Henry III, King of England (b. 1207)
Giacoma da Vignola (b. 1507)
Annie Besant (b. 1847)
Paul Dukas (b. 1865)
William Boeing (b. 1881)
Stanley Holloway (b. 1890)
Vladimir Horowitz (b. 1904)
Bonnie Parker (b. 1910)
Walter Matthau (b. 1920)
Laurence Harvey (b. 1928)
George Peppard (b. 1928)
Richard Harris (b. 1930)
Philippe Noirot (b. 1930)
Albert Collins (b. 1932)
Donny Hathaway (b. 1945)
Sir Edwin Landseer (d. 1873)
Lord (Anthony Ashley) Cooper of Shaftesbury (d. 1885)
Al Jackson (d. 1975)
Sir Sacheverell Sitwell (d. 1988)
Lena Zavaroni (d. 1999)
Reginald Kray (d. 2000)
Richard Avedon (d. 2004)
Patrice Holloway (d. 2006)
Ned Sherrin (d. 2007)
Colloquy of Marburg begins, 1529
Mary I crowned, 1553
Money orders 1st issued in UK, 1792
Belgium becomes part of French Republic, 1795
Spain cedes Louisiana to France in a secret treaty, 1800
US defeats Mexican cavalry, 1st battle of Texas Revolution, Guadalupe River, 1835
News of the World 1st published, 1843
St Pancras Station opened, Midland Railway, 1868
Austria issues 1st official prepaid postcards, 1869
½d postage stamps & stamped postcards introduced, UK, 1870
Edison Lamp Works manufacture 1st electric light bulbs, New Jersey NY, 1880
Julliard School of Music founded, New York NY, 1905
Henry Ford introduces Model T Ford, US, 1908
Elastoplast sticking plasters 1st manufactured, 1928
Franco takes office as head of Nationalist government, Spain, 1936
1st regular television service begins, BBC, Alexandra Palace, 1936
German forces enter Sudetenland, 1938
Picture Post 1st published, 1938
MENSA founded, 1946
People's Republic proclaimed, China, 1949
1st UHF television service begins, Portland OR, 1952
Tonight Show 1st presented by Johnny Carson, NBC, 1962
Nuclear Test Ban Treaty agreed by UK, USSR and USA comes into effect, 1963
Nigeria becomes a republic, 1963
Albert Speer released from spandau Prison, Berlin, 1966
Jimi Hendrix jams with Cream, Freshers' Dance, Central London Polytechnic, 1966
Concorde 001 1st breaks sound barrier in test flight, France, 1969
Disney World opened, Orlando FL, 1971
Watergate trial begins, Washington DC, 1974
McDonalds 1st opened in London, 1974
2nd Toxteth riots begin, Liverpool, 1985
Fixed penalty scheme for motoring offences introduced, 1986
Gorbachev replaces Gromyko as Soviet President, 1988
1st UK sighting of canvassback, Glan Conwy, 1989
Digital television launched by Sky TV, UK, 1998

Richard III, King of England (b. 1452)
Paul von Hindenberg (b. 1847)
Ferdinand Foch (b. 1851)
Sir William Ramsay (b. 1852)
Mahatma Gandhi (b. 1869)
Wallace Stevens (b. 1879)
Groucho Marx (b. 1890)
Bud Abbott (b. 1895)
Roy Campbell (b. 1901)
Graham Greene (b. 1904)
Godfrey Basely (b. 1904)
Eric Hosking (b. 1909)
Lord (Robert) Runcie (b. 1921)
Samuel Adams (d. 1803)
Max Bruch (d. 1920)
Marie Stopes (d. 1958)
Marcel Duchamp (d. 1968)
Frances Horovitz (d. 1983)
Rock Hudson (d. 1985)
Madeleine Carroll (d. 1987)
Gene Autry (d. 1998)
Sir Fred Pontin (d. 2000)
Saladin captures Jerusalem, beginning the Crusades, 1187
Norsemen defeated, Battle of Largs, 1263
1st telescope demonstrated by Hans Lippershey, 1608
Duke of York captures Alkmaar, 1799
Darwin returns to UK, in HMS Beagle, 1836
Battersea Dogs Home opened, London, 1860
Rome declared capital of Italy, 1870
Brigham Young, Mormon leader, arrested for bigamy, US, 1871
Holland I, 1st Royal Naval submarine launched, Barrow, 1901
1st rugby match played, Twickenham, 1909
1st London buses with roofed-in upper decks introduced, 1925
Church of Scotland & United Free Church of Scotland re-unite as Church of Scotland, 1929
Italy invades Abyssinia (Ethiopia), 1935
Empress of Britain sunk en route to Canada with refugees, 1940
British Council receives Royal Charter, 1940
Fluorescent lighting 1st used, Piccadilly Circus, 1945
Legal aid comes into effect, UK, 1950
Peanuts 1st appears, US, 1950
1st UK use of TV to trace murder suspect when William Pettit's photograph shown, 1953
A new volcanic island appears off Fayal Island, Azores, 1957
Republic of Guinea becomes independent, 1958
The Twilight Zone 1st broadcast, 1959
Redwoods National Park established, California, 1968
Neil Kinnock becomes leader of Labour Party, 1983
Human Rights Act introduced, UK, 2000
Hovercraft service replaced by that of conventional ferry, 2000
1st of a series of sniper attacks which claim 10 lives, Washington DC, 2002

Mikhail Lermontov (b. OS 1814)
Eleanora Duse (b. 1858)
Pierre Bonnard (b. 1867)
Alain-Fournier (b. 1886)
Louis Aragon (b. 1897)
Thomas Wolfe (b. 1900)
Sir Michael Hordern (b. 1911)
James Herriot (b. 1916)
Eddie Cochran (b. 1938)
Stevie Ray Vaughan (b. 1954)
St Francis of Assisi (d. 1226)
Elias Howe (d. 1867)
William Morris (d. 1896)
Carl Nielson (d. 1931)
Sir Arnold Bax (d. 1953)
Woody Guthrie (d. 1967)
Sir Malcolm Sargent (d. 1967)
Skip James (d. 1969)
Victoria Spivey (d. 1976)
Vivien Merchant (d. 1982)
Catherine Bramwell-Booth (d. 1987)
Sir Alec Issigonis (d. 1988)
Roddy McDowell (d. 1998)
Akio Morita (d. 1999)
Janet Leigh (d. 2004)
Ronnie Barker (d. 2005)
William of Orange raises Seige of Leyden, 1574
Earl of Huntly defeats Earl of Argyll, Battle of Glenlivet, 1594
Surrender of Limerick, 1691
Last opening of independent Scottish Parliament, 1706
1st women's County cricket match begins, Newington, 1811
Motor-driven vacuum-cleaner patented, 1893
Boer war begins, South Africa, 1899
SOS established as international distress call, Berlin, 1906
1st English national flag day held, 1914
Yugoslavia adopts present name, 1929
Dominion Theatre opened, London, 1929
Iraq becomes independent, 1932
The Times changes typeface to Times New Roman, 1932
Aerosol patented by LD Goodhue and WN Sullivan, 1941
The Maltese Falcon premiered, New York NY, 1941
1st UK atomic device exploded, Monte Bello Islands, 1952
1st video recording made on magnetic tape, US, 1952
Bolshoi Ballet 1st appear in UK, Covent Garden, 1956
1st UK post code introduced, Norwich, 1959
Dick Van Dyke Show premiered, US, 1961
Beach Boys re-record Surfin' for debut single, Los Angeles CA, 1961
X-15 rocket-plane reaches record 4,535 mph, US, 1967
20 die in riots prior to Olympic Games, Mexico, 1968
1st CDs appear on sale, UK, 1983
East & West Germany reunited as the Federal Republic of Germany, 1990
Sinéad O'Connor rips up photograph of Pope on TV, Saturday Night Live, US, 1992
OJ Simpson acquitted of double murder, Los Angeles CA, 1995
Cumulina, 1st clone of a mouse clone, born, Hawaii, 1998

Lucas Cranach the Elder (b. 1472)
Lucas Cranach the Younger (b. 1515)
Richard Cromwell (b. 1626)
Jean François Millet (b. 1814)
Rutherford B Hayes (b. 1822)
Damon Runyon (b. 1884)
Henri Gaudier-Brzeska (b. 1891)
Buster Keaton (b. 1895)
Charlton Heston (b. 1923)
James Hanratty (b. 1936)
St Teresa of Ávila (d. 1582)
Rembrandt (d. 1669)
John Rennie (d. 1821)
Karl Baedeker (d. 1859)
Catherine Booth (d. 1890)
Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi (d. 1904)
Max Planck (d. 1918)
Sir Arthur Whitten Brown (d. 1948)
Patsy Hendren (d. 1962)
Janis Joplin (d. 1970)
Glenn Gould (d. 1982)
Jean Anouilh (d. 1987)
Graham Chapman (d. 1989)
Jill Bennett (d. 1990)
AL Rowse (d. 1997)
Art Farmer (d. 1999)
Peterborough Cathedral consecrated, 1238
1st English translation of the Bible, by Miles Coverdale, published, 1535
Federal Republic of Mexico proclaimed, 1823
Belgium proclaimed independent, 1830
John Bowler introduces his Bowler Hat, London, 1850
Turkey declares war on Russia, beginning Crimean War, 1853
Inaugural journey of Orient Express to Constantinople begins, London, 1883
Boy's Brigade founded, Glasgow, 1883
1st American Golf Open held, Newport RI, 1895
1st public escalator opened, Earls Court, 1911
Mrs Felton becomes 1st woman in US Senate, 1922
Marie Lloyd makes last public appearance, Edmonton, 1922
Gutzon Borglum begins presidential bust carving, Mt Rushmore, 1927
Snoopy makes 1st appearance in Peanuts, US, 1950
David Schwartz fitted with 1st external heart pacemaker, US, 1952
Sputnik I, 1st satellite, launched, USSR, 1957
1st transatlantic passenger jet service begins, 1958
1st close-up photograph of the Moon taken, from Lunik III, 1959
The Saint 1st broadcast, UK, 1962
Beatles make 1st live TV appearance, Ready Steady Go!, 1963
Paul VI becomes 1st Pope to visit America, New York NY, 1965
The World At One 1st broadcast, BBC Radio 4, 1965
Lesotho (Basutoland) becomes an independent kingdom, 1966
The Smiths make their 1st live appearance, The Ritz, Manchester, 1982
Richard Noble achieves land-speed record of 633.468 mph, Black Rock Desert NV, 1983
124 die when airplane crashes into apartment block, Bijlmermeel, Amsterdam, 1992
Yeltsin overthrows attempted Parliamentary coup, Moscow, 1993
Last Mini comes off the production line, Longbridge, 2000

Margaret, Queen of Alexander III of Scotland (b. 1240)
Mary of Modena, Queen of Gt Britain & Ireland (b. 1658)
Denis Diderot (b. 1713)
William Wilkie (b. 1721)
Chester A Arthur (b. 1830)
John Addington Symonds (b. 1840)
Robert Hutchings Goddard (b. 1882)
Ray A Kroc (b. 1902)
Joshua Logan (b. 1908)
Flann O'Brien (b. 1911)
Joan Littlewood (b. 1914)
Donald Pleasence (b. 1919)
Robin Bailey (b. 1919)
Raisa Struchkova (b. 1925)
Brian Connolly (b. 1945)
Caron Keating (b. 1963)
Edward Bruce, King of Ireland (d. 1318)
Lodovico Ferrari (d. 1665)
Jacques Offenbach (d. 1880)
William Lassell (d. 1880)
William Heinemann (d. 1920)
Jean Vigo (d. 1934)
Gloria Grahame (d. 1981)
Leonard Rossiter (d. 1984)
Nelson Riddle (d. 1985)
Hal B Wallis (d. 1986)
Geoffrey Household (d. 1988)
Eddie Kendricks (d. 1992)
Willy Brandt (d. 1992)
Luc Jouret (d. 1994)
Joseph Di Mambro (d. 1994)
Arthur Tracy (d. 1997)
Denis Quilley (d. 2003)
Battle of Dunkalk, Louth, 1318
Revolutionary Calendar decreed, Paris, 1793
Spain declares war on UK, 1796
Battle of the Thames, Ontario, 1813
1st bathing costume goes on sale, London, 1830
Dalton Gang practically wiped out in attempt to rob 2 banks, Koffeyville KS, 1892
Bulgaria declares itself independent, 1908
Portugal declares itself a republic, 1910
1st French air battle between Germany & France takes place, 1914
Chequers donated as official country residence of Prime Minister, 1917
The Jazz Singer, 1st full-length talking picture, shown, New York NY, 1927
Labour votes to nationalise coal mines, UK, 1927
48 die when R101 airship crashes near Beauvais, France, 1930
1st non-stop transpacific flight completed, Wenatchee WA, 1931
Unemployed shipyard workers begin march to London, Jarrow, 1936
Oxfam founded, UK, 1942
Cominform founded, Belgrade, 1947
Truman makes 1st presidential address to be televised from White House, 1947
Tea rationing ends, UK, 1952
Marilyn Monroe files suit for divorce from Joe DiMaggio, Santa Monica CA, 1954
Constitution of 5th Republic of France comes into force, 1958
1st single by the Beatles, Love Me Do, released, 1962
1st majority verdict taken in UK, Brighton Quarter sessions, 1967
The Troubles begin with civil rights/police clash, Londonderry, N Ireland, 1968
Monty Python's Flying Circus 1st broadcast, BBC1, 1969
Oregon becomes 1st US state to decriminalise marijuana, 1973
5 die in IRA pub bombing, Guildford, 1974
Marc Bolan and June Child divorce, UK, 1975
Tina Turner plays to 70,000, Olympic Stadium, Barcelona, 1990
48 members of Order of the Solar Temple found dead, Switzerland, 1994
30 die in head-on train collision, Ladbroke Grove, 1999

Henry Wriothesley, Earl of Southampton (b. 1573)
Nevil Maskelyne (b. 1732)
Louis-Philippe Égalite, King of the French (b. 1773)
Jenny Lind (b. 1820)
George Westinghouse (b. 1846)
Le Corbusier (b. 1887)
Helen Wills Moody (b. 1905)
Janet Gaynor (b. 1906)
Carole Lombard (b. 1908)
Lady (Barbara) Castle of Blackburn (b. 1910)
Thor Heyerdahl (b. 1914)
Emil Gilels (b. OS 1916)
Tommy Lawton (b. 1919)
George Carman (b. 1929)
William Tyndale (d. 1536)
Charles Stewart Parnell (d. 1891)
WH Smith (d. 1891)
Lord (Alfred) Tennyson (d. 1892)
Ford Madox Brown (d. 1893)
George du Maurier (d. 1896)
WK Kellogg (d. 1951)
Johnny Kidd (d. 1967)
Dennis Price (d. 1973)
Hattie Jacques (d. 1980)
Anwar Sadat (d. 1981)
Bette Davis (d. 1989)
Denholm Elliott (d. 1992)
Jan Lenica (d. 2001)
Pete McCarthy (d. 2004)
Capt Cook 1st lands, New Zealand, 1769
Liverpool & Manchester Railway trials begin, Rainhill Bridge, 1829
Orient Express completes its maiden run, Constantinople, 1883
Inner Circle line completed, London, 1884
Moulin Rouge 1st opened, Paris, 1889
Mormons renounce bigamy, Utah, 1890
Sir Henry Wood's Promenade Concerts begin, Queen's Hall, London, 1895
Manchester University formally opened, 1903
Women's Social & Political Union formed by Emmeline Pankhurst, Manchester, 1903
Berlin airlift ends after 277,264 flights, 1949
Tokyo Rose sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined $10,000, San Francisco CA, 1949
Stingray 1st broadcast, 1962
4,000 die in hurricane, Haiti, 1963
LSD outlawed in US, 1966
Family Planning Association introduce free contraception to anyone over 15, UK, 1967
Radio KPFT bombed because of anti-Vietnam War stance, Texas, 1970
Yom Kippur Israeli-Arab war breaks out, 1973
1st woman train driver starts work on London Underground, 1978
President Carter receives John Paul II, 1st pontiff to visit the White House, 1979
Broadwater Farm Estate riots begin, Tottenham, 1985
Nigel Mansell 1st wins Grand Prix, 1985
Ulysses launched from Space Shuttle Discovery, 1990
Elizabeth Taylor marries Larry Fortensky, her 8th marriage, 1991
David and Frederick Barclay buy Ritz Hotel, London, 1995
Milosovic ousted from power in a popular uprising, Yugoslavia, 2000

William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury (b. 1573)
Caroline Anne Southey (b. 1786)
Joe Hill (b. 1879)
Niels Bohr (b. 1885)
Heinrich Himmler (b. 1900)
Jo Jones (b. 1911)
Shura Cherkassky (b. 1911)
Joseph Cooper (b. 1912)
June Allyson (b. 1917)
Yaltah Menuhin (b. 1921)
Jeff Mayo (b. 1921)
RD Laing (b. 1927)
Ulrike Meinhoff (b. 1934)
Judee Sill (b. 1944)
Charles III, King of France (d. 929)
Margaret, Infant Queen of Scotland (d. 1290)
Giovani Guarini (d. 1612)
Edgar Allan Poe (d. 1849)
Oliver Wendell Holmes (d. 1894)
Sir Hubert Parry (d. 1918)
Marie Lloyd (d. 1922)
Marguerite Radclyffe Hall (d. 1943)
Christopher RW Nevinson (d. 1946)
Clarence Birdseye (d. 1956)
Mario Lanza (d. 1959)
Smiley Lewis (d. 1966)
Cyril Cusack (d. 1993)
Deryck Guyler (d. 1999)
Christian forces defeat Ottomans, Battle of Lepanto, 1571
Burgoyne defeated, Benus Heights, Germantown NY, 1777
Bell of Lutine salvaged presented to Lloyd's of London, 1799
1st carbon paper patented, by Ralph Wedwood, London, 1806
Cornell University inaugurated, Ithaca NY, 1868
Gambetta escapes by balloon, Franco-German war, Paris, 1870
Great Fire of Chicago breaks out, after a cow allegedly upsets a lantern, 1871
1st car assembly line enters production, Ford's, Detroit MI, 1913
1st airline, KLM, founded, Holland, 1919
Oxford University admits 1st 100 women for full degrees, 1920
1st Royal broadcast made, by Prince Edward, UK, 1922
1st infra-red photograph taken, Rochester NY, 1931
Westminster Th opened, London, 1931
1st performance of London Philharmonic Orchestra, Queen's Hall, London, 1932
Woman's Hour 1st broadcast, BBC, 1946
Constitution of German Democratic Republic enacted, 1949
Liver clock first chimes, 1430 hr, Liverpool, 1953
Lunik III transmits 1st close-up pictures of far side of Moon, 1959
Tommy Docherty leaves Chelsea Football Club, 1967
Cats opened, 1st of record 7,485 performances, Broadway, New York NY, 1982
PLO guerillas hijack Achille Lauro cruise ship, 1985
The Independent 1st published, 1986
Radio London ceases to exist, BBC, 1988
Demolition of 25 Cromwell St begins, Gloucester, 1996
Maths Pathfinder and sojourner rover cease to send messages to Earth, 1997
Kostunica sworn in as president, Yugoslavia, 2000
George W Bush and Tony Blair begin series of air strikes, Afghanistan, 2001

Margaret Douglas, Countess of Lennox (b. 1515)
Karl Mangold (b. 1813)
J Frank Duryea (b. 1869)
John Cowper Powys (b. 1872)
Eddie Rickenbaker (b. 1890)
Juan Perón (b. 1895)
Rouben Mamoulian (b. 1898)
Elsa Lanchester (b. 1902)
Johnny Ramone (b. 1948)
Henry Fielding (d. 1754)
Vittorio Alfieri (d. 1803)
Franklin Pierce (d. 1869)
Gus Kahn (d. 1941)
Wendell Wilkie (d. 1944)
Kathleen Ferrier (d. 1953)
Lord (Clement) Attlee (d. 1967)
Joan Hackett (d. 1983)
Diana Churchill (d. 1994)
Patric Walker (d. 1995)
John Cairncross (d. 1995)
Lester Bowie (d. 1999)
Jacques Derrida (d. 2004)
Church council of Chalcedon opened, 451
Final consecration of St Mark's takes place, Venice, 1085
King's College, London, opened, 1831
1,100 die in forest fire, Peshtigo WI, 1871
Jones begins to report average of industrial stocks, US, 1896
Permanent waving maching 1st used on a woman's hair, 1905
Wind In The Willows published, 1908
1st Balkan War breaks out, 1912
Zeppelin shed destroyed in 1st successful air raid on specified target, 1914
Battle of Loos ends, 1915
Beirut taken by UK, 1918
Western Poland becomes part of German Reich, 1939
112 die in train collision, Harrow & Wealdstone, 1952
Aircraft-carrier Saratoga launched, US, 1955
Post Office (British Telecom) Tower opened as tallest UK building, London, 1965
1st UK breathalyser test administered to motorist, Flax Bourton, 1967
Ché Guevara wounded and captured while fighting, Bolivia, 1967
LBC, 1st UK commercial radio station, begins broadcasting, London, 1973
Sex Pistols sign to EMI, 1976
UK joins Exchange Rate Mechanism, 1990
1st female full members of a RN warship begin duties, HMS Brilliant, Plymouth, 1990
Hostage Ken Bigley executed by beheading, Iraq, 2004
Holyrood opened by Elizabeth II, Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, 2004
73,000+ die in earthquake, Pakistan, 2005

Robert de Sorbon (b. 1201)
Charles X, King of France (b. 1757)
Camille Saint-Saëns (b. 1835)
Alastair Sim (b. 1900)
Lord (Quintin) Hailsham of St Marylebone (b. 1907)
Jacques Tati (b. 1908)
Rt Rev Lord (Donald) Coggan (b. 1909)
Charles A Jayne (b. 1911)
Ruth Ellis (b. 1926)
John Lennon (b. 1940)
John Entwistle (b. 1944)
Fra Filippo Lippi (d. 1469)
Countess (Barbara) Castlemaine, mistress of Charles II (d. 1709)
Ché Guevara (d. 1967)
Sister Rosetta Tharpe (d. 1973)
Oskar Schindler (d. 1974)
Jacques Brel (d. 1978)
Anna Freud (d. 1982)
Clare Booth Luce (d. 1987)
Felix Wankel (d. 1988)
Richard Murdoch (d. 1990)
Lord (Alex) Home of the Hirsel (d. 1995)
Milt Jackson (d. 1999)
Leif Ericsson discovers Vinland (New England), 1000
Henry VI restored to throne, UK, 1470
Louis XII marries Mary Tudor, 1514
Yale College receives charter as Collegiate School of Connecticut, New Haven CT, 1701
Luddite riots begin, Manchester, 1779
Hobart founded, Tasmania, 1804
Bell & Watson conduct 1st sustained telephone call, Boston-Cambridge MA, 1876
Washington Monument opened, 1888
1st petrol omnibus service begins, London, 1899
Sarah Bernhardt injures leg in on-stage accident, 1905
1st Battle of Ypres begins, 1914
Labour government falls, 1924
Laura Ingalls is 1st woman to fly across US, Roosevelt Field NY-Glendale CA, 1930
1st generator at Boulder Dam begins transmitting electricity to Los Angeles CA, 1936
Churchill and Stalin meet, Kremlin, Moscow, 1944
Eugene O'Neill's The Iceman Cometh opened, Martin Beck Theatre, New York NY, 1946
1st electric blanket goes on sale, Petersburg VA, 1946
Test atom bomb dropped, Australia, 1957
Uganda becomes independent, 1962
1900 die when 260m cubic metres of water escapes, Vaiont Dam, Italian Alps, 1963
The Times 1st set in Times Europa typeface, 1972
Gary Glitter declared bankrupt, 1980
A spaceship, complete with 3 tall aliens, reported to visit park in Voronezh, 1989
McDonalds 1st opened in China, Shenzhen, 1990
120+ die when Hurricane Pauline strikes Mexico, 1997

Antoine Watteau (b. 1684)
Guiseppe Verdi (b. 1813)
Paul Kruger (b. 1825)
Ivan Bunin (b. 1870)
Lord (William Morris) Nuffield (b. 1877)
Helen Hayes (b. 1900)
Alberto Giacometti (b. 1901)
Ivory Joe Hunter (b. 1911)
Thelonius Monk (b. 1918)
James Clavell (b. 1924)
Ed Wood Jr (d. 1924)
Oscar Brown Jr (b. 1926)
Daniel Massey (b. 1933)
Ken Saro-Wiwa (b. 1941)
Giant Haystacks (b. 1946)
Kirsty MacColl (b. 1959)
William Wilkie (d. 1772)
William H Seward (d. 1872)
Eleanor Rigby (d. 1939)
FM Alexander (d. 1955)
Eddie Cantor (d. 1964)
Edouard Daladier (d. 1970)
Sir Ralph Richardson (d. 1983)
Orson Welles (d. 1985)
Yul Brynner (d. 1985)
Christopher Reeve (d. 2004)
Alton Ellis (d. 2008)
Lyons founded by Lucius Plancus, BC 43
Europeans discover Redwood trees, California, 1769
Battle of Point Pleasant, 1774
Present Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, opened, 1812
Nottingham Castle burned down by rioters, 1831
William Lassell discovers Neptune's moon, Triton, 1846
Savoy Theatre opened, London, 1880
Pierre Lorillard introduces tuxedo short-tail dinner jacket, Tuxedo Park NY, 1886
Felix Hoffman invents aspirin, Germany, 1897
Women's Social & Political Union formed by Emmeline Pankhurst, Manchester, 1903
Republic Revolution begins, Central China, 1911
Roll-towel cabinet patented by George Steiner, 1917
Tyne Bridge opened, Newcastle, 1930
Boeing 747 explodes in 1st proven case of airline sabotage, Chesterton IN, 1933
Dreft, 1st synthetic detergent, goes on sale, 1933
George Gershwin's opera Porgy And Bess opened, Broadway NY, 1935
My Dream, 1st "Smellie" feature film, premiered, Zurich, 1940
Chiang Kai-shek takes oath of office as president of China, 1943
Nuclear fire at Windscale, 1957
Population evacuated to UK as volcano erupts, Tristan da Cunha, 1961
Fiji becomes independent, 1970
Sir John Betjeman becomes Poet Laureate, 1972
Labour returned with overall majority of 3, UK, 1974
Elizabeth Taylor remarries Richard Burton, Botswana, 1975
Smash Hits 1st published, 1978
20,000 die in earthquake, El Asnam, Algeria, 1980
2 die in IRA bombing, Chelsea Barracks, 1981

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