When John Lennon fled the marital nest in 1968 to fulfill his destiny with Yoko Ono, he left behind many of his possessions. One of these was his Swiss KB Discomatic portable jukebox, lovingly stocked over time by Lennon since he bought it in 1965 with 40 of his all-time favourite singles. Its rediscovery inspired a double CD of its contents in 2004, John Lennon's Jukebox, with 41 of its 80 selections.
However there were a number of errors and omissions which my homegrown sequel went some way to correcting.
Regarding the errors on the official release, Slippin' And Slidin' by Buddy Holly was not the version to be found on the UK B-side found on Lennon's jukebox, which had backing posthumously overdubbed by the Fireballs, but was the unadorned New York apartment demo that was unreleased at the time and has never been on a single. Similarly, Some Other Guy was not the Big Three's Decca A-side from 1963 which John so admired, and the Miracles' I've Been Good To You was the version from their 1963 live album The Miracles On Stage, not the 1961 A-side from his jukebox.
Additionally, if we are nit-picking, Little Richard's Ooh! My Soul is longer than the version on the British single (I cannot speak for the US single, not having access to it), the version that Lennon probably had, as the BBC Beatles version of the song, aired on Pop Go The Beatles in 1963, was even shorter.
Occasionally, a US single when issued in the UK would have a different flipside. John Lennon's jukebox was stocked with both UK and US pressings but the information contained in the CD package does not specify which are  which, so there are a couple of instances where a B-side included on this sequel may not have been on John Lennon's jukebox

Big Three - Some other guy

(cover of Richie Barrett)
(A-side of 1st single, 1963)
Little Richard - Ooh! My soul
(A-side of UK single, 1958)
Miracles - I've been good to you
(B-side of What's So Good About Goodbye?, 1961)
Buddy Holly - Slippin' and slidin'
(UK B-side of Brown Eyed Handsome Man, 1959/1/21 R)

Bob Dylan - From a Buick 6

(B-side of Positively 4th Street, 1965/7/30 R)
Donovan - Hey Gyp (Dig the slowness)
(B-side of Turquoise, 1965)
Lovin' Spoonful - Night owl blues
(B-side of Daydream, 1965)
Fontella Bass - The soul of the man
(B-side of Rescue Me, 1965)
Otis Redding - Down in the valley
(cover of Solomon Burke)
(B-side of UK single My Girl, 1965/7 R)
Wilson Pickett - I'm not tired
(B-side of In The Midnight Hour, 1965/5/12 R)
Booker T & the MGs - Boot-leg
(A-side of single, 1965)
Animals - For Miss Caulker
(B-side of Bring It On Home To Me, 1965)
Arthur Alexander - You better move on
(A-side of single, 1961)
Larry Williams - High school dance
(B-side of Short Fat Fanny, 1957/4/26 R)
Little Richard - True fine mama
(B-side of Ooh! My Soul, 1958)
Edwin Starr - Back street
(B-side of Agent Double-O Soul, 1965)
Miracles - Ain't it baby
(A-side of single, 1961)
Arthur Alexander - A shot of rhythm and blues
(B-side of You Better Move On, 1961)
Richie Barrett - Some other guy
(A-side of single, 1962)
Big Three - Let true love begin
(B-side of Some Other Guy, 1963)
Booker T & the MGs - Outrage
(B-side of Boot-leg, 1965)
Chuck Berry - You two
(US B-side of No Particular Place To Go, 1964)
Lovin' Spoonful - On the road again
(B-side of Do You Believe In Magic, 1965)
Tommy Tucker - I don't want 'cha
(B-side of Hi-heel Sneakers, 1963/11 R)
Jimmy McCracklin - I'm to blame
(B-side of The Walk, 1958/1 R)
Chuck Berry - Liverpool Drive
(UK B-side of No Particular Place To Go, 1964)
Miracles - A fork in the road
(B-side of The Tracks Of My Tears, 1965)
Bruce Channel - Dream girl
(B-side of Hey! Baby, 1962)
Gary U.S. Bonds - Time ole story
(B-side of Quarter To Three, 1961)
Isley Brothers - Spanish twist
(B-side of Twist And Shout, 1962)

Also on John Lennon's jukebox:
Len Barry - Bullseye

(B-side of 1, 2, 3, 1965)
Timmy Shaw - I'm a lonely guy
(B-side of Gonna Send You Back To Georgia, 1963)
Contours - Can you do it?
(US B-side of First I Look At The Purse, 1965)
(UK B-side is Searching For A Girl)
Bobby Parker - Steal your heart away
(B-side of Watch Your Step, 1961)
Richie Barrett - Tricky Dicky
(B-side of Some Other Guy, 1962)
Derek Martin - Don't put me down like this
(B-side of Daddy Rolling Stone, 1963)
Paul Revere and the Raiders - Blue fox
(B-side of Steppin' Out, 1965)
James Ray - It's been a drag
(B-side of If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody, 1961)
Gary US Bonds - Please forgive me
(B-side of New Orleans, 1960)
Wilson Pickett - It's too late/
I'm gonna love you

(Unconfirmed as being on jukebox)
(A/B-sides of single, 1963)

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