Richard, 3rd Duke of York (b. 1411)
Girolamo Savonarola (b. 1452)
John Home (b. 1722)
John McAdam (b. 1756)
HG Wells (b. 1866)
Gustav Holst (b. 1874)
Karol Szymanowski (b. 1883)
Sir Allen Lane (b. 1902)
Kwame Nkrumah (b. 1909)
Chuck Jones (b. 1912)
Sir Ian MacGregor (b. 1912)
Slam Stewart (b. 1914)
Nigel Stock (b. 1919)
Dawn Addams (b. 1930)
Rory Storme (b. 194x)
Susan Fleetwood (b. 1944)
Virgil (d. BC 19)
Edward II, King of England (d. 1327)
Sir Walter Scott (d. 1832)
Lord (George) Bentinck (d. 1848)
Arthur Schopenhauer (d. 1860)
Frank Hornby (d. 1936)
Sir Montague Burton (d. 1952)
Walter Brennan (d. 1974)
Jacqueline Susann (d. 1974)
Sigismund Payne Best (d. 1978)
Jaco Pastorius (d. 1987)
Christine Norden (d. 1988)
Henry Koster (d. 1988)
OS Nock (d. 1994)
Florence Griffith-Joyner (d. 1998)
Robert Dudley marries Lettice Knollys, Wanstead, 1578
William III makes Declaration to English people, 1688
1st US daily paper, Pennsylvania Packet & General Advertising, launched, 1784
Charles Edward Stuart wins Battle of Prestonpans, 1745
London & Brighton Railway opened, 1841
Cleopatra's Needle brought from Alexandria by Cleopatra, London, 1877
Duryea Motor Wagon Co, 1st auto manufacturer, opened, US, 1895
Kit Carson, 1st western, opened, US, 1903
CH Chubb buys Stonehenge & 30 acres for £6,600 from Sir Edmond Antrobus, 1915
Total eclipse of Sun 1st filmed, W Australia, 1922
Flashbulb patented by Johann Ostermeyer, 1930
Pound falls from $4_86 to $3_49 after UK abandons gold standard, 1931
Reichstag fire trial opens, Leipzig, 1933
The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien is 1st published, 1937
San Marino declares war on Germany, 1944
US Skymaster flown by remote control radio, Wilmington OH-Brize Norton, 1947
Federal Republic of West Germany inaugurated, 1949
People's Republic of China proclaimed by its Communist leaders, 1949
1st comprehensive school opened, Holyhead, 1949
Perry Mason premiered, US, 1957
1st flight of over 1,200 hours completed, Dallas TX, 1958
1st non-stop swim across English channel completed by Antonio Albertondo, 1961
University Challenge, compered by Bamber Gascoigne, 1st broadcast, 1962
Beatles begin recording Beatles For Sale LP, 1964
Malta becomes independent, 1964
1st company, BP, strikes oil in North Sea, 1965
Old Grey Whistle Test 1st broadcast, UK, 1971
8,000 die in floods caused by hurricanes, Honduras, 1974
Jahangir Khan retires from squash, 1992
2,400 die when a powerful earthquake strikes Taiwan, 1999
Google search engine launched in alpha version, 1999

Anne of Cleves (b. 1515)
Michael Faraday (b. 1791)
Dame Christabel Pankhurst (b. 1880)
Erich von Stroheim (b. 1885)
Paul Muni (b. 1895)
John Houseman (b. 1902)
Arthur Lowe (b. 1915)
Johann Agricola (d. 1566)
Nathan Hale (d. 1776)
Alain-Fournier (d. 1914)
Harry Warren (d. 1981)
Axel Springer (d. 1985)
Dan Rowan (d. 1987)
Irving Berlin (d. 1989)
Lord (Edward) Shackleton (d. 1994)
Leonard Feather (d. 1994)
Lord (George) Tonypandy (d. 1997)
Clive Jenkins (d. 1999)
George C Scott (d. 1999)
Isaac Stern (d. 2001)
Marcel Marceau (d. 2007)
Sir Philip Sidney fatally wounded, Relief of Zutphen, 1586
Walpole is 1st prime minister to live at 10 Downing St, 1735
Coronation of George III, 1761
France declared republic, 1792
Joseph Smith announces discovery of Book of Mormon, 1827
Lincoln issues Emancipation Proclamation freeing slaves, 1862
Ice cream cone patented, 1903
3 UK cruisers sunk by 1 U-boat, 1914
Metropolitan Police form the motorised Flying Squad, London, 1920
Lunacy, 1st 3D talking picture, premiered, New York NY, 1924
265 die in Gresford mining disaster, North Wales, 1934
Soviet Union explodes its 1st atomic bomb, 1949
IBA, 1st commercial UK television channel, begins broadcasting, London, 1955
1st UK TV commercial, for Gibbs SR toothpaste, broadcast, 1955
Grace Archer burns to death in The Archers, BBC Home Service, 1955
Mali becomes independent, 1960
The Man From UNCLE premiered, US, 1964
Fiddler On The Roof opened, 1st of 3,242 performances, Broadway NY, 1964
Sara Jane Moore attempts to shoot Ford, San Francisco CA, San Francisco, 1975
War declared between Iran and Iraq, 1980
Alex Salmond elected convenor of Scottish Nationalist Party, 1990
Bryan Adams' Everything I Am number 1 for record 12th week, UK, 1990

Euripedes (b. BC 480)
Augustus Caesar (b. BC 63)
Lady (Emmuska) Orczy (b. 1865)
Walter Pidgeon (b. 1897)
Paul Delvaux (b. 1897)
Tiny Bradshaw (b. 1905)
Albert Ammons (b. 1907)
John Coltrane (b. 1926)
Wally Whyton (b. 1929)
Ray Charles (b. 1930)
Colin Blakely (b. 1930)
Romy Schneider (b. 1938)
Roy Buchanan (b. 1939)
Tim Rose (b. 1940)
George Jackson (b. 1941)
Duster Bennett (b. 1946)
Richard Bonington (d. 1828)
Vincenzo Bellini (d. 1835)
Prosper Mérimée (d. 1870)
Urbain Leverrier (d. 1877)
Francis Kilvert (d. 1879)
Wilkie Collins (d. 1889)
Eliza Cook (d. 1889)
Sigmund Freud (d. 1939)
Elinor Glyn (d. 1943)
Pablo Neruda (d. 1973)
Alexander Neill (d. 1973)
Robbie McIntosh (d. 1974)
Louis Kentner (d. 1987)
Bob Fosse (d. 1987)
Madeleine Renaud (d. 1994)
Dorothy Lamour (d. 1996)
Sir Malcolm Arnold (d. 2006)
Greeks defeat Persians, Battle of Salamis, BC 480
Battle of Bloreheath, 1459
Battle of Worcester, 1642
Harvard College holds its 1st commencement, Cambridge MA, 1642
Battle of Philiphaugh, 1645
John Paul Jones defeats UK Serapis, Flamborough Head, 1779
Benedict Arnold's plot to betray West Point revealed by John Andre, US, 1780
Compound fountain-pen patented by Joseph Bramah, 1809
1st publication of The Daily Sun, New York NY, 1833
Johann Galle discovers planet Neptune, 1846
Chewing gum 1st commercially produced as State of Maine Pure Spruce Gum, 1848
9-year old boy is 1st pedestrian to be killed by car on public highway, Hackney, 1897
1st Keystone comedy premiered, US, 1912
Gene Tunney defeats Jack Dempsey in 10th round, Philadelphia PA, 1926
George Cross and George Medal instituted, UK, 1940
Mothers Of Invention play Royal Albert Hall, London, 1967
Mick Jagger meets Bianca Perez Morena de Macias, Paris, 1970
Juan Perón re-elected president, Argentina, 1973
Ceefax, 1st teletext service, begins, UK, 1974
Prestel 1st demonstrated by Post Office, UK, 1975
Cheryl Ladd replaces Farrah Fawcett on Charlie's Angels broadcast, US, 1977
Sinéad O'Connor requests US anthem not be played before her show, US, 1990
Donovan Leitch Jr and Kirsty Hume marry, St Mackessog's, Luss, Loch Lomond, 1997
Mars Climate Observer apparently burns up as it approaches orbit of Mars, 1999

Johan de Witt (b. 1625)
Horace Walpole (b. 1717)
Edward Bach (b. 1886)
Sir AP Herbert (b. 1890)
F Scott Fitzgerald (b. 1896)
Carl Sigman (b. 1909)
Sir Andrjez Panufnik (b. 1914)
Tarheel Slim (b. 1924)
Anthony Newley (b. 1931)
Svetlana Beriozova (b. 1932)
Jim Henson (b. 1936)
Linda McCartney (b. 1941)
Mark Sandman (b. 1952)
Paracelsus (d. 1541)
Branwell Brontë (d. 1848)
Melanie Klein (d. 1960)
Dame Isobel Baillie (d. 1983)
Tim Rose (d. 2002)
Françoise Sagan (d. 2004)
Edward Balliol enthroned as King of Scotland, Scone, 1331
St Léger horse race 1st run, Doncaster, 1776
US Supreme Court created, 1789
1st baseball team organised, US, 1845
Roman Catholic hierarchy established by Papal Bull, England, 1850
Henri Gifford flies 1st dirigible balloon, Paris-Trappe, 1852
Northern Daily Times, 1st provincial daily, founded, Liverpool, 1853
Vanderbilt completes 1st round-the-world yacht voyage, 1853
Gold price collapse causes stock market panic, Black Friday, New York, 1869
Royal Court Theatre opened, Sloane Square, London, 1888
1st round-the-world trip on a bicycle by a woman completed, in 15 months, 1895
Krupps Works bombed by French, Essen, 1916
Noel Coward's Private Lives 1st performed, London, 1930
1st Jaguar car goes on sale, for £385, UK, 1935
Mildred Gillars denies treason as Nazi propagandist Axis Sally, Washington DC, 1948
The Tonight Show premiered, US, 1954
1st nuclear submarine, USS Enterprise, launched, Newport VA, 1960
The Munsters premiered, US, 1964
Douglas Haston and Doug Scott are 1st to climb south-west face of Everest, 1975
Compuserve System inaugurated, US, 1979
Train à Grande Vitesse Atlantique 186 mph service begins, Paris-Le Mans, 1989
US and other major powers agree to end development and tests of nuclear weapons, 1996

Sophia Dorothea of Zell (b. NS 1666)
Jean-Philippe Rameau (bapt. NS 1683)
Felicia Hemans (b. 1793)
Sir Charles Cochran (b. 1872)
William Faulkner (b. 1897)
Mark Rothko (b. 1903)
Robert Bresson (b. 1907)
Ronnie Barker (b. 1929)
Patric Walker (b. 1931)
Glenn Gould (b. 1932)
Juliet Prowse (b. 1934)
Bryan MacLean (b. 1946)
Christopher Reeve (b. 1952)
Harold Hardrada, King of Norway (d. 1066)
Samuel Butler (d. 1680)
Johann Strauss the Elder (d. 1849)
Gerard Hoffnung (d. 1959)
Emily Post (d. 1960)
Erich Remarque (d. 1970)
Coco the Clown (Nikolai Poliakov) (d. 1974)
John Bonham (d. 1980)
Walter Pidgeon (d. 1984)
Mary Astor (d. 1987)
Emlyn Williams (d. 1987)
Klaus Barbie (d. 1991)
Petra Kelly (d. 1992)
RS Thomas (d. 2000)
Harold II victorious, Battle of Stamford Bridge, 1066
Isabella, Roger Mortimer and Prince Edward assume royal power, Orwell, 1326
Columbus begins 2nd voyage with flotilla of 17 ships, Cadiz, 1493
de Balboa discovers Pacific after crossing Darien isthmus, 1513
1st US newspaper published and suppressed, Boston MA, 1690
2 pendulum clocks set in motion, launching Greenwich Mean Time, Greenwich, OS 1676
Honoretta Pratt is 1st person to be cremated, 1769
US Congress proposes Bill of Rights, 1789
1st human blood transfusion carried out, Guy's Hospital, 1818
Relief of Lucknow begins, 1857
Polytechnic, Regent St, opened after reconstitution, 1882
Earliest recorded winter snowfall, London, 1885
Jack the Ripper posts 1st letter to Central News office, London, 1888
Sequoia National Park established, California, 1890
Yosemite National Park established by US Congress, 1890
1st UK petrol omnibus service begins, Bradford, 1897
Poison gas 1st used by UK forces, Battle of Loos, 1915
Catalonia becomes autonomous, 1932
25,000 queue to see Shroud of Turin, 1933
Chingford becomes a borough, 1938
1st radio broadcast of Friday Night Is Music Night, BBC, 1953
Liberace makes debut at Carnegie Hall, 1953
Elvis Presley makes first appearance on the Grand Ole Opry, 1954
1st TV appearance of Noddy, Adventures of Noddy, 1955
1st transatlantic telephone cable comes into use, Oban-Newfoundland, 1956
Sonny Liston wins World Heavyweight boxing title, 1962
Skylab 2 completes record 59 days in orbit, Pacific, 1973
Jackie Wilson suffers heart attack on stage, New Jersey, 1975
Laker Airway's Skytrain service begins, London-New York NY, 1977
Question Time 1st broadcast, UK, 1979
Sandra Day O'Connor becomes 1st female to sit on the US Supreme Court bench, 1981
38 IRA prisoners escape, Maze Prison, 1983
Rushdie's The Satanic Verses published, UK, 1988
Mars Observer launched, 1992
Last Magdalen Asylum closes, Ireland, 1996
Andy Green reaches average 714.1 mph in UK Thrust supersonic car, Black Rock NV, 1997
Over 1,800 die when a Senegalese ferry capsizes in the Atlantic, 2002

Théodore Géricault (b. 1791)
Sir Barnes Wallis (b. 1887)
TS Eliot (b. 1888)
Martin Heidegger (b. 1889)
Pope Paul VI (b. 1897)
George Gershwin (b. 1898)
Anthony Blunt (b. 1907)
Leonard Sachs (b. 1909)
Marty Robbins (b. 1925)
Julie London (b. 1926)
Dick Heckstall-Smith (b. 1934)
Andrea Dworkin (b. 1946)
Daniel Boone (d. 1820)
August Möbius (d. 1868)
J Keir Hardie (d. 1915)
Bessie Smith (d. 1937)
William Henry Davies (d. 1940)
Béla Bártók (d. 1945)
George Santayana (d. 1952)
Anna Magnani (d. 1973)
Pat Hare (d. 1980)
Shelly Manne (d. 1984)
Alberto Moravio (d. 1990)
Lynette Roberts (d. 1995)
Betty Carter (d. 1998)
Carl Sigman (d. 2000)
Robert Palmer (d. 2003)
Coronation of William II of England, 1087
Juan Cabrillo discovers California, San Diego Bay, 1542
Drake in Golden Hind is 1st Briton to circumnavigate world, Plymouth, 1580
Venetians destroy Parthenon and Propyleiea, Athens, 1687
UK troops occupy Philadelphia, 1777
1st British Golf Open held, Prestwick, 1861
Emile Berliner patents 1st gramophone, US, 1887
New Zealand becomes a dominion, 1907
1st regular air-mail service, Hendon-Windsor, ends, 1911
Battle of Meuse-Argonne begins, World War I, 1918
Mary launches Queen Mary, Clydebank, 1934
Sugar rationing ends, UK, 1953
Euler's flycatcher declared extinct, 1955
Birdseye fish fingers 1st go on sale, UK, 1955
West Side Story opened, Broadway NY, 1957
Dylan plays 1st headline engagement, Gerde's Folk City, New York NY, 1961
Jimi Hendrix 1st arrives in UK, to form Experience, London, 1966
Theatre Act abolishing censorship comes into force, UK, 1968
Boeing 767 makes its maiden flight, Everett WA, 1981
Ben Johnson stripped of gold medal after failing drugs test, Seoul, 1988
4 men and 4 women begin 2-year stay inside Biosphere 2, Oracle AZ, 1991
Giant panda gives birth to twin cubs after natural conception, Beijing Zoo, 1994
Energis telephone system launched, UK, 1994
Shannon Lucid returns from record 6-months on Mir Space Station, US, 1996

Samuel Adams (b. 1722)
George Cruikshank (b. 1792)
Lady (Cynthy) Asquith (b. 1887)
Nikolai Bukharin (b. OS 1888)
George Raft (b. 1895)
Sir William Empson (b. 1906)
Lord (Bernard) Miles (b. 1907)
Sir Martin Ryle (b. 1918)
Bud Powell (b. 1924)
William of Wykeham (d. 1404)
Edgar Degas (d. 1917)
Engelbert Humperdinck (d. 1921)
Aristide Maillol (d. 1944)
Sylvia Pankhurst (d. 1960)
Clara Bow (d. 1965)
Rory Storme (d. 1972)
Dame Gracie Fields (d. 1979)
Jimmy McCulloch (d. 1979)
Robert Montgomery (d. 1981)
André Kertész (d. 1985)
Paul Burlison (d. 2003)
Society of Jesus founded, 1540
Rhode Island Gazette 1st published, 1727
Active (later Locomotion No. 1) pulls 1st public steam train, Stockton-Shildon, 1825
Mount Ararat 1st climbed, 1830
British Association for Advancement of Science 1st meets, York, 1831
Henry Tandey spares Hitler's life in hand-to-hand combat, Cambrai, 1918
Elizabeth launches Queen Elizabeth, Clydebank, 1938
Hitler announces intention to annex Sudetenland, 1938
German service of External Services, BBC Radio, begins, 1938
Warsaw surrenders to German forces, 1939
Glenn Miller & Orchestra make final performance, Central Theater, Passaic NJ, 1942
5,000 die in typhoon, Honshu, 1959
1st travelator, or moving pavement, in Europe opened, Bank, London, 1960
Queen Mary completes final transatlantic voyage, Southampton, 1967
Hair opened, Shaftesbury Th, London, 1968
John Peel broadcasts 1st 1-hour show for Radio One, 1969
UK & European Ryder Cup team 1st defeat US on US soil to retain trophy, 1987
Tony Benn loses seat on Labour national executive after 34 years, UK, 1993
Brigitte Bardot received by Pope as animal welfare campaigner, Vatican, 1995
Sallit 1, asteroid, discovered by amateur astronomer in garden shed, Berks, 1995
Taliban Islamic militia forces capture Kabul, Afghanistan, 1996
Dylan performs for Pope, 23rd National Eucharist Congress Mass, Bologna, 1997
Gerhard Schroeder elected chancellor of Germany, 1998
Virgin InterCity West Coast tilting train service begins, London-Manchester, 2004

Michaelangelo Marisi da Caravaggio (b. 1573)
Pierre de Maupertius (b. 1698)
Prosper Mérimée (b. 1803)
Francis Turner Palgrave (b. 1824)
Thomas Crapper (bapt. 1836)
Georges Clemenceau (b. 1841)
Pietro Badoglio (b. 1871)
Cyril McNeile (Sapper) (b. 1888)
Ed Sullivan (b. 1902)
Al Capp (b. 1909)
Ellis Peters (b. 1913)
Ethel Rosenberg (b. 1915)
Peter Finch (b. 1916)
Michael Somes (b. 1917)
Marcello Mastroianni (b. 1924)
Heather Sears (b. 1935)
Elbridge Bryant (b. 1939)
Pompey the Great (d. BC 48)
St Wenceslas (d. 929)
Andrea del Sarto (d. 1530)
Herman Melville (d. 1891)
Louis Pasteur (d. 1895)
Charles Edgar Duryea (d. 1938)
Edwin Hubble (d. 1953)
William Boeing (d. 1956)
Harpo Marx (d. 1964)
André Breton (d. 1966)
Dewey Phillips (d. 1968)
John Don Passos (d. 1970)
Pope John Paul I (d. 1978)
Sir Robert Helpmann (d. 1986)
Ferdinand Marcos (d. 1989)
Miles Davis (d. 1991)
William Douglas Home (d. 1992)
Harry Saltzman (d. 1994)
Leslie Crowther (d. 1996)
Pierre Trudeau (d. 2000)
Mickey Newbury (d. 2002)
Elia Kazan (d. 2003)
Althea Gibson (d. 2003)
1st Marathon won, by messenger who had run from Battle of Marathon, Athens, BC 490
Calais surrender to English, 1347
Battle on the North Inch, Perth, 1390
Judge Jeffreys appointed Lord Chancellor of England, 1685
God Save The King anthem 1st performed, Drury Lane Th, 1745
Seige of Yorktown begins, US, 1781
Flogging abolished as form of punishment, US Navy, 1850
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson is 1st qualified woman surgeon, UK, 1865
1st Marks & Spencers opens, Cheetham Hill, Manchester, 1894
Mussolini marches on Rome, 1922
Radio Times 1st published, 1923
1st round world flight completed by 2 US Army aircraft, Seattle WA, 1924
Canadian troops enter Calais, 1944
1st Grand Prix takes place, Silverstone, 1948
Walter Washington takes office as 1st mayor of the District of Columbia, 1967
PW Botha becomes Prime Minister, South Africa, 1978
Death of Doris Archer recorded for the Archers, Cherington, 1980
Riots in Brixton after police shooting of Mrs Cherry Groce, 1985
Star Trek: Next Generation 1st broadcast on US television, 1987
900 die when ferry Estonia sinks off Finland, 1994
Rabin and Arafat sign accord to transfer much of West Bank to Arab control, 1995
Frankie Dettori wins 7 races in a day at odds of 25,000/1, costing bookies £10m, 1996
Channel Tunnel Rail Link passenger services resume, 2003

Pompey the Great (b. BC 106)
Tintoretto (b. 1518)
Miguel de Cervantes (b. 1547)
François Boucher (b. 1703)
Lord (Robert) Clive (b. 1725)
Lord (Horatio) Nelson (b. 1758)
Elizabeth Gaskell (b. 1810)
Sir Billy Butlin (b. 1899)
Enrico Fermi (b. 1901)
Greer Garson (b. 1904)
Gene Autry (b. 1911)
Michelangelo Antonioni (b. 1912)
Stanley Kramer (b. 1913)
Trevor Howard (b. 1916)
Carl Giles (b. 1916)
Jimmy Knapp (b. 1940)
Frederick West (b. 1941)
Madeline Kahn (b. 1942)
Emile Zola (d. 1902)
Rudolf Diesel (d. 1913)
Carson McCullers (d. 1967)
Shorty Long (d. 1969)
Edward Everett Horton (d. 1970)
WH Auden (d. 1973)
Bill Shankly (d. 1981)
AL Lloyd (d. 1982)
Henry Ford II (d. 1987)
Charles Addams (d. 1988)
Roger Elliot (d. 1993)
Susan Fleetwood (d. 1995)
Roy Lichtenstein (d. 1997)
Lois Maxwell (d. 2007)
Greeks defeat Persian Army, Battle of Marathon, BC 490
Richard II 1st UK monarch to abdicate, deposed by Henry IV, 1399
New River opened, London, 1613
Henry Robinson opens 1st marriage bureau, Threadneedle St, 1650
Sir Robert Peel's police force inaugurated, London, 1829
1st UK electric street tram service begins, Blackpool, 1885
1st of 3 nightly air-raids begins, London, 1917
Bulgaria surrenders when Allies pierce Hindenburg Line, 1918
Whitehall Th opened, London, 1930
George Bernard Shaw refuses a peerage, 1930
Chamberlain, Hitler, Mussolini & Deladier sign Munich Pact, 1938
Kettering becomes a borough, 1938
National registration/ID cards 1st issued, UK, 1939
Nazi death squad murders 30,000 Russian Jews, Kiev, 1941
Eisenhower and Badoglio sign armistice aboard HMS Nelson, off Malta, 1943
USSR invades Yugoslavia, 1944
BBC Third Programme inaugurated, 1946
Come Dancing 1st broadcast, BBC, 1950
Bell Telephone Co test 1st automatic telephone answering machine, US, 1950
Canada's 1st satellite, The Alouette, launched, 1962
1st 4-seater Aston Martin, DB6, launched, 1965
Evening News taken over by the Standard, London, 1980
Toots & the Maytals record Toots Live, on sale within 24 hrs, Hammersmith, 1980
Lady Donaldson is 1st woman Lord Mayor of London, 1983
A Chorus Line becomes longest running Broadway show, New York NY, 1983
Discovery shuttle 1st launched following Challenger disaster, Cape Canaveral FL, 1988
Have I Got News For You 1st broadcast, BBC2, 1990
21,000 die in earthquake, Maharashtra, India, 1993

Thomas Plantaganet, Duke of Clarence (b. 1388)
Henry Somerset, 1st Baron Raglan (b. 1788)
John Rae (b. 1813)
Michael Powell (b. 1905)
Michael Innes (b. 1906)
Deborah Kerr (b. 1921)
Donald Swann (b. 1923)
Truman Capote (b. 1924)
ZZ Hill (b. 1935)
Janet Reger (b. 1935)
Frankie Lymon (b. 1942)
Marc Bolan (b. 1947)
Biggie Tembo (b. 1958)
St Jerome (d. 420)
James Brindley (d. 1772)
Liz Stride (d. 1888)
Catherine Eddowes (d. 1888)
Georges Boulanger (d. 1891)
James Dean (d. 1955)
Edgar G Ulmer (d. 1972)
Mary Ford (d. 1977)
Simone Signoret (d. 1985)
Charles Richter (d. 1985)
Storm Jameson (d. 1986)
Virgil Thomson (d. 1989)
Marius Goring (d. 1998)
Ronnie Dawson (d. 2003)
Coronation of Henry IV, King of England, 1399
The Magic Flute by Mozart 1st performed, Vienna, 1791
University of Berlin opened, 1810
1st tooth extracted under anaesthetics, Charlestown MA, 1846
Rayon 1st patented, 1902
Mussolini forms 1st Fascist government, Italy, 1922
Discovery of penicillin 1st announced, 1928
1st BBC experimental TV service begins, 1929
Maiden flight of 1st rocket-powered aircraft, 1929
British Film Institute comes into operation, 1933
FD Roosevelt announces his $700 million New Deal to help poor, US, 1933
Last Morning Post newspaper appears, 1937
Chamberlain returns with Munich Pact proclaiming "peace in our time", UK, 1938
UK expeditionary force of 158,000 sent to France, 1939
USSR agrees on partition of Poland, 1939
22 Nazi leaders found guilty of war crimes, Nuremberg, 1946
Festival of Britain ends, 1951
1st film in Cinerama, This Is Cinerama, shown, New York NY, 1952
The Flintstones 1st broadcast, ABC TV, US, 1960
Riots ensue as marshals escort Meredith to enrol at University of Mississippi, 1962
Elizabeth Lane is 1st woman High Court Judge, 1965
Thunderbirds 1st broadcast, UK, 1965
EMI launches 12/6d Music For Pleasure label in newspaper and grocery outlets, 1965
Botswana becomes independent, 1966
Radio One begins broadcasting, BBC, 1967
Ellice Island, renamed Tuvalu, becomes independent, 1983
The Star and Sunday Sport merge, 1988
Karen Reilly and Marvin Peake shot dead joyriding past army checkpoint, Belfast, 1990
New 10p coin goes into circulation, 1992
25,000 die in earthquake, India, 1993
Nuclear accident occurs, Tokaimura, 1999
Demolition of Wembley Stadium begins, London, 2002
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