InfoMan's 1986 TOP 50 SINGLES
(compiled January 1998)

2	Philip Glass			Freezing
	- with Linda Ronstadt and Kronos String Quartet
3	Kate Bush			Hounds of love
4	Pretenders			Hymn to her
5	Cocteau Twins			Love's easy tears
6	Half Man Half Biscuit		Dickie Davies eyes
7	The Smiths			Panic (Hang the DJ)
8	PIL				Rise
9	Colourbox			Baby I love you so
	- with Lorita Graham		(cover of Jacob Miller)
10	The Smiths			Ask
11	Big Audio Dynamite		E=MC2
12	Kate Bush			The big sky
13	Pretenders			Don't get me wrong
14	Jesus and Mary Chain		Some candy talking
15	Siouxsie & the Banshees	Candyman
16	Adult Net			Edie
17	The Smiths			Bigmouth strikes again
18	Pogues				Rainy night in Soho
					(lead track on Poguetry In Motion EP)
19	Eurythmics			Thorn in my side
20	The Primitives			Really stupid
21	We've Got A Fuzzbox And
	We're Going To Use It		XX-Sex (EP)
22	Kate Bush			Experiment IV
23	Shop Assistants		Safety net
24	Debbie Harry			French kissin' in the USA
25	Eurythmics			The miracle of love
26	The Fall			Living too late
27	Blue Aeroplanes		Lover and confidante
28	10,000 Maniacs		Scorpio rising
29	Big Audio Dynamite		Medicine show
30	Ted Chippington		She loves you
					(cover of the Beatles)
31	Adult Net			Waking up in the sun
32	The Fall			Mr Pharmacist
					(cover of the Other Half)
33	Blue Aeroplanes		Tolerance
34	Real Roxanne 			(Bang zoom) Let's go - with Hitman Howie Tee
35	Wedding Present		This boy can't wait
36	V Corps			Debris
37	Eurythmics			When tomorrow comes
38	Art of Noise			Peter Gunn - with Duane Eddy
					(cover of Duane Eddy)
39	Eurythmics			It's alright (Baby's coming back)
40	Shop Assistants		I don't want to be friends with you
41	Adult Net			White nights (Stars say go)
42	Half Man Half Biscuit		Trumpton riots
43	The The			Heartland
44	The Fall			Hey! Luciani
45	Prefab Sprout			Johnny Johnny (Goodbye Lucille #1)
46	Dire Straits			Walk of life
47	Pete Wylie			Sinful
48	March Violets			Turn to the sky
49	A Certain Ratio			Mickey way (The Candy bar)
50	Carmel				Sally
Bubbling Under
  	Camper van Beethoven		Take the skinheads bowling
	Ciccone Youth			Into the groovy
					(cover of Madonna - adapted)
	Cramps				What's inside a girl
	Damned				Eloise
					(cover of Paul & Barry Ryan)
	Dire Straits			Your latest trick
	Elvis Costello			Tokyo storm warning
	Flatmates			I could be in Heaven
	Furniture			Brilliant mind
	Godfathers			This damnation
	Gryner				We want more Gryner
	Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince		Girls ain't nothin' but trouble
	Leather Nun			Gimme gimme gimme (A man after midnight)
					(cover of Abba)
	Neil Young			Weight of the world
	New Order			Shellshock
	New Order			State of the nation
	Paul Simon			The boy in the bubble
	Paul Simon			You can call me Al
	PIL				Home
	Sudden Sway			Singsong
	Rose of Avalanche		Velveteen
	A View From The Hill		No conversation
	We've Got A Fuzzbox And
	We're Going To Use It		Love is the slug
	Woodentops			Good thing