Benvenuto Cellini (b. 1500)
Pietro da Cortona (b. 1596)
Antonio Canova (b. 1757)
Spencer Perceval (b. 1762)
Stephen Crane (b. 1871)
Edmund Blunden (b. 1896)
Sippie Wallace (b. 1898)
Michael Denison (b. 1915)
Victoria de los Angeles (b. 1923)
Ric Grech (b. 1945)
John Radcliffe (d. 1714)
Lord (George) Gordon (d. 1793)
Alfred Jarry (d. 1907)
Pietro Badoglio (d. 1956)
Ezra Pound (d. 1972)
King Vidor (d. 1982)
Stuart Hibberd (d. 1983)
Phil Silvers (d. 1985)
Sippie Wallace (d. 1986)
Yma Sumac (d. 2008)
Jimmy Carl Black (d. 2008)
Massacre of Jews, York Castle, 1290
Michelangelo's frescoes 1st shown to public, Sistine Chapel, 1512
Premiere of Shakespeare's Othello, Whitehall Palace, London, 1604
Bank of Scotland founded, 1695
60,000 die as an earthquake destroys Lisbon, 1755
Gaspar de Portola discovers San Francisco Bay, 1769
1st WH Smith bookstall opens, Euston station, 1848
1st medical school for women opened, Boston Female Medical School MA, 1848
Weather Bureau begins operations, US, 1870
Lloyd's Register of Shipping 1st published, 1884
American Motor League, 1st motor organisation, founded, Chicago IL, 1895
Dawson's caribou declared extinct, Canada, 1908
Battle of Coronel, World War I, 1914
Licence for radio sets introduced, UK, 1922
Betting tax 1st levied, UK, 1927
2 Puerto Rican nationalists attempt to assassinate Truman, US, 1950
US explodes 1st hydrogen-bomb, Eniwetok Atoll, Marshall Isles, 1952
1st Premium Bonds go on sale, UK, 1956
1st section of M1 opened to traffic, 1959
Diem overthrown in military coup, Saigon, 1963
Intel announce the 4004, 1st microprocessor, 1971
10,000 killed in tidal wave, Orissa, India, 1972
Chiron discovered, Pasadena, 1977
Brixton riots, 1982
1st Alcohol Free Zone introduced, city centre, Coventry, 1988
East Germany opens border with Czechoslovakia, allowing all who wish to pass, 1989
Sir Geoffrey Howe resigns as leader of the House of Commons, 1990
Clark Kent & Lois Lane agree to marry, DC Comics, 1990
Chechenya declares itself independent from Russia, 1991
Maastricht Treaty comes into effect, creating European Union, 1993
Milk Marketing Board replaced by Milk Marque, UK, 1994

Edward V, King of England (b. 1470)
Jean Baptiste Chardin (b. 1699)
Daniel Boone (b. 1734)
Marie Antoinette (b. 1755)
Edward Augustus, Duke of Kent (b. 1767)
James Knox Polk (b. 1795)
Warren Harding (b. 1865)
Luchino Visconti, Duca di Modrone (b. 1906)
Burt Lancaster (b. 1913)
Kaouding Cissoko (b. 1964)
Jenny Lind (d. 1887)
George Bernard Shaw (d. 1950)
Martha Bernays (d. 1951)
James Thurber (d. 1961)
Mississippi John Hurt (d. 1966)
Pier Paolo Pasolini (d. 1975)
Mort Shuman (d. 1991)
Hal Roach (d. 1992)
Eva Cassidy (d. 1996)
Lady (Sue) Ryder of Warsaw and Cavendish (d. 2000)
Theo van Gogh (d. 2004)
Castellat falls, 1308
Charles VI becomes sole ruler of France, 1388
Nathaniel Udwart granted patent for a monopoly on making soap, Edinburgh, 1619
Morning Post 1st published, 1772
Washington issues his farewell address to the Army, Princeton NJ, 1783
1st insubmersible lifeboat patented by Lionel Lukin, London, 1785
Chopin permanently leaves Poland,1830
Rogues Gallery inaugurated, 1st prisoners photographed, UK, 1871
North Dakota, the Sioux state, becomes 39th state of the Union, 1889
South Dakota, the Sunshine state, becomes 40th state of the Union, 1889
Manet's Olympia 1st hung, Musée de Luxembourg, 1890
1st motor insurance policies issued, UK, 1896
Daily Mirror 1st published, as a women's paper, 1903
Balfour Declaration made, 1917
KDKA, 1st commercial radio station, goes on air, Pittsburgh PA, 1920
1st newspaper crossword published, Sunday Express, UK, 1924
1st News Theater cinema opened, The Embassy, New York NY, 1929
Hailé Selassié crowned Emperor of Ethiopia, 1930
1st 405-line television service begins, BBC, Alexandra Palace, 1936
Odeon Cinema opened, Leicester Square, 1937
German night "blitz" on London in which 30,000 die ends, 1940
Desert Island Discs conceived by Roy Plumley, 1941
Only flight of Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose takes place, 1947
Christopher Craig murders PC Sidney Miles during robbery, Croydon, 1952
Chad Varah sets up emergency telephone line for potential suicides, 1953
Hancock's Half Hour 1st broadcast, BBC, 1954
1st section of the M1 motorway officially opened, 1959
Penguin Books acquitted in Lady Chatterley's Lover obscenity trial, 1960
Kennedy announces USSR to dismantle Cuban missiles, 1962
Jimmy Carter elected 39th President of the US, 1976
Crew of Soyuz XXIX return to Earth on board Soyuz XXXI, 1978
Citizen's Band radio becomes legal, UK, 1981
Channel Four begins broadcasting, 1982
1st UK heart transplant operation performed, Papworth, 1986
Sky and BSB announce merger, UK, 1990
Liz McGolgan wins her 1st marathon in record time, New York NY, 1991
Ffyona Campbell admits cheating in her round-world walk claim, 1996

Lucan (b. 39)
Annibale Carracci (b. 1560)
John Montague, Earl of Sandwich (b. 1718)
Karl Baedeker (b. 1801)
Vincenzo Bellini (b. 1801)
Rupert D'Oyly Carte (b. 1876)
André Malraux (b. 1901)
Lady (Jenny) Lee of Asheridge (b. 1904)
Joe Turner (b. 1907)
Conor Cruise O'Brien (b. 1917)
Pran Nath (b. 1918)
Charles Bronson (b. 1921)
Jeremy Brett (b. 1935)
Matilda, Queen of William the Conqueror (d. 1083)
Annie Oakley (d. 1926)
Henri Matisse (d. 1954)
Wilhelm Reich (d. 1957)
Mary Martin (d. 1990)
Leon Theremin (d. 1993)
Ian Bannen (d. 1999)
Lonnie Donegan (d. 2002)
Columbus 1st sights Dominica on his 2nd voyage, 1493
Act of Supremacy passed making King head of English Church, 1534
Long Parliament assembled, 1640
A comet narrowly misses Earth, 1679
15,000 die in earthquake, Abruzzi, Italy, 1706
1st Opium War between China and Britain breaks out, 1839
Nelson's statue hauled to top of Column, Trafalgar Square, 1843
Florence Nightingale and military nurses arrive, Scutari, 1854
1st automatic telephone exchange opened, La Porte IN, 1892
Panama becomes independent after a revolt, 1903
William Taft elected president, US, 1908
German fleet mutinies, Kiel, 1918
Turkey replaces Arabic alphabet with Roman, 1928
1st vehicular tunnel between countries opened, Detroit MI-Windsor, 1930
Bank of Italy becomes Bank of America, US, 1930
Montgomery's 8th Army breaks through Front Line, Africa, 1942
Birdseye markets 1st frozen peas and bread, US, 1952
Laiki, a dog, is 1st animal in space, Sputnik II, 1957
Carly Simon and James Taylor marry, New York NY, 1972
1st underwater oil pipeline opened, North Sea, 1975
Dominica becomes an independent republic, 1978
1,100 die in tanker explosion, Salang Tunnel, Afghanistan, 1983
Firestorm destroys homes of Hollywood film stars, Malibu CA, 1993
Criminal Justice and Public Order Act becomes law, UK, 1994

Guido Reni (b. 1575)
William III (William of Orange) (b. 1650)
Joseph Rowntree (b. 1859)
GE Moore (b. 1873)
Martin Balsam (b. 1919)
Robert Mapplethorpe (b. 1946)
James Honeyman-Scott (b. 1956)
Lena Zavaroni (b. 1963)
Felix Mendelssohn (d. 1847)
Paul Delaroche (d. 1856)
Wilfred Owen (d. 1918)
Gabriel Fauré (d. 1924)
Cy Young (d. 1955)
Fred (Sonic) Smith (d. 1994)
Yitzhak Rabin (d. 1995)
Marti Caine (d. 1995)
Sheree North (d. 2005)
Byron Lee (d. 2008)
Columbus discovers Guadaloupe on his 2nd voyage, 1493
Guy Fawkes arrested in Commons' cellar (Gunpowder Plot), 1605
William of Orange marries Princess Mary, 1677
1st emigrant wagon train arrives, Stanislaus River CA, 1841
Lincoln marries Mary Todd, Springfield MA, 1842
Erection of Nelson's Column completed, Trafalgar Square, 1843
Building of new House of Commons completed, London, 1852
Alcatraz Lighthouse established, 1854
Lincoln elected 16th President of the US, 1860
Gatling gun patented by Richard Gatling, 1862
1st cash register patented, by James Ritty, Ohio, 1879
1st cash register patented by James and John Ritty, Dayton OH, 1880
Grover Cleveland elected to his first term as president, US, 1884
City branch of Northern Line officially opened, 1890
Women's Weekly 1st published, UK, 1911
Edna Woodnam Chase organises 1st fashion show, for Vogue, US, 1914
Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter 1st peer into Tutankhamun's chamber, Luxor, 1922
Calvin Coolidge re-elected President of the US, 1924
Gandhi has audience with King & Queen, Buckingham Palace, 1931
2nd Battle of El Alamein ends, 1942
UNESCO established, Paris, 1946
Dwight D Eisenhower elected 34th President of the US, 1952
Soviet troops attack Budapest, 1956
2nd Soviet earth-satellite launched, 1957
52 attend Dylan's concert debut, Carnegie Chapter Hall, New York NY, 1961
Beatles perform at Royal Variety Performance, London, 1963
Terry Riley's In C 1st performed, Tape Music Center, San Francisco CA, 1964
The Rainbow 1st opened as rock venue, with the Who, London, 1972
Iranian students storm US embassy, Tehran, 1979
Ronald Reagan elected 40th President of the US, 1980
The Who record You Better You Bet, Odyssey Studio, 1980
Peter de Savary buys Land's End, 1987
South transept of York Minster re-dedicated, York, 1988
Clinton elected 43rd President of the US, 1992
Tiny Rowland resigns from Lonhro after 34 years, 1994

Will Hays (b. 1879)
Joel McCrea (b. 1905)
Sir George Trevalyan (b. 1906)
Fred Whipple (b. 1906)
Roy Rogers (b. 1912)
Vivien Leigh (b. 1913)
Ike Turner (b. 1931)
Gram Parsons (b. 1946)
Pierre Choderlos de Laclos (d. 1805)
Angelica Kauffmann (d. 1807)
James Clerk Maxwell (d. 1879)
Maurice Utrillo (d. 1955)
Art Tatum (d. 1956)
Mack Sennett (d. 1960)
Johnny Horton (d. 1960)
Robert Nighthawk (d. 1967)
Lionel Trilling (d. 1975)
Guy Lombardo (d. 1977)
Al Capp (d. 1979)
Jacques Tati (d. 1982)
Éamonn Andrews (d. 1987)
Georges Franju (d. 1987)
Vladimir Horowitz (d. 1989)
Robert Maxwell (d. 1991)
Fred MacMurray (d. 1991)
Paul Eddington (d. 1995)
Sir Isaiah Berlin (d. 1997)
Roy Boulting (d. 2001)
Bobby Hatfield (d. 2003)
Charles Causley (d. 2003)
Link Wray (d. 2005)
John Fowles (d. 2005)
Robert Catesby's Gunpowder Plot to destroy Parliament fails, 1605
William of Orange lands, Brixham, Devon, 1688
John Hanson elected 1st President of the US when Congress assembled, 1781
UK sovereign abandons title King of France, 1800
Afghanistan surrenders to UK, 1840
Battle of Inkerman, Crimean War, 1854
1st automobile patent granted, to George B Selden, US, 1895
1st Woolworth's opened, Liverpool, 1909
CP Rodgers completes 1st transcontinental aeroplane flight, New York-Pasadena, 1911
Woodrow Wilson elected president, US, 1912
UK declares war against Turkey, 1914
Cyprus annexed to UK, 1914
1st US troops go into action, Western Front, 1917
1st radio sets go on sale, Holland, 1919
1st automatic traffic lights installed, Wolverhampton, 1927
Roosevelt re-elected US President for 3rd term, 1940
Soviet Red Army invades Hungary, 1956
Mariner 3, 1st Mars probe, launched, Cape Canaveral FL, 1964
49 die when Hastings-Charing Cross train derailed, Hither Green, 1967
Richard Nixon elected 37th US President, 1968
Ozzy Osbourne 1st quits Black Sabbath, 1977
The Tube 1st broadcast, C4, 1982
George Foreman defeats Michael Moorer to regain world heavyweight championship, 1994
Princess of Wales records Panorama interview, Kensington Palace, 1995

Noah (legendary date)(b. BC 2948)
Thomas Kyd (b. 1558)
James Gregory (b. 1638)
Aloys Senefelder (b. 1771)
Adolphe Sax (b. 1814)
John Philip Sousa (b. 1834)
Charles Henry Dow (b. 1851)
Gustave Kahn (b. 1886)
Sir John Alcock (b. 1892)
Edsel Ford (b. 1893)
Raymond Postgate (b. 1896)
Ray Conniff (b. 1916)
Chic Murray (b. 1919)
Clay Jones (b. 1923)
Doug Sahm (b. 1941)
John Bevis (d. 1771)
Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia (d. 1796)
Charles X, King of France (d. 1836)
Kate Greenaway (d. 1901)
Sir Johnston Forbes-Robertson (d. 1937)
Nevill Coghill (d. 1980)
Hans Keller (d. 1985)
Rodrigo Moynihan (d. 1990)
Gene Tierney (d. 1991)
Tommy Lawton (d. 1996)
Dick Latvala (d. 1999)
Anthony Shaffer (d. 2001)
Fred Dibnah (d. 2004)
Hank Thompson (d. 2007)
Henry VI crowned King of England, 1429
Mexico declared independent, 1813
Jefferson Davis elected president of the Confederacy, US, 1861
Blackfriars Bridge opened, London, 1869
1st diamonds discovered, Kimberley, South Africa, 1869
Benjamin Harrison elected president, US, 1888
Dracula dies (in Bram Stoker's novel), 1893
UK & Canadian troops capture Passchendaele Ridge, 1917
Republic of Poland proclaimed, 1918
Baldwin becomes Conservative prime minister for 2nd time, UK, 1924
Herbert Hoover elected president, US, 1928
Church of England relaxes its rule on women wearing hats in church, 1942
Work begins on Kariba High Dam across Zambesi River, 1956
Dwight D Eisenhower re-elected president, 1956
Cease-fire agreed, Suez, 1956
The Monkees' Head 1st shown (closed 9 November), US, 1968
1st radio transmission to potential extraterrestrial life sent, Arecibo, 1974
1st public appearance of Sex Pistols, St Martin's School of Art, London, 1975
900 die in earthquake, Yunnan, China, 1988
Australians reject referendum to drop Queen as head of state, 1999

William Stukely (b. 1687)
Marie Curie (b. 1867)
Lise Meitner (b. 1878)
Aron Nimzowitsch (b. 1886)
Dean Jagger (b. 1903)
Albert Camus (b. 1913)
Wolf Mankowitz (b. 1924)
Sir Chandrasekhara Raman (b. 1930)
Peter Woods (b. 1930)
John Kyrle, Man of Ross (d. 1724)
Count Leo Tolstoy (d. 1910)
Alfred Wallace (d. 1913)
AP Carter (d. 1960)
Eleanor Roosevelt (d. 1962)
Cardinal Heenan (d. 1975)
Steve McQueen (d. 1980)
Lawrence Durrell (d. 1990)
Alexander Dubcek (d. 1992)
Jean Marais (d. 1998)
Howard Keel (d. 2004)
Elizabeth, daughter of James I, created Queen of Bohemia, 1619
1st observation of transit of a planet (Mercury) made, by Pierre Gassendi, 1631
The London Gazette 1st published, 1665
John Austin, a forger, is last in UK to be publically hanged, Tyburn, 1783
Battle of Tippecanoe Creek, 1811
Pocket cigarette lighter patented to Repeating Light Co of Springfield MA, 1865
Marie Celeste embarks on its final voyage, New York NY, 1872
Luminous paint patented by William Balmain of Liverpool, 1877
Canadian Pacific Railway completed, Craigellachie, British Columbia, 1885
Jeanette Rankin becomes 1st woman member of US Congress, 1916
Lenin's Bolshevik October Revolution (OS 26 October), NS 1917
Museum Of Modern Art opened to the public, New York NY, 1929
Roosevelt re-elected President for record 4th term, US, 1944
UK and French cease fire begins, Egypt, 1956
Henry Cooper becomes only boxer to win 3 Lonsdale Belts outright, 1967
Carl Stokes elected 1st black mayor of a major city, Cleveland OH, 1967
Richard Nixon re-elected president, US, 1972
Lord Lucan disappears following murder of Sandra Rivett, his nanny, Belgravia, 1974
Leonard defeats Lalonde to complete record boxing world title collection, 1988
Universal film sets including New York St destroyed by fire, Los Angeles CA, 1990
Leningrad reverts to the name St Petersberg, 1991

Sarah Fielding (b. 1710)
Bram Stoker (b. 1847)
Lord (Herbert) Austin (b. 1866)
Sir Arnold Bax (b. 1883)
Hermann Rorschach (b. 1884)
Margaret Mitchell (b. 1900)
Christiaan Barnard (b. 1922)
Bert Berns (b. 1929)
Minnie Ripperton (b. 1948)
John Milton (d. OS 1674)
Thomas Bewick (d. 1828)
Fred Archer (d. 1886)
César Franck (d. 1890)
Victorien Sardou (d. 1908)
Ivan Bunin (d. 1953)
Edgar Varèse (d. 1965)
Wendell Corey (d. 1968)
Kokomo Arnold (d. 1968)
Ivory Joe Hunter (d. 1974)
Norman Rockwell (d. 1978)
James Booker (d. 1983)
Collin Walcott (d. 1984)
Francis X King (d. 1994)
Rumer Godden (d. 1998)
Chad Varah (d. 2007)
Cicero reveals Catiline's conspiracy, The Senate, Rome, BC 68
Cortez enters Tenochtitlan (now Mexico City), OS 1519
Bodleian Library opened, Oxford, OS 1602
Shakespeare's 1st Folio listed, Stationers' Register, London, OS 1623
Louvre 1st opened to the public, Paris, 1793
Wilhelm Röntgen discovers X-rays, Würzburg, 1895
Montana, the Treasure State, becomes 41st state of the Union, 1889
Grover Cleveland becomes 1st to win non-consecutive term as president, US, 1892
Cubism banned from Salon d'Automne, Paris, 1913
Palestine declared a national home for the Jews, 1917
Rupert Bear 1st appears, Daily Express, 1920
Hitler fails in attempted Putsch, Munich, 1923
1st Welsh language broadcast made by BBC, 1923
FD Roosevelt elected 32nd President of the US, 1932
UK and US troops invade North Africa, Operation Torch, 1942
1st aerial combat between 2 jets takes place, Korea, 1950
Footsteps of possible Yeti 1st recorded, Mt Everest, 1951
The Ten Commandments premieres, New York NY, 1956
UK album charts 1st published, by Melody Maker, 1958
John Kennedy elected 35th President, US, 1960
Edward Brooke becomes 1st black senator, US, 1966
1st local radio station, Radio Leicester, opened, 1967
Rolling Stone 1st published, US, 1967
Cynthia Lennon divorces John Lennon, 1968
Old Covent Garden market closed, 1974
Two-Tone artists the Selecter, the Specials & Madness appear on Top Of The Pops, 1979
11 die in Remembrance Sunday IRA bombing, Enniskillen, 1987
George Bush elected 41st President, US, 1988
Framework of Canary Wharf Tower, tallest UK building, 1st lifted into place, 1990
Chinese engineers divert Yangtze River to make way for Three Gorges Dam, 1997

Ivan Turgenev (b. OS 1818)
Edward VII, King of Gt Britain & Ireland (b. 1841)
Sir Giles Gilbert Scott (b. 1880)
Jean Monnet (b. 1888)
Mae Marsh (b. 1894)
Anthony Asquith (b. 1902)
Hedy Lamarr (b. 1914)
Spiro T Agnew (b. 1918)
Eric Thompson (b. 1929)
Carl Sagan (b. 1934)
Tom Fogerty (b. 1941)
Jill Dando (b. 1961)
Mary Jane Kelly (d. 1888)
Guillaume Apollinaire (d. 1918)
Ramsay MacDonald (d. 1937)
Neville Chamberlain (d. 1940)
Dylan Thomas (d. 1953)
Charles de Gaulle (d. 1970)
Keith Hudson (d. 1984)
John Mitchell (d. 1988)
Yves Montand (d. 1991)
Gerald Thomas (d. 1993)
Hugh Paddick (d. 2000)
Maria of Hapsburg expels Jews, Pressburg, Hungary, 1526
Moses Montefiore becomes 1st Jew knighted in England, 1837
Wilhelmina Carstairs is 1st baby delivered under anaesthetic, 1847
Origin of Carington rotation numbers for rotation of the Sun, 1853
1st concert by New York Symphony Orchestra takes place, 1858
British Army abolishes flogging, 1859
1,000 buildings destroyed in fire, Boston MA, 1872
Cullinan diamond presented to Edward VII, 1907
Photo of Edward VII in Paris is 1st sent by wire for publication, Daily Mirror, 1907
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson becomes 1st woman mayor, Aldeburgh, 1908
Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicates and German Republic proclaimed, 1918
Giant pandas discovered, China, 1927
German Kristallnacht anti-Jew pogrom begins Holocaust, 1938
Vera Lynn's Sincerely Yours 1st broadcast, BBC, 1941
Cambodia becomes independent within French union, 1953
Brian Epstein 1st sees the Beatles, at lunchtime concert, Cavern, Liverpool, 1961
Largest known electricity black-out takes place, New England-Canada, 1965
Death penalty for murder abolished in UK, 1965
Edward Brooke becomes 1st black member of US Senate, 1966
John Lennon 1st meets Yoko Ono, Indica Gallery, London, 1966
X1S becomes 1st aeroplane to beat 4,000 mph barrier, CA, 1969
Full-scale nuclear alert initiated by computer fault, US, 1979
Princess of Wales dances with John Travolta, US, 1985
Jasper John's White Flag sold at record $7_04m for living artist, New York NY, 1988
Iron Curtain lifted at strategic points of Berlin Wall, East Germany, 1989
Mary Robinson becomes 1st woman president of Irish Republic, 1990
Scientists claim to have created nuclear fusion, Abingdon, 1991
UK and Russia sign co-operation treaty, 1992

Martin Luther (b. 1483)
Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex (b. 1567)
François Couperin (Le Grand) (b. 1668)
George II, King of Gt Britain (b. 1683)
William Hogarth (b. 1697)
Oliver Goldsmith (b. 1728)
Friedrich Schiller (b. 1759)
Sir Jacob Epstein (b. 1880)
Claude Rains (b. 1889)
Anne Shelton (b. 1923)
Richard Burton (b. 1925)
Don Henderson (b. 1932)
Roy Scheider (b. 1934)
Screaming Lord Sutch (b. 1940)
Pope Paul III (d. 1549)
Henry Wriotheslay, Earl of Southampton (d. 1624)
John Trumbull (d. 1843)
Arthur Rimbaud (d. 1891)
Lupino Lane (d. 1959)
Dennis Wheatley (d. 1979)
Patrick Campbell (d. 1980)
Abel Gance (d. 1981)
William Holden (d. 1981)
Leonid Brezhnev (d. 1982)
Carmen McRae (d. 1994)
Ken Saro-Wiwa (d. 1995)
Marjorie Proops (d. 1996)
Svetlana Beriozova (d. 1998)
Ken Kesey (d. 2001)
Johnny Griffith (d. 2002)
Jack Palance (d. 2006)
Norman Mailer (d. 2007)
Laraine Day (d. 2007)
Columbus discovers Antigua on his 2nd voyage, 1493
Battle of St Denis, 1567
US Marine Corps formed, 1775
Alois Senefelder patents lithographic process, 1798
Duelling outlawed, Kentucky, 1801
Stanley meets Livingstone, Ujiji, Lake Tanganyika, 1871
Paul Daimler becomes 1st motor-cyclist, riding Gottlieb Daimler's invention, 1885
London-Paris airmail service begins, 1919
Hirohito becomes Emperor of Japan, 1928
1st direct-dial coast-to-coast telephone device introduced, US, 1951
Sesame Street makes its debut on PBS TV, US, 1969
Kenny Dalglish makes international soccer debut for Scotland, 1971
Getty III's right ear arrives at an Italian newspaper with $7m ransom note, 1973
Voyager 1 flies past Saturn, 1980
Michael Foot becomes Labour leader, 1980
Kasparov defeats Karpov to become world chess champion, Moscow, 1985
1st sections of Berlin Wall dismantled, 1989
Chandra Shekhar becomes 8th Prime Minister, India, 1990
Discovery of Stanton Drew stone circle remains announced, 1997

Last updated: July 20, 2009