21st JUNE
Gottfried Leibniz (b. OS 1646)
Johann Cristoph Friedrich Bach (b. 1732)
Rockwell Kent (b. 1882)
Pierre Luigi Nervi (b. 1891)
Jean-Paul Sartre (b. 1905)
Mary McCarthy (b. 1912)
Judy Holliday (b. 1922)
Maureen Stapleton (b. 1925)
Françoise Sagan (b. 1935)
Augustus Pablo (b. 1952)
Benazir Bhutto (b. 1953)
Edward III, King of England (d. 1377)
Niccolò Machiavelli (d. 1527)
Inigo Jones (d. 1652)
Paul Holbach (d. 1789)
John Hatchard (d. 1849)
Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (d. 1908)
Édouard Vuillard (d. 1940)
Capt WE Johns (d. 1968)
Maureen Connolly (d. 1969)
Elisabeth Harwood (d. 1990)
June Christy (d. 1990)
John Lee Hooker (d. 2001)
Leon Uris (d. 2003)
Dulwich College founded, 1619
Foundation stone of new St Paul's Cathedral laid, London, 1675
Only 23 emerge alive from Black Hole of Calcutta, 1756
New Hampshire, the Granite State, becomes 9th State of Union, 1788
US Constitution comes into force, 1788
Battle of Vinegar Hill, 1798
Irish Rebellion ends with rebels defeated by Lord Lake, 1798
Battle of Vitoria, Peninsula War, 1813
Royal College of Surgeons founded, 1843
1st gorilla arrives in UK, Liverpool, 1876
UK annexes Zululand, 1887
Georgina Broadwick is 1st woman to parachute from airplane, Los Angeles CA, 1913
72 warships of German fleet scuttled, Scapa Flow, 1919
Wimbledon lawn tennis 1st televised, 1937
1st military walkie-talkie demonstrated, Aldershot, 1937
Richard Nixon marries Thelma 'Pat' Ryan, 1940
Tobruk falls to German Afrika Corps, 1942
Baby, computer storing 1st written program, 1st run, by Tom Kilburn, Manchester, 1948
1st successful LP record demonstrated by Columbia, New York NY, 1948
Astrological Association founded, 1958
Giovanni Battista Montini becomes head of Roman Catholic Church as Paul VI, 1963
Dom Mintoff becomes prime minister, Malta, 1971
Menachem Begin becomes prime minister, Israel, 1977
Evita opened, Prince Edward Theatre, 1978
John W Hinckley found not guilty of attempted assassination of Reagan, 1982
Cocteau Twins record 1st BBC session, for John Peel, 1982
50,000 die in earthquake, W Iran, 1990
50 dead starlings fall from sky, Land's End, 1997
Macauley Culkin marries Rachel Miner, Connecticut, 1998

22nd JUNE
George Vancouver (b. 1757)
Paul Morphy (b. 1837)
Sir Rider Haggard (b. 1856)
Gwen John (b. 1876)
Sir Julian Huxley (b. 1887)
Erich Remarque (b. 1898)
John Dillinger (b. 1903)
Billy Wilder (b. 1906)
Michael Todd (b. 1907)
Joe Loss (b. 1909)
Sir Peter Pears (b. 1910)
Joseph Papp (b. 1921)
Charles Linbergh Jr (b. 1930)
Charles Harvey (b. 1940)
St John Fisher (d. 1535)
Howard Staunton (d. 1874)
Walter de la Mare (d. 1956)
David O Selznick (d. 1965)
Judy Garland (d. 1969)
Darius Milhaud (d. 1974)
Joseph Losey (d. 1984)
Fred Astaire (d. 1987)
Pat Nixon (d. 1993)
Don Henderson (d. 1997)
Maureen O'Sullivan (d. 1998)
Benny Green (d. 1998)
Richard II, 10, accedes to throne of England, 1377
Elizabeth I's Prayer Book issued, 1559
Henry Hudson and crew cast adrift to perish, Hudson Bay, 1611
Galileo denounces his "heresy" that sun is centre of world, Inquisition, 1633
Battle of Bothwell Brigg, 1679
Quebec Act receives Royal Assent, 1774
Doughnut invented, 1847
June Days insurrection begins, France, 1848
1st cricket match played at Lord's Cricket Ground, 1814
Windham Sadler crosses St George's Channel by balloon, 1817
Bill imposing Income Tax at 7d per £1 receives Royal Assent, 1842
Barbed wire patented to Lucien B Smith of Kent OH, 1867
Arkansas re-admitted to the Union, US, 1868
Wallace Collection opened, London, 1900
Northern Line opened, Charing Cross-Archway, 1907
Coronation of George V, Westminster Abbey, 1911
Great George Liver clock begins recording time, Liverpool, 1911
France and Germany sign armistice, Compiègne, 1940
Germany invades USSR and Italy declares war on USSR, 1941
Battle of Okinawa ends, 1945
Elvis Presley's torso 1st revealed, Ed Sullivan Show, US, 1958
East and West Germany accepted to United Nations, 1973
Charon, Pluto's moon, discovered, 1978
Jeremy Thorpe found not guilty of attempting to murder Norman Scott, 1979
Mark Chapman pleads guilty to murder of John Lennon, 1981
1st satellite retrieved from orbit, by Space Shuttle, 1983
Checkpoint Charlie dismantled, 1990
Lloyd's of London report record £2_91 billion losses for 1991, 1993

23rd JUNE
Empress Joséphine de Beauharnais (b. 1763)
Irvin S Cobb (b. 1876)
Alfred Kinsey (b. 1894)
Edward, Duke of Windsor (b. 1894)
Sir Leonard Hutton (b. 1906)
Jean Anouilh (b. 1910)
Alan Turing (b. 1912)
Helen Humes (b. 1913)
Dennis Price (b. 1915)
Ranasinghe Premadasa (b. 1924)
Bob Fosse (b. 1927)
June Carter Cash (b. 1929)
Stu Sutcliffe (b. 1940)
Adam Faith (b. 1940)
Vespasian (d. AD 79)
St Alban (d. 209)
James Mill (d. 1836)
Lady (Hester) Stanhope (d. 1839)
Cecil Sharp (d. 1924)
Mark Gertler (d. 1939)
John Laurie (d. 1980)
Zarah Leander (d. 1981)
Nigel Stock (d. 1986)
Jonas Salk (d. 1995)
Andreas Papandreou (d. 1996)
Betty Shabazz (d. 1997)
Star Chamber closes all provincial printing offices, 1585
Penn signs peace treaty with American Indians, 1683
Battle of Plassey, Bengal, 1757
George and Robert Stephenson open locomotive foundry, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1823
Saxophone patented by Adolphe Sax, 1848
Christopher Latham Sholes receives patent for his 'Type-Writer', 1868
Keble College opened, Oxford, 1870
Typewriter with keys in alphabetic order patented, 1872
286 die in Albion Coal Pit disaster, Cilfynydd, S Wales, 1894
Royal Naval Air Service formed, 1914
Marineland, 1st aquarium for sea creatures, opened, Florida, 1938
Music While You Work 1st broadcast, UK, 1940
Gen Nasser becomes 1st president, Egypt, 1956
Royalty Theatre opened, London, 1960
Herbert von Karajan quits as director of Vienna State Opera, 1964
Jim Ryan runs mile in record 3:51.1 minutes, California, 1967
John Entwistle marries Alison Wise, 1967
Great Britain returns after 84 yrs rusting in Falklands, Bristol, 1970
1st Open University graduates receive degrees, Alexandra Palace, 1973
CN Tower, tallest free-standing structure, opened, Toronto, 1976
Johnny Rotten injured by attackers, Dingwalls, Camden Town, 1977
329 die in Air-India Boeing 747 crash, apparently due to bomb, near Ireland, 1985
LocoScript 2 1st available, UK, 1987
Nestlés takes over Rowntree, UK, 1988
John Gotti, convicted of racketeering, sentenced to life in prison, New York NY, 1992
John Wayne Bobbitt has penis severed by wife, Lorena, 1993
Reformed Sex Pistols play to 30,000 in Finsbury Park, London, 1996

24th JUNE
John of Gaunt (b. 1340)
Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester (b. 1532)
St John of the Cross (b. 1542)
Sir John Ross (b. 1777)
WH Smith (b. 1825)
Ambrose Bierce (b. 1842)
Lord (Horatio) Kitchener (b. 1850)
Jack Dempsey (b. 1895)
Harry Partch (b. 1901)
Phil Harris (b. 1904)
Juan Manuel Fangio (b. 1911)
Brian Johnston (b. 1912)
Sir Fred Hoyle (b. 1915)
Eleanor of Provence (d. 1291)
Lucrezia Borgia (d. 1519)
Mary, Queen of Louis XII of France (d. 1533)
Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford (d. 1604)
Grover Cleveland (d. 1908)
Stuart Davis (d. 1964)
Tony Hancock (d. 1968)
Valentine Dyall (d. 1985)
Jackie Gleason (d. 1987)
David Tomlinson (d. 2000)
Derek Dougan (d. 2007)
Robert the Bruce defeats Edward II, Battle of Bannockburn, 1314
Battle of Sluys, 1340
John Cabot is 1st European to make sight of North America, 1497
Coronation of Henry VIII, 1509
Mother Grand Lodge of Freemasonry inaugurated, London, 1717
Napoleon invades Russia, 1812
Electroplating patented, 1836
Birmingham & Gloucester Railway opened, Cheltenham-Bromsgrove, 1840
Training of nurses begins, St Thomas's, London, 1860
(St John's) Ambulance Association formed by Red Cross, 1877
Picasso's work 1st exhibited in Paris, 1901
Russian fleet mutiny in Black Sea, Sebastapol, 1917
1st radar detection of planes, Anacostia DC, 1930
France signs armistice with Italy, 1940
9 disc-shaped flying objects inspire 1st UFO stories, Mt Rainier WA, 1947
Berlin Airlift begins with Russian blockade of Berlin, 1948
Hopalong Cassidy becomes 1st network TV Western, US, 1949
Honours of Scotland carried in procession, Queen's 1st state visit to Scotland, 1953
Home video recorders 1st demonstrated, Alexandra Palace, 1963
Lennon's A Spaniard In The Works published, UK, 1965
1st tube of 2nd Mersey Tunnel opened, 1971
New bridge over Humber Estuary opened to traffic, 1981
Sally Ride returns to Earth as 1st US woman astronaut, Challenger, 1983
Unleaded petrol 1st becomes available, 1986
Pink Floyd is 1st band to perform at Palais de Versailles, Paris, 1988
Moldavia proclaims sovereignty and independence, 1990
Hugh Grant arrested on charges of indecent conduct, Hollywood CA, 1996
Digital terrestial television franchise awarded to British Digital Broadcasting, 1997
Gordon Brown replaces Tony Blair as leader of Labour Party, UK, 2007

25th JUNE
Antonio Gaudi (b. 1852)
Gustave Charpentier (b. 1860)
George Abbott (b. 1887)
Lord (Louis) Mountbatten of Burma (b. 1900)
Arthur Tracy, The Street Singer (b. 1903)
George Orwell (b. 1903)
Cyril Fletcher (b. 1913)
Clifton Chenier (b. 1925)
Roger Elliot (b. 1937)
Amanda Dowler (b. 1988)
Georg Philipp Telemann (d. 1767)
ETA Hoffman (d. 1822)
George Custer (d. 1876)
Florence Pash (d. 1951)
Johnny Mercer (d. 1976)
Boudleaux Bryant (d. 1987)
Jacques Cousteau (d. 1997)
Arif Mardin (d. 2006)
Confession of Augsburg presented to Charles V at the Diet, 1530
France claims 1st settlement in North America, Nova Scotia, 1604
Convex Light Co. win contract to erect 1st lampposts, UK, 1694
Virginia, the Old Dominian State, becomes 10th state of the Union, 1788
Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, N and S Carolina are readmitted to Union, 1868
Battle of Little Big Horn (Custer's Last Stand), Montana, 1876
1st evaporated milk produced, Highland IL, 1885
Strand publishes 1st Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes story, 1891
Marie Curie announces discovery of radium, in her thesis, 1903
1st car telephone demonstrated, Germany, 1925
1000-bomber raid by RAF, Bremen, 1942
North Koreans invade South Korea, beginning Korean War, 1950
1st colour TV broadcast, CBS' Arthur Godfrey, New York NY, 1951
John Christie sentenced to death for murder of 4 women including wife, 1953
1st commercial passenger round-world flight takes place, 1953
400 million see Beatles play All You Need Is Love, 1st satellite TV link-up, 1967
Record 112-game singles match played, Wimbledon, 1969
1st performance of Tubular Bells, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, 1973
Mozambique becomes independent, 1975
Mass suicide of 7,000 king penguins, Macquana Islands, 1990
Kim Campbell is sworn in as Canada's 1st woman prime minister, 1993
Runaway supply spaceship collides with Mir space station, 1997

26th JUNE
Bramwell Brontë (b. 1817)
George Herbert, 5th Earl of Carnarvon (b. 1866)
Pearl Buck (b. 1892)
Big Bill Broonzy (b. 1893)
Willy Messerschmitt (b. 1898)
Peter Lorre (b. 1904)
Col Tom Parker (b. 1909)
Laurie Lee (b. 1914)
Freddie Mills (b. 1919)
Syd Lawrence (b. 1923)
Zeng Jinglian (b. 1964)
Francisco Pizarro (d. 1541)
Gilbert White (d. 1793)
Joseph Montgolfier (d. 1810)
Samuel Crompton (d. 1827)
George IV, King of Gt Britain (d. 1830)
Rouget de Lisle (d. 1836)
Ford Madox Ford (d. 1939)
St Josemaria Escrivá de Balaguer (d. 1975)
Lady (Olave) Baden Powell (d. 1977)
Carl Foreman (d. 1984)
Charlie Chester (d. 1997)
Sir Denis Thatcher (d. 2003)
Richard Whiteley (d. 2005)
Pied Piper charms children away with his music, Hamelin (traditional date), 1284
Christ's Hospital granted its charter, 1553
Battle of Fleurus, 1794
William IV ascends to UK throne, 1830
Corn laws repealed, UK, 1846
Massacre takes place, Cawnpore, 1857
Victoria awards 1st Victoria Crosses, Hyde Park, 1857
Battle of Mechanicsville, 1862
Battle of Chickahominy River begins, 1862
1st section of Atlantic City boardwalk opened to public, Atlantic City NJ, 1870
Edison makes 1st wax phonograph recording, 1888
Edward VII institutes Order of Merit, 1902
1st Grand Prix takes place, Le Mans, France, 1906
Present buildings of Victoria & Albert Museum officially opened, 1909
1st Queen Alexandra Day held, 1912
American Expeditionary Force reaches France, World War I, 1917
New York Daily News 1st published, New York NY, 1919
Charlie Chaplin's comedy The Gold Rush is premiered, Hollywood CA, 1925
Finland enters war on the German side for "defence", 1941
United Nations charter signed, San Francisco CA, 1945
CBS unveil 33_3 rpm Long Playing record, 1948
Madagascar becomes independent, 1960
John F Kennedy says, "Ich bin ein Berliner", West Berlin, 1963
Lennon and McCartney write She Loves You, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1963
Wrigley's chewing gum is 1st product to pass through bar-code scanner, Troy OH, 1974
CN Tower, tallest free-standing structure in world, opened, Toronto, 1976
Elvis Presley plays his last concert, 1977
Bruce Springsteen records Dancing In The Dark video, St Paul MN, 1984
Television play their 1st concert in 13 years, Glastonbury Festival, 1992
JK Rowling's Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone published, 1997
1st drafts of human genetic code announced, 2000
Final Top Of The Pops recorded, featuring Jimmy Savile, 2006

27th JUNE
Louis XII, King of France (b. 1462)
Charles IX, Duc D'Orléans (b. 1550)
Charles Stewart Parnell (b. 1846)
Helen Keller (b. 1880)
Lester Young (b. 1909)
Alan Coren (b. 1938)
Jeffrey Lee Pierce (b. 1958)
Giorgio Vasari (d. 1574)
Samuel Hood (d. 1816)
Joseph Smith (d. 1844)
Harriet Martineau (d. 1876)
Malcolm Lowry (d. 1957)
Sir Arthur Waley (d. 1966)
Sir Alfred Ayer (d. 1989)
Cubby Broccoli (d. 1996)
Jack Lemmon (d. 2001)
John Entwistle (d. 2002)
Robert Carrier (d. 2006)
Battle of Sevenoaks, 1450
The Ladies' Mercury, 1st woman's magazine, issued, 1693
George II last monarch to lead troops in battle, Dettingen, 1743
Battle of Quebec begins, 1759
Broadway Th becomes 1st air-conditioned public building, New York NY, 1848
Mildred Hill writes tune that becomes Happy Birthday when Patty Hill adds lyric, 1859
Panic Of 1893 begins as value of US silver dollar falls to under 60 cents in gold, 1893
Joshua Slocum completes 1st solo voyage around world, 1898
Central London Electric Railway opened, Shepherd's Bush-Bank, 1900
Battle of Château Thierry, 1918
1st in-flight refuelling takes place, San Diego CA, 1923
1st demonstration of colour TV, Bell, New York NY, 1929
Truman orders US troops to Korea, 1950
1st nuclear power station opened, Obninsk, nr Moscow, 1954
1st automobile seat belt legislation enacted, Illinois, 1955
Clorophyll "a" 1st synthesized, Massachusetts, 1960
Jim Clark wins French Grand Prix, 1965
1st UK cash dispenser opened, Barclay's Bank, Enfield, 1967
Bath Festival of Blues and Progressive Music begins, Somerset, 1970
1st national Scrabble competition held, London, 1971
Fox Talbot Museum opened, Lacock, 1975
Sonny and Cher divorce, 1975
PLO hijack French airbus with 216 passengers, landing nr Entebbe, Uganda, 1976
Columbia space shuttle launched, with 1st joint military and commercial payload, 1982
Route 66, which ran from Chicago to Santa Monica, is decertified, 1985
US launches missile attack on Iraqi intelligence posts, Baghdad, 1993
Atlantis launched on 100th US-piloted space mission, to dock with Mir, 1995
Gordon Brown becomes Prime Minister, UK, 2007

28th JUNE
Henry VIII, King of England (b. 1491)
Sir Peter Paul Rubens (b. 1577)
Jean-Jacques Rousseau (b. 1712)
Joseph Joachim (b. 1831)
Luigi Pirandello (b. 1867)
Pierre Laval (b. 1883)
James Cain (b. 1892)
Richard Rodgers (b. 1902)
Eric Ambler (b. 1909)
Lester Flatt (b. 1914)
Lord (Willie) Whitelaw (b. 1918)
Robert Shelton (b. 1926)
John Inman (b. 1936)
Gilda Radner (b. 1946)
Terry Fox (d. 1981)
James Madison (d. 1836)
Henry Somerset, 1st Baron Raglan (d. 1855)
Alfred Noyes (d. 1958)
Sir Stanley Baker (d. 1976)
Terry Fox (d. 1981)
John Piper (d. 1992)
Boris Christoff (d. 1993)
Joan Sims (d. 2001)
Crusaders regain Antioch from Turks, 1098
Coronation of Edward IV, 1461
Champagne invented by Dom Perignon, 1682
Morning Chronicle 1st appears, UK, 1769
UK repulsed, Charleston, 1776
Battle of Monmouth, New Jersey, 1778
Tomato proved to be non-poisonous, 1820
Coronation of Victoria, Westminster Abbey, 1838
Mutiny takes place on battleship Potemkin, 1905
Deutschland, 1st Zeppelin airliner, crashes, 1910
Westminster Cathedral consecrated, 1910
Gavrillo Princip shoots Archduke Ferdinand, Sarajevo, 1914
Treaty of Versailles signed to officially end World War I, 1919
Daily Service, longest running radio programme, debuts, 1928
Jet engine patented by Frank Whittle, 1930
British Fifth Army retreats to El Alamein, 1942
Anglo-US airlift begins, Berlin, 1948
Yugoslavia expelled from Cominform, 1948
Seoul taken by North Korea, 1950
44 Polish workers killed after conflict with police, Poznan, 1956
1st word processor introduced, by IBM, US, 1964
Police raid on a homosexual bar provoke Stonewall Riots, New York NY, 1969
Led Zeppelin play Festival of Blues and Progressive Music, Bath, 1970
Seychelles becomes an independent republic, 1976
Prince of Wales breaks arm during polo match, Cirencester Park, 1990
Boring of Channel Tunnel completed, 1991
1st National Music Day held, UK, 1992
Tyson disqualified for biting Holyfield's ear during title fight, Las Vegas NE, 1997

29th JUNE
Giacomo Leopardi (b. 1798)
George Ellery Hale (b. 1868)
Robert Schuman (b. 1886)
Antoine de St-Exupéry (b. 1900)
Nelson Eddy (b. 1901)
Frank Loesser (b. 1910)
Bernard Herrmann (b. 1911)
Rafael Kubelik (b. 1914)
Ian Bannen (b. 1928)
Leonard Lee (b. 1935)
Stokely Carmichael (b. 1941)
Little Eva (b. 1943)
Anton Raffael Mengs (d. 1779)
Joseph Hansom (d. 1882)
Adolphe Monticelli (d. 1886)
TH Huxley (d. 1895)
Fatty Arbuckle (d. 1933)
Paul Klee (d. 1940)
Ignacy Padererwski (d. 1941)
Eric Dolphy (d. 1964)
Jayne Mansfield (d. 1967)
Tim Buckley (d. 1975)
Lowell George (d. 1979)
Irving Wallace (d. 1990)
Lana Turner (d. 1995)
John Aspinall (d. 2000)
Rosemary Clooney (d. 2002)
Katherine Hepburn (d. 2003)
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre burns down, 1613
Tobacco-growing banned, UK, 1620
1st census figures published, showing population of 8,872,000, UK, 1801
1st passenger railway, Swansea-Oystermouth, established by Act of Parliament, 1804
Daily Telegraph 1st published, 1855
Great Comet visible over France & UK, 1861
Press Association founded, London, 1868
Trade Unions legalised by Act of Parliament, 1871
Purchase of Hampstead Heath for public authorised by Act of Parliament, 1871
Frederick Treves performs 1st UK appendectomy, London, 1888
Automobile Association founded, 1905
Total solar eclipse observable in UK, 1927
US troops withdrawn from Korea, 1949
US troops 1st take offensive in Vietnam, 1965
US planes bomb Hanoi, N Vietnam, 1966
Barclaycard, 1st UK credit card, introduced by Barclay's Bank, 1966
Star Trek pilot draft The Cage released, US, 1966
Jerusalem reunified as barricades separating Old City from Israeli sector removed, 1967
Mick Jagger & Keith Richard sentenced to 3 months for drug offences, 1967
Florence Ballard sacked from the Supremes, Las Vegas NV, 1967
1st free concert in Hyde Park (Pink Floyd, T Rex, Roy Harper) takes place, 1968
Branson wins Blue Riband for transatlantic crossing in Challenger II, 1986
New Seven Dials monument unveiled, Covent Garden, 1989
Prince Charles admits on television to adultery with Camilla Parker Bowles, 1994
Cassini makes 2nd fly-past of Venus, 1999

30th JUNE
Charles VIII, King of France (b. 1470)
John Gay (b. 1685)
Horace Vernet (b. 1789)
Sir Stanley Spencer (b. 1891)
Anthony Mann (b. 1906)
Susan Hayward (b. 1918)
Buddy Rich (b. 1918)
Lady (Isobel) Barnett (b. 1918)
Derek Bentley (b. 1933)
Florence Ballard (b. 1943)
Montezuma II (d. 1520)
Il Bamboccio (Pieter van Laer) (d. 1642)
Elizabeth Barrett Browning (d. 1861)
Eva Gore-Booth (d. 1926)
Lee DeForest (d. 1961)
Margery Allingham (d. 1966)
Nancy Mitford (d. 1973)
Lillian Hellman (d. 1984)
Phyllis Hyman (d. 1995)
Joshua Nkomo (d. 1999)
Chet Atkins (d. 2001)
Richard (Pistol) Allen (d. 2002)
Battle of Atherton Moor, English Civil War, 1643
Whig leaders begin Glorious Revolution with invitation to William of Orange, 1688
Battle of Beachy Head, 1690
Battle of Oudenarde, 1708
Nore naval mutiny suppressed, 1797
Use of pillory abolished, UK, 1837
1st railway line between London and Bristol opened, 1841
Charles Blondin (with man on back) 1st crosses Niagara Falls on a tightrope, 1859
Funicular cliff tram service begins, Saltburn-on-Sea, 1884
A shower of frogs falls on Birmingham, 1892
Tower Bridge officially opened, London, 1894
12½ megaton fireball lays waste large areas of forest, Tunguska Event, Siberia, 1908
Alfred Watkins discovers ley lines from a map of Hereford, 1921
1st round-world radio broadcast, Schenectady NY, 1930
Hitler's "Night of the Long Knives", 1934
Hindenburg sets out on Atlantic crossing, 1936
Gone With The Wind published, 1936
Mersey Ferry service between Liverpool and Rock Ferry discontinued, 1939
Channel Island occupied by German forces, 1940
Transistor demonstrated, Murray Hill NJ, 1948
Carbonless copying paper patented, 1953
Lion stamp introduced on UK eggs, 1957
Psycho premiered, New York NY, 1960
Zaire becomes independent, 1960
Giovanni Battista Montini crowned head of Roman Catholic Church as Paul VI, 1963
Soyuz II crashes on re-entry to Earth, killing crew of 3, 1971
Cher marries Gregg Allman, Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas NE, 1975
2½p (6d) coin ceases to be legal tender, UK, 1980
Tower Bridge walkway re-opened to public, London, 1982
Old 10p coin ceases to be legal tender, UK, 1993
Tonya Harding stripped of title and banned for life for attack on Nancy Kerrigan, 1994
Hong Kong handed back to the Chinese, 1997
Last day of duty-free trading at ports, Europe, 1999
8 die in Pearl Jam crush, Roskilde Festival, 2000

Last updated: July 10, 2008