John Philip Kemble (b. 1757)
Arthur Hallam (b. 1811)
Dame Clara Butt (b. 1872)
Henri Chrétien (b. 1879)
James P Johnson (b. 1894)
John Ford (b. 1895)
Stephen Potter (b. 1900)
Clark Gable (b. 1901)
SJ Perelman (b. 1904)
Helen Chandler (b. 1906)
Sir Stanley Matthews (b. 1915)
Renata Tebaldi (b. 1922)
Boris Yeltsin (b. 1931)
Jimmy Carl Black (b. 1938)
Rick James (b. 1948)
Dennis Brown (b. 1957)
Brandon Lee (b. 1965)
Charles IV, King of France (d. 1328)
René Descartes (d. 1650)
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (d. 1851)
George Cruikshank (d. 1878)
Oswald Achenbach (d. 1905)
Piet Mondrian (d. 1944)
Buster Keaton (d. 1966)
Hedda Hopper (d. 1966)
Werner Heisenberg (d. 1976)
Mongo Santamaria (d. 2003)
Gian Carlo Menotti (d. 2007)
Elizabeth I signs warrant for execution of Mary Queen of Scots, UK, 1587
Alexander Selkirk, castaway, found by Capt Thomas Dover, Juan Fernandez, 1709
1st meeting of US Supreme Court, 1790
Bell Rock lighthouse begins operating, 1811
Mount Etna begins to erupt, Sicily, 1865
Highland Railway formed from amalgam of 2 railways, Inverness, 1865
1st volume of Oxford English Dictionary published, 1884
Edison completes construction of 1st motion picture studio, West Orange NJ, 1893
George Eastman launches Box Brownie camera, 1900
1st UK Labour Exchanges open, 1910
HMS Thunderer, last battleship built on Thames, launched, Silvertown, 1911
Passport photographs 1st required, UK, 1915
Unrestricted submarine warfare begins, World War I, 1917
1st armoured car introduced, US, 1920
Lucky Luciano arrested for compelling women to become prostitutes, US, 1936
British Air Training Corps founded, 1941
1st 45 rpm single released, by RCA, 1949
Newsweek 1st magazine to be available on microfilm, US, 1949
1st X-ray moving picture demonstrated, US, 1951
Egypt and Syria form United Arab Republic, 1958
CND launched, UK, 1958
PJ Proby arrested for trouser-splitting on stage, Northampton ABC, 1965
Pink Floyd turn professional, 1967
Ronald Biggs arrested, Rio de Janeiro, 1974
220 die in office block fire, Sao Paulo, 1974
100 plus die in north-east US blizzards, 1977
Ayatollah Khomeini returns to Iran and assumes control, 1979
Thames Flood Barrier used for 1st time to prevent London flooding, 1983
Debut of TV-AM, 1983
de Klerk announces promises to end apartheid, South Africa, 1991
Richey Edwards last seen before going missing, London, 1995
Advanced Photo System launched by Kodak and others, 1996
Orange introduces 1st global flat call rate scheme, UK, 2001
Janet Jackson's breast exposed in wardrobe malfuncion, Super Bowl US, 2004


Hamnet and Judith Shakespeare (b. 1585)
Lodovico Ferrari (b. 1594)
Nell Gwynn (b. 1650)
Hannah More (b. 1745)
Oswald Achenbach (b. 1827)
Havelock Ellis (b. 1859)
Fritz Kreisler (b. 1875)
James Joyce (b. 1882)
Jascha Heifetz (b. 1901)
Dame Muriel Spark (b. 1918)
Hughie Green (b. 1920)
Sonny Stitt (b. 1924)
Stan Getz (b. 1927)
Les Dawson (b. 1932)
Lord (Antony) Moynihan (b. 1936)
Farrah Fawcett (b. 1947)
Eva Cassidy (b. 1963)
Giovanni Palestrina (d. 1594)
Govert Flinck (d. 1660)
John L Sullivan (d. 1918)
Théo Marzials (d. 1920)
Lord (Bertrand) Russell (d. 1970)
Wendy Barrie (d. 1978)
Sid Vicious (d. 1979)
Alistair Maclean (d. 1987)
Bernard Braden (d. 1993)
Donald Pleasence (d. 1995)
Fred Perry (d. 1995)
Gene Kelly (d. 1996)
Madeleine Christie (d. 1996)
Godfrey Baseley (d. 1997)
Hank Ballard (d. 2003)
Stephen defeated at Battle of Lincoln, 1141
James I marries Lady Jane Beaufort, Southwark, 1424
Yorkists defeat Lancastrians at Battle of Mortimer's Cross, 1461
Buenos Aires founded, 1535
Battle of Inverlochy, 1645
1st parliament of Gt Britain & Ireland assembles, 1801
1st public railway in London opened, London & Greenwich Line, Spa Rd-Deptford, 1836
United States buys Texas, California, New Mexico and Arizona from Mexico, 1848
National Baseball League formed, with 8 teams, US, 1876
Arrival of 1st frozen mutton into UK on SS Strathleven, from Sydney, London, 1880
Cub Scouts founded, with 1st pack in Sussex, 1914
Bread rationing introduced, UK, 1917
James Joyce's Ulysses 1st published, Paris, 1922
The Times crossword 1st published, 1930
Lie-detector 1st used in court, Portage WI, 1935
German Army surrenders to Russian army, Stalingrad, 1943
8 of the 9 planets align for 1st time in 400 years, in Aquarius, 1962
1st live performance by Jethro Tull, The Marquee, London, 1968
Amin declares himself absolute ruler, Uganda, 1971
British Embassy burned down by mob, Dublin, 1972
National Exhibition Centre opened, Bickenhall, 1976
Late Night With David Letterman premieres, US, 1981
de Klerk announces end of ANC ban, S Africa, 1990
Prince Willem-Alexander marries Maxima Zorreguieta, Amsterdam, 2002

Felix Mendelssohn (b. 1809)
Robert Cecil, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury (b. 1830)
Gertrude Stein (b. 1874)
Carl Dreyer (b. 1889)
Norman Rockwell (b. 1894)
Doris Speed (b. 1899)
James A Michener (b. 1907)
Simone Weil (b. 1909)
Glen Tetley (b. 1926)
Frankie Vaughan (b. 1928)
Johnny (Guitar) Watson (b. 1935)
Johnny Bristol (b. 1939)
Arthur Kane (b. 1951)
John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster (d. 1399)
Germain Pilon (d. 1590)
Richard (Beau) Nash (d. 1761)
George Crabbe (d. 1832)
Mikhail Glinka (d. OS 1857)
Joseph Swan (d. 1879)
Belle Starr (d. 1889)
Edward Pickering (d. 1919)
Woodrow Wilson (d. 1924)
Sid Field (d. 1950)
Buddy Holly (d. 1959)
Ritchie Valens (d. 1959)
The Big Bopper (d. 1959)
Joe Meek (d. 1967)
Boris Karloff (d. 1969)
John Cassavettes (d. 1989)
Mel Lewis (d. 1990)
Marguerite Duras (d. 1996)
Lana Clarkson (d. 2003)
Diaz 1st European to discover Cape of Good Hope, 1488
1st paper money in America issued, by the colony of Massachusetts, 1690
Fire at Edinburgh, 1700
1st stock exchange quotation published, Daily Advertiser, London, 1730
Territory of Illinois created, 1809
Jeremiah Chubb patents Chubb lock, 1818
Greece becomes independent, 1830
Euphemia Alten's Chopsticks registered to "Arthur de Lull", British Museum, 1877
1st meeting of League of Nations, Paris, 1919
Bolsheviks capture Kiev, 1919
256 die in earthquake, Napier & Hastings, New Zealand, 1931
1000 Allied aircraft bomb Berlin in daylight, 1945
MacMillan makes "wind of change" speech, Cape Town, 1960
Dylan makes 1st home recordings, East Orange NJ, 1961
Luna IX transmits pictures, 1st soft Moon landing, Ocean of Storms, 1966
Paul McCartney records Lady Madonna as the Beatles, 1968
Beatles hire Allan Klein as Apple business manager, 1969
Formal cease fire between US and N Vietnam takes effect, 1973
Kodak market 1st disc camera and film, 1982
Discovery launched for 1st time with a woman pilot, Eileen Collins, 1994
Ramones play final concert, Brixton Academy, 1996
Karla Faye Tucker becomes 1st woman executed in United States since 1984, Texas, 1998
Phil Spector arrested regarding the death of Lana Clarkson, Alhambra CA, 2003

Pierre Marivaux (b. 1688)
Fernand Léger (b. 1881)
Jacques Prévert (b. 1900)
Charles A Lindbergh (b. 1902)
Thelma Ritter (b. 1905)
Clyde Tombaugh (b. 1906)
Hylda Baker (b. 1908)
Rosa Parks (b. 1913)
Ida Lupino (b. 1914)
Gavin Ewart (b. 1916)
Most Rev Derek Worlock (b. 1920)
Betty Friedan (b. 1921)
Paul Burlison (b. 1929)
Barry Beckett (b. 1943)
Lucius Septimus Severus (d. 211)
Giovanni Battista della Porta (d. 1615)
Neal Cassady (d. 1968)
Louis Jordan (d. 1975)
Alex Harvey (d. 1982)
Karen Carpenter (d. 1983)
Liberace (d. 1987)
Winfred Vaughan Thomas (d. 1987)
Fyfe Robertson (d. 1987)
Trevor Lucas (d. 1989)
Patricia Highsmith (d. 1995)
Betty Friedan (d. 2006)
Lux Interior (d. 2009)
St Andrews University officially inaugurated, 1414
Charles II proclaimed king, Edinburgh, 1649
James Stuart, the Old Pretender, leaves Scotland, 1716
1st stretch of Liverpool's Overhead Railway opened, 1893
Russo-Japanese war begins, 1904
Germany declares submarine warfare, 1915
Winter Olympics held, Lake Placid NY, 1932
Radium E is 1st radioactive to be produced synthetically, 1936
Adolf Hitler assumes command of German Army, 1938
Politician is wrecked, with loss of 250,000 bottles of whisky, Eriskay, 1941
Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin meet, Yalta Conference, 1945
Ceylon becomes independent within the Commonwealth, 1948
Sweet rationing ends, UK, 1953
1st electric portable typewriter goes on sale, Syracuse NY, 1957
Sunday Times 1st newspaper to issue a colour supplement, 1962
Patty Hearst kidnapped by Symbionese Liberation Army, 1974
23,000 die in earthquake, Guatemala, 1976
Glen Matlock fired from Sex Pistols, Covent Garden, 1977

Marie de Sévigné (b. 1626)
Anne, Queen of Gt Britain & Ireland (b. 1665)
Sir Robert Peel (b. 1788)
Ole Bull (b. 1810)
Thomas Creswick (b. 1811)
John Boyd Dunlop (b. 1840)
Belle Starr (b. 1848)
JK Huysmans (b. 1848)
André-Gustave Citroen (b. 1878)
Patsy Hendren (b. 1889)
Capt WE Johns (b. 1893)
Adlai Stevenson (b. 1900)
John Carradine (b. 1906)
William Burroughs (b. 1914)
Andreas Papandreou (b. 1919)
Frank Muir (b. 1920)
Alex Harvey (b. 1935)
Philip Jakob Spener (d. 1705)
Thomas Carlyle (d. 1881)
Anton Mauve (d. 1888)
Sir John Pritchard (d. 1989)
AB (Banjo) Paterson (d. 1941)
George Arliss (d. 1946)
Jacques Ibert (d. 1962)
Marianne Moore (d. 1972)
Emeric Pressburger (d. 1988)
Sir Ove Arup (d. 1988)
Sir John Pritchard (d. 1989)
Dean Jagger (d. 1991)
Alex Haley (d. 1992)
Lord (Sidney) Bernstein (d. 1993)
Tip Tipping (d. 1993)
Doug McClure (d. 1995)
Frankie Laine (d. 2007)
Mahesh Yogi (d. 2008)
Lord (George) Gordon acquitted of treason, UK, 1781
George, Prince of Wales becomes Prince Regent, beginning Regency Period, 1811
Rossini's Barber of Seville 1st performed, Rome, 1816
Phoenix AZ incorporated, US, 1881
Premiere of Verdi's Otello, La Scala, Milan, 1887
Schoenberg's 1st String Quartet hissed at, Vienna, 1907
Globe newspaper last issued, UK, 1921
Reader's Digest 1st published, UK, 1922
Greenwich time pips 1st broadcast, BBC, 1924
Chaplin's Modern Times premiered, US, 1936
Peter Pan film goes on general release, 1953
Bill Haley meets 5,000 fans, leaving Queen Elizabeth liner, Southampton, 1957
Sunday Telegraph 1st published, UK, 1961
Ringo Starr 1st stands-in as Beatles' drummer, 1962
Rolling Stones' Let's Spend The Night Together banned from Eamonn Andrews show, 1967
1st British soldier serving in N Ireland shot dead, Belfast, 1971
Apollo 14 lands on the Moon, Fra Mauro, 1971
Rolling Stones sign to EMI, 1977
Prince Charles proposes to Lady (Diana) Spencer, Bolehide Manor, Wilts, 1981
Laker Airways collapses owing £270m, UK, 1982
Klaus Barbie flown to France to face Nazi war criminal charges, 1983
Sky TV begins satellite transmissions, UK, 1989
Greenwich time pips replaced on radio by BBC's own, UK, 1990

Christopher Marlowe (b. 1564)
Aaron Burr (b. 1756)
Sir Henry Irving (b. 1838)
FWH Myers (b. 1843)
Haven Gillespie (b. 1888)
Ben Lyon (b. 1901)
Eric Partridge (b. 1894)
Babe Ruth (b. 1895)
Alberto Cavalcanti (b. 1897)
Ramon Novarro (b. 1899)
Claudio Arrau (b. 1903)
Ronald Reagan (b. 1911)
Eva Braun (b. 1912)
Billy Wright (b. 1924)
Keith Waterhouse (b. 1929)
Fred Trueman (b. 1931)
François Truffaut (b. 1932)
Leslie Crowther (b. 1933)
Bob Marley (b. 1945)
Kate McGarrigle (b. 1946)
Charles II, King of Gt Britain & Ireland (d. 1685)
Lancelot (Capability) Brown (d. 1783)
Carlo Goldoni (d. 1793)
Joseph Priestley (d. 1804)
Isabella Beeton (d. 1865)
Ebenezer Cobham Brewer (d. 1897)
Gustav Klimt (d. 1918)
George VI, King of Gt Britain (d. 1952)
Henri Chrétien (d. 1956)
Jesse Belvin (d. 1960)
Hugo Montenegro (d. 1981)
Ben Nicholson (d. 1982)
James Hadley Chase (d. 1985)
Dandy Nichols (d. 1986)
Marghanita Laski (d. 1988)
King Tubby (d. 1989)
Jimmy van Heusen (d. 1990)
Aaron Siskind (d. 1991)
Arthur Ashe (d. 1993)
Joseph Cotten (d. 1994)
Gwen Watford (d. 1994)
Ronald Fletcher (d. 1996)
Falco (d. 1998)
Carl Wilson (d. 1998)
Max Perutz (d. 2002)
Sir John Dankworth (d. 2010)
James II accedes to throne of Gt Britain, 1685
UK declares war on France, 1778
Massachusetts, the Bay State, becomes 6th state of the Union, 1788
Maori chiefs cede power to UK, Treaty of Waitangi, 1840
Robert E Lee becomes commander-in-chief of Confederates, 1865
Constantinople suffers major fire damage, 1911
Act of Parliament 1st grants votes for women (over 30), 1918
Parliamentiary candidature deposit of £150 1st introduced, 1918
Riots follow Stavisky affair, Paris, 1934
Elizabeth II succeeds to throne, UK, 1952
Col Tom Parker 1st meets Elvis Presley and Sam Phillips, Memphis TN, 1956
21 including 7 of the Manchester Utd Buzby Babes die in plane crash, Munich, 1958
George Harrison joins Quarry Men (later the Beatles), 1958
Danny Blanchflower refuses to appear on This Is Your Life, 1961
Agreement on Channel Tunnel reached between UK and France, 1964
Beatles sign new 9-year contract with EMI, 1967
Alan B Shepard uses 6-iron golf club to swing at 3 golf balls, Moon, 1971
Death sentence passed on Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Pakistan, 1979
Billy Idol seriously injured in motor-bike accident, Hollywood CA, 1990
Ariel Sharon elected Israeli prime minister, 2001

St Thomas More (b. 1478)
Henry Fuseli (b. OS 1741)
Charles Dickens (b. 1812)
Alfred Adler (b. 1870)
Eubie Blake (b. 1883)
Sinclair Lewis (b. 1885)
Alexei Kosygin (b. OS 1904)
Buster Crabbe (b. 1908)
Hattie Jacques (b. 1924)
Warren Smith (b. 1933)
King Curtis (b. 1934)
Earl King (b. 1934)
Derek Appleby (b. 1937)
James Stewart, Earl of Moray (d. 1592)
William Boyce (d. 1779)
Ann Radcliffe (d. 1823)
Henry Steinway (d. 1871)
Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu (d. 1873)
Adolphe Sax (d. 1894)
Eddie (Guitar Slim) Johnson (d. 1959)
Josef Mengele (d. 1979)
Matt Munro (d. 1985)
Joseph L Mankiewicz (d. 1993)
Witold Lutoslawski (d. 1994)
Sir George Trevalyan (d. 1996)
Hussein Ibn Talal, King of Jordan (d. 1999)
Bobby Troup (d. 1999)
Norman Thelwell (d. 2004)
Elton Dean (d. 2006)
Blossom Dearie (d. 2009)
Edward of Caernarvon (later Edward II) created 1st Prince of Wales, 1301
Wales comes into being, 1301
London, Chatham & Dover Railway opened, 1844
Portland Vase smashed by William Lloyd, British Museum, 1845
Ice cream cone introduced to UK, 1912
US version of Book of Common Prayer approved, Church of England, 1928
Disney's Pinocchio premiered, US, 1940
Benghazi captured by UK troops, 1941
Main group of Dead Sea Scrolls discovered, 1947
Col Tom Parker 1st meets Elvis Presley, between shows, Memphis TN, 1955
Beatles arrive in US for 1st tour, John F Kennedy Airport NY, 1964
Grenada becomes independent, 1974
Bruce McCandless 1st to walk in space unattached to craft, Challenger, 1984
Jean-Claude Duvalier goes into exile from Haiti, 1986
Waterloo Railway Bridge washed away in floods, Inverness, 1989
Freak weather conditions cause it to rain sardines, Ipswich, Australia, 1989
Jean-Bertrand Aristide becomes 1st democratically-elected president, Haiti, 1991
An IRA mortar bomb lands in garden of 10 Downing St, 1991
Diane Blood wins right to conceive from her late husband's sperm, UK, 1997
Tom Cruise files for divorce from Nicole Kidman, Los Angeles CA, 2001

Robert Burton (b. 1577)
Il Guercino (b. 1591)
Samuel Butler (bapt. 1612)
Jacques Cassini (b. 1677)
Elizabeth Brontë (b. 1815)
John Ruskin (b. 1819)
William Sherman (b. 1820)
Jules Verne (b. 1828)
Kate Chopin (b. 1851)
Evangeline Adams (b. 1868)
Martin Buber (b. 1878)
Dame Edith Evans (b. 1888)
Lonnie Johnson (b. 1889)
King Vidor (b. 1894)
Chester F Carlson (b. 1906)
Lana Turner (b. 1920)
Lord (Immanuel) Jakobovits (b. 1921)
Jack Lemmon (b. 1925)
Neal Cassady (b. 1926)
Sir Stanley Baker (b. 1927)
James Dean (b. 1931)
Lillian Roxon (b. 1932)
Terry Melcher (b. 1942)
Mary, Queen of Scots (d. 1587)
RM Ballantyne (d. 1894)
Prince Peter Kropotkin (d. 1921)
Italia Conti (d. 1946)
John von Neumann (d. 1954)
Sir Giles Gilbert Scott (d. 1960)
Sir Victor Gollancz (d. 1967)
Max Yasgur (d. 1973)
Dennis Gabor (d. 1979)
Del Shannon (d. 1990)
Most Rev Derek Worlock (b. 1996)
Mercer Ellington (d. 1996)
Enoch Powell (b. 1998)
Dame Iris Murdoch (d. 1999)
Jimmy Smith (d. 2005)
Anna Nicole Smith (d. 2007)
Charter granted for College of William and Mary, second college in US, 1693
Great Frost of London ends, 1740
Calotype patented by Fox Talbot, 1841
Louis Waterman begins experiment that invents fountain-pen, 1883
Riots break out after unemployment demonstration, Trafalgar Square, 1886
Russo-Japanese war breaks out, 1904
Boy Scouts of America incorporated, 1910
Griffith's Birth of a Nation 1st shown, 1915
Warren Harding has radio installed in White House, Washington DC, 1922
Gee Jon becomes 1st in US to be executed by gas chamber, Carson City NV, 1924
Routemaster bus introduced into regular service, London, 1956
Mariner 9 photographs pyramidal shapes in Elysium Quadrangle, Mars, 1972
Beatles Fan Club wound up, 1972
Final Skylab mission completed after 84 days, US, 1974
14 UK mercenaries executed, Angola, 1976
David Bowie and Angie Bowie divorce, 1980
144 die when Boeing 707 crashes in mountainside, Azores, 1989
Scout Association allows girls to join Beaver, Cub and Scout groups, UK, 1990
Ellen MacArthur solo circumnavigates world in record time, in B&Q, Falmouth, 2005

William Harrison (b. 1773)
Mrs Patrick Campbell (b. 1865)
Amy Lowell (b. 1874)
James Stephens (b. 1880)
Alban Berg (b. 1885)
Ronald Colman (b. 1891)
Carmen Miranda (b. 1909)
Ernest Tubb (b. 1914)
Jim Laker (b. 1922)
Brendan Behan (b. 1923)
John Michell (b. 1933)
Agnès Sorel (d. 1450)
John Hooper, Bishop of Worcester (d. 1555)
Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley (d. 1567)
Nevil Maskelyne (d. 1811)
Bill Haley (d. 1981)
Yuri Andropov (d. 1984)
Bill Grundy (d. 1993)
Barry Evans (d. 1997)
Princess Margaret (d. 2002)
Sir Freddie Laker (d. 2006)
Ian Richardson (d. 2007)
1st recorded UK horse race meeting, Roodeye Field, Chester, 1540
Funeral of Charles I, Windsor, 1649
Confederate States of America formally founded, 1861
1st public striptease takes place, 4 Arts Ball, Moulin Rouge, 1893
Oscar Wilde's Ballad of Reading Gaol published, 1898
Sybil Thorndike makes London debut in The Marquis, 1908
Conscription comes into force, 1916
Soviet State Airline (later Aeroflot) instituted, 1923
Baird transmits 1st transatlantic TV image, Coulsdon-New York NY, 1928
1st singing telegram introduced, Postal Telegram Company, New York NY, 1933
Soap rationing begins, UK, 1942
Superman 1st appears, US, 1953
70 million watch Beatles make US TV debut, Ed Sullivan Show, 1964
1st commercial flight of Boeing 747 jumbo jet, 1969
Apollo 14 returns to Earth from Moon, 1971
Government declares state of emergency 1 month into miners' strike, UK, 1972
E Germany and UK establish diplomatic relations, 1973
Paul McCartney & Wings make 1st live appearance, Nottingham University, 1974
Shergar stolen from his stable, Co Kildare, 1983
1st European sighting of golden-winged warbler, Maidstone, 1989
Michael Foale is 1st UK-born astronaut to walk in space, from Discovery, 1995
IRA bomb announces end of complete cessation of military operations, London, 1996

Charles Lamb (b. 1775)
Samuel Plimsoll (b. 1824)
Boris Pasternak (b. NS 1890)
Jimmy Durante (b. 1893)
Harold Macmillan, Lord Stockton (b. 1894)
Bertolt Brecht (b. 1898)
Dame Judith Anderson (b. 1898)
Lon Chaney Jr (b. 1906)
Joyce Grenfell (b. 1910)
Larry Adler (b. 1914)
Phyllis Dixey (b. 1914)
Alex Comfort (b. 1920)
Danny Blanchflower (b. 1926)
Jerry Goldsmith (b. 1929)
Rockin' Dopsie (b. 1932)
Clifford T Ward (b. 1946)
William Henry Hunt (d. 1864)
Lord (Joseph) Lister (d. 1912)
JW Waterhouse (d. 1917)
Wilhelm von Röntgen (d. 1923)
Edgar Wallace (d. 1932)
Sophie Tucker (d. 1966)
Brian Aherne (d. 1986)
Mel Calman (d. 1994)
Tony Secunda (d. 1995)
Brian Connolly (d. 1997)
Arthur Miller (d. 2005)
Roy Scheider (d. 2008)
The Red Comyn stabbed by Robert the Bruce, Greyfriars' Church, Dumfries, 1306
3-day battle between students and townsfolk begins, Oxford, 1354
Richard III "disappears" in prison, Pontefract Castle, 1400
Foundation of University of Aberdeen confirmed in papal bull, 1495
Canada ceded to UK by Treaty of Paris, 1763
Lord Gordon authorised to raise Gordon Highlanders, 1794
Victoria marries Prince Albert, St James's Palace, 1840
Upper and Lower Canada united, 1841
Tom Thumb (2' 11") marries Lavina (2' 8"), 1863
Tax on bachelors over 30 introduced, Wisconsin, 1905
Dreadnought launched, Portsmouth, 1906
New Delhi inaugurated as capital of India, 1931
1st singing telegram introduced, Postal Telegram Company, New York NY, 1933
1st gold disc presented, to Glenn Miller for Chattanooga Choo Choo, 1942
PAYE introduced, UK, 1944
Arthur Miller's Death Of A Salesman opened, Morosco Theatre, Broadway NY, 1949
Elvis Presley records Hearbreak Hotel, 1956
Fanny Hill declared obscene by magistrate, and ordered for confiscation, UK, 1964
Bob Marley marries Alpharita Anderson, Trenchtown, 1966
Beatles record A Day In The Life, 1967
Beatles US offices close, 1968
Rockall formally incorporated into Scotland, 1972
Phil Spector injured in car crash, Los Angeles CA, 1974
Miners' national strike begins, UK, 1974
Gielgud (83) plays longest stage role for an actor of his age, 1988
Engagement of Prince Charles to Camilla Parker Bowles announced, 2005

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