Sir Edward Alleyn (b. 1566)
Johann Pachelbel (bapt. 1653)
Marguerite Gardiner, Countess of Blessington (b. 1789)
Engelbert Humperdinck (b. 1854)
Carl Auer (b. 1858)
James Corbett (b. 1866)
Edgar Rice Burroughs (b. 1875)
Carlo Gambino (b. 1902)
Violet Carson (b. 1905)
Yvonne De Carlo (b. 1922)
Rocky Marciano (b. 1923)
Art Pepper (b. 1925)
Conway Twitty (b. 1933)
Pope Adrian IV (Nicholas Breakspear) (d. 1159)
Jacques Cartier (d. 1557)
Louis XIV, King of France (d. 1715)
Samuel Coleridge-Taylor (d. 1912)
Siegfried Sassoon (d. 1967)
Francois Mauriac (d. 1970)
Albert Speer (d. 1981)
RL Burnside (d. 2005)
Destruction of Jeruslem takes place, 70
Battle of Tippermuir, 1644
Prof Harding discovers asteroid Juno, 1804
Aaron Burr acquitted of plotting to set up an empire, US, 1807
John J. Wood patented the first plow with interchangeable parts, 1810
Sarah J Hales publishes Mary Had A Little Lamb, 1830
1st triangulated postage stamp issued, Cape of Good Hope, 1853
East India Company's government of India ends when UK crown takes over, 1858
Pullman carriages introduced, Bloomington-Chicago line, 1859
Cannon St railway terminus opened to passenger traffic, 1866
Emma Nutt becomes 1st woman telephone operator, Boston MA, 1878
UK signs peace treaty with Zulus, 1879
Severn Tunnel opened for goods traffic, 1886
Postcards with adhesive stamps 1st allowed in UK, 1894
St Petersberg re-named Petrograd (later Leningrad), 1914
Passenger pigeon declared extinct, US, 1914
300,000 die in Shin Sai earthquakes, Tokyo & Yokohamo, 1923
Albania declared a kingdom under King Zog I, 1928
Alhambra Theatre demolished, 1936
Germany invades Poland and seizes Danzig Free City, provoking World War II, 1939
BBC Home Service begins, 1939
Private Eyes, 1st network detective series, premiered, US, 1949
Elvis Presley buys his mother a pink Cadillac, US, 1956
Victoria Line opened, Walthamstow Central-Highbury & Islington, 1968
Col Gaddafi seizes power, Libya, 1969
Qatar becomes independent, 1971
3d and 1d cease to be legal currency, UK, 1971
Iceland extends fishing limits from 12 to 50 miles, 1972
Polish trade Union comes into being, Gdansk, 1981
Water authorities all become PLCs, UK, 1989
Ffyona Campbell becomes 1st woman to walk length of Africa, Cape Town-Tangier, 1993
Kim Wilde marries Hal Fowler, St Giles church, Codicote, 1996

Georg Böhm (b. 1661)
Queen Liliuokalani (b. 1838)
Floyd Council (b. 1911)
Bill Shankly (b. 1913)
Lord George-Brown (b. 1914)
Laurindo Almeida (b. 1917)
Russ Conway (b. 1925)
Hugo Montenegro (b. 1925)
Hal Ashby (b. 1929)
Christa McAuliffe (b. 1948)
Guiseppe Ribera (d. 1652)
Thomas Telford (d. 1834)
Henri Rousseau (d. 1910)
Russ Columbo (d. 1934)
JRR Tolkein (d. 1973)
Sir Felix Aylmer (d. 1979)
Robert Holmes à Court (d. 1990)
Laura (Riding) Jackson (d. 1991)
Roy Castle (d. 1994)
Sir Rudolf Bing (d. 1997)
Christiaan Barnard (d. 2001)
Battle of Actium, 31 BC
Great Fire begins at home of Thomas Farriner, Pudding Lane, 1666
Bombardment of Copenhagen by UK begins, 1807
The Economist 1st published, 1843
Battle of Omdurman, 1898
Amundsen completes sailing round Northwest Passage, Canada, 1906
Conscription of men aged 19-41 comes into force, UK, 1939
50,000 Jews killed in ghetto by German SS, Warsaw, 1942
Japan signs formal surrender to Allies, USS Missouri, 1945
Ho Chi Minh declares Vietnam an independent republic, 1945
1st TV station in China opened, Peking, 1958
United Arab Republic reverts to name of Egypt, 1971
George Harrison marries Olivia Arias, Henley-on-Thames, 1978
CD-Video launched by Philips, 1987
Frank Bruno becomes world heavyweight boxing champion, 1995
All Steeleye Span members reform for 8-hour charity concert, The Forum, London, 1995
Stone Roses make 1st live UK appearance in 5 years, Pilton Village Fete, 1995

Matthew Boulton (b. 1728)
Ferdinand Porsche (b. 1875)
Alan Ladd (b. 1913)
Memphis Slim (b. 1915)
Hank Thompson (b. 1925)
Alberto de Salvo (b. 1931)
Freddie King (b. 1934)
Robert, Duke of Albany (d. 1420)
Richard Tarlton (d. 1588)
Oliver Cromwell (d. 1658)
Sir John Rennie (d. 1874)
e.e. cummings (d. 1962)
Louis MacNeice (d. 1963)
Ho Chi Minh (d. 1969)
Al Wilson (d. 1970)
Harry Partch (d. 1974)
Frederic Dannay (d. 1982)
Jo Jones (d. 1985)
Morton Feldman (d. 1987)
Frank Capra (d. 1991)
Billy Wright (d. 1994)
Major Lance (d. 1994)
Pauline Kael (d. 2001)
Janis Martin (d. 2007)
Steve Fossett (d. 2007)
Coronation of Richard I, the Lion Heart, Westminster Abbey, 1189
Oliver Cromwell defeats Scots, Battle of Dunbar, 1650
Oliver Cromwell defeats Royalists, Battle of Worcester, 1651
Richard Cromwell becomes Lord Protector of England, 1658
James I marries Anne Hyde, Duchess of York, 1660
War of American Independence ends with signing of Treaty of Versailles, 1783
Final Bartholomew's Fair proclaimed, Smithfield, 1855
Royal British Bank fails, owing £500,000, 1856
700 die when the steamer Princess Alice collides with Bywell Castle, Thames, 1878
1st Zeppelin shot down in air raid over England, 1916
5000 die in hurricane, Santo Domingo, 1930
Sir Malcolm Campbell sets land speed record of 301_13 mph, 1935
UK, France, New Zealand & Australia declare war on Germany, 1939
US sends destroyers to UK under Lend-Lease agreement, 1940
CBS demonstrates 1st high-definition colour television on W2XAB, 1940
Unconditional surrender of Italy to Allies, 1943
Brussels liberated, 1944
Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland established, 1953
1st pre-recorded tapes go on sale, UK, 1954
4,800 mile Trans-Canada Highway opened, Newfoundland-Br Colombia, 1962
Capt Ridgway & Sgt Blyth are 1st Britons to row Atlantic, in English Rose III, 1966
Sweden changes rule of road from left to right, 1967
Viking 2 lands on Mars and sends back pictures, Utopia Plains, 1976
75% of Bangladesh under water and one million homeless following floods, 1988
Kevin Maxwell declared bankrupt, with £406_5m debts, 1992
5 die when 27 US cruise missiles fire on Iraq targets, 1996
350+ die at end of school seige, Beslan, N Ossetia, 2004
Moira Cameron, 1st female Beefeater, takes up post, Tower of London, 2007

Alexander III, King of Scotland (b. 1241)
Vicomte de Chateaubriand (b. 1768)
Anton Bruckner (b. 1824)
Darius Milhaud (b. 1892)
Antonin Artaud (b. 1896)
Jack Anthony (b. 1900)
Meade (Lux) Lewis (b. 1905)
Mary Renault (b. 1905)
Edward Dmytryk (b. 1908)
Henry Ford II (b. 1917)
Lord (Denis) Howell (b. 1923)
Dinsdale Landen (b. 1932)
Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester (d. 1588)
César-Francois Cassini de Thury (d. 1784)
James Wyatt (d. 1813)
Edvard Grieg (d. 1907)
Helene Chadwick (d. 1940)
Robert Schuman (d. 1963)
Albert Schweitzer (d. 1965)
Ernst Schumacher (d. 1977)
Sir Leonard Huxley (d. 1988)
Georges Simenon (d. 1989)
Irene Dunne (d. 1990)
Dottie West (d. 1991)
Hans Eysenck (d. 1997)
Jeffrey Bernard (d. 1997)
Lal Waterson (d. 1998)
Steve Irwin (d. 2006)
Athelstan crowned King of England, Kingston, 924
Regent Lennox killed in skirmish against Marian supporters, Scotland, 1571
1st UK lioness dies, Tower of London, 1733
Los Angeles founded in Valley of Smokes (Indian name), 1781
Deutschland, Deutschland, Uber Alles written to tune by Haydn, 1841
1st weather forecast published, The Times, 1860
Napoleon III deposed and 3rd Republic proclaimed, France, 1870
1st cafeteria in world opened, 1885
Geronimo surrenders to US army, Arizona, 1886
George Eastman patents 1st roll-film camera and registers Kodak, 1888
Beatrix Potter 1st writes The Tale of Peter Rabbit in letter to sick child, 1893
1st Boy Scouts rally takes place, Crystal Palace, 1909
Graf Zeppelin completes world tour, Friedrichshafen, 1929
Cambridge Theatre opened, 1930
JR Wendell becomes 1st pilot to exceed 300 mph, Glenview IL, 1933
93 die when UK liner Athenia sunk by German submarine, 1939
Allies liberate Antwerp, 1944
Wilhelmina of the Netherlands abdicates in favour of daughter Juliana, 1948
Bristol Brabazon, UK's largest aircraft, makes its maiden flight, 1949
6,000 people die in earthquake, Ecuador, 1949
Richard Baker 1st TV newscaster to appear onscreen to read news, UK, 1955
1st Hot 100 US singles chart published, Billboard, 1958
1st hatchback, Renault 4, launched, 1961
Initial Teaching Alphabet system was introduced in 19 schools, UK, 1961
Beatles record Love Me Do at 1st EMI session, London, 1962
Race riots over school segregation break out, Birmingham AL, 1963
Forth Road Bridge opened, 1964
Beatle haircuts banned, Indonesia, 1964
Natalia Makarova defects to the west from USSR, 1970
Mark Spitz wins record 7th gold medal in one Olympiad, Munich, 1972
War Child Help charity CD recorded throughout UK, 1995
New Bull Ring opened, Birmingham, 2003

Louis XIV of France, the Sun King (b. 1638)
Johann Christian Bach (b. 1735)
Robert Fergusson (b. 1750)
Caspar David Freidrich (b. 1774)
Giacomo Meyerbeer (b. 1791)
Carl Wilhelm (b. 1815)
John Wisden (b. 1826)
Victorien Sardou (b. 1831)
Jesse James (b. 1847)
Stuart Hibberd (b. 1893)
Darryl F Zanuck (b. 1902)
Arthur Koestler (b. 1905)
Lord (Bernard) Delfont of Stepney (b. 1909)
John Cage (b. 1912)
John Mitchell (b. 1913)
Russell Harty (b. 1934)
Claudette Orbison (b. 1941)
Freddie Mercury (b. 1946)
Buddy Miles (b. 1947)
Ranulf Flambard (d. 1128)
Pieter Brueghel the Elder (d. 1569)
John Home (d. 1808)
William McGillivray (d. 1852)
Auguste Comte (d. 1857)
Crazy Horse (d. 1877)
Charles Péguy (d. 1914)
Josh White (d. 1969)
Sir Douglas Bader (d. 1982)
Gert Fröbe (d. 1988)
Jean Rook (d. 1991)
Christopher Trace (d. 1992)
Claude Renoir (d. 1993)
Mother Teresa of Calcutta (d. 1997)
Sir Georg Solti (d. 1997)
Akira Kurosawa (d. 1998)
Alan Clark (d. 1999)
Choir of Canterbury Cathedral gutted by fire, 1174
Peter the Great imposes tax on beards, Russia, 1698
1st American Congress meets, Philadelphia, 1774
Battle of Chesapeake Bay, 1781
Battle of Virgina Capes, 1781
The Terror set in motion with Hebertist rising, Paris, 1793
France surrenders Malta to UK, 1800
Heligoland seized from Denmark by UK, 1807
1st Labor Day holiday parade was held, New York NY, 1882
1st gasoline pump delivered to gasoline dealer, Indiana, 1885
Russo-Japanese War ends following Treaty of Portsmouth, 1905
1st Battle of the Marne begins, 1914
Fatty Arbuckle allegedly sexually assaulted Virginia Rappe at a party, 1920
Grays State Theatre opened, Essex, 1938
US declares neutrality in World War II, 1939
Allies re-occupy Singapore, 1945
Maureen Connolly, 16, becomes youngest US Champs winner, 1951
On the Road by Jack Kerouac 1st published, US, 1957
Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak 1st published in US, 1958
Betty Freezor Show, 1st videotape colour program, broadcast, WBTV-TV, Charlotte NC, 1958
Christine Keeler arrested and charged with perjury, 1963
Black September guerrillas kill 11 Israelis at Olympic Games, Munich, 1972
Lynette Fromme attempts to assassinate Gerald Ford, Sacramento CA, 1975
Voyager 1 launched, 1977
St Gothard road tunnel, longest in world, opened, 1980
Grays State Theatre closes, Essex, 1988
Noureddine Morcelli runs mile in record 3:44_39, Rieti, 1993
French nuclear tests at Muroroa Atoll spark riot, Tahiti, 1995
Eurostar train sets record 123:39 mins journey time, Paris-St Pancras, London, 2007

Moses Mendelssohn (b. 1728)
Marie-Joseph, Marquis de Lafayette (b. 1757)
Austin Reed (b. 1873)
Joseph Kennedy (b. 1888)
Jimmy Reed (b. 1925)
Evgeny Svetlanov (b. 1928)
Bernie Winters (b. 1932)
Arthur Rackham (d. 1939)
Gertrude Lawrence (d. 1952)
Kay Kendall (d. 1959)
Hendrik Verwoerd (d. 1966)
Gavin Maxwell (d. 1969)
Christy Brown (d. 1981)
Ernest Tubb (d. 1984)
Little Brother Montgomery (d. 1985)
Sir Leonard Hutton (d. 1990)
Tom Fogerty (d. 1990)
James Clavell (d. 1994)
Nicky Hopkins (d. 1994)
Sir John Drummond (d. 2006)
Luciano Pavarotti (d. 2007)
Eclipse is earliest recorded dated event, China, BC 775
Battle of Arsouf, 1191
Del Cano completes 1st circumnavigation of world in Vittoria, 1522
101 Pilgrim Fathers set sail in Mayflower, Plymouth, OS 1620
Future Charles II hides in oak tree after Battle of Worcester, 1651
Great Fire of London extinguished after 4 days, 1666
Old Pretender's standard unfurled, 1st Jacobite uprising, Braemar, 1715
1st US lighthouse built, Boston MA, 1716
Porteous Riot takes place, Tollbooth prison, Edinburgh, 1736
Naval Battle of Cuddalore begins, Madras, 1782
1st free public lending library opened, Manchester, 1852
Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society begins trading, Glasgow, 1868
1st telephone exchange in UK opened, Lombard St, 1879
WG Grace scores century at 1st English Test, the Oval, 1880
William McKinley fatally wounded by anarchist, Buffalo NY, 1901
TW Burgess swims English Channel, South Foreland-Cape Gris Nez, 1911
Juliana becomes Queen of Netherlands, 1918
1st German air raid on England during World War II is aborted, 1939
Yellow Star of David badges become compulsory for Jews, Germany, 1942
John Derry is 1st in UK to fly supersonic, in De Havilland DH108, 1948
Juliana accedes to throne, Netherlands, 1948
26 die in Farnborough Air Show disaster, 1952
1st flexidisc produced, by Nestlé, 1957
India invades West Pakistan, 1965
Swaziland becomes an independent kingdom, 1968
Jefferson Airplane and Doors 1st perform in UK, The Roundhouse, London, 1968
Hendrix completes final European tour, Love & Peace Festival, Fehmarn Island, 1970
Martina Navratilova applies for political asylum, New York NY, 1975
3,000 die in earthquake, Lice, Turkey, 1975
Radiopaging launched, UK, 1977
Thomas Gregory becomes youngest boy to swim English Channel, 1988
USSR ceases to exist as congress give republics independence, Moscow, 1991
Trial of OJ Simpson for double murder begins, US, 1994
Funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales, Westminster Abbey, 1997

Thomas Erastus (b. 1524)
Elizabeth I, Queen of England (b. 1533)
Samuel Johnson (b. OS 1709)
François Philidor (b. 1726)
Thomas Coutts (b. 1735)
Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman (b. 1836)
William Friese-Greene (b. 1855)
Grandma Moses (b. 1860)
Dame Edith Sitwell (b. 1887)
Taylor Caldwell (b. 1900)
Elia Kazan (b. 1909)
Geoffrey Kendal (b. 1909)
Sir Anthony Quayle (b. 1913)
James van Allen (b. 1914)
Lord (Leonard) Cheshire (b. 1917)
Laura Ashley (b. 1925)
Peter Lawford (b. 1927)
King Baudouin of the Belgians (b. 1930)
Sir Malcolm Bradbury (b. 1932)
Sir J Paul Getty II (b. 1932)
Buddy Holly (b. 1936)
Liz Tilberis (b. 1947)
Eazy-E (b. 1963)
Joanna, Queen of David II of Scotland (d. 1362)
Catherine Parr, Queen of Henry VIII (d. 1548)
Hannah More (d. 1833)
William Holman Hunt (d. 1910)
CB Fry (d. 1956)
Lady (Karen) Blixen (d. 1962)
ZaSu Pitts (d. 1963)
Keith Moon (d. 1978)
Liam O'Flaherty (d. 1984)
Jennifer Kendal (d. 1984)
AJP Taylor (d. 1990)
Terence Young (d. 1994)
Michael Elphick (d. 2002)
Erma Franklin (d. 2002)
Katrin Cartlidge (d. 2002)
Warren Zevon (d. 2003)
The Flood (Genesis 6.9) ends (according to Gustav Seyffarth), BC 3446
Pope Boniface VIII seized by agents, Anagni, 1303
American Turtle, midget submersible, makes 1st submarine attack, 1776
Napoleon wins Battle of Borodino, 1812
Brazil declares independence, 1822
Grace Darling and father rescues crew of Forfarshire, near Farne Islands, 1838
Gentleman James L Corbett wins 1st match under Queensberry Rules, New Orleans LA, 1892
Peace of Peking ends Boxer Rising, China, 1901
Interpol founded, Vienna, 1923
Philo T Farnsworth 1st transmits image electronically using image dissector, 1927
Tasmanian tiger declared extinct, Australia, 1936
German major air offensive on London docks begins "blitz", Battle of Britain, 1940
13 die in Knockshinnoch Castle Colliery collapse, Ayrshire, 1950
Black Knight ballistic missile fired, Woomera range, Australia, 1958
Beatles record I am the Walrus, 1967
Jackie Stewart becomes World Motor Racing Champion, Monza, 1969
John McKay and Kenny Morris defect from Siouxsie & the Banshees, Aberdeen, 1979
Desmond Tutu enthroned as 1st black Archbishop of Cape Town, 1986
Classic FM officially begins broadcasting, UK, 1992
Prince plays live in BBC Concert Hall for Radio One, 1993
Tupac Shakur is fatally shot, Las Vegas Strip NE, 1996
Shirley Manson marries, Scotland, 1996
Manchester United is taken over by Rupert Murdoch's BSkyB, 1998
Google search engine launched in beta version, 1998

Richard I, King of England (b. 1157)
Ludivico Ariosto (b. 1474)
August Schlegel (b. 1767)
Frédéric Mistral (b. 1830)
Antonín Dvo_ák (b. 1841)
Alfred Jarry (b. 1873)
Siegfried Sassoon (b. 1886)
Jimmie Rodgers (b. 1897)
Hendrik Verwoerd (b. 1901)
Jean-Louis Barrault (b. 1910)
Sir Denys Lasdun (b. 1914)
Sir Harry Secombe (b. 1921)
Grace Metalious (b. 1924)
Peter Sellers (b. 1925)
Jack Rosenthal (b. 1931)
Patsy Cline (b. 1932)
Ron (Pig Pen) McKernan (b. 1946)
Amy Robsart (d. 1560)
Ann Lee (d. 1784)
George Bradshaw (d. 1853)
Annie Chapman (d. 1888)
Richard Strauss (d. 1949)
André Derain (d. 1954)
Moondog (d. 1999)
Frank Middlemass (d. 2006)
1st recorded ritual sumo wrestling bout, Japan, BC 23
1st permanent American settlement founded, St Augustine, 1565
New Amsterdam seized by English and renamed New York, 1664
New France ends when Montreal surrenders to UK troops, 1760
George III marries Charlotte Sophia, 1761
William IV crowned King of Gt Britain, 1831
Fall of Sebastapol, Crimean War, 1855
Johannesburg founded, 1886
1st English Football League matches played, 1888
6000 die in tidal wave and tornado, near Galveston TX, 1900
Robert Turner's automatic carriage return for typewriters introduced, 1906
Construction of 1st tank completed, Lincoln, 1915
Margaret Gorman from Washington DC becomes 1st Miss America, Atlantic City, 1921
Germany admitted to League of Nations, 1926
Italy surrenders, World War II, 1943
1st V-2 rocket powered flying bombs fall on London, 1944
1st non-stop flight from London to Canada completed, 1944
Bess Myerson of New York is 1st Jewish contestant to win Miss America, US, 1945
Monarchy abolished by Communists in take-over, Bulgaria, 1946
Treaty of Peace with Japan signed, San Francisco CA, 1951
The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway is published, US, 1952
Penguin charged with public obscenity for publishing Lady Chatterley's Lover, 1960
Severn Road Bridge officially opened by Elizabeth II, 1966
Star Trek 1st broadcast, NBC, 1966
Otis Redding arrives in UK for Hit The Road Stax tour, 1967
Uganda becomes a republic, 1967
Virginia Wade beats Billie Jean King to become 1st winner of US Open, 1968
Ford pardons Nixon over Watergate, 1974
Cindy Nicholas (19) swims English Channel in both directions in 19hrs 55m, 1977
1st Futurama Science Fiction Festival begins, Leeds, 1979
1st Cruise missiles removed from UK, RAF Molesworth, 1988
Amy & Emma Hughes, most prematurely-born babies (110 days), born, 1993

Armand Jean, Duc de Richelieu (b. 1585)
Luigi Galvani (b. 1737)
William Bligh (b. 1754)
Max Reinhardt (b. 1873)
James Agate (b. 1877)
Arthur Freed (b. 1894)
Brassaï (b. 1899)
James Hilton (b. 1900)
Cesare Pavese (b. 1908)
Michael Aldridge (b. 1920)
Elvin Jones (b. 1927)
Alice Thomas Ellis (b. 1932)
Sir J Paul Getty II (b. 1932)
Alton Ellis (b. 1938)
Otis Redding (b. 1941)
Billy Preston (b. 1946)
John Curry (b. 1949)
William the Conqueror (d. 1087)
Thomas of Woodstock, Duke of Gloucester (d. 1397)
James IV, King of Scotland (d. 1513)
Sir Humphrey Gilbert (d. 1583)
Stéphane Mallarmé (d. 1898)
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (d. 1901)
Roger Fry (d. 1934)
Mao Tse-tung (d. 1976)
Hugh MacDiarmid (d. 1978)
Jack L Warner (d. 1978)
Jacques Lacan (d. 1981)
Sandra Tilley (d. 1981)
Bill Monroe (d. 1996)
Sir Julian Critchley (d. 2000)
Edward Teller (d. 2003)
English defeat Scots, Battle of Flodden Field, Branxton, 1513
San Sebastian surrenders to Duke of Wellington, 1813
Local government constituted, UK, 1835
California, the Golden State, becomes 31st US state, 1850
1st heart surgery performed, Frankfurt, 1896
Chelsea Football Club plays 1st fixture, Edgeley Park, 1905
1st regular airmail service begins, Hendon-Windsor, 1911
1st Battle of the Marne ends, 1914
NBC created by Radio Corporation of America, 1926
Allied troops land, Gulf of Salerno, Italy, 1943
Gen MacArthur takes over supervision of Japan, 1945
North Korea proclaimed an independent state, 1948
Soap rationing ends, UK, 1950
Last use of gallows in UK, Wandsworth Prison, 1961
Jim Clark becomes world's youngest motor racing champion, 1963
1st hi-jack of UK aircraft takes place, near Beirut, 1970
Conestoga 1, 1st private rocket, launched, 1982
Handsworth riots take place, 1985
Kate Bush's Hounds Of Love launched with laser production, Planetarium, London, 1985
Yasser Arafat signs document recognising State of Israel, Tunis, 1993
Sinn Fein accept Mitchell Principles, 1997

Thomas Sydenham (b. 1624)
Sir John Soane (b. 1753)
Mungo Park (b. 1771)
Carl Van Doren (b. 1885)
Elsa Schiaparelli (b. 1890)
Cyril Connolly (b. 1903)
Edmond O'Brien (b. 1915)
Roy Brown (b. 1925)
Beryl Cook (b. 1926)
Gwen Watford (b. 1927)
Yma Sumac (b. 1927)
Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin (d. 1797)
Charles Cruft (d. 1938)
Pier Angeli (d. 1971)
Charles Denner (d. 1995)
Joanne Dru (d. 1996)
Clarence (Gatemouth) Brown (d. 2005)
Dame Anita Roddick (d. 2007)
Jane Wyman (d. 2007)
Scots under William Wallace defeat English, Cambuskenneth, 1297
Protector Somerset defeats Earl of Huntly, Battle of Pinkie, 1547
Continental Congress authorises name United States, 1776
65lb meteorite, the Limerick Stone, lands in Adare, 1813
Battle of Lake Eyrie, 1813
Simon Bolivar becomes dictator of Peru, 1823
Sewing machine patented by Elias Howe, 1846
Duke of York's Th (as The Trafalgar Square) opened, 1892
George Smith becomes 1st convicted drunk driver, London, 1897
1st paved coast-to-coast highway, Lincoln Highway, opened, 1913
1st motorway completed, Germany, 1921
Canada declares war on Germany, 1939
1st bombing on continental US Soil, Mount Emily OR, 1942
Vidkun Quisling sentenced to death, Norway, 1945
Mildred Gillars indicted for treason as Nazi broadcaster Axis Sally, Washington DC, 1948
Laugh track 1st used on television, Hank McCune Show, US, 1950
TV dinners introduced by Swanson, US, 1953
Gunsmoke 1st transmitted by CBS TV, US, 1955
1st televised English Football League match, Blackpool v Bolton Wanderers, 1960
Ali defeats Karl Mindenberger to retain world heavyweight title, 1966
Gibraltar votes to remain under UK rule, 1967
Guinea-Bissau becomes independent, 1974
Hamida Djandoubi becomes last person to be executed by guillotine, France, 1977
Picasso's Guernica returned from US to Spain after 40 years, 1981
Final Listen With Mother broadcast, BBC, 1982
Steffi Graf achieves 1st Grand Slam since 1970 by winning US Open women's final, 1988
Hungary stops enforcing East German visa restrictions and opens its borders, 1989
Yatzhak Rabin signs document recognizing PLO, Jerusalem, 1993
The X-Files 1st shown, Vancouver BC, 1993
NBC TV's The West Wing wins a record nine Emmy awards, US, 2000

Last updated: April 09, 2009