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Welcome to my personal web site. All kinds of information has been appearing here over the last few weeks, months and years, and it continues to regularly grow - photographs, graphics, poems, articles, lists,  CD reviews, film details and reviews, astrology, trivia such as celebrity birthdays, anniversaries and events in history.

I have been accumulating this info for years and the world wide web is the perfect way of usefully sharing it, instead of having it on shelves in my study, or on my computer, unseen by anyone else. It exists; it should be out here.

If you have anything to add, or disagree with something I've said, your comments and suggestions are welcomed. Is there something you think should be here which isn't? Is there an important anniversary listing missing or incorrect? Do you want to shower your webmaster with money? Here is your chance to contribute by posting your comments. Tell us what you think about the InfoMan web site, or anything else that comes to mind. The contact address is Note that this is a web mail-only address. Junk mail will be filtered out or trashed.



Articles Miscellaneous writings and collected information


A4iDEAS Comprehensive collection of famous Birthdays, Anniversaries, Events


Links Website links


Lists Links to lists pages across site


Music Lists, charts, information, record reviews, ranting


Photo Album Latest photos


Poetry Published own work, and an A-Z anthology of published and unpublished poets

Site History

2001/9/25 Created website offline as part of OCR course
Registered InfoMan with Tripod
2001/10/17 Added Astrology section to website
2001/10/22 Website 1st published online, uploaded from OCR course centre, Swindon
2001/11/5 Added Articles section and Feedback Form to website
2001/11/19 Added pages and secondary themes to website
2001/11/26 Copied web to home computer
2001/12/4 Copied web to second home computer and added pages.
Uploaded web from home for first time
2001/12/8 Restructured site and added Music section
2002/1/21 Added Poetry section
2002/5/8 Began posting Birthday/Anniversary/Events data to A4iDEAS section
2002/7/29 Completed initial 12-month posting of Birthday/Anniversary/Events data and began rollover cycle of updates and revisions
2003/4/16 Added Photo Albums section and began posting own photographs by album
2003/5/25 Began transferring Photo Albums to Wanadoo's My Photos site and converted Photo Album page to a rolling display of favourite recent photographs
2003/9/8 Monthly total of page views first exceeds 2,000
2003/9/20 Monthly total of page views first exceeds 3,000
2003/10/9 Monthly total of page views first exceeds 4,000
2003/12/10 Monthly total of page views first exceeds 5,000
2005/3/14 Monthly total of page views first exceeds 7,000
2005/4/5 Monthly total of page views first exceeds 8,000


Laurence Upton grew up in Sutton Coldfield, near but at that time quite distinct from Birmingham. After a two-year local foundation course in art he studied graphic design at Wolverhampton College Of Art and also acquired a couple of A-levels in English and Sociology. 
His love of music found him cataloguing records at the BBC Gramophone Library in the West End of London. While there, he bought a small house in Crouch End, though by the time he left the BBC in the eighties due to a rare hearing condition called hyperacusis he had moved to the Chilterns. 
He later moved to a former 18th Century forge in Wiltshire, where he set up his own one-man business, a4iDEAS, which lasted a decade, until his hearing condition rendered him incapable of work in the eyes of the authorities. In that time he was preparing and selling ready-made word-processor diaries, and collections of trivia (birthdates and events in history). 
Recent years were spent in part having to establish the validity of hyperacusis as a condition with the British authorities, though he continues to maintain the data collections that formed the backbone of his business, and cut-down versions of the information he published are now freely available on this site. His keen musical interests have been furthered by the reviews he writes for this website.
His many hobbies include photography, driving, writing, films and musicology. As a result of submitting some of the CD reviews published here to Amazon, as well as reviews in other categories, he has become one of their Top 100 UK reviewers, and also ranks in the top 1,400 in the US.


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