The idea of making up a compilation around the theme of "Numbers" came to me while listening to one of the tracks included on the ensuing selection, together with the idea of a sequel to be called "Words". I wanted as much sonic variety as possible, and there had to be more of a thematic link than just the mention of a number in the title or lyric. It was compiled on an 80-minute mini-disc and has also existed in slightly varying forms on both cassette and CDR. It is still being modifying, the track-list here representing only the latest version of an ongoing project

Spiritualized - 100 bars (Accapella)
(B-side of fan-club only flexi-disc)
Culture - Two sevens clash
(A-side of single, 1977)
Lene Lovich - Lucky number
(A-side of single, 1978)
Smoke City - Numbers
(from Flying Away, 1997)
People Like Us - I'm 89
(from Recyclopędia Britannica, 2002)
Wynonie Harris - Grandma plays the numbers
(A-side of single, 1949)
Everly Brothers - How can I meet her?
(A-side of single, 1962)
Beatles - 1 after 909
(played from Anthology 1, 1963/3/5 R)
Beach Boys - When I grow up
(A-side of single, 1964/8/5-10 R)
Philip Glass Ensemble - Chorus Knee 1
- with Lucinda Childs and Sheryl Sutton
(from Einstein On The Beach - Opera In 4 Acts, 1993/1-6 R)
Kraftwerk - Numbers
(from Computer World, 1981)
Marvelettes - Beechwood 4-5789
(A-side of 4th single, 1962)
Wilson Pickett - 634-5789
(A-side of single, 1966)
William Bell and Judy Clay - Private number
(A-side of single, 1968)
The Undertones - You've got my number (Why don't you use it?)
(A-side of single, 1979)
Philip Glass Ensemble - Chorus Knee 3
(from Einstein On The Beach, 1993/1-6 R)
Funki Porcini - 1 2 3, 3 4
(from The Ultimately Empty Million Pounds, 1999)
Manfred Mann - 5-4-3-2-1
(A-side of 3rd single, 1964)
Billie Holiday - 1, 2, button my shoe (1936/9/29 R)
- with Bunny Berigan
Toots and the Maytals - 54-46 (That's my number)
(A-side of single, 1968)
Philip Glass Ensemble - Chorus Knee 5
- with Jasper McGruder (speaking) and Gregory
Fulkerson (violin)
(from Einstein On The Beach, 1993/1-6 R)
Bob Dylan - Every grain of sand
(from Shot Of Love, 1981/5 R)

T: 79.42
compiled 7 December 2002 - 5 May 2003

Last updated January 25, 2004 22:24