1942
State of Vietnam set up, 1949
Elvis Presley graduates, LC Humes High School, Memphis TN, 1953
Nelson Mandela marries Winnie, Transvaal, 1958
1st Mini comes off the production line, Longbridge, 1959
Mandela sentenced to life imprisonment, 1964
Paul McCartney records Yesterday with string quartet, 1965
Vatican announces abolition of the Index of Prohibited Books, 1966
1st motorway signals become operational, on M4, Severn Br, 1968
Bobby Charlton played 106th and final football match for England, Mexico City, 1970
Arabs hijack TWA Flight 847 to Rome, 1985
Knighthood bestowed on Ronald Reagan by Elizabeth II, 1989

15th JUNE
Edward, the Black Prince (b. 1330)
Nicolas Poussin (b. 1594)
Edvard Grieg (b. 1843)
Ion Antonescu (b. 1882)
Harry Langdon (b. 1884)
James Robertson-Justice (b. 1905)
David Rose (b. 1910)
Wilbert Awdry (b. 1911)
Most Rev Sir Trevor Huddleston (b. 1913)
Anna Mahler (b. 1915)
Leon Payne (b. 1917)
John Addey (b. 1920)
Erroll Garner (b. 1923)
Waylon Jennings (b. 1937)
Harry Nilsson (b. 1941)
Wat Tyler (d. 1381)
Elizabeth Brontë (d. 1825)
James Polk (d. 1849)
Mihail Eminescu (d. 1889)
Adlai Ewing Stevenson (d. 1914)
Wes Montgomery (d. 1968)
Ray McAnally (d. 1989)
Pete de Freitas (d. 1989)
Leonard Sachs (d. 1990)
Raymond Huntley (d. 1990)
James Hunt (d. 1993)
Ella Fitzgerald (d. 1996)
John Glashan (d. 1999)
Total eclipse of the Sun, England, 885
John sets his Royal Seal on Magna Carta, Runnymede, nr Windsor, 1215
Peasants' concessions revoked by Richard II, 1381
Battle of Carberry Hill, 1567
Harrow School founded, 1571
1st human blood transfusion carried out, 1667
Adm George Anson returns from circumnavigating world, Spithead, 1744
Benjamin Franklin tests electricity using a kite in thunder, 1752
1st stone of new London Bridge laid, 1825
Arkansas, the Wonder State, becomes 25th state of the Union, 1836
Charles Goodyear patents a vulcanised rubber process, US, 1844
Boundary between State of Oregon & Canada declared to be 49th Parallel, 1846
Thomas Buller completes The Great Journey expedition, New Zealand, 1848
Jacob Fussell makes 1st delivery from his ice-cream factory, Baltimore MD, 1851
Stamp duty on newspapers abolished, 1855
Christians massacred, Jedda, 1858
Florence Nightingale founds School for Nurses, St Thomas', 1860
Muybridge uses 12 cameras to create 1st moving picture, of galloping horse, 1878
Carlisle D Graham shoots Niagara Falls in barrel for 2nd time, 1887
1st business mail franking machines introduced, Norway, 1903
1000 die when General Slocum steamer catches fire, East River, New York NY, 1904
1st Nickelodeon theatre opened by Harry Davis, Philadelphia PA, 1905
Captain Scott sets out on fatal second expedition to South Pole, 1910
Alcock and Whitten-Brown complete 1st non-stop transatlantic flight, Co Galway, 1919
Dame Nellie Melba makes 1st advertised entertainment broadcast, Chelmsford, 1920
Hitler and Mussolini 1st meet, Venice, 1934
1st family allowance payments introduced, UK, 1945
Lake District becomes a National Park, 1951
Diary of Anne Frank published, 1952
Oh Boy! 1st broadcast, UK, 1958
Peter Green leaves John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, 1967
Georges Pompidou becomes President, France, 1969
Sir Laurence Olivier becomes 1st actor to be made a peer, UK, 1970
Bob Dylan begins 6 nights of sell-out concerts, Earls Court, 1978
Argentine forces formally surrender to UK forces, Falklands, 0200 hr, 1982
USSR pledges to UN never to be 1st to use nuclear weapons, New York NY, 1982
Storm Thorgerson photographs A Momentary Lapse Of Reason cover, Saunton Sands, 1987
Largest multiplex cinema in Europe opened, Bury, 1989
Wildfowl Trust renamed Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, 1989
Velvet Underground reform for 1 performance, Paris, 1990
1st feature film with digital sound, Dick Tracey, premiered, 1990
220 injured in city centre by IRA bomb blast, Manchester, 1996
Mini-tornado strikes Lower Earley, near Reading, 1998

16th JUNE
Giovanni Boccaccio (b. 1313)
Lady (Isabella) de Coucy (b. 1332)
John Cleveland (b. 1613)
Geronimo (b. 1829)
Alice Bailey (b. 1880)
Stan Laurel (b. 1890)
Lupino Lane (b. 1892)
Jean Peugeot (b. 1896)
Victor Canning (b. 1911)
Enoch Powell (b. 1912)
Ondine (b. 1937)
John Rostill (b. 1942)
Tupac Shakur (b. 1971)
John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough (d. 1722)
DuBose Heyward (d. 1940)
Lonnie Johnson (d. 1970)
Lord (John) Reith (d. 1971)
Nicholas Ray (d. 1979)
James Honeyman-Scott (d. 1982)
Dame Eva Turner (d. 1990)
Screaming Lord Sutch (d. 1999)
Zoroasterian Calendar begins, BC 632
Seige of Dunbar by English raised, 1338
Battle of Stoke, 1487
Christina of Sweden abdicates, 1654
Battle of Cape St Vincent, 1693
Handel becomes kapellmeister to George Leopold, Hanover, 1710
Seige of Gibralter begins, 1779
Construction of The Whale, largest grain windmill, begun, Holland, 1794
Battle of Quatre Bras, 1815
London Working Man's Association formed, 1836
Polk becomes 1st US president to have photograph taken, 1846
Ford Motor Co founded, Detroit MI, 1903
James Joyce 1st walks out with Nora Barnacle, Dublin, 1904
1st Congress of the Soviets, 1917
Henry Berliner achieves 1st helicopter flight, College Park MD, 1922
Mixed bathing 1st permitted in the Serpentine, Hyde Park, 1930
Electric tote 1st used, Ascot, 1931
French government asks Germany for an armistice, 1940
Cathay Pacific Airways' Catalina flying-boat becomes 1st hi-jacked aircraft, 1948
Yellow no-waiting lines introduced, UK, 1958
Rudolf Nureyev defects from Kirov Ballet, Paris, 1961
Valentina Tereshkova is 1st woman in space, Vostok VI, 1963
Monterey Pop Festival begins, 1967
5 burglars arrested in Democratic Party headquarters, Watergate, 1972
Spare Rib 1st published, 1972
S African police open fire on students, Soweto, 1976
Brezhnev becomes President of USSR, 1977
Space Invaders video game 1st demonstrated, Tokyo, 1978
Dusky seaside sparrow becomes extinct, Florida, 1987
Jerry Garcia gives Ben & Jerry permission to market Cherry Garcia ice cream, US, 1987
Stephen Hawking's A Brief History Of Time 1st published, 1988
Russia & US agree to scrap two-thirds of their nuclear warheads, 1992
Naomi Campbell hospitalised after alleged drugs overdose, Canary Islands, 1997

17th JUNE
Edward I, King of England (b. 1239)
John Wesley (b. 1703)
César-Francois Cassini de Thury (b. 1714)
Charles Gounod (b. 1818)
MC Escher (b. 1898)
Martin Bormann (b. 1900)
Ralph Bellamy (b. 1904)
James Cameron (b. 1911)
Dean Martin (b. 1917)
Beryl Reid (b. 1920)
Philip (Snakefinger) Lithman (b. 1949)
Joseph Addison (d. 1719)
Sir Edward Burne-Jones (d. 1898)
Dorothy Richardson (d. 1957)
Heitor Villa-Lobos (d. 1959)
Jeff Chandler (d. 1961)
John Cowper Powys (d. 1963)
John Boulting (d. 1985)
Cardinal Basil Hume (d. 1999)
Gianfranco Ferré (d. 2007)
Cyd Charisse (d. 2008)
Elgin Cathedral burned by Wolf of Badenoch, 1390
Mary, Queen of Scots imprisoned, Lochleven Castle, 1567
Drake proclaims sovereignty over New Albion (California), San Francisco CA, 1579
France surrenders Louisburg, Cape Breton Island, to UK, 1745
Battle of Bunker Hill begins War of Independence, Breed's Hill, 1775
Charles Macintosh patents waterproof cloth, Glasgow, 1823
1st transatlantic voyage of Great Eastern begins, Needles, Isle of Wight, 1860
Joseph Lister performs 1st operation under antiseptic conditions, 1867
Strauss conducts 987-piece orchestra & choir of 20,000, Boston MA, 1872
1st German military port inaugurated, Wilhelmshaven, 1869
River Steamboat Service begins, R Thames, 1905
Last German air raid of World War I, London, 1918
Eugen Wiedmann last to be publicly guillotined, Versailles, 1939
2,500 die when troopship Lancastria bombed and sunk, St Nazaire, 1940
Evacuation of British Expeditionary Forces from France completed, 1940
Iceland proclaimed an independent republic, Thingvallir, 1944
1st car phone service introduced, St Louis MO, 1946
Pan-American Airways begin 1st round-the world arline service, New York NY, 1947
1st kidney transplant operation performed, Chicago IL, 1950
Rising against Communist government takes place, East Berlin, 1953
Record Mirror 1st published, 1954
Peter Green joins John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, 1966
China reports explosion of its first hydrogen bomb, 1967
Decimal postage stamps go on sale, UK, 1970
IRA bomb injures 11, Houses of Parliament, 1974
Garfield the cat created, by Jim Davis, 1978
Galtieri ousted as president, Argentina, 1982
Apartheid officially ended, South Africa, 1991

18th JUNE
William Lassell (b. 1799)
Édouard Daladier (b. 1884)
Jeanette MacDonald (b. 1903)
Sammy Cahn (b. 1913)
Red Adair (b. 1915)
Peter Noble (b. 1917)
Paul Eddington (b. 1927)
Barry Evans (b. 1943)
Rick Griffin (b. 1944)
John Wood the Elder (d. 1782)
Samuel Butler (d. 1902)
Roald Amundsen (d. 1928)
Ethel Barrymore (d. 1959)
Curt Jurgens (d. 1982)
Roberto Calvi (d. 1982)
Bernard Manning (d. 2007)
Explosion on Moon possibly causes Giordano Bruno crater, 1178
Joan of Arc defeats English, Battle of Patay, 1429
1st life insurance policy sold, 1583
Battle of Chalgrove Field, 1643
War with UK declared by US Congress, 1812
Napoleon defeated near Brussels, Battle of Waterloo, 1815
Shelley and Byron participate in an evening of ghost stories, Geneva, 1816
Waterloo Bridge opened, London, 1817
Amelia Earhart is 1st woman to fly across Atlantic, 1928
1st outside broadcast, of Jack Buchanon, shown on closed-circuit TV, 1928
Churchill makes "This was their finest hour" speech, 1940
Egypt proclaimed a republic, 1953
Hendrix plays at Monterey International Pop Festival, Monterey CA, 1967
118 die when BEA Trident crashes taking-off, London, 1972
Phil May leaves Pretty Things, 1976
Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth marry, 1977
Garfield the cat created, by Jim Davis, 1978
Richard & Linda Thompson make final live appearance, Folk Festival, S Yorks, 1982
Sally Ride 1st US woman launched into space, Challenger, Cape Canaveral FL, 1983
Lead fishing weights outlawed, UK, 1987

19th JUNE
James I, King of England/James VI of Scotland (b. 1566)
Blaise Pascal (b. 1623)
Lord (Douglas) Haig (b. 1861)
Charles Coburn (b. 1877)
Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor (b. 1896)
Guy Lombardo (b. 1902)
Mildred Natwick (b. 1905)
Joshua Nkomo (b. 1917)
Pauline Kael (b. 1919)
Charlie Drake (b. 1925)
Barry Took (b. 1928)
Pier Angeli (b. 1932)
Shirley Goodman (b. 1936)
Nick Drake (b. 1948)
Anna Lindh (b. 1957)
Mikhail Bakunin (d. OS 1876)
Sir James M Barrie (d. 1937)
Julius Rosenberg (d. 1953)
Ethel Rosenberg (d. 1953)
Thomas J Watson Sr (d. 1956)
Lee Krasner (d. 1984)
Jean Arthur (d. 1991)
Sir William Golding (d. 1993)
Vivian Ellis (d. 1996)
Laura Sadler (d. 2003)
Church Council of Nicaea 1st meets, 325
Alexander II marries Joan Lackland, Scotland, 1221
Louis XI creates private Royal Mail service, 1464
UK colonists leave, failing to establish 1st American settlement, Roanoke Island NC, 1586
London Metropolitan Police founded, 1829
Discovery of Spiral Nebulae announced, 1850
Slavery was outlawed in US territories, 1862
Statue of Liberty arrives from France, New York NY, 1885
1st section of Manchester Ship Canal opened, 1891
Kiel Canal opened, 1895
Deutschland is 1st Zeppelin with passengers to be launched, 1910
Father's Day initiated, Spokane WA, 1910
Portugal proclaimed republic, 1911
Royal family adopt name of Windsor after renouncing German titles & names, 1917
UK census taken, 1921
1st cross-Channel glider flight made, by Canadian opera singer, 1931
Battle of Philippine Sea begins, 1944
Kuwait becomes independent, 1961
Parkinson 1st broadcast, BBC, 1971
Buzzcocks record Spiral Scratch EP, 1976
Buzzcocks support Sex Pistols, Lesser Free Trade Hall, Manchester, 1976
Johnny Rotten injured by attacks outside Pegasus pub, Highbury, 1977
Music Exchange opened, London, 1979
Renovated market opened, Covent Garden, 1980
Vandals daub 8 stones with runic-style symbols, Grand Avenue, Avebury, 1996
Cats achieves record 6,138 performances on Broadway, New York NY, 1997
William Hague becomes leader of Conservative Party, 1997
Prince Edwards and Sophie Rhys-Jones marry, Windsor, 1999

20th JUNE
Salvator Rosa (b. 1615)
Jacques Offenbach (b. 1819)
Kurt Schwitters (b. 1887)
Lillian Hellman (b. 1905)
Dame Catherine Cookson (b. 1906)
Errol Flynn (b. 1909)
Terence Young (b. 1915)
Johnny Morris (b. 1916)
Audie Murphy (b. 1924)
Chet Atkins (b. 1924)
Eric Dolphy (b. 1928)
Mickie Most (b. 1938)
William IV, King of Gt Britain & Ireland (d. 1837)
Pancho Villa (d. 1923)
Bernard Baruch (d. 1965)
Ira Louvin (d. 1965)
Sir Charles Groves (d. 1992)
Peter Townsend (d. 1995)
1st UK municipal fire brigade founded, Beverley, Yorks, 1726
146 UK subjects imprisoned in Black Hole of Calcutta, 1756
United States chooses bald eagle as its Great Seal symbol, 1782
Oath of the Tennis Court begins French revolution, 1789
French mob invades Tuileries, Paris, 1792
Savannah is 1st steamship to cross Atlantic, Liverpool, 1819
Victoria ascends to throne, UK, 1837
W Virginia, the Panhandler or Mountain State, becomes 35th state of the Union, 1863
2nd Tay Bridge, longest railway bridge in UK, opened, 1887
Lizzie Borden found innocent of killing her father and stepmother, New Bedford MA, 1893
Kiel Canal opened formally, 1895
1st trolleybus system introduced, Leeds, 1911
Greyhound racing begins, White City, London, 1927
Central Intelligence Agency receives charter from US congress, 1944
Battle of Philippine Sea ends, 1944
Ed Sullivan's Toast Of The Town 1st broadcast, CBS-TV, US, 1948
"Gorgeous Gussie" Moran wears lace-trimmed panties on court, Wimbledon, 1949
UNIVAC 1 becomes 1st computer to enter commercial service, 1951
Nan Winton becomes 1st woman to read the national news, BBC, 1960
Agreement for Kremlin-White House hot line established, 1963
Sheila Scott completes 1st European round-world solo flight, London, 1966
Mohammed Ali sentenced to 5 years for refusing to be inducted to US Army, 1967
Hendrix paid record $125,000 to appear for 1 set at Newport Jazz Festival, 1969
Nixon implicated in Watergate crime in taped phone call with HR Haldeman, 1972
Juan Peròn returns after 20 years exile, Argentina, 1973
Brian Wilson 1st tries surfing, 1976
8,000 miles of pipeline opened to carry oil across Alaska, 1977
Pauline Black leaves the Selecter, 1981
E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial released, 1982
Eros unveiled on its new site, Piccadilly Circus, 1988
Agra diamond sold for record £4,070,000, Christie's, 1990
Uzbekistan declares its sovereignty, USSR, 1990
Jeff Buckley begins UK tour, Edinburgh, 1995
NATO formally ends air operations against Yugoslavia, 1999
Billy Collins is named 11th poet laureate, US, 2001

Last updated: June 29, 2008