21st JULY
Jean Picard (b. 1620)
Paul Julius Reuter (b. 1816)
Jacques Feyder (b. 1888)
Sara Carter (b. 1898)
Hart Crane (b. 1899)
Ernest Hemingway (b. 1899)
Marshall McLuhan (b. 1911)
Isaac Stern (b. 1920)
Karel Reisz (b. 1926)
Robert Burns (d. 1796)
Daniel Lambert (d. weighing 52 stone, 1809)
Dame Ellen Terry (d. 1928)
Count Claus von Stauffenberg (d. 1944)
Basil Rathbone (d. 1967)
James Fixx (d. 1984)
Joe Turner (d. 1990)
Elleston Trevor (d. 1995)
Alan Shepard (d. 1998)
Michael Denison (d. 1998)
Jerry Goldsmith (d. 2004)
Long John Baldry (d. 2005)
Spanish Armada reaches Plymouth, 1588
Mendana discovers Marquesas Islands, 1595
Nelson's right arm amputated after elbow shattered by grapeshot, Santa Cruz, 1797
Battle of the Pyramids, 1798
Belgium becomes independent with Leopold I as king, 1831
1st Battle of Bull Run, Manassas VA, 1861
James-Younger gang commit 1st American West train robbery, Adair IO, 1873
Battersea Bridge opened, 1890
Tate Gallery officially opened, London, 1897
Trans-Siberian railway completed, 1904
Gaum retaken from Japan by US Marines, 1944
US Phantom is 1st jet to take off from aircraft carrier, 1946
1st Cornish Rex breed of cat born, 1950
1st nuclear merchant ship, SS Savannah, launched, Camden NJ, 1959
Siramavo Bandaranaike is 1st woman prime minister in world, Ceylon, 1960
Chichester sets record for solo Atlantic crossing, New York, 1960
Runcorn Br, longest UK steel-arch bridge, opened over R Mersey, 1961
Rolling Stones make 1st public appearance, London, 1962
Neil Armstrong becomes 1st man to set foot on Moon, Apollo 11, 02:56:15 GMT, 1969
France explodes nuclear device, Maruroa Atoll, Pacific, 1973
Martial law ends in Poland, 1983
-89.2C, coldest recorded Earth temperature, reached, Vostok Station, Antarctica, 1983
Ken Dodd cleared of defrauding Inland Revenue, 1989
Michael Adams (17) becomes youngest UK chess Grand Master, Muswell Hill, 1989
Roger Waters stages The Wall, Potsdamer Platz, Germany, 1990
Medical records of Princess of Wales stolen from her private hospital, 1994

22nd JULY
Joan, Queen of Alexander II of Scotland (b. 1210)
Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel (b. 1784)
Eugčne Isabey (b. 1803)
Gregor Mendel (b. 1822)
William Spooner (b. 1844)
Frederick William Rolfe (b. 1860)
Edward Hopper (b. 1882)
Gustav Hertz (b. 1887)
James Whale (b. 1889)
Rose Kennedy (b. 1890)
Vivien Merchant (b. 1929)
Charles VII, King of France (d. 1461)
Giuseppe Piazzi (d. 1826)
John Rae (d. 1893)
Florenz Ziegfeld (d. 1932)
John Dillinger (d. 1934)
Carl Sandburg (d. 1967)
Sonny Stitt (d. 1982)
Rob Collins (d. 1996)
Brian Glover (d. 1997)
Marion Montgomery (d. 2002)
Sacha Distel (d. 2004)
Illinois Jacquet (d. 2004)
Eugene Record (d. 2005)
Jean Charles de Menezes (d. 2005)
Battle of Saintes, 1242
1st use of longbows by English, Battle of Falkirk, 1298
Dutch pilgrims set sail for America in Speedhaven, Delfshaven, 1620
Alexander Mackenzie reaches Pacific by crossing overland, 1793
Cleveland founded by Gen Moses Cleaveland, Ohio, 1796
Battle of Cape Finisterre, 1805
Battle of Salamanca, 1812
Battle of Atlanta, 1864
Mormons reach the site of Salt Lake City, 1847
1st motor-car race held, Paris-Rouen, 1894
Wiley Post completes 1st solo round-world flight, via Arctic, New York NY, 1933
Bread rationing begins after failed wheat harvest, UK, 1946
Leopold III returns after 6 years exile, Belgium, 1950
3 Rolling Stones found guilty of urinating in public, West Ham, 1965
Venera 8 makes soft landing on Venus, 1972
Jean Charles de Menezes mistakenly shot dead as a suicide bomber, Stockwell, 2005

23rd JULY
Sir Arthur Whitten Brown (b. 1886)
Raymond Chandler (b. 1888)
Ras Tafari Mackonnen, Hailé Selassié (b. 1892)
Gioconda de Vito (b. 1907)
Elspeth Huxley (b. 1907)
Michael Wilding (b. 1912)
Coral Browne (b. 1913)
Carl Foreman (b. 1914)
Hubert Selby Jnr (b. 1928)
Myra Hindley (b. 1942)
Sir Henry Percy (Harry Hotspur) (d. 1403)
Domenico Scarlatti (d. 1757)
Isaac Singer (d. 1875)
Ulysses Grant (d. 1885)
Sir William Ramsay (d. 1916)
DW Griffith (d. 1948)
Philippe Pétain (d. 1951)
Montgomery Clift (d. 1966)
Eddie Rickenbaker (d. 1973)
Olivia Manning (d. 1980)
Keith Godchaux (d. 1980)
Vic Morrow (d. 1982)
Jessica Mitford (d. 1996)
Hassan II (d. 1999)
Leo McKern (d. 2002)
1st Olympic Games opened, Olympia, 776
Battle of Shrewsbury, 1403
Bonnie Prince Charlie lands, Eris Kay Island, OS 1745
Work begins on HMS Victory, Chatham, 1759
Alexandra Park opened, 1863
Salvation Army founded, 1865
Dunlop applies to patent pneumatic tyre, 1888
Charles Menches creates 1st ice cream cone, St Louis MO, 1904
Local Defence Volunteers renamed Home Guard by Churchill, 1940
Brian Close (18 years 149 days) becomes youngest Test Cricketer, 1949
Donald Campbell attains water speed record of 202_32 mph in Bluebird, Ullswater, 1955
Telstar enters orbit and begins live broadcasting, 1962
PLO 1st hijacks an El Al plane, 1968
Prince Andrew marries Lady Sarah Ferguson, Westminster Abbey, 1986
Eileen Collins becomes 1st woman to command space shuttle, in Columbia, 1990
Comet Hale-Bopp discovered by Alan Hale and Thomas Bopp, US, 1995

24th JULY
Benedetto Marcello (b. 1686)
Simón Bolívar (b. 1783)
Alexandre Dumas pčre (b. 1802)
EF Benson (b. 1867)
Edward Plunkett, 18th Baron of Dunsany (b. 1878)
Robert Graves (b. 1895)
Amelia Earhart (b. 1898)
Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald (b. 1900)
Heinz (b. 1942)
Benedetto Marcello (d. 1739)
John Dyer (d. 1758)
Martin Van Buren (d. 1862)
George Cattermole (d. 1868)
Matthew Webb (d. 1883)
Sacha Guitry (d. 1957)
Freddie Mills (d. 1965)
Peter Sellers (d. 1980)
Georges Auric (d. 1983)
Arletty (d. 1992)
Jerry Lordan (d. 1995)
Tiny Rowland (d. 1998)
Cartier lands in Canada and claims it for France, 1534
James IV accedes when Mary Queen of Scots abdicates, 1567
William III defeated by French, Steinkirk (Enghein), 1692
City of Detroit founded, 1701
Sir George Rooke wins Gibraltar from Spain, 1704
1st public opinion poll held, on presidential election voting, Delaware, 1824
Window tax abolished, UK, 1851
Tennessee is 1st state to be readmitted to Union after Civil War, US, 1866
1st modern marathon run, Olympic Games, London, 1908
Treaty of Lausanne signed, 1923
Belle Vue opens for greyhound racing, Manchester, 1926
Menin Gate memorial unveiled, Ypres, 1927
1st greetings telegram sent, UK, 1935
Speaking clock, using voice of Ethel Cain, introduced, GPO, 1936
RAF fire-storm raids on Hamburg begin, 1943
Ejector seat 1st used in UK, 1946
Cliff Richard and the Drifters record Move It!, London, 1958
1st 14 life peerages created, 1958
Advert for legalisation of cannabis appears in Times, 1967
Apollo 11 returns to Earth, 1969
Apollo 18 returns to Earth, 1975
London Daily News ceases publication, 1987
Jeffrey Archer wins libel case against Daily Star over pay-off to prostitute, 1987
1st UK space school opened, Sevenoaks, 1989
John Major appointed Foreign Secretary by Margaret Thatcher, 1989
Dwight Collins arrives from Newfoundland in 23ft pedal boat, Plymouth, 1992
Tiger Woods becomes youngest golfer to win Grand Slam, British Open, 2000

25th JULY
Elizabeth Eleanor Siddal (b. 1820)
Arthur James Balfour, 1st Earl of Balfour (b. 1848)
Walter Brennan (b. 1894)
Josephine Tey (b. 1896)
Elias Canetti (b. 1905)
Johnny Hodges (b. 1906)
Don Ellis (b. 1934)
Darrell Banks (b. 1937)
Lynne Frederick (b. 1954)
Steve Goodman (b. 1948)
Ferdinand I (d. 1564)
Don Carlos (Carlos de Austria) (d. 1568)
Samuel Taylor Coleridge (d. 1834)
Charles Macintosh (d. 1843)
Francois Coty (d. 1934)
Freddie Mills (d. 1965)
Billy Smart (d. 1966)
Frank O'Hara (d. 1966)
Big Mama Thornton (d. 1984)
Vincente Minnelli (d. 1986)
Margaret, Duchess of Argyll (d. 1993)
Charlie Rich (d. 1995)
Tal Farlowe (d. 1998)
John Schlesinger (d. 2003)
Mary I marries Philip II of Spain, Winchester, 1554
7 northern provinces of the Netherlands become independent, 1581
Christianity banned, Japan, 1587
Armada engaged in battle, Isle of Wight, 1588
Coronation of James I takes place, 1603
2nd Battle of the North Foreland, 1666
Nelson wounded by grapeshot, Battle of Santa Cruz, 1797
Battle of Roncenvalies, Peninsula War, 1813
James Barry, army surgeon, found on death to have been a woman (Miranda Stuart), 1865
Touch-typing 1st demonstrated, by Frank McGurrin, Salt Lake City UT, 1888
Edison 1st demonstrates his talking doll, 1890
US invades Puerto Rico, 1898
Boy Scouts movement conceived by Baden-Powell, 1907
Louis Blériot makes 1st aircraft crossing of Channel, Les Baraques-Dover, 1909
Fascist regime abolished and Mussolini forced to resign, Italy, 1943
Puerto Rico achieves self-governing US commonwealth status, 1952
Tunisia becomes a republic, 1957
Hovercraft SRN1 makes 1st Channel crossing, Dover-Calais, 1959
Bob Dylan debuts 3-song electric set, Newport Folk Festival, 1965
Sharon Adams is 1st woman to sail Pacific alone, San Diego CA, 1969
Viking 1 photographs "face on Mars", Cydonie region, 1976
Svetlana Savitskaya becomes 1st woman to walk in space, 1984
2 Soviet cosmonauts return after record 5 months in space, 1984
Sean Shannon is fastest talker after reciting "To be.." speech in 26.8 secs, 1989
113 die when Air France Concorde crashes into hotel, Gonesse, 2000

26th JULY
Sir Richard Wallace (b. 1818)
George Bernard Shaw (b. 1856)
Martha Bernays (b. 1861)
Carl Jung (b. 1875)
Georg Grosz (b. 1893)
Aldous Huxley (b. 1894)
Paul Gallico (b. 1897)
Charles Vidor (b. 1900)
William Lear (b. 1902)
Gracie Allen (b. 1905)
Salvador Allende (b. 1908)
Jason Robards (b. 1922)
Stanley Kubrick (b. 1928)
Mary Jo Kopechne (b. 1940)
Dick Latvala (b. 1943)
Vitas Gerulaitis (b. 1954)
Sam Houston (d. 1863)
Eva Perón (d. 1952)
Diane Arbus (d. 1971)
Kenneth Tynan (d. 1980)
George Gallup (d. 1984)
Brent Mydland (d. 1990)
Mary Wells (d. 1992)
Terry Scott (d. 1994)
Laurindo Almeida (d. 1995)
Richard III makes earliest surviving sovereign signature, 1386
Battle of Banbury, 1469
Armada anchors, Calais Roads, 1588
1st recorded women's cricket match takes place, Gosden Common, Guildford, 1745
Benjamin Franklin becomes Postmaster General, US, 1775
New York, the Empire state, becomes 11th State of the Union, 1788
6000 die in earthquake, Naples, 1805
Brunel's all-metal liner, Gt Britain, begins maiden voyage, Liverpool-New York, 1845
Liberia becomes 1st African colony to achieve independence, 1847
Lionel Rothschild, 1st Jewish MP, takes seat in Parliament, 1858
London Evening News 1st published, 1881
(Federal) Bureau of Investigation inaugurated, 1908
Irish rising, Dublin, 1914
1st Labour government with absolute majority, led by Clement Attlee, elected, 1945
Nasser nationalises Suez Canal, Egypt, 1956
ERNIE, computer winning premium bond selector, unveiled, 1956
Prince Charles created Prince of Wales, 1958
Last debutantes presented at the Royal Court, Buckingham Palace, 1958
11,000 die in earthquake, Skopje, Yugoslavia, 1963
GPO announces plan to introduce number-only telephone codes, UK, 1965
Maldive Islands become independent, 1965
Apollo 15 launched, 1971
1st Radio One Roadshow takes play, Newquay, 1973
Carson's Tonight Show becomes 1st TV network show to broadcast in stereo, US, 1984
Miguel Indurain wins Tour de France for 2nd consecutive year, 1992
Woodstock 99 ends in flames, US, 1999

27th JULY
Bess of Hardwicke (b. 1518)
Johann Bernouilli (b. OS 1667)
Charlotte Corday (b. 1768)
Sir George Biddell Airy (b. 1801)
Alexandre Dumas fils (b. 1824)
Giosuč Carducci (b. 1835)
Enrique Granados (b. 1867)
Hilaire Belloc (b. 1870)
Sir Geoffrey de Havilland (b. 1882)
Sir Anton Dolin (b. 1904)
Keenan Wynn (b. 1916)
Frank O'Hara (b. 1926)
Robert Holmes ŕ Court (b. 1937)
Theo van Gogh (b. 1957)
Pierre de Maupertius (d. 1759)
Ferruccio Busoni (d. 1924)
Gertrude Stein (d. 1946)
Lightnin' Slim (d. 1974)
Lee Miller (d. 1977)
James Mason (d. 1984)
Miklós Rózsa (d. 1995)
Dame Jane Drew (d. 1996)
Raymond Jackson (d. 1997)
Bob Hope (d. 2003)
Francis Crick (d. 2004)
Battle of Gainsborough, 1643
Battle of Killiecrankie, near Pitlochry, 1689
Bank of England granted 12 year charter by Act of Parliament, 1694
Royal Scottish Academy founded (as Scottish School Of Design), Edinburgh, 1760
Earliest recorded display of Roman candles, Marylebone, 1769
Revolution breaks out in Paris, 1830
Adelaide founded, South Australia, 1836
Chartist riots take place, Birmingham, 1839
Gt Eastern completes Atlantic telephone cable laying, Heart's Content, Newfoundland, 1866
Van Gogh shoots himself in a field, 1890
1st women's national athletics championship held, Vienna, 1918
Radio compass 1st used in aircraft navigation, 1920
Insulin 1st isolated, Toronto University, 1921
BBC radio station Daventry opened, 1923
Bugs Bunny makes debut in A Wild Hare, Warner Bros, US, 1940
German army enters Ukraine, 1941
1st Battle of El Alamein ends, 1942
Comet, 1st UK jet airliner, makes maiden flight, Hatfield, 1949
North Korea-United Nations armistice signed, Panmunjom, 1953
Austria becomes independent again, 1955
Winston Churchill makes last appearance in House of Commons, 1964
Tom McClean completes 1st solo Atlantic crossing by row-boat, Blacksod Bay, 1969
Work begins on Humber Estuary Bridge, 1972
Judiciary commission votes to impeach Nixon, 1974
John Lennon obtains his Green Card, US, 1976
1st Phonecard telephone call made, 1981
Steve Cram runs mile in record 3:46.33 min, Oslo, 1985
Man stabs self to death onstage at concert by Cure, 1986
1st Mercury payphones introduced, Waterloo, 1988
Tom Gentry completes transatlantic powerboat crossing in record 62.1245 hrs, 1989
Common Cold Research Centre closes, Salisbury, 1989
Final Citröen 2CV rolls off assembly line, Mangalete, Port, 1990
2 die in bomb explosion, Olympic Games, Olympic Park, Atlanta GA, 1996

28th JULY
Gerard Manley Hopkins (b. 1844)
Beatrix Potter (b. 1866)
Ernest Bloch (b. 1880)
Marcel Duchamp (b. 1887)
Rudy Vallee (b. 1901)
Sir Karl Popper (b. 1902)
Malcolm Lowry (b. 1909)
Sir Horace Cutler (b. 1912)
John Stonehouse (b. 1925)
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (b. 1929)
Junior Kimbrough (b. 1930)
Mike Bloomfield (b. 1948)
Steve Peregrine Took (b. 1949)
Terry Fox (b. 1958)
Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex (d. 1540)
Cyrano de Bergerac (d. 1655)
Antonio Vivaldi (d. 1741)
Johann Sebastian Bach (d. 1750)
Maximilien Robespierre (d. 1794)
Nathan Mayer Rothschild (d. 1836)
Otto Hahn (d. 1968)
Frank Loesser (d. 1969)
Mary Ellen Chased (d. 1973)
Lord (Vic) Feather of Bradford (d. 1976)
William Wyler (d. 1981)
Sir Osbert Lancaster (d. 1986)
Lord (Bernard) Delfont of Stepney (d. 1994)
Susie Cooper (d. 1995)
Rosalie Crutchley (d. 1997)
Theodosius I defeats Maximus, Aquileia, 388
Henry VIII marries Catherine Howard, 1540
Sir Thomas Harriot brings 1st potatos for Sir Walter Raleigh, Colombia-Plymouth, 1586
Battle of Warsaw, 1656
Forth and Clyde Canal opened, 1790
Duke of Wellington victorious at Battle of Talavera, 1809
Peru proclaims independence after liberation by San Martin, 1821
100,000 attend last public hanging in Scotland, 1865
14th Amendment to Constitution ratified, 1868
3rd Maori War breaks out, New Zealand, 1868
The city of Miami is incorporated, Miami FL, 1896
Louis Lassing 1st creates the hamburger, Connecticut, 1900
Austria-Hungary war on Serbia begins, 1914
Rudy Vallee receives 1st singing telegram, US, 1933
Mauretania launched, Birkenhead, 1938
13 die when B52 hits Empire State Building, New York NY, 1945
3 atom bombs damaged in US bomber crash, risking nuclear disaster, Lakenheath, 1956
Postcodes introduced, UK, 1959
Edward Heath becomes leader of Conservatives, 1965
Women racehorse trainers 1st become eligible for training license, 1966
Steel industry re-nationalised, UK, 1967
Pink Floyd and Fairport Convention play at UFO, Tottenham Court Rd, 1967
800,000 die in earthquake, Tangshan area, China, 1976
Suzy Lamplugh disappears, W London, 1986
Laura Davies 1st UK woman to win US Women's Open, 1987
Paddy Ashdown becomes leader of SLD Party, 1988
John Demjanjuk freed on grounds of reasonable doubt of being Ivan the Terrible, 1993
Jeffrey Archer cleared of insider trading, London, 1994
Deep Space 1 flies within 15 miles of Braille, 1999
IRA announces end of armed campaign, Northern Ireland, 2005

29th JULY
George Bradshaw (b. 1801)
Benito Mussolini (b. 1883)
William Powell (b. 1892)
Clara Bow (b. 1905)
Dag Hammarskjöld (b. 1905)
John Haigh (b. 1909)
Lord (Leslie) Scarman of Quatt (b. 1911)
Lord (Jo) Grimond (b. 1913)
Offa, King of Mercia (d. 796)
St Olafd (d. 1030)
William Wilberforce (d. 1833)
Robert Schumann (d. 1856)
Vincent van Gogh (d. 1890)
Adolf Schreyerd (d. 1899)
Sir John Barbirolli (d. 1970)
Mama Cass (d. 1974)
Herbert Marcuse (d. 1979)
Raymond Massey (d. 1983)
Luis Bunuel (d. 1983)
David Niven (d. 1983)
Jerome Robbins (d. 1998)
Mike Reid (d. 2007)
Mary Queen of Scots marries Lord Darnley, Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh, 1565
James VI crowned King of Scotland, Stirling, 1567
Spanish Armada routed by Howard and Drake, Battle of Gravelines, off Plymouth, 1588
Battle of Pamplona, Peninsula War, 1813
1st commercial treaty signed between Japan and US, 1858
1st transcontinental telephone link made, New York NY-San Francisco CA, 1914
1st transcontinental airmail flight, New York NY-San Francisco CA, 1920
Hitler elected president of National Socialist German Workers Party, 1921
Will Hay becomes 1st comedian on UK radio, 1922
1st sermon broadcast in UK, Burdette Aeriel Works, London, 1922
The Good Companions by JB Priestley 1st published, 1929
R100 airship sets off on Atlantic trip, 1930
Cleveland Municipal Stadium, largest baseball stadium, opened, 1931
Dennis the Menace 1st appears in the Beano, 1938
1st broadcast of BBC Light Programme, 1945
Bread rationing ends, UK, 1948
1st regular weather forecast broadcast, BBC, 1949
NASA authorised, US, 1958
Dylan sings on radio for 1st time, on 21-hr hootenanny, WRVR-FM, New York NY, 1962
Tony Blackburn makes his debut, Radio Caroline, 1964
HELP! premiere attended by Elizabeth II, London Pavilion, 1965
Bob Dylan has motorbike crash, Woodstock NY, 1966
John Lennon's interview with Maureen Cleave reprinted in Datebook, US, 1966
Bowie opens in The Elephant Man, Denver CO, 1980
Prince Charles marries Lady Diana Spencer, St Paul's, London, 1981
Cry Freedom banned after 1 showing, South Africa, 1988
Javier Sotomayor becomes 1st to jump 8ft (2.44 metres), Puerto Rico, 1989
Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston marry, Malibu CA, 2000

30th JULY
Giorgio Vasari (b. 1511)
Emily Brontë (b. 1818)
Anton Arensky (b. 1861)
Henry Ford (b. 1863)
Dorothy Wellesley (b. 1889)
Henry Moore (b. 1898)
Gerald Moore (b. 1899)
C Northcote Parkinson (b. 1909)
Bob Cobbing (b. 1920)
Duke of Gloucester (d. OS 1700)
Nahum Tate (d. OS 1715)
William Penn (d. OS 1718)
Thomas Gray (d. OS 1771)
Denis Diderot (d. 1784)
Walter Pater (d. 1894)
Otto von Bismarck (d. 1898)
Ian Gow (d. 1990)
Robin Cook (d. 1994)
Biggie Tembo (d. 1995)
Claudette Colbert (d. 1996)
John Walters (d. 2001)
Sam Phillips (d. 2003)
Ingmar Bergman (d. 2007)
Michelangelo Antonioni (d. 2007)
House of Burgesses, 1st elective governing body in UK colony, formed, Virginia, 1619
La Marseillaise 1st sung in Paris, 1792
Toronto founded (as York), 1793
Central Line opened, Shepherd's Bush-Bank, 1900
Uraguay wins 1st World Cup final, 1930
1st Penguin paperbacks published, 1935
The Beano 1st published, 1938
1st daily serial on BBC, The Robinson Family, begins, 1945
1st rocket attains 100-mile altitude, White Sands NM, 1946
1st radar station opened, Port of Liverpool, 1948
Presley makes 1st public appearance, Overton Park Band Shell, Memphis TN, 1954
Motto of US, "In God we trust", authorised, 1956
Kim Philby granted asylum, Moscow, 1963
England wins World Cup against W Germany, Wembley Stadium, 1966
Commercial television begins, UK, 1968
Kate Smith makes last public appearance, singing God Bless America, US TV, 1976
Estate agent Suzy Lamplugh reported missing, UK, 1986
Luciano Pavarotti performs before 150,000, Hyde Park, 1991
Epping-Ongar branch of Central Line closes, 1993
Derek Bentley cleared posthumously of murder of PC Sidney Miles, 1998

31st JULY
Maximilian II (b. 1527)
John Ericsson (b. 1803)
Helena Blavatsky (b. OS 1831)
Brian Inglis (b. 1916)
Primo Levi (b. 1919)
Ahmet Ertegun (b. 1923)
St Ignatius of Loyola (d. 1556)
Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla (d. 1811)
Louis Hachette (d. 1864)
Andrew Johnson (d. 1875)
Franz Liszt (d. 1886)
Antoine de St-Exupéry (d. 1944)
Jim Reeves (d. 1964)
Lord (Leonard) Cheshire (d. 1992)
King Baudouin of the Belgians (d. 1993)
Anne Shelton (d. 1994)
Caxton publishes Mallory's Le Morte D'Arthur, 1485
Columbus discovers Trinidad on his 3rd voyage, 1498
1st public inland postal services established, with charges of 2d-8d, UK, 1635
1st edition of Burn's poems published, Kilmarnock, 1780
Potash process 1st granted patent, US, 1790
Public inland postal services 1st established, UK, 1835
Boy Scouts inaugurated by Baden-Powell, 1908
Dr Crippen & Ethel Le Nave arrested for murder of his wife, SS Montrose, 1910
1st film censorship law passed, US, 1912
3rd Battle of Ypres (Passchendaele) begins, 1917
Unemployment Insurance Act passed, 1925
Oxfam founded, Oxford University Church of St Mary's, 1942
1st UK self-service supermarket opened, Sainsbury's, Croydon, 1950
K2 climbed by Italian expedition led by Ardito Desio, 1954
Jim Laker takes all 10 Australian wickets in 2nd innings for 53, Old Trafford, 1956
Cigarette advertising banned on television, UK, 1965
Cream makes 1st public appearance, National Jazz & Blues Festival, Windsor, 1966
Beatles memorabilia burned in public after Lennon "Jesus" quote, Birmingham AL, 1966
England win World Cup, 1966
Jagger and Richard have drug convictions quashed, 1967
Cross-channel Hovercraft service inaugurated, 1968
1st episode of Dad's Army shown on TV, BBC, 1968
Paul IV becomes 1st Pope to visit Africa, Uganda, 1969
Trial of Last Exit To Brooklyn begins, Old Bailey, 1969
David Scott & James Irwin are 1st astronauts to ride Lunar Buggies on Moon, 1971
3 members of Miami Showband killed by UVF, Ireland, 1974
The Beat split up, 1983
Sea eagle successfully reintroduced, Scotland, 1985
The Smiths announce split, 1987


Last updated: August 19, 2008