Samuel Clarke (b. 1675)
Arthur Phillip (b. 1738)
Heinrich Wilhelm Olbers (b. 1758)
Henry J Heinz (b. 1844)
Emily Davison (b. 1872)
Eleanor Roosevelt (b. 1884)
François Mauriac (b. 1885)
Ethel Mannin (b. 1910)
Jerome Robbins (b. 1918)
Art Blakey (b. 1919)
Dottie West (b. 1932)
Lester Bowie (b. 1941)
Ulrich Zwingli (d. 1531)
Sir Thomas Wyatt (d. 1542)
Meriwether Lewis (d. 1809)
Samuel Wesley (d. 1837)
James Joule (d. 1889)
Anton Bruckner (d. 1896)
Jean Henri Fabre (d. 1915)
Maurice de Vlaminck (d. 1958)
Chico Marx (d. 1961)
Jean Cocteau (d. 1963)
Edith Piaf (d. 1963)
Andy Stewart (d. 1993)
Donald Dewar (d. 2000)
Sri Chinmoy (d. 2007)
John's baggage lost in The Wash, 1216
Order of the Bath constituted by Henry IV, 1399
Pope Leo X makes Henry VIII Defender of the Faith, 1522
Peter I the Great becomes Tsar of Russia, 1682
Coronation of George II takes place, 1727
30,000 die following storm, India, 1737
1st naval battle of Lake Champlain, 1776
Battle of Camperdown, North Holland, 1797
Juliana, 1st steam-powered ferryboat, goes into service, New York NY-Hoboken NJ, 1811
Great Chicago Fire ends, 1871
Comptometer, 1st adding machine, patented by Dorr Eugene Felt, Chicago IL, 1887
Daughters of the American Revolution founded, US, 1890
Seige of Mafeking begins second Boer War, 1899
Little Th, Adelphi, Strand, opened, 1901
Czechoslovakia becomes independent republic, 1918
1st airline meals served, on Handley-Page flight, London-Paris, 1919
German currency collapses (DM10,000m to £1), 1923
Children's Hour 1st broadcast, BBC, 1926
Jodrell Bank telescope comes into service, 1957
Pioneer 1 launch fails as it falls back to Earth and burns up in the atmosphere, 1958
Grandstand 1st broadcast, 1958
Aretha Franklin 1st performs in New York, The Village Vanguard, 1960
Apollo 7, 1st manned Apollo mission, launched, Cape Kennedy, 1968
Radio London 1st goes on air, 1970
Elvis and Priscilla Presley divorce, Santa Monica CA, 1973
Saturday Night Live 1st broadcast, US, 1975
Sex Pistols record Anarchy in the UK, 1976
Nancy Spungen found murdered, Chelsea Hotel, New York NY, 1978
Mary Rose raised, the Solent, 1982
Kathy Sullivan becomes 1st American woman to walk in space, from Challenger, 1984
Sonic exploration to find monster ends without success, Loch Ness, 1987

Edward VI, King of England (b. 1537)
Ramsay MacDonald (b. 1866)
Ralph Vaughan Williams (b. 1872)
Aleister Crowley (b. 1875)
James Phillip McAuley (b. 1917)
Magnus Magnusson (b. 1929)
Nappy Brown (b. 1929)
Cyril Tawney (b. 1930)
Luciano Pavarotti (b. 1935)
Melvin Franklin (b. 1942)
Piero della Francesca (d. 1492)
Maximilian II (d. 1576)
Giovanni Battista Vitali (d. 1692)
Elizabeth Fry (d. 1845)
Ando Hiroshige (d. 1858)
Robert Stephenson (d. 1859)
Robert E Lee (d. 1870)
Edith Cavell (d. 1915)
Anatole France (d. 1924)
Tom Mix (d. 1940)
Gene Vincent (d. 1971)
Pink Anderson (d. 1974)
Nancy Spungen (d. 1985)
Ricky Wilson (d. 1985)
René Lacoste (d. 1996)
John Denver (d. 1997)
Lord (Quintin) Hailsham of St Marylebone (d. 2001)
Ray Conniff (d. 2002)
Columbus finds New World at Guanahani (San Salvador), Bahamas, 1492
Three Blind Mice, 1st printed secular song, published, London, 1609
Great explosion largely destroys Delft, 1654
Safety pin patented by Charles Rowley, UK, 1849
Executive Mansion renamed White House by Roosevelt, US, 1901
Gustav Hamel flies English channel, Hardelot-Maidstone, 1911
Iron lung 1st used, Children's Hospital, Boston MA, 1928
John Dillinger escapes from jail when his gang kill sheriff, Allen County OH, 1933
1st Morris Minor produced, Cowley, 1948
College of Europe opened, Bruges, 1950
1st commercial flight between California & Antarctica, 1957
Kruschev disrupts UN General Assembly by pounding his desk with a shoe, 1960
Jimi Hendrix Experience formed, London, 1966
Equatorial Guinea becomes independent, 1968
100,000 attend opening ceremony, Olympic Games, Mexico City, 1968
Jesus Christ Superstar opened, Mark Hellinger Theater, Broadway NY, 1971
5 die in IRA bomb Grand Hotel during Conservative Party Conference, Brighton, 1984
TPD, maker of Sinclair C5, goes into receivership, 1985
Elizabeth II is 1st UK monarch to visit China, 1986
Remains of original Globe Theatre discovered, Bankside, London, 1989
New dog registration laws come into force, UK, 1991
NASA's Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence begins, 1992
Magellan crashes into surface of Venus, 1994
Last working Messerschmitt 109 crashes, Duxford, 1997
Nawaz Sharif overthrown by the military, Pakistan, 1999

Edward, Prince of Wales (b. 1453)
Lillie Langtry (b. 1853)
Mary Kingsley (b. 1862)
Conrad Richter (b. 1890)
Art Tatum (b. 1909)
Cornel Wilde (b. 1915)
Laraine Day (b. 1917)
Robert Walker (b. 1918)
Yves Montand (b. 1921)
Lenny Bruce (b. 1925)
Ray Brown (b. 1926)
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (b. 1948)
Claudius I (d. 54)
Nicolas Malebranche (d. 1715)
Antonio Canova (d. 1822)
Sir Henry Irving (d. 1905)
Elzie Segar (d. 1938)
Milton Hershey (d. 1945)
Ed Sullivan (d. 1974)
Melvin Frank (d. 1988)
Beryl Reid (d. 1996)
Templars arrested for heresy, Paris, 1307
Acquisition of 1st ships for US Navy approved by Congress, 1775
Washington lays foundation stone of White House, 1792
Battle of Queenston Heights, 1812
1st aeriel photo in US taken from balloon, Boston MA, 1860
Greenwich adopted as universal meridian, Washington, 1884
41 die in German air raid, London, 1915
Ankara becomes new capital of Turkey, 1923
1st party political broadcast made, by Labour Party, 1924
43 vehicles take part in 1st UK veteran car rally, London, 1927
Princess Elizabeth makes 1st broadcast, Children's Hour, 1940
Italy declares war on Germany, 1943
Allies liberate Athens, 1944
Rubber football 1st used, Atlanta GA, 1951
Burglar alarm patented by Samuel Bagno, US, 1953
Chris Chataway breaks world 5,000 metres record by 5 seconds, 1954
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? opened on Broadway, New York NY, 1962
Beatles appear on Sunday Night At The London Palladium, 1963
The Who record My Generation, Pye Studios, London, 1965
Jimi Hendrix Experience debut with 15-min set, Novelty, Evreux, France, 1966
Apollo 7 transmits 1st live television from a manned spacecraft, 1968
Soyuz VIII launched, USSR, 1969
Bank rate replaced by minimum lending rate, UK, 1972
Gerald Ford appointed vice-president, US, 1973
The Clothes Show 1st broadcast, UK, 1986
Elizabeth II sues Sun over publication of private photographs, UK, 1988
Heart of England Way footpath opened, Alcester, 1990
Damon Hill becomes Formula I champion, Japanese Grand Prix, 1996
Jet-propelled Thrust SSC reaches record supersonic 764 mph on land, 1997

Sir Peter Lely (b. 1618)
Sophia, Princess of the Palatinate (b. 1630)
James II, King of Gt Britain (b. 1633)
William Penn (b. 1644)
Adolphe Monticelli (b. 1824)
Andrey Bely (b. OS 1880)
Éamon de Valera (b. 1882)
Katherine Mansfield (b. 1888)
Dwight D Eisenhower (b. 1890)
Lillian Gish (b. 1893)
e.e. cummings (b. 1894)
Bud Flanagan (b. 1896)
Sir Roland Penrose (b. 1900)
Raj Kapoor (b. 1924)
Edwin, King of Northumbria (d. 632)
Harold, King of the English (d. 1066)
Erwin Rommel (d. 1944)
Errol Flynn (d. 1959)
Dame Edith Evans (d. 1976)
Bing Crosby (d. 1977)
Sir Martin Ryle (d. 1984)
Emil Gilels (d. 1985)
Keenan Wynn (d. 1986)
Leonard Bernstein (d. 1990)
Ellis Peters (d. 1995)
Harold Robbins (d. 1997)
Josef Locke (d. 1999)
Penda of Mercia & Cadwallon of N Wales defeat Northumbrian Army, Hatfield, 632
Penda becomes king of Mercia, and Osric, son of Aelfric, King of Northumbria, 632
Battle of Hastings, Senlac Hill, near Pevensey, 1066
William I accedes to throne of England, 1066
Trial of Mary Queen of Scots, 1586
Maiden voyage of 1st UK steamboat, with Robert Burns as passenger, 1788
Trial of Marie Antoinette, 1793
Battle of Jena-Auerstadt, 1806
Peace of Vienna, 1809
Stephenson's Rocket wins Liverpool & Manchester Railway trials, Rainhill Br, 1829
Belgium proclaimed an independent kingdom, 1830
Bread riots take place, Hyde Park, 1855
Football 1st played under lights, Bramall Lane, Sheffield, 1878
189 fishermen die in storm, Eyemouth, 1881
Theodore Roosevelt shot by John Schrank, Milwaukee WI, 1912
439 die in worst UK pit disaster, Universal Colliery, Senghenydd, 1913
Degrees 1st conferred on women, Oxford University, 1920
Winnie the Pooh 1st published, London, 1926
R101, largest UK airship, flies on 1st trial, 1929
Germany leaves League of Nations, 1933
810 die Royal Oak battleship torpedoed and sunk by U-boat, Scapa Flow, 1939
Charles Yeager reaches 670 mph in a Bell XS-I, 1st supersonic flight, Muroc CA, 1947
DeMille begins filming The Ten Commandments, Egypt, 1954
Madagascar becomes independent as Malagasy Republic, 1958
Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Martin Luther King, 1964
Charlie Watts marries Shirley Shepherd, Bradford, 1964
International Times 1st published, London, 1966
New Euston station opened, 1968
50p coins 1st issued, 1969
Close-up TV pictures of Mars 1st transmitted from Mariner 9, 1971
United Nations recognise Palestine Liberation Organisation, 1974
1st commercial flight from City Airport, Docklands, 1987
Children's Act comes into force, UK, 1991
Ffyona Campbell is 1st woman to walk around the world, John O'Groats, 1994
Combined Loyalist Military Command ceasefire begins, N Ireland, 1994

Virgil (b. BC 70)
Akbar the Great (b. 1542)
Allan Ramsay (b. 1686)
Asaph Hall (b. 1829)
James Tissot (b. 1836)
Friedrich Nietzsche (b. 1844)
John L Sullivan (b. 1858)
Marie Stopes (b. 1880)
PG Wodehouse (b. 1881)
Mervyn Le Roy (b. 1901)
CP Snow (b. 1905)
Victoria Spivey (b. 1906)
JK Galbraith (b. 1908)
Nellie Lutcher (b. 1912)
Mario Puzo (b. 1920)
Ed McBain (b. 1926)
Fela Kuti (b. 1938)
Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac (d. 1730)
Mata Hari (d. 1917)
William Soutar (d. 1943)
Pierre Laval (d. 1945)
Hermann Goering (d. 1946)
Cole Porter (d. 1964)
James Phillip McAuley (d. 1976)
Carlo Gambino (d. 1976)
Pat O'Brien (d. 1983)
Delphine Seyrig (d. 1990)
Derek Bell (d. 2002)
Gregorian Calendar adopted, Spain, Portugal & Italy, NS 1582
de Rozier makes 1st balloon ascent, 1783
Brilliant comet witnessed over Europe, 1811
Gaiety Th opened (as Strand Music Hall), London, 1864
Cologne Cathedral opened, 1880
Comedy Th opened, London, 1881
Alfred Dreyfus arrested on false charge of treason, France, 1894
Horseless Carriage Exhibition, 1st UK motor show, held, Tunbridge Wells, 1895
Graf Zeppelin completes 1st transatlantic flight, Friedrichschafen-Lakehurst NJ, 1928
Broadcasting House bombed during the News, London, 1940
Paris Peace Conference ends, 1946
I Love Lucy 1st broadcast, CBS, 1951
1st Party Political Broadcast televised by Liberal Party, 1951
Ringo Starr 1st stands in as drummer for Silver Beetles, Hamburg, 1960
Brezhnev replaces Kruschev as General Secretary of Soviet Communist Party, 1964
R Severn bore reaches record 9¼ft at 13 mph, Stonebench, 1966
Pink Floyd & Soft Machine play at International Times launch party, London, 1966
Led Zeppelin make live debut under that name, Surrey University, 1968
Protests held against Vietnam war, US, 1969
Legislation passed curbing immigration to UK, 1971
Irene Miller & Vera Komarkova are 1st women to conquer Annapurna 1, Himalayas, 1978
Elizabeth II steps down as Head-of-State, Fiji, 1987
Dylan sings at West Point Military Academy, 1990
Cassini launched on voyage to Saturn, Cape Canaveral FL, 1997
Andy Green sets supersonic land-speed record, Black Rock Desert NV, 1997
Kenickie announce split onstage at final gig, Astoria, London, 1998
Shenzhou V spacecraft launched, China, 2003

James II, King of Scotland (b. 1430)
Pierre Puget (b. 1620)
Noah Webster (b. 1758)
Lord Cardigan (b. 1793)
Robert Stephenson (b. 1803)
Oscar Wilde (b. 1854)
David Ben Gurion (b. 1886)
Eugene O'Neill (b. 1888)
Michael Collins (b. 1890)
Big Joe Williams (b. 1903)
Eugene Fodor (b. 1905)
Enver Hoxha (b. 1908)
Robert Urquhart (b. 1921)
Linda Darnell (b. 1923)
Nico (b. 1938)
Lucas Cranach the Elder (d. 1553)
Hugh Latimer (d. 1555)
Nicholas Ridley (d. 1555)
Akbar the Great (d. 1605)
Robert Fergusson (d. 1774)
Marie Antoinette (d. 1793)
Leonard Chess (d. 1969)
Gene Krupa (d. 1973)
Moshe Dayan (d. 1981)
Cornel Wilde (d. 1989)
Art Blakey (d. 1990)
Shirley Booth (d. 1992)
James A Michener (d. 1997)
Ella Mae Morse (d. 1999)
Deborah Kerr (d. 2007)
New York Gazette 1st issued, New York NY, 1725
Smeaton's Eddystone Lighthouse officially opened, 1759
Napoleon arrives in exile, St Helena, 1815
Houses of Parliament destroyed by fire, Westminster, 1834
Ether 1st succesfully used as anaesthetic in major surgery, Massachusetts, 1846
Christians massacred by Mohammedans, Aleppo, 1850
John Brown attacks armoury at Harper's Ferry, US, 1859
Girton College, Cambridge University, opened, Hitchin, 1869
Hotel becomes 1st with indoor plumbing, Boston MA, 1869
Sunday People 1st published as The People, 1881
1st Borstal Institution opened, Borstal, Kent, 1902
1st powered flight in UK made by Samuel F Cody, Farnborough, 1908
Cost of 4lb loaf of bread goes up to 10d, London, 1916
1st birth control clinic opened by Margaret Sanger, New York NY, 1916
Simplon II, longest railway tunnel, completed, 1922
Self-winding watch patented by John Harwood, Switzerland, 1923
Frosted light bulb patented by Marvin Pipkin, 1928
Nuremberg executions take place, 1946
Blue Peter 1st broadcast, BBC, 1958
China explodes nuclear weapon, 1964
Harold Wilson becomes Labour prime minister, UK, 1964
Grace Slick performs 1st concert with Jefferson Airplane, San Francisco CA, 1966
Sadat elected President of Egypt, 1970
Creedence Clearwater Revival split up, 1972
Cardinal Karl Wojtyla, Archbishop of Cracow, elected Pope Jean Paul II, Rome, 1978
Hurricane winds kill 19 and destroy 15 million trees, South East England, 1987
Thirty Years On tribute to Bob Dylan takes place, 1992
Skye Bridge opened to traffic, with toll, Isle of Skye, 1995
Marina Mowatt divorces Paul Mowatt, London, 1997
Millennium Wheel raised to full height of 443 ft, South Bank, London, 1999

John Wilkes (b. 1727)
Frances I'Anson (Lass of Richmond Hill) (b. 1766)
Elinor Glyn (b. 1864)
Alexander Neill (b. 1883)
Shinichi Suzuki (b. 1898)
Nathanael West (b. 1903)
Jean Arthur (b. 1905)
Rodrigo Moynihan (b. 1910)
Pope John Paul I (b. 1912)
Arthur Miller (b. 1915)
Rita Hayworth (b. 1918)
Montgomery Clift (b. 1920)
Barney Kessel (b. 1923)
Evel Knievel (b. 1939)
Lionel of Antwerp (d. 1368)
Sir Philip Sidney (d. 1586)
Bernard Bellotto (d. 1780)
Frédéric Chopin (d. 1849)
Julia Ward Howe (d. 1910)
Sir Michael Balcon (d. 1977)
SJ Perelman (d. 1979)
Alberta Hunter (d. 1984)
Michael ffolkes (d. 1988)
Berthold Goldschmidt (d. 1996)
Joan Hickson (d. 1998)
Levi Stubbs (d. 2008)
David II of Scotland captured, Battle of Neville's Cross, OS 1346
Charles II escapes from Cromwell across English Channel, OS 1651
Charles II sells Dunkirk to Louis XIV for 2½m livres, OS 1662
Battle of Saratoga, War of American Independence, 1777
Seige of Sebastapol begins, 1854
Steel making process patented by Sir Harry Bessemer, 1855
1st professional golf tournament held, Prestwick, 1860
UK troops defeat Boers, Glencoe, 1899
Cadillac (made in Buffalo NY) 1st sold, Detroit MI, 1902
Bank of Italy (Bank of America) 1st opened for business, US, 1904
Turkey declares war on Bulgaria and Serbia, 1912
Republics of Czechoslovakia & Yugoslavia established, 1918
Radio Corporation of America created, US, 1919
Cyrano de Bergerac is 1st play to be broadcast on UK radio, 2MT, Writtle, 1922
Einstein arrives in US as a refugee from Nazi Germany, 1933
Calder Hall, 1st large-scale atomic power station, opened, Cumbria, 1956
Manufacture of synthetic diamonds 1st announced, by De Beers, 1959
News Chronicle ceases publication, UK, 1960
Beatles make TV debut, People And Places, UK, 1962
Lesley Ann Downey's body found, leading to arrest of Moors murderers, UK, 1965
Hair premiered, New York Shakespeare Public Theater, 1967
W German commandos free all 86 Lufthansa jetliner hostages, Mogadishu, Somalia, 1977
273 die in earthquake, Loma Prieta CA, 1989
TV-AM, Thames, TVS and TVW lose broadcast franchises, UK, 1991
Ché Guevara laid to rest in Cuba, 30 years after his execution in Bolivia, 1997
4 die in derailment accident, Hatfield, 2000

Giambattista Marini (b. 1569)
Nicholas Culpeper (b. 1616)
Luca Giordano (b. 1632)
Richard (Beau) Nash (b. 1674)
Antonio Canaletto (b. 1697)
Pierre Choderlos de Laclos (b. 1741)
Thomas Love Peacock (b. 1785)
Henri Bergson (b. 1859)
Lord (Mannie) Shinwell (b. 1884)
Lotte Lenya (b. 1900)
Merlina Mercouri (b. 1917)
Bobby Troup (b. 1918)
Pierre Trudeau (b. 1919)
Klaus Kinski (b. 1926)
George C Scott (b. 1927)
Lee Harvey Oswald (b. 1939)
Luc Jouret (b. 1946)
Laura Nyro (b. 1947)
Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland (d. 1541)
Lord (Henry) Palmerston (d. 1865)
Charles Babbage (d. 1871)
Charles Gounod (d. 1893)
Lucy Stone (d. 1893)
Thomas Edison (d. 1931)
Elizabeth Arden (d. 1966)
Andreas Baader (d. 1977)
Elizabeth Truman (d. 1982)
Red Rum (d. 1995)
Julie London (d. 2000)
Alan Coren (d. 2007)
Canute defeats Edmund II for control of kingdom, Ashingdon, 1016
Louis XIV revokes Edict of Nantes, 1685
The Mason-Dixon line, dividing Maryland and Pennsylvania, agreed, US, 1767
UK bombards Falmouth (now Portland ME), 1775
Battle of Leipzig begins, 1813
Last UK state lottery drawn until 1994, 1826
Spring mattress patented by Samuel Pratt, 1826
Samuel Morse lays 1st telegraph cable, New York Harbour, 1842
Russia officially transfers Alaska to America, 1867
Rules for American Football formulated, New York NY, 1873
1st commercial long-distance telephone line opened, Chicago-New York, 1892
Spain transfers Puerto Rico to America, 1898
Aldwych and Kingsway railway stations opened, 1905
BBC 1st established, UK, 1922
Bing Crosby records I've got the girl, his 1st commercial recording, 1926
Dancing bears banned from streets, Berlin, 1927
16mm Kodacolor, 1st colour film for amateurs, 1st demonstrated, UK, 1928
Rheims Cathedral reconsecrated, 1937
Soviet troops invade Czechoslovakia, 1944
News Chronicle merges with Daily Mail, 1960
Star merges with London Evening News, 1960
Harold Macmillan resigns as Prime Minister, London, 1963
The Magic Roundabout 1st broadcast, BBC, 1965
Venus IV makes 1st soft landing on another planet, Venus, 1967
Disney's The Jungle Book premiered, US, 1967
1st escape ramp for hedgehogs installed in cattle grid, near Ludlow, 1982
GCHQ employees sacked for belonging to a trade union, Cheltenham, 1988
Parachutist jumps from Whispering Gallery, St Paul's, 1990
Lady Thatcher publishes her memoirs, UK, 1993
George Michael begins legal action to end his contract with CBS/Sony, 1993

John Adams (b. OS 1735)
Leigh Hunt (b. 1784)
Alfred Dreyfus (b. 1859)
Auguste Lumière (b. 1862)
Umberto Boccioni (b. 1882)
Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar (b. 1910)
Dr Feelgood (b. 1911)
Peter Tosh (b. 1944)
Divine (b. 1945)
John, King of England (d. 1216)
Sir Godfrey Kneller (d. 1723)
Jonathan Swift (d. 1745)
George Pullman (d. 1897)
Edna St Vincent Millay (d. 1950)
Jacqueline du Pré (d. 1987)
Son House (d. 1988)
Magnus Pyke (d. 1992)
Martha Raye (d. 1994)
Don Cherry (d. 1995)
Nathalie Sarraute (d. 1999)
Penelope Mortimer (d. 1999)
Lucky Dube (d. 2007)
Edward III arrests Roger Mortimer, Nottingham Castle, 1330
Lord Cornwallis surrenders to Washington, 1400 LT, Yorktown, 1781
Sir Humphrey Davy announces discovery of sodium, 1807
Napoleon begins retreat from Moscow, 1812
Battle of the Nations ends, Leipzig, 1813
1st company to manufacture internal combustion engine formed, Florence, 1860
Battle of Cedar Creek, 1864
The Holtermann, largest gold-bearing nugget, mined, Hill End, New South Wales, 1872
Autogyro, Spanish helicopter-like vehicle, 1st tested, Farnborough, 1925
UK & Egypt reach agreement over Suez Canal, 1954
Sir Alec Douglas-Home becomes Conservative prime minister, UK, 1963
BP announces 1st major oil strike in North Sea, 1970
23% fall on stock markets, Black Monday, New York & London, 1987
Guildford 4's convictions quashed after 15 years in jail, UK, 1989
1st UK self-adhesive stamps issued, 1993

Aelbert Cuyp (bapt. 1620)
Sir Christopher Wren (b. 1632)
Lord (Henry) Palmerston (b. 1784)
Thomas Hughes (b. 1822)
Arthur Rimbaud (b. 1854)
John Dewey (b. 1859)
Charles Ives (b. 1874)
Bela Lugosi (b. 1884)
Jelly Roll Morton (b. 1890)
Alexander Alekhine (b. OS 1892)
Dame Anna Neagle (b. 1904)
Frederic Dannay (b. 1905)
Ray Buckton (b. 1922)
Grace Darling (d. 1842)
Sir Richard Burton (d. 1890)
Jack Buchanan (d. 1957)
Herbert Hoover (d. 1964)
Bud Flanagan (d. 1968)
Ronnie van Zant (d. 1977)
Lady (Isobel) Barnett (d. 1980)
Merle Travis (d. 1983)
Paul Dirac (d. 1984)
Budd Johnson (d. 1984)
Sheila Scott (d. 1988)
Sir Anthony Quayle (d. 1989)
Joel McCrea (d. 1990)
Burt Lancaster (d. 1994)
Henry Vestine (d. 1997)
Jack Lynch (d. 1999)
Eric Newby (d. 2006)
Edward III 1st assumes personal rule of government, England, 1330
Tokugawa clan become Shogun, Battle of Sekigahara, Japan, 1600
George I crowned, Westminster Abbey, 1714
Battle of Ulm, 1805
49th Parallel defined as US/Canadian border, 1818
Sunday Times 1st published, 1822
Battle of Naverino, 1827
Lee DeForest demonstrates radio tube, 1906
Olympic, sister ship of Titanic, launched, Belfast, 1910
Women 1st allowed to apply for licences as bus and tram conductors, UK, 1915
Mussolini seizes power, Italy, 1922
Lt Harold Harris is 1st to avoid death using a parachute, 1922
Muffin The Mule 1st appears on TV, BBC, 1946
Lady Chatterley's Lover court case begins, Obscene Publications Act, UK, 1960
Aristotle Onassis marries Jacqueline Kennedy, 1968
Internet founded when data 1st exchanged between 2 research centres, US, 1969
Sydney Opera House opened to public, 1973
1st punk single, New Rose by the Damned, released, 1976
Evidence 1st given from behind a screen, in a sex abuse case, UK, 1987
1,500 die in earthquake, N India, 1991
1st Eurostar Channel Tunnel service departs from London-Paris, Waterloo, 1994

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