(compiled 15/2/98-7/6/98)

	1	Bjork			Joga
	2	Tricky			Makes me wanna die
	3	Primal Scream		Kowalski
	4	Portishead		Cowboys
	5	Spiritualized		Electricity
	6	Radiohead		Paranoid android
	7	Texas			Say what you want
	8	The Verve		The drugs don't work
	9	Lamb			Gorecki
	10	Sneaker Pimps		Spin spin sugar
	11	Roni Size Reprazent	Heroes
	12	Chemical Brothers	Setting sun - with Noel Gallagher
	13	Echo and the Bunnymen	Nothing lasts forever
	14	Death In Vegas		Dirt
	15	Erykah Badu		On and on
	16	Kenickie			In your car
	17	Luscious Jackson	Naked eye
	18	Orb			Toxygene
	19	Portishead		All mine
	20	Sinead O'Connor		This is a rebel song
	21	Belle And Sebastian	Lazy line painter Jane
	22	Sneaker Pimps		Post-modern sleaze
	23	Arab Strap		The clearing
	24	Primal Scream		Star
	25	Belle and Sebastian	A century of fakers
	26	Propellerheads		History repeating - with Shirley Bassey
	27	808 State		Lopez - with James Dean Bradfield
	28	Erykah Badu		Next lifetime
	29	Theaudience		I got the wherewithal
	30	Roni Size Reprazent	Share the fall
	31	The Verve		Bitter sweet symphony
	32	Paul Weller		Brushed
	33	Texas			Halo
	34	Kenickie			Nightlife
	35	Prolapse			Autocade
	36	Morcheeba		Shoulder holster
	37	Echobelly		The world is flat
	38	David Bowie		Little wonder
	39	Alabama 3		Woke up this mornin'
	40	Catatonia		I am the mob
	41	Roni Size Reprazent	Brown paper bag
	42	Smoke City		Underwater love
	43	All Saints		Never ever
	44	Rude Club		Men in suits
	45	Propellerheads		On Her Majesty's Secret Service 	- with David Arnold
	46	Paul Weller		Mermaids
	47	Tori Amos		Professional Widow (Remix)
	48	Nick Cave		Into my arms
	49	Morcheeba		The music that we hear (Moog Island)
	50	Crowsdell		Popsick

		Bubbling Under
		Alabama 3		Speed of the sound of loneliness
					(cover of Nanci Griffith)
		Alabama 3		U don't dance 2 tekno
		Basement Jaxx		Fly life
		Beck			The new pollution
		Belle And Sebastian	Dog on wheels
		Bentley Rhythm Ace	Bentley's gonna sort you out
		Beth Orton		Someone's daughter
		Beth Orton		She cries your name
		Blur			Song 2
		Chemical Brothers	Block rockin' beats
		Crustation		Purple
		Curve			Chinese burn
		David Bowie		Dead man walking
		David Holmes		Gritty shaker
		Dreadzone		Moving on
		Dubstar			No more talk
		Dubstar			Cathedral Park
		Echo and the Bunnymen	I want to be there when you come
		Echo and the Bunnymen	Don't let it get you down
		Echobelly		Here comes the big rush
		Erykah Badu		Appletree
		Fluke			Squirt
		Future Sound Of London	We have explosive
		Gabrielle			Walk on by
					(cover of Dionne Warwick)
		Helen Love		Does your heart go boom?
		John Lydon		Sun
		Jungle Brothers		Jungle Brothers
		KRS-One		Step into a world (Rapture's delight)
		Lamb			Godbless
		Lithium 			Ride the rocket - with Sonya Madan
		Lo-Fidelity Allstars	Many tentacles pimping on the keys
		Mariah Carey		Fantasy	- with Puff Daddy
 		Mogwai			New paths to Helicon
		Morrissey		Alma matters
		Morrissey		Roy's keen
		Mouse On Mars		Schnick-schnack
		My Life Story		Duchess
					(cover of the Stranglers)
		Neneh Cherry		Kootchi
		Neneh Cherry		Feel it
		Oasis			D'you know what I mean?
		Oasis			Stand by me
		Orb			Asylum
		Orbital			The Saint
		Paul Weller		Peacock suit
		Paul Weller		Friday Street
		Pierre Henry		Psych‚ rock - with Michel Columbier
		Period Pains		Spice Girls, who do you think you are?
		Portishead		Over
		Pretenders		Goin' back
		Primal Scream		Burning wheel
		Prodigy			Smack my bitch up
		Propellerheads		Spybreak
		Puff And Huff		Feeling good - with Nina Simone
		Roy Davis Jnr		Gabriel - with Peven Everett
		Salad			Cardboy king
		Sash!			Encore une fois
		Secret Goldfish		Dandelion Milk Summer (EP)
		Sheryl Crow		A change will do you good
		Sheryl Crow		Every day is a winding road
		Stereolab		Miss Modular
		Sundays		Cry
		Sundays		Summertime
		Supergrass		Richard III
		Supergrass		Sun hits the sky
		Tanya Donelly		Pretty deep
		Tanya Donelly		The bright light
		Texas			Put your arms around me
		Tricky			Tricky Kid
		Veruca Salt		Volcano girls
		Veruca Salt		Benjamin
		The Verve		Lucky man
		Wannadies		Hit