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DL Upton has been preparing a new, challenging look at 21st Century Astrology in the forthcoming book Astrology With A Difference. The book is intended for publication early in the new millennium and samples from it have been posted on this Website.


We will be returning to the skies, using an astronomical basis to illuminate current techniques, and combining ancient lore with scientific fact, and new theories. We want to start a forum, to test our own ideas and to learn from yours. We will be looking at fixed stars, constellations, local space, asteroids and comets, house systems, planetary cycles, megalithic sites, the Galactic Centre, the Super-Galactic Centre, planets beyond our solar name it.


Do you have an axe to grind or a contribution to make? This is your gateway to having a say in a new astrology for the new millennium! It could be a few words or a chapter you've always hoped to see in print. Your contributions could even be included in the book itself.

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You can get a quick idea of the nature of the project from the Introduction to Astrology With A Difference

Here are a couple of astrological chart wheel  examples for your consideration, of historical mundane events and important historical figures, past and future:

The 1999 Eclipse
The Great Taurean Return
The Birth of Christ
Galileo Galilei
Captain James T Kirk

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