1st JULY
George Sand (b. 1804)
Louis Blériot (b. 1872)
Charles Laughton (b. 1899)
Cavan O'Connor (b. 1899)
William Wyler (b. 1901)
Amy Johnson (b. 1903)
Estée Lauder (b. 1908)
Willie Dixon (b. 1915)
Lee Hazlewood (b. 1929)
Sydney Pollack (b. 1934)
Diana, Princess of Wales (b. 1961)
Tai Chen (d. 1777)
Wilhelm Bach (d. 1784)
Charles Goodyear (d. 1860)
Allan Pinkerton (d. 1884)
Harriet Beecher Stowe (d. 1896)
Sir George Watts (d. 1904)
Erik Satie (d. 1925)
Juan Péron (d. 1974)
CP Snow (d. 1980)
Buckminster Fuller (d. 1983)
Michael Landon (d. 1991)
Wolfman Jack (d. 1995)
Alfred Marks (d. 1996)
Margaux Hemingway (f.d. 1996)
Robert Mitchum (d. 1997)
Lord (William) Whitelaw (d. 1999)
Guy Mitchell (d. 1999)
Edward Dmytryk (d. 1999)
Dennis Brown (d. 1999)
Walter Matthau (d. 2000)
Luther Vandross (d. 2005)
Obie Benson (d. 2005)
Fred Trueman (d. 2006)
Battle of Dorylaeum, 1097
Sir Thomas More put on trial, 1535
Westminster Assembly begins, 1643
Diderot's Encyclopédie (Vol. 1) published, 1751
Birth, marriage & death registration comes into effect, UK, 1837
16 becomes minimum age of apprentice chimney sweeps, UK, 1842
1st issue of adhesive postage stamps, US, 1847
Darwin announces theory of evolution, Linnean Society, 1858
Battle of Gettysburg begins, 1863
Valley Bridge 1st opened, Scarborough, 1865
Dominion of Canada established, 1867
Albert Memorial unveiled, Rotten Row, 1872
1st telegraph sent to Australia from UK, 1872
Klondike gold rush begins, 1897
Aeronautical Division of US Army's Signals Office established as 1st Air Force, 1907
SOS becomes international distress signal, 1908
1st Royal Variety Command Performance, Palace Theatre, 1912
Battle of the Somme begins, 1916
New-style Coca-Cola bottles appear, 1916
1st X-ray photograph of entire body produced, New York NY, 1934
Emergency telephone services begin, with 1st call made by Mrs Beard, Hampstead, 1937
Guernsey occupied by German forces, 1940
1st TV commercial transmitted, for Bulova, US, 1941
Germans reach El Alamein, 1942
1st nuclear bomb tests begin over Bikini Atoll, 1946

Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe marry, 1956
Ghana proclaimed a Republic, 1960
Burundi and Rwanda become independent, 1962
US Post Office inaugurates its five-digit ZIP codes, 1963
1st UK colour television service begins with Wimbledon coverage, BBC2, 1967
61 nations sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, 1968
Prince of Wales Investiture takes place, Caernarvon Castle, 1969
Maria Péron becomes president, Argentina, 1974
Virginia Wade wins Women's Finals, Wimbledon, 1977
Sony Walkman launched, Japan, 1979
O Canada proclaimed as national anthem of Canada, 1980
German economies united as deutsche mark replaces ost mark in East Germany, 1990
Warsaw Pact abolished, 1991
Yasser Arafat returns to Palestinian land after 27 years in exile, Gaza, 1994
Princess Stephanie of Monaco marries Daniel Ducruet, Monte Carlo, 1995
Paul Gascoigne marries Sheryl Failes, Hanbury Manor, Ware, 1996
Scottish Parliament reconvened, Edinburgh, 1999
David Trimble resigns as First Minister, N Ireland, 2001

2nd JULY
Jacopo Sansovino (b. 1486)
Thomas Cranmer (b. 1489)
Christoph Glück (b. 1714)
Herman Hesse (b. 1877)
Jack Hylton (b. 1892)
André Kertész (b. 1894)
Lord (Alex) Home of the Hirsel (b. 1903)
René Lacoste (b. 1905)
Dan Rowan (b. 1922)
Medgar Evers (b. 1925)
John Timpson (b. 1928)
Paul Williams (b. 1939)
St Swithin (d. 862)
Michel Nostradamus (d. 1566)
Jean-Jacques Rousseau (d. 1778)
Samuel Hahnemann (d. 1843)
Sir Robert Peel (d. 1850)
Anton Chekhov (d. OS 1904)
Porfirio Díaz (d. 1915)
Amelia Earhart (d. 1937)
Isabelle Pagan (d. 1960)
Ernest Hemingway (d. 1961)
Betty Grable (d. 1973)
James Robertson Justice (d. 1975)
Vladimir Nabokov (d. 1977)
Eddie (Cleanhead) Vinson (d. 1988)
Andrei Gromyko (d. 1989)
Lee Remick (d. 1991)
Fred Gwynne (d. 1993)
James Stewart (d. 1997)
Tony De Vit (d. 1998)
Mario Puzo (d. 1999)
Ray Brown (d. 2002)
Marlon Brando (d. 2004)
Beverly Sills (d. 2007)
Drake armada returns defeated from Spain with 8,000 men lost, 1589
Oliver Cromwell wins Battle of Marston Moor, 1644
Battle of Alford, 1645
Battle of Lauffeld, 1747
Salvation Army originated by William Booth, Whitechapel, 1865
1st elevated railway opened, New York NY, 1866
James Garfield fatally wounded by Charles Guiteau, Washington DC, 1881
Maiden flight of 1st Zeppelin airship, Berlin, 1900
400 die in heatwave, New York NY, 1901
London dock strike begins, 1923
Parliament gives women equal right to vote, 1928
Amelia Earhart & Fred Noonan lost during bid to fly round world, Pacific, 1937
Vichy Government formed after collapse of France, 1940
An UFO crashes and is reportedly captured, Roswell NM, 1947
US troops land in South Korea, 1950
Elvis Presley records Hound Dog and Don't Be Cruel, New York NY, 1956
Johnson signs US Civil Rights Act, 1964
France explodes its 1st atomic bomb, Pacific atoll, 1966
Erskine Bridge over R Clyde opened, 1971
N and S Vietnam officially re-united, 1976
Sweeney Todd 1st performed, 1980
Giotto launched by European Space Agency to intercept Halley's Comet, 1985
Gromyko becomes president of USSR, 1985
1,400 die when pedestrian tunnel ventilation fails, Mecca, 1990
Vicente Fox elected president, defeating Institutional Revolutionary Party, Mexico, 2000
Barry George found guilty of the murder of Jill Dando, 2001
Robert Tools receives 1st self-contained artificial heart, Louisville KY, 2001
Speke Airport renamed John Lennon Airport, Liverpool, 2001
Steve Fossett becomes 1st to fly solo around the world in a balloon, 2002
Live 8 events takes place worldwide to coincide with G8 summit, Edinburgh, 2005

3rd JULY
Louis XI of France (b. 1423)
Robert Adam (b. 1728)
Henry Herbert, Earl of Pembroke (b. 1734)
Leos Janácek (b. 1854)
William Henry Davies (b. 1871)
Franz Kafka (b. 1883)
Mississippi John Hurt (b. 1893)
Stavros Niarchos (b. 1909)
Elizabeth Taylor (b. 1912)
Lady (Sue) Ryder of Warsaw (b. 1923)
Carlos Kleiber (b. 1930)
James Crichton (d. 1582)
Il Guiseppino (d. 1640)
Marie de' Medici (d. 1642)
Joel Chandler Harris (d. 1908)
André-Gustave Citroën (d. 1935)
Brian Jones (d. 1969)
Jim Morrison (d. 1971)
Rudy Vallee (d. 1986)
Lew Hoad (d. 1994)
Pancho Gonzales (d. 1995)
Bert Hardy (d. 1995)
Clay Jones (d. 1996)
Mark Sandman (d. 1999)
Delia Derbyshire (d. 2001)
Billy Liddell (d. 2001)
Battle of Adrianople, Edirne, 378
Perkin Warbeck attempts to land, Deal, 1495
Quebec founded by Samuel Champlain, 1608
Massacre at Wyoming Valley PA, 1778
Michael Keens exhibits 1st cultivated strawberry, 1806
Louis XVIII enters Paris, ending "100 Days", 1815
Battle of Gettysburg ends, 1863
Keens Seedling, 1st edible strawberry, cultivated, 1863
New York Tribune 1st newspaper set by "hot metal" linotype machine, 1886
Idaho, the Gem State, becomes 43rd state of the Union, 1890
Capt Joshua Slocum completes 1st solo world circumnavigation, 1898
Battle of Santiago de Cuba, 1898
1st RAF display takes place, Hendon, 1920
1st colour television picture transmitted, by John Logie Baird, London, 1928
1st televisions made commercially available, for $75, New York NY, 1928
LNER steam locomotive Mallard achieves 126 mph world speed record, Stoke Bank, 1938
Churchill orders destruction of French fleet in Algeria, 1940
Four-Power occupation of Berlin begins, 1945
Food rationing ends, UK, 1954
1st announced sighting of a collared dove in UK, by MJ Seago, Norfolk, 1956
Independence of Algeria proclaimed, 1962
1st single by the Who (as the High Numbers), I'm The Face, released, 1964
News At Ten 1st broadcast, ITV, 1967
Lulu, an elephant from Chessington Zoo, causes havoc on Blue Peter, 1969
1st UK cable television transmitted, Greenwich, 1972
Israeli commandos free 103 hi-jack hostages, Entebbe, Uganda, 1976
Skinheads riot in Southall, 1981
BBC leaves Alexandra Palace, 1981
286 die when US warship destroys civilian Iranian airbus, Strait of Hormuz, 1988
Police cordons around City of London introduced, 1993
35 die in protests over unauthorised Satanic Verses translation, Turkey, 1993
Radio Viva! goes on air, London, 1995
Boris Yeltsin re-elected President of Russia, Moscow, 1996
Ken Livingstone formally inaugurated as London Mayor, 2000
Cassini reaches Saturn, 2004
20-ton granite slab laid as cornerstone, Freedom Tower skyscraper, New York NY, 2004

4th JULY
Jean Blanchard (b. 1753)
Nathaniel Hawthorne (b. 1804)
Guiseppe Garibaldi (b. 1807)
Stephen Foster (b. 1826)
Thomas Barnardo (b. 1845)
Herbert Booth (b. 1871)
Calvin Coolidge (b. 1872)
Louis B Mayer (b. 1885)
Irving Caesar (b. 1895)
Gertrude Lawrence (b. 1898)
Lionel Trilling (b. 1905)
Lynette Roberts (b. 1909)
Champion Jack Dupree (b. 1910)
Cathy Berbarian (b. 1928)
Al Wilson (b. 1943)
Steven Jesse Bernstein (b. 1950)
Roland Ratzenburger (b. 1962)
Abraham Ortelius (d. 1598)
William Byrd (d. 1623)
Samuel Richardson (d. 1761)
John Adams (d. 1826)
Thomas Jefferson (d. 1826)
James Monroe (d. 1831)
Karl von Gräfe (d. 1840)
Vicomte François de Chateaubriand (d. 1848)
Theodor Storm (d. 1888)
Giovanni Schiaparelli (d. 1910)
Marie Curie (d. 1934)
Suzanne Lenglen (d. 1938)
Louis Wain (d. 1939)
Ruby Johnson (d. 1999)
Barry White (d. 2003)
Brightest-known supernova starts shining for 23 days, Crab Nebula, 1054
Battle of Tiberius, 1187
1st employment agency opened, Paris, 1631
Barebones Parliament begin sitting, 1653
American Declaration of Independence adopted, Philadelphia PA, 1776
George III notes "Nothing of importance happened today" in diary, 1776
Construction of Erie Canal (New York State Barge Canal) begins, 1817
2nd Theatre Royal, Haymarket, opened, London, 1821
1st horse-drawn London bus service begins, Marylebone Rd-Bank of England, 1829
1st Cunard steamship, The Britannia, sails, Liverpool-Halifax-Boston, 1840
Marx and Engels publish Communist Manifesto, 1848
Electric light 1st publically exhibited, San Francisco CA, 1876
Statue of Liberty presented to USA by people of France, 1884
James Keir Hardy becomes 1st socialist MP, UK, 1892
Construction of Panama Canal begins, 1904
Georgina Thompson is 1st parachutist to use rip-cord, San Diego CA, 1914
Hanna Reitsch makes 1st successful helicopter flight, 1937
Margarita cocktail 1st concocted, by Francisco Morales, Ciudad, Juarez, 1942
Republic of Philippine Islands established, 1946
Gene Vincent's leg crushed when his motorcycle is struck by a car, Franklin VA, 1955
1st Gene Vincent concert held, Myrtle Beach, NC, 1956
Beatles play live to 80,000, Rizal Memorial Stadium, Manila, 1966
Alec Rose completes single-handed trip round world, Lively Lady, Portsmouth, 1968
Fillmore Auditorium closes, with Creedence Clearwater Revival, San Francisco CA, 1968
Ann Jones wins Women's Singles championship at 14th attempt, Wimbledon, 1969
1st hang-glider makes maiden flight over Statue of Liberty, New York NY, 1969
1st passenger telephones in taxi-cabs introduced, Birmingham, 1969
Riots occur, Maze Prison, Northern Ireland, 1973
Barry White marries Glodean James of Love Unlimited, US, 1974
Ramones make first UK live appearance, Chalk Farm, 1976
Live debut of the Clash, supporting Sex Pistols, Black Swan, Sheffield, 1976
Paul Revere marries, King's Island Amusement Park, Cincinnati OH, 1976
1st of 3 nights of violence begins, Toxteth, Liverpool, 1981
Dog licences abolished, UK, 1984
Ringo Starr plays drums with the Beach Boys in concert, Miami FL, 1984
Pathfinder lands on surface of Mars and sends back pictures, 1997
Planet-B, 1st Japanese spacecraft, launched for Mars, Kagomisha Space Centre, 1998
David Beckham and Victoria Adams marry, Luttrellstown Castle, Dublin, 1999

5th JULY
Luke Hansard (b. 1752)
Sarah Siddons (b. 1755)
Phineas T Barnum (b. 1810)
Cecil Rhodes (b. 1853)
Jan Kubelik (b. 1880)
Jean Cocteau (b. 1889)
Georges Pompidou (b. 1911)
Smiley Lewis (b. 1913)
Lord (Joe) Gormley (b. 1917)
Warren Oates (b. 1928)
Dorothea Jordan (d. 1816)
Joseph Nicephore Nièpce (d. 1833)
Carole Landis (d. 1948)
Salvator Giuliano (d. 1950)
Georgette Heyer (d. 1974)
Harry James (d. 1983)
Georgia Brown (d. 1992)
Johnny Speight (d. 1998)
Ernie K-Doe (d. 2001)
Katy Jurado (d. 2002)
Syreeta (d. 2004)
Shirley Goodman (d. 2005)
George Melly (d. 2007)
Star Chamber abolished, London, 1641
Battle of Lansdown, 1643
George Hammond appointed 1st UK Ambassador to US, 1791
Gold sovereign coin 1st issued in UK, 1817
Thomas Cook & Sons launched with 1st rail Cook's Tour, Leicester-Loughborough, 1841
Republican Party of America formally established, 1854
Salvation Army founded, London, 1865
1st speed limits imposed (2 mph in town, 4 mph in country), Red Flag Act, UK, 1865
Sikorski air crash, 1943
Bikini, designed by Louis Reard, 1st modelled, Paris, 1946
National Health Service comes into operation, 1948
Jean Murray is 1st baby born on National Health, Ashton-in-Makerfield, 1948
Trial of Tokyo Rose (Iva Toguri D'Aquino) begins, US, 1949
Elvis Presley records That's All Right Mama, 1st Sun session, Memphis TN, 1954
1st BBC News TV broadcast, 1954
Maria Callas gives last stage performance, in Tosca, 1965
Batman and Robin 1st seen on UK TV, 1966
Rod Laver becomes singles champion in 1st year of open tennis, Wimbledon, 1968
Rolling Stones give free concert, Hyde Park, London, 1969
Virago Press founded, 1973
Cape Verde Islands become independent, 1975
Arthur Ashe becomes 1st black tennis player to win championship, Wimbledon, 1975
Bjorn Borg achieves 5th consecutive championship win, Wimbledon, 1980
Karl Bowers 1st circles M25 non-stop in an electric-powered vehicle, 1988
A letter in The Lancet reveals HIV virus 1st detected in 1959, 1990
Agassi 1st wins Men's Singles championship, Wimbledon, 1992
Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett marry, US, 1993

6th JULY
John Paul Jones (b. OS 1747)
John Flaxman (b. 1755)
Adolf Anderssen (b. 1818)
Elisabeth Lutyens (b. 1906)
Frida Kahlo (b. 1907)
Andrei Gromyko (b. OS 1909)
Laverne Andrews (b. 1915)
Bill Haley (b. 1925)
Janet Leigh (b. 1927)
Alan Freeman (b. 1927)
Dave Allen (b. 1936)
Phyllis Hyman (b. 1950)
Henry II, King of England (d. 1189)
Regiomantanus (d. 1476)
Ludivico Ariosto (d. 1533)
Thomas More (d. 1535)
Edward VI, King of England (d. 1553)
Sir Edwin Chadwick (d. 1890)
Guy de Maupassant (d. 1893)
Odilon Redon (d. 1916)
Kenneth Grahame (d. 1932)
Georg Grosz (d. 1959)
Aneurin Bevan (d. 1960)
William Faulkner (d. 1962)
Louis Armstrong (d. 1971)
Otto Klemperer (d. 1973)
Thorley Walters (d. 1991)
Roy Rogers (d. 1998)
Joaquín Rodrigo (d. 1999)
John Frankenheimer (d. 2002)
Kathleen Raine (d. 2003)
Skip Battin (d. 2003)
Syd Barrett (d. 2006)
Richard I, Coeur de Lion, accedes to throne, 1189
Coronation of Richard III, 1483
Battle of Sedgemoor, last battle fought on UK soil, 1685
Pope Pius VII arranges for excommunication of Napoleon, 1806
Queensland separated from New South Wales to become a colony, 1859
1st cliff railway opened, Scarborough, 1876
Pasteur 1st treats a subject with anti-rabies vaccine, 1885
1st box numbers in classified ads appear, Daily Telegraph, 1886
Future George V marries Princess Mary of Teck, 1893
Brooklands, 1st purpose-built motor racing circuit, opened, Surrey, 1907
Tom Reece ends billiard break of 499,135, begun June 3, 1907
Lawrence takes over Arab revolt against Turkey, 1917
R34 becomes 1st airship to cross Atlantic, East Fortune, Scotland-New York, 1919
USSR constituted, 1923
1st all-talking feature, The Lights of New York, shown, Strand, New York NY, 1928
107 die when Barnum & Ringling's Big Top catches fire, Hertford CT, 1944
Last London tram runs, 1952
Althea Gibson becomes 1st black tennis player to win Wimbledon singles title, 1957
Paul McCartney 1st meets John Lennon at Quarry Men gig, Woolton, Liverpool, 1957
Malawi (Nyasaland) becomes independent, 1964
1st home video recorder, Sony CV-2000, launched, US, 1965
Malawi becomes a republic within the Commonwealth, 1966
Hancock's Half Hour 1st broadcast on television, BBC, 1966
Civil war erupts, Nigeria, 1967
Billie Jean King becomes singles champion in 1st year of open tennis, Wimbledon, 1968
Patti Boyd leaves George Harrison to join Eric Clapton, Buffalo NJ, 1974
Damned make debut, supporting Sex Pistols, 100 Club, London, 1976
Police use CS gas on rioters for 1st time on mainland, Liverpool, 1981
Piper Alpha oil platform rig fires cause 167 deaths, North Sea, 1988
Cold War formally ended, NATO, 1990
1st episode of Eldorado broadcast, BBC, UK, 1992
14 women invade Buckingham Palace to protest against nuclear tests, 1993
London wins bid to stage 2012 Olympic Games, 2005

7th JULY
Gustav Mahler (b. 1860)
Marc Chagall (b. 1887)
Vladimir Mayakovsky (b. OS 1893)
George Cukor (b. 1899)
Vittorio de Sica (b. 1901)
Robert A Heinlein (b. 1907)
Gian Carlo Menotti (b. 1911)
Jon Pertwee (b. 1919)
Brenda Bruce (b. 1919)
Mary Ford (b. 1928)
Joe Zawinul (b. 1932)
Nicolette Larson (b. 1952)
Edward I, King of England (d. 1307)
Madeleine of France (d. 1537)
Giacoma da Vignola (d. 1573)
William Pulteney, Earl of Bath (d. 1764)
Richard Brinsley Sheridan (d. 1816)
Georg Ohm (d. 1854)
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (d. 1930)
Erich Salomon (d. 1944)
Sir Allen Lane (d. 1970)
UB Iwerks (d. 1971)
Veronica Lake (d. 1973)
Dame Flora Robson (d. 1984)
Prince Albrecht, Duke of Bavaria (d. 1996)
Fred Neil (d. 2001)
Ed McBain (d. 2005)
Shehzad Tanweer (d. 2005)
Henry III witnesses translation of St Thomas, Canterbury Cathedral, 1220
Edward II accedes to throne, 1307
Battle of Redeswire, Scotland, 1575
1st authentic historical novel, Sir Walter Scott's Waverley, published, 1814
US annexation of California is proclaimed, Monterey CA, 1846
Capt Perry arrives to set up trade contacts, Japan, 1853
1st electric chair execution takes place, New York NY, 1890
Traveller's cheque patented, 1891
Hawaii annexed to US, 1898
1st UK hot-air balloon race takes place, 1906
Christopher Stone becomes 1st UK disc jockey, presenting Record Round-Up, 1927
Vatican City becomes a sovereign state, 1929
Construction begins on Boulder Dam (now Hoover Dam), Colorado River, 1930
China-Japan war begins, 1937
Vatican 1st admits women without stockings to St Peter's, Rome, 1942
Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini is canonized as 1st American saint, 1946
The Times reports US Army announcement of "flying disk" found near Roswell WA, 1947
1st Farnborough air display held, 1950
United States liner on maiden voyage makes fastest Atlantic crossing, 1952
Bell Telephone Picturephones introduced by Union Carbide, New York and Chicago, 1965
Francis Chichester knighted by Queen using Drake's sword, Greenwich, 1967
The Yardbirds split up, 1968
David Steel becomes Liberal party leader, 1976
Solomon Islands become independent, 1977
Martina Navratilova 1st wins singles championship, Wimbledon, 1978
Led Zeppelin play their final live concert, Eissporthalle, W Berlin, 1980
Boris Becker 1st unseeded & youngest male championship winner, Wimbledon, 1985
Phobos I is 1st spacecraft launched in Mars mission, Baikonur, 1988
Martina Navratilova wins singles championship for record 9th time, Wimbledon, 1990
Melissa Johnson becomes 1st streaker on Centre Court, Wimbledon, 1996
Jury 1st holds cigarette makers liable for causing lung cancer, Miami FL, 1999
Liam Gallagher and Patsy Kensit announce separation, London, 2000
55 die in near-simultaneous tube and bus bomb blasts, London, 2005

8th JULY
Don Carlos (Carlos de Austria) (b. 1545)
Jean de la Fontaine (b. 1621)
Tom Cribb (b. 1781)
Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin (b. 1838)
John D Rockefeller (b. 1839)
Sir Arthur Evans (b. 1851)
Percy Grainger (b. 1882)
Fritz Perls (b. 1893)
Louis Jordan (b. 1908)
Nelson A Rockefeller (b. 1908)
Billy Eckstine (b. 1914)
Earl Van Dyke (b. 1930)
Marty Feldman (b. 1934)
Alexander II, King of Scotland (d. 1249)
Elihu Yale (d. 1721)
Edmund Burke (d. 1797)
Percy Bysshe Shelley (d. 1822)
Sir William Edward Parry (d. 1855)
Sir Henry Raeburn (d. 1855)
Phiz (d. 1882)
Havelock Ellis (d. 1939)
Vivien Leigh (d. 1967)
Michael Wilding (d. 1979)
Brassaï (d. 1984)
Frank Hampson (d. 1985)
Jimmy Edwards (d. 1988)
Kim Il-sung (d. 1994)
Charles Conrad Jr (d. 1999)
June Allyson (d. 2006)
Abdication of King John Balliol, Montrose, 1296
Vasco da Gama sets sail to discover route round Cape of Good Hope to India, 1497
Blessing of Burntisland, baggage ferry of Charles I, sinks, Firth of Forth, 1633
Charles II grants charter to Rhode Island, UK, 1663
1st public drinking fountain introduced, London, 1695
1st public reading of Declaration of Independence, Philadelphia PA, 1776
1st US passport issued, by US State Dept, 1796
Liberty Bell cracks again, 1835
Solar eclipse photographed, Spain, 1860
Indelible pencil patented by Edson P Clark of Massachusetts, 1866
National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children formed, 1884
John L Sullivan wins last bare-knuckle boxing contest, Richburg MO, 1889
Wall Street Journal 1st published, 1889
Chesham-Rickmansworth railway line opened, 1889
6 mph speed limit established, France, 1901
Ziegfeld Follies opened, New York NY, 1907
National Savings stamp 1st issued, UK, 1918
East African Protectorate becomes Kenya Colony under UK, 1920
WNYC goes on air for 1st time, New York NY, 1924
1st passenger pressurised cabins introduced, Boeing 307, New York-California, 1940
Christine Truman and Angela Mortimer play 1st all-England Women's Singles final, 1961
Ronald Biggs escapes from Wandsworth Prison, 1965
Chesterfield Stakes, 1st race with starting gates, introduced, Newmarket, 1965
Marianne Faithfull attempts suicide, Melbourne, 1969
Duke and Duchess of Gloucester marry, 1972
Messner & Habeler complete 1st ascent of Mt Everest without oxygen, 1978
Worst public violence of century in UK spreads to rioting in London, 1981
Kurt Waldheim inaugurated President of Austria, 1986
Michael Sams given 4 life sentences for murder and kidnap, UK, 1993

9th JULY
Ann Radcliffe (b. 1764)
Elias Howe (b. 1819)
Adolf Schreyer (b. 1828)
Nikola Tesla (b. 1856)
Ottorino Respighi (b. 1879)
Lord (Simon) Marks (b. 1888)
Dame Barbara Cartland (b. 1901)
Mervyn Peake (b. OS 1911)
Sir Edward Heath (b. 1916)
Joe Liggins (b. 1916)
Hassan II of Morocco (b. 1929)
Michael Williams (b. 1935)
Bon Scott (b. 1946)
Stephen Langton, Archbishop of Canterbury (d. 1228)
Joan of Navarre (d. 1437)
Jan van Eyck (d. 1441)
Zachary Taylor (d. 1850)
King Camp Gillette (d. 1932)
Phillip (Snakefinger) Lithman (d. 1987)
Barbara Woodhouse (d. 1988)
Sergei Kuryokhin (d. 1996)
Rod Steiger (d. 2002)
Henry VIII divorces Anne of Cleves, 1540
Argentina declares independence, 1816
Madeleine Smith acquitted of murder, Edinburgh, 1857
Massacre of Christians begins, Damascus, 1860
House of Commons debate interrupted by a cat, 1874
1st Lawn Tennis tournament held, Worple Rd, Wimbledon, 1877
Paper napkins 1st used, John Dickenson's annual dinner, Hastings, 1887
Tower Bridge opened to public, 1894
101 die in worst US train accident, Nashville TN, 1918
Treaty of Versailles ratified by Germany, 1919
35 million gas masks issued to civilian population, UK, 1938
Anne Frank and family go into hiding, Amsterdam, 1942
Allies capture Caen, 1944
Engagement of Princess Elizabeth to Lt Philip Mountbatten announced, 1947
Otis Redding records Otis Blue LP, 1965
1st rhinoceros gives birth in captivity, Ireland, 1969
Bank of England reissues £20 notes (withdrawn 1945), 1970
Michael Fagan enters Queen's bedroom, Buckingham Palace, 1982
Lightning causes £3m fire damage, York Minster, 1984
Final episode of Eldorado broadcast, BBC, UK, 1993
Grateful Dead play final gig, Chicago IL, 1995
Mike Tyson banned from ring and fined $3 million for biting Evander Holyfield, 1997
Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall annul marriage and separate, 1999

10th JULY
James III, King of Scotland (b. 1451)
John Calvin (b. 1509)
(Mrs) Aphra Behn (b. 1640)
Frederick Marryat (b. 1792)
Robert Chambers (b. 1802)
Camille Pissarro (b. 1830)
James McNeill Whistler (b. 1834)
Marcel Proust (b. 1871)
Giorgio de Chirico (b. 1888)
Carl Orff (b. 1895)
Legs Diamond (b. 1897)
Evelyn Laye (b. 1900)
Ronald Fletcher (b. 1910)
Cootie Williams (b. 1911)
Reg Smythe (b. 1917)
Fred Gwynne (b. 1926)
Don Revie (b. 1927)
Johnny Griffith (b. 1936)
Lee Morgan (b. 1938)
Arthur Ashe (b. 1943)
Hadrian (d. 138)
El Cid (d. 1099)
Henri II of France (d. OS 1559)
William I, Prince of Orange (d. 1584)
George Stubbs (d. 1806)
Louis Daguerre (d. 1851)
Paul Morphy (d. 1884)
Albert Chevalier (d. 1923)
Jelly Roll Morton (d. 1941)
Sir Francis Meynell (d. 1975)
John D Rockefeller III (d. 1978)
Arthur Fiedler (d. 1979)
John Hammond Jr (d. 1987)
Mel Blanc (d. 1989)
Tommy Trinder (d. 1989)
Gerome Ragni (d. 1991)
John Balliol abdicates, Scotland, 1296
Battle of Northampton, Wars of the Roses, 1460
Lady (Jane) Grey proclaimed Queen of England, 1553
Wyoming, the Equality State, becomes 44th state of the Union, 1890
Métro underground railway opened, Paris, 1900
His Master's Voice logo registered with the US Patent Office, 1900
Mongolia proclaimed independent state, 1921
1st police radio system operated, Eastchester Twp NY, 1933
Rheims Cathedral reopened, 1938
Start of the 1st phase of the Battle of Britain, 1940
Allies (US 7th Army and British-Canadian 8th Army) land in Sicily, 1943
1st UK sighting of magnificent frigatebird, Tiree, Inner Hebrides, 1953
1st parking meters introduced, Mayfair, London, 1958
1st telecommunications satellite, Telstar 1 launched, US, 1962
Beatles attend northern premiere of A Hard Day's Night with 200,000, Liverpool, 1964
Seveso chemical disaster, Italy, 1970
Bahama Islands achieve full independence within Commonwealth, 1973
Alexandra Palace partially destroyed by fire, London, 1980
Smoking ban introduced on London Underground, 1984
National Dock Strike begins, 1984
Cable and Broadcasting Act passed, UK, 1984
Old style Coca-Cola reintroduced after consumer rebellion, 1985
French agents sink Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior, Auckland, New Zealand, 1985
Phobos II is 2nd spacecraft launched in Mars mission, Baikonur, 1988
Clare Leighton is 1st UK person known to die from taking Ecstasy, Manchester, 1989
Greenpeace's replacement Rainbow Warrior launched, Hamburg, 1989
Iran accepts UN Resolution 598, ending 8 year war with Iraq, 1989
Chrissie Hynde marries Lucho Brieva, Marylebone, London, 1997

Last updated: July 10, 2008