The Blues is such a huge field that to try to compile an overview of its history on one 80 minute disc is an impossible task, as I discovered when I attempted it. I intended to encapsulate the British blues boom of the 1960s and contrast the acoustic country blues with the electric blues of the cities that developed long before rock and roll. The decision to split the primer over two discs, the first covering a 25-year period up to 1950, and the second from 1950 to 1970, meant that much of this happened on this second disc. 
The mighty Chess label rather dominates, as it should, but it was cruel to have to omit blues men like Slim Harpo, Freddy King and Otis Rush. I did find space however for some US blues groups as well as the most blueswailing British bands of the time, showing influences from Americana, city, urban and country blues. I also managed to find stereo mixes for each of the included records.

Part 1: A HISTORY OF BLUES (1950-1970)

BB King - You upset me baby
(A-side of single, 1954)
Howlin' Wolf - Who's been talkin'
(A-side of single, 1957/6/24 R)
Elmore James - It hurts me too
(cover of Tampa Red)
(A-side of single, 1957)
Bo Diddley - Cops and robbers
(cover of Boogaloo)
(A-side of single, 1957)
Boy Blue - Joe Lee's rock
with Willie Jones (gtr) and Joe Lee (dr)
(A-side of single, 1959 R)
Mississippi Fred McDowell - Shake 'em on down
(cover of Bukka White)
(from Roots Of The Blues, 1959)
Chuck Berry - I got to find my baby
(from Rockin' At The Hops, 1960/2 R)
Elmore James - Madison blues
(from Whose Muddy Shoes, 1960/4 R)
John Lee Hooker - Boom boom
(A-side of single, 1961)
Albert King - Searchin' for a woman
(from Door To Door, 1961/5 R)
Bo Diddley - You can't judge a book by its cover
(A-side of single, 1962)
Jimmy Reed - I'm going upside your head
(A-side of single, 1964)
Buddy Guy - My time after awhile
(from I Was Walkin' Through The Woods, 1964 R)
Chuck Berry - Nadine (Is it you?)
(A-side of single, from The Latest And The Greatest, 1964)
Howlin' Wolf - Killing floor
(A-side of single, from Real Folk Blues, 1964/8 R)
Koko Taylor - Wang dang doodle
(cover of Howlin' Wolf)
(A-side of single, 1965)
John Lee Hooker - One bourbon, one Scotch, one beer
(cover of Amos Milburn)
(from The Real Folk Blues, 1966/5 R)
Muddy Waters - Mannish boy
(from Electric Mud, 1968)


Manfred Mann - Cock-a-hoop
(A-side of 2nd single, 1963)
Yardbirds - I wish you would
(cover of Billy Boy Arnold)
(A-side of 1st single, 1964/3-4 R)
Kinks - Got love if you want it
(cover of Slim Harpo)
(from Kinks, 1964/8 R)
Rolling Stones - Confessin' the blues
(cover of Walter Brown)
(from Five By Five EP, 1964/6/11 R)
John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers - Parchman Farm
(cover of Mose Allison)
(from Bluesbreakers With Eric Clapton, 1966/4 R)
Lovin' Spoonful - Fishin' blues
(cover of Henry Thomas)
(from Do You Believe In Magic, 1965)
Grateful Dead - Don't ease me in
(cover of Henry Thomas)
(A-side of single, 1966/6 R)
Canned Heat - Going up the country
(A-side of 3rd single, 1968)
Jimi Hendrix Experience - Red house
(from Smash Hits [US Version], 1967/2 R)
Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac - Stop messin' around
(cover of Elmore James)
(from Mr Wonderful, 1968)

T: 79.54
Compiled 17-22 July 2004

Last updated September 23, 2004 06:00