11th JULY
Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland (b. 1274)
Thomas Bowdler (b. 1754)
John Quincy Adams (b. 1767)
Harry Gordon (b. 1893)
John Trevelyan (b. 1903)
Yul Brynner (b. 1916)
Theodore Maiman (b. 1927)
John Walters (b. 1939)
Tommy Vance (b. 1943)
Mel Appleby (b. 1966)
Buddy DeSylva (d. 1911)
Alfred Dreyfus (d. 1935)
George Gershwin (d. 1937)
Sir Arthur Evans (d. 1941)
Lucien Pissarro (d. 1944)
Paul Nash (d. 1946)
Buddy DeSylva (d. 1950)
Dorothy Wellesley (d. 1956)
Delmore Schwartz (d. 1966)
Roosevelt Sykes (d. 1983)
Lord (Laurence) Olivier (d. 1989)
Florence de Jong (d. 1990)
Lord (Robert) Runcie of Cuddesdon (d. 2000)
Rosco Gordon (d. 2002)
Lady Bird Johnson (d. 2007)
Battle of the Spurs, 1302
Pope Clement VII excommunicates Henry VIII, 1533
Battle of Oudenarde, 1708
Cook begins final expedition, Resolution, Plymouth, 1776
US Marine Corps created by act of Congress, 1798
Aaron Burr fatally injures Alexander Hamilton in duel, US, 1804
Waterloo station officially opened, London, 1848
Big Ben 1st chimes from Houses of Parliament clock tower, 1859
Massacre of Christians ended, Damascus, 1860
UK fleet begins bombardment of Alexandria, 1882
Kokichi Mikimoto produces 1st cultured pearl, Japan, 1893
Gladstone Dock opened, Liverpool, 1911
2nd phase of the Battle of the Somme begins, 1916
Andy Pandy 1st transmitted, BBC, 1950
Air Force Academy dedicated, Lowry Air Base CO, 1955
Joan Baez makes 1st recording, duetting with Bob Gibson, Newport Folk Festival, 1959
Katanga in Zaire proclaimed independent, 1960
Terry Downes wins world middleweight boxing championship, 1961
Fred Baldasare 1st to swim English Channel underwater, using scuba equipment, 1962
1st transatlantic TV transmissions made via Telstar, Maine-France, 1962
Terracotta Army of 6,000 models uncovered, Xian, China, 1975
Skylab 1 returns to Earth after 34,981 orbits, 1979
International Whaling Commission bans factory ships hunting sperm whales, 1979
Britannia Road Bridge opened, Menai Strait, 1980

12th JULY
Julius Caesar (b. BC 100)
William Whitehead (bapt. 1715)
Josiah Wedgwood (b. 1730)
Henry David Thoreau (b. 1817)
Eugène Boudin (b. 1824)
George Eastman (b. 1854)
Amadeo Modigliano (b. 1884)
Kirsten Flagsted (b. 1895)
Oscar Hammerstein II (b. 1895)
Buckminster Fuller (b. 1895)
Pablo Neruda (b. 1904)
Milton Berle (b. 1908)
Sybilla, Queen of Alexander I of Scotland (d. 1122)
Desiderius Erasmus (d. 1536)
Jean Picard (d. 1682)
Alexander Hamilton (d. 1804)
Charles Rolls (d. 1910)
Jimmie Lunceford (d. 1947)
Lon Chaney Jr (d. 1973)
Minnie Ripperton (d. 1979)
Chris Wood (d. 1983)
Joshua Logan (d. 1988)
Julian Trevelyan (d. 1988)
Bill Owen (d. 1999)
Benny Carter (d. 2003)
William I of Scotland defeated, Alnwick, Scotland, 1174
Henry VIII marries Catherine Parr, Hampton Court Palace, 1543
James II defeated, Battle of the Boyne, 1690
Battle of Fleurus, 1690
Battle of Aughrim, 1691
Nelson loses sight in right eye, Seige of Calvi, Corsica, 1794
US forces led by Gen Hull invades Canada, War of 1812, 1812
Victoria Embankment opened, London, 1870
UK takes possession of Cyprus, 1878
Evelyn Ellis and Frederick Simms make 1st UK motor journey, Hants-Bucks, 1895
Alfred Dreyfus rehabilitated, 1906
500 die when the ship Kawachi blows up, Tokuyama Bay, 1918
Panama Canal officially opened by Woodrow Wilson, 1920
1st veteran car rally held, Munich, 1925
Anglo-Soviet agreement signed, Moscow, 1941
6 RAF De Havilland Vampires are 1st jet aircraft to fly Atlantic, Labrador, 1948
Dwight D Eisenhower becomes 1st US president to fly in helicopter, 1957
Anne Briggs makes 1st advertised performance, New Inn, London, 1963
Thor Heyerdahl team crosses Atlantic in papyrus boat, Morocco-Barbados, 1970
Sao Tormé and Principe become independent, 1975
Robert Maxwell's Pergamon Press agrees Mirror Group takeover, 1984
Nigel Mansell wins record 28th Grand Prix victory, UK, 1992

13th JULY
John Dee (b. 1527)
John Clare (b. 1793)
Sir George Gilbert Scott (b. 1811)
Clifford Bax (b. 1886)
Lord (Kenneth) Clark (b. 1903)
Sir Alec Rose (b. 1908)
Ben Johnson (b. 1918)
Albert Ayler (b. 1936)
Titus Oates (d. 1705)
Richard Cromwell (d. 1712)
James Bradley (d. 1762)
Jean-Paul Marat (d. 1793)
Henry Stuart, Cardinal Duke of York (d. 1807)
John Frémont (d. 1890)
Arnold Schöenberg (d. 1951)
Frida Kahlo (d. 1954)
Ruth Ellis (d. 1955)
Kenneth More (d. 1982)
Bob Payton (d. 1994)
Eddie Boyd (d. 1994)
Alexandra Danilova (d. 1997)
Yousuf Karsh (d. 2002)
Carlos Kleiber (d. 2004)
Arthur Kane (d. 2004)
Crusaders take Acre, 1191
Christ Church, Oxford, founded, 1525
Battle of Gravelines, 1558
Battle of Devizes, 1643
Wordsworth writes Lines composed above Tintern Abbey, 1798
Victoria is 1st Sovereign to move into Buckingham Palace, 1837
John Dalliger is last to be executed at yard-arm, HMS Leven, R Yangtse, 1860
1,000+ die after riots against Civil War military draft begin, New York NY, 1863
1st cat show held, Crystal Palace, London, 1871
Treaty of Berlin signed, 1878
Romania proclaims independence, 1878
R34 airship returns from US on 1st aeriel round trip, Norfolk, 1919
France II, world's largest sailing vessel, wrecked off New Caledonia, 1922
World Cup Football Competition instituted, 1930
All political parties except Nazis banned, Germany, 1933
Frank Sinatra makes 1st record, From The Bottom Of My Heart, 1939
Sniffin' Glue 1st published, 1976
Power failure blacks out New York, 1977
Albany Empire destroyed by arson, Deptford, 1978
Zola Budd breaks 2000 metre world record, 1984
Live Aid event takes place raising £40m for famine relief, 1985
Take That sack Robbie Williams, UK, 1995

14th JULY
Emmeline Pankhurst (b. 1858)
Gustav Klimt (b. 1862)
FR Leavis (b. 1895)
William Hanna (b. 1910)
Terry-Thomas (b. 1911)
Woody Guthrie (b. 1912)
Gerald Ford (b. 1913)
Ingmar Bergman (b. 1918)
Sir Robert Stephens (b. 1931)
Jerry Rubin (b. 1938)
Vince Taylor (b. 1939)
Margaret of Denmark, Queen of James II of Scotland (d. 1486)
Madame de Staël (d. 1817)
Paul Kruger (d. 1904)
Jacinto Benavente (d. 1954)
Grock (d. 1959)
Adlai Stevenson (d. 1965)
Beryl Bryden (d. 1998)
Grand Council of Nîmes ends, 1096
Storming of the Bastille, Paris, French Revolution, 1789
Oxford Movement launched, 1833
Ice made by refrigeration 1st publically demonstrated, 1850
Edward Whymper is 1st to ascend Matterhorn, at 7th attempt, 1865
Alfred Nobel 1st demonstrates dynamite, Merstham Quarry, Redhill, 1867
1st record company, North America Phonographic Co., founded, Pittsburgh PA, 1888
1st liquid-fuelled rocket patented, 1914
1st BBC TV play, The Man With A Flower In His Mouth, transmitted, 1930
Ban on Allied troops fraternising with German women lifted, 1945
Dr Benjamin's Baby and Child Care 1st published, 1946
Iraq Army overthrows monarchy, Iraq, 1958
Mme Vaucher becomes 1st woman to climb the Matterhorn, 1965
Parliament vote to legalise abortion, UK, 1967
Everly Brothers split up on stage, Knott's Berry Farm, Hollywood CA, 1973
Jean-Michel Jarre's Bastille Day Concert, largest in open-air, takes place, Paris, 1979
Titanic wreck photographed by midget submarine, 1986
432 guitarists play Louie Louie for record-breaking 30 mins, US, 1989
Nigel Mansell becomes most successful UK driver of all time, Grand Prix, 1991
Dusan Tadic sentenced to 20 years for Bosnian war crimes, The Hague, 1997
Walkway on site of 25 Cromwell St opened, Gloucester, 1997
5 tobacco firms ordered to pay smokers a record $145 billion in damages, Florida, 2000

15th JULY
Inigo Jones (b. 1573)
Rembrandt (b. 1606)
Sir Henry Cole (b. 1808)
Marjory Fraser (b. 1857)
Noel Gay (b. 1898)
Dorothy Fields (b. 1905)
Lord (Edward) Shackleton of Burley (b. 1911)
Hammond Innes (b. 1913)
Cowboy Copas (b. 1913)
Gavin Maxwell (b. 1914)
Dame Iris Murdoch (b. 1919)
Philly Joe Jones (b. 1923)
Joe Harriott (b. 1928)
Sir Larry Lamb (b. 1929)
Jacques Derrida (b. 1930)
Johnny Thunders (b. 1952)
Ian Curtis (b. 1956)
Joan Beaufort, Queen of James II of Scotland (d. 1445)
Annibale Carracci (d. 1609)
James Scott, Duke of Monmouth (d. 1685)
Mikhail Lermentov (d. 1841)
Billy The Kid (d. 1881)
Tom Thumb (d. 1883)
Robert Wadlow (d. 1940)
John Christie (d. 1953)
Julia Lennon (d. 1958)
Paul Gallico (d. 1976)
Nesuhi Ertegun (d. 1989)
Margaret Lockwood (d. 1990)
Gianni Versace (d. 1997)
Alexandra Danilova (d. 1997)
Jerusalem captured by Crusaders, 1099
Epsom Salts patented, 1698
Steam paddleboat is 1st to move against current under own power, R Sâone, Lyons, 1783
La Marsellaise adopted as French National Anthem, 1795
Napoleon surrenders to captain of HMS Bellerophon, 1815
Margarine patented by Hippolyte Mège Mouries, France, 1869
Georgia becomes last Confederate state to be readmitted to Union, 1870
National Health Insurance begins, UK, 1912
Woman arrested for wearing a split skirt, Richmond, 1913
William Boeing founds Boeing Co (as Pacific Aero Products), Seattle WA, 1916
2nd Battle of Marne begins, 1918
Clara Adams 1st woman to complete a round-the-world flight, 1939
Alcoholics Anonymous founded in UK, London, 1948
Mariner 4 transmits 1st close-up TV pictures of Mars, 1965
Aeroflot begin commercial flights from USSR to US, JFK Airport, New York NY, 1968
Archbishop Makarios deposed, 1974
Apollo 18 launched to link up with cosmonauts, 1975
Bob Dylan plays Blackbushe Aerodrome, UK, 1978
Rachel Nickells stabbed to death on Wimbledon Common, 1995

16th JULY
Andrea del Sarto (b. 1486)
Sir Joshua Reynolds (b. 1723)
Giuseppe Piazzi (b. 1746)
Nathan Mayer Rothschild (b. 1777)
Camille Corot (b. 1796)
Mary Baker Eddy (b. 1821)
Roald Amundsen (b. 1872)
Barbara Stanwyck (b. 1907)
Ginger Rogers (b. 1911)
Miles Copeland (b. 1916)
Guy Laroche (b. 1921)
Cal Tjader (b. 1925)
Sergei Kuryokhin (b. 1954)
Anne of Cleves (d. 1557)
Josiah Spode II (d. 1827)
EZC Judson (d. 1886)
Gottfried Keller (d. 1890)
Hilaire Belloc (d. 1953)
Harry Chapin (d. 1981)
Patrick Dewaere (d. 1982)
Heinrich Böll (d. 1985)
Herbert von Karajan (d. 1989)
Harry Worth (d. 1989)
Roger Woddis (d. 1993)
Sir Stephen Spender (d. 1995)
John F Kennedy Jr (d. 1999)
Start of Muslim era when Mahomet begins flight from Mecca, 622
Coronation of Richard II takes place, UK, 1377
1st banknotes in Europe issued, Bank of Stockholm, 1661
Mission San Diego, 1st California mission, founded by Father Serra, 1769
Congress establishes District of Columbia, 1790
Washington DC established as seat of Federal Government, 1790
Reinforced concrete patented, France, 1867
1st parking meters come into use, Oklahoma City OK, 1935
1st US atomic test bomb detonated, Alamorgado Air Base, Los Alamos NM, 1945
JD Salinger's The Catcher In The Rye 1st published, US, 1951
1st transatlantic helicopter flight begins, 1952
John Glenn sets jet speed record, California-New York in 3:23:08, 1957
7-mile Mont Blanc tunnel linking France and Italy opened, 1965
Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker form Cream, UK, 1966
Apollo 11 launched, Cape Kennedy FL, 1969
Dock Strike begins, 1st state of emergency since 1926 called, UK, 1970
Smokey Robinson performs last show with the Miracles, Washington DC, 1972
Saddam Hussein becomes president of Iraq, 1979
Bill to abolish GLC receives Royal Assent, UK, 1985
Wave power station begins to produce electricity, Islay Island, 1991
Comet Shoemaker Levy 9 1st makes impact with Jupiter, 1994

17th JULY
Isaac Watts (b. 1674)
Paul Delaroche (b. 1797)
Erle Stanley Gardner (b. 1889)
James Cagney (b. 1899)
Sir Hardy Amies (b. 1909)
Kenneth Wolstenholme (b. 1920)
Jean Muir (b. 1928)
Nicolette Larson (b. 1952)
Edward the Elder (d. 924)
Janet Douglas, Lady Glamis (d. 1537)
Charlotte Corday (d. 1793)
Charles Grey, Earl Grey (d. 1845)
James McNeill Whistler (d. 1903)
Nicholas II, Tsar of Russia (d. 1918)
Alexandra, Tsarina of Russia (d. 1918)
Anastasia, Grand Duchess (d. 1918)
George William Russell (AE) (d. 1935)
Billie Holiday (d. 1959)
Ty Cobb (d. 1961)
John Coltrane (d. 1967)
Jean Borotra (d. 1994)
Juan Manuel Fangio (d. 1995)
Chas Chandler (d. 1996)
Celia Cruz (d. 2003)
Kaouding Cissoko (d. 2003)
Sir Edward Heath (d. 2005)
Laurel Aitken (d. 2005)
Jack Warden (d. 2006)
Sow hanged for "murdering and killing a little child", Pont de Larche, 1408
Charles VII crowned, in presence of Joan of Arc, Paris, 1429
100 Years' War ends, Castillon, 1453
Bridgewater Canal opened, Worsley-Manchester, 1761
Thomas Saint patents 1st sewing machine, London, 1790
Marquis de La Fayette's Champs de Mars massacre restores order, Paris, 1791
Spain cedes Florida to the United States, 1821
Punch 1st published, London, 1841
George Bond 1st photographs a star, 1850
Havelock's troops find UK bodies when relieving Cawnpore, 1857
House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha renamed House of Windsor, UK, 1917
Baghdad Railway completed, 1940
Potsdam Conference begins, 1945
1st Newport Jazz Festival opened, Rhode Island NY, 1954
Construction of Disneyland begins, Anaheim CA, 1954
Disneyland opens, Anaheim CA, 1955
Beatles play McIlroy's Ballroom, Swindon, 1962
Donald Campbell attains world record 429_311 mph in Bluebird, Lake Eyre, 1964
"Keep Britain Tidy" litter campaign launched, UK, 1967
Yellow Submarine premiered, London, 1968
IRA bomb kills 1 and injures 37, Tower of London, 1974
US Apollo 18 & USSR Soyuz 1st dock while in orbit, 1975
Ringo Starr and Maureen Starkey obtain divorce decree nisi, 1975
Sandanista seize power, Nicaragua, 1979
Humber Estuary Bridge officially opened by Elizabeth II, 1981
Tower Records opened, London, 1986
Maiden flight of B-2 Stealth bomber, Mojave desert, California, 1989
Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown marry, New Jersey, 1992
Nicholas II buried 80 years after he was executed by Bolsheviks, Russia, 1998
Bashar Assad, son of Hafez Assad, becomes 16th head of state, Syria, 2000

18th JULY
Robert Hooke (b. 1635)
Gilbert White (b. 1720)
Feargus O'Connor (b. 1794)
William Makepeace Thackeray (b. 1811)
WG Grace (b. 1848)
Laurence Housman (b. 1865)
Vidkun Quisling (b. 1887)
Nathalie Sarraute (b. 1900)
Clifford Odets (b. 1906)
Andrei Gromyko (b. NS 1909)
Screaming Jay Hawkins (b. 1929)
Hunter S Thompson (b. 1931)
Ian Stewart (b. 1938)
Rudolf of Habsburg (d. 1291)
Petrarch (d. 1374)
Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (d. 1610)
Antoine Watteau (d. 1721)
John Paul Jones (d. 1792)
Jane Austen (d. 1817)
Benito Juarez (d. 1872)
Don Carlos (Charles VII) (d. 1909)
TS Moore (d. 1944)
Carl Van Doren (d. 1950)
Bobby Fuller (d. 1966)
Jack Hawkins (d. 1973)
Lally Bowers (d. 1984)
Nico (d. 1988)
Jean Negulesco (d. 1993)
Eugene Shoemaker (d. 1997)
Betty Marsden (d. 1998)
Mimi Fariña (d. 2001)
Great Fire of Rome, 64
The authority of the Pope declared void in England, 1536
Warren de la Rue 1st photographs solar eclipse, 1860
Dogma of Papal Infallibility promulgated by Vatican Council, 1870
Secret balloting law comes into effect, UK, 1872
1st industrial film premiered, featuring American Ball Nozzle Company, 1896
Women attain equal divorce rights to men, 1923
1st volume of Mein Kampf published, 1925
Mersey Tunnel formally opened by George V, 1934
Spanish Civil War begins, 1936
1st successful helicopter flight, Stratford CT, 1940
Electricity 1st commercially generated from nuclear power, Schenectady NY, 1955
Gemini 10 launched, 1966
James Earl Ray extradited to US for complicity in murder of Martin Luther King, 1968
Intel Corporation incorporated, US, 1968
Free Pop Festival takes place, 1969
Roxy Music record 1st BBC Top Gear session, 1972
John Stonehouse returns to face 21 charges, UK, 1975
Bob Marley and the Wailers records live LP, Lyceum, London, 1975
Vietnam becomes United Nations member, 1977
Joyce McKinney arrested for kidnapping Morman for sexual purposes, US, 1979
Rebecca Schaeffer shot by fan, prompting 1st anti-stalking laws, Los Angeles CA, 1989
Tim Waterstone sells Waterstone's to WH Smith's, UK, 1989
John Smith elected leader of Labour Party, 1992
All 230 passengers die when flight TW800 crashes off Long Island NY, 1996

19th JULY
John Martin (b. 1789)
Samuel Colt (b. 1814)
Gottfried Keller (b. 1819)
Edgar Degas (b. 1834)
Edward Pickering (b. 1846)
Lizzie Borden (b. 1860)
Max Fleischer (b. 1889)
AJ Cronin (b. 1896)
Herbert Marcuse (b. 1898)
Louis Kentner (b. 1905)
Sunnie Mann (b. 1913)
Keith Godchaux (b. 1948)
Simon Cadell (b. 1950)
Nikki Sudden (b. 1956)
Duke of Sutherland (d. 1833)
Thomas Cook (d. 1892)
Mary Jo Kopechne (d. 1969)
Clarence White (d. 1973)
Bruce Lee (d. 1973)
Lefty Frizzell (d. 1975)
ET Mensah (d. 1996)
Sir James Goldsmith (d. 1997)
Judy Clay (d. 2001)
Alan Lomax (d. 2002)
Foundation stone of Elgin Cathedral laid, 1224
Battle of Halidon Hill, Berwick, 1333
700 die when Mary Rose sinks in Solent, off Portsmouth, 1545
Jane deposed after 9 day reign, Berwick, 1553
Mary Tudor (Bloody Mary) accedes to throne, 1553
Spanish Armada sighted off coast of England, Lizard, 1588
Caroline of Brunswick banned from Coronation of George IV, Westminster Abbey, 1821
Brunel's Great Western steamship launched, Bristol, 1837
Brunel's Great Britain all-metal liner launched, Wapping Dock, 1843
Amelia Bloomer introduces bloomers, Women's Rights Convention, Seneca Falls NY, 1848
Spencer Gore wins 1st Men's Singles Final, Wimbledon, 1877
Paris Metro opened, 1900
Liver Building opened, Liverpool, 1911
Building of Anglican Cathedral begins, Liverpool, 1904
Liverpool Anglican Cathedral consecrated, 1924
Loeb & Leopold plead guilty to murder of 14-yr old as "the perfect crime", 1924
Toytown 1st broadcast, BBC, 1929
Lambeth Bridge opened, 1932
Marilyn Monroe has 1st screen test, Twentieth Century Fox, US, 1946
Laos becomes independent, 1949
That's All Right Mama by Elvis Presley released, US, 1954
By Love Possessed is 1st in-flight movie shown, on TWA, 1961
Compassion In World Farming founded, 1967
John Fairfax completes 1st solo Atlantic rowboat crossing, Fort Lauderdale FL, 1969
Mary Jo Kopechne dies when car skids off Dike Br, Chappaquiddick, 1969
SS Great Britain returns from Falkland Islands, 1970
Managua falls to Sandinista guerrillas, Nicaragua, 1979
10 die in IRA bombings, Hyde Park and Regents Park, 1982
Fossil of previously unknown dinosaur discovered, Surrey, 1983
London Pavilion re-opened as shopping centre, Piccadilly Circus, 1988
MPs vote in favour of permanent televising of House of Commons, 1990
Ian Botham retires from first class cricket, 1993
3000+ die in 23ft tidal wave following earthquake, Papua New Guinea, 1998

20th JULY
Alexander the Great (b. BC 0356)
Petrarch (b. 1304)
Catherine Branwell-Booth (b. 1883)
Lord (John) Reith (b. 1889)
Theda Bara (b. 1890)
Dilys Powell (b. 1901)
Molly Keane (b. 1905)
Sir Edmund Hillary (b. 1919)
Nam June Paik (b. 1932)
Buddy Knox (b. 1933)
Ted Rogers (b. 1935)
Natalie Wood (b. 1938)
Alpin, King of Dalriad Scots (d. 834)
Caroline Southey (d. 1854)
Sir Richard Wallace (d. 1890)
Andrew Lang (d. 1912)
Guglielmo Marconi (d. 1937)
Paul Valéry (d. 1945)
Abdullah, King of Jordan (d. 1951)
Mark Boxer (Marc) (d. 1988)
Paul Delvaux (d. 1994)
James Doohan (d. 2005)
Tammy Faye Bakker Messner (d. 2007)
Cow sentenced to death for killing a woman, Leipzig, 1621
John Willes introduces round-arm bowling to cricket, UK, 1807
Colombia gains its independence, 1810
Euston, 1st London railway station, opened, 1837
1st commercial baseball match takes place, Long Island NY, 1858
British Columbia joins Confederation as a Canadian province, 1871
English Football Association Challenge Cup instituted, 1871
Sitting Bull surrenders to federal troops, US, 1881
Professional football legalised, UK, 1885
1st HMV store opened, by Sir Edward Elgar, 1921
1st singles record chart published, Billboard, US, 1940
Von Stauffenburg attempts to kill Hitler, Rastenburg, 1944
Peace Conference begins, Paris, 1946
19-month War of Independence ends, Israel, 1949
The Good Old Days 1st broadcast, UK, 1953
North & South Vietnam created by Indo-China armistice, 1954
1st regular Hovercraft service inaugurated, Wallasey-Rhyl, 1962
Jane Asher ends engagement to Paul McCartney during Dee Time TV interview, 1968
Eagle, lunar module, lands on Moon, Sea of Tranquillity, 1969
1st baby born on Alcatraz Island, 1970
Turkish invasion of Cyprus begins, 1974
Viking 1 makes 1st soft landing on Mars and sends back pictures, 1976
£1,000 maximum fine introduced for litter offences, UK, 1989
London International Stock Exchange bombed by IRA, 1990

Last updated: August 19, 2008