A 60 minute tribute to the Rhino box sets Nuggets and Nuggets II, which incorporated Lenny Kaye's original double-album compilation. These are all re-workings of songs found on those collections, from the 1960s to 2000

Undertones - Let's talk about girls
(cover of the Chocolate Watch Band, 1st recorded by the Grodes)
(B-side of You've Got My Number, 1979)
(played from True Confessions - Singles = A's+B's)
Adult Net - Incense and peppermints
(cover of Strawberry Alarm Clock)
(A-side of 1st single, 1985)
(played from Take Me CDS)
The Fall - Mr Pharmacist
Festive 50 1986 No. 3)
(cover of the Other Half)
(A-side of single, 1986)
(played from Bend Sinister)
Bow Wow Wow - I want Candy
(cover of the Strangeloves)
(A-side of 7th single, 1982)
(played from The Best Of Bow Wow Wow - Aphrodisiac)
The Maytals - Louie Louie
(cover of the Kingsmen)
(A-side of single, 1972)
(played from Trojan Club Reggae Box Set)
Garbage - Can't seem to make you mine
(cover of the Seeds)
(B-side of When I Grow Up CDS-1, 1998)
Tarnation - The little black egg
(cover of the Nightcrawlers)
(from Mirador, 1997)
The Banned - Little girl
(cover of Syndicate Of Sound)
(A-side of single, 1977)
(played from The Best Punk Album In The World...Ever! 2)
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Hey Joe
(cover of Tim Rose)
(as covered by the Leaves)
(from Kicking Against The Pricks, 1986)/
Body Count - Hey Joe
(cover of Jimi Hendrix)
(as covered by the Leaves)
(from Stone Free: A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix, 1993)/
Patti Smith - Hey Joe
with Tom Verlaine (gtr), Lenny Kaye (rh gtr) and Richard Sohl (pno)
(cover of Tim Rose)
(as covered by the Leaves)
(A-side of single, 1974)
(played from Under The Influence: Morrissey, where it has been transcribed from vinyl)
David Bowie - Friday on my mind
(cover of the Easybeats)
(from Pinups, 1973)
Primal Scream - I'm 5 years ahead of my time
(cover of The Third Bardo)
(B-side of Accl-rtr, 2000)
The Fall - Strychnine
(cover of the Sonics)
(from The "Twenty-Seven Points", 1995)
Jesus and Mary Chain - Who do you love?
(cover of Bo Diddley)
(as covered by the Woolies)
(from 12" of April Skies, 1987)
(played from Barbed Wire Kisses)
KC White - The first cut is the deepest
(cover of PP Arnold)
(as covered by the Koobas)
(A-side of Jamaican single, 1960s)
Detroit Cobras - I'll keep holding on
(cover of the Marvelettes)
(as covered by the Action)
(from Mink Rat Or Rabbit, 1998)
Neil Young - Farmer John
(cover of Don and Dewey)
(as covered by the Premiers)
(from Ragged Glory, 1990)
Spiritualized - Why don't you smile now
(cover of The All Night Workers)
(as covered by the Downliners Sect)
Of the four composers of Why Don't You Smile Now, Terry Phillips was Philip Teitelbaum and Jerry Vance was Jerry Pellegrino, two staff writers at Pickwick, along with Lou Reed and John Cale. This song was the first known collaboration between Lou Reed and John Cale and was copyrighted on 15 September 1965. The All Night Workers were a fictitious band comprising anonymous session musicians and the song appeared originally as the B-side of Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Basket, on Round Sound. Another Pickwick writer, Donnie Burks, subsequently recorded it as an A-side for Decca. It has since been covered by the Downliners Sect and the Delmonas
(A-side of 12" single, 1991)
(played from The Complete Works Vol. 1)

compiled 11-20 November 2003


Some of the songs on Nuggets were themselves covers of earlier songs and I ran up this selection of some of the originals on which the versions on Nuggets were based as part of a compilation minidisc, approximately 40 minutes in length. Had there been room I could have added Richard Berry's Louie Louie, the Pretty Things demo from which the Fairies learned Get Yourself Home and others

Marvelettes - I'll keep holding on
(as covered by the Action)
(A-side of single, 1965)
(played from Motown Compact Command Performances)
Chris Clark - Love's gone bad
(as covered by the Underdogs)
(A-side of single, 1966)
(played from Big Motown Hits And Hard To Find Classics Vol. 1)
PP Arnold - The first cut is the deepest
(cover of Cat Stevens)
(as covered by the Koobas)
(A-side of single, 1967)/
John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers - I'm your witchdoctor
featuring Eric Clapton
(as covered by the Chants R&B)
(A-side of single, 1965/10 R)
(both played from Immediate Blitz Of Hitz 2CD)
Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks - Who do you love?
(cover of Bo Diddley)
(as covered by the Woolies)
(A-side of single, 1963)
(played from The Roulette Years on Suzi Quatro's BBC Radio 2 show Rockin' With Suzi Q)
Kinks - I need you
(as covered by the Rationals)
(B-side of Set Me Free, 1965/4/13-14 R)
(played from Kinda Kinks - bonus track)
Buffalo Springfield - Sit down, I think I love you
(as covered by the Mojo Men)
(from Buffalo Springfield, 1966)
(played from Retrospective: The Best Of Buffalo Springfield)
Byrds - Hey Joe (Where you gonna go)
(cover of Dino Valente aka Chet Power)
(from Fifth Dimension, 1966/5/17 R)
Blind Blake - Diddie Wa Diddie
(played from Gimme Dat Harp Boy - Roots Of The Captain, 1929/8/17 R)
Bo Diddley and the Moonglows Diddy wah diddy
with Little Walter (har)
(A-side of 4th single, 1955)
(played from Blues Collection: Jungle Music)
Dan Durham and the Diverts - Diddy wah diddy
(A-side of single, 1950s)/
Little David and the Harps - Wah diddy wah
(A-side of single, 1950s)
(both Savoy recordings played on Mark Lamarr's BBC Radio 2 show Shake Rattle And Roll)
Aretha Franklin - Respect
(cover of Otis Redding)
(as covered by the Vagrants)
(A-side of single, 1967/2/14 R)
(played from I Never Loved A Man The Way I Loved You - stereo mix bonus track)

compiled 15 October 2003 - 9 January 2004

Last updated January 25, 2004 22:24